hello all I'm new to this site so I thought I would spinoff my very first fan fiction with this little piece here to get you all in the mood :) hope you enjoy!


The sky is black as night although it is just before noon, the ground shakes violently, and the very earth cracks underfoot. a man in his early 40's stands atop a mountain out of breath and seemingly out of time he has long blond hair, white kimono, blue eyes, chiseled features, and a three headed kunai in hand, the man is panting violently trying to catch his breath, when suddenly the earth shakes and a loud voice booms with laughter, the voice sounds like an avalanche, the man looks ahead to see something appearing in the distance, as the figure grows closer the figure grows larger and larger, until the beast is staring him down with a man atop his head, the sound of thunder overhead drowns out their conversation, the man on the monster has long black hair, muscular body red samurai armor, and two different eyes, one is completely red with a shuriken in the center, the other is purple with black rings. the thunder rolling across the battle scared field, the man on the monster grins with a twisted edge to it, and raises is hand at the same moment as the monster, the Blondie on the mountain top was only able to whisper a name before the man on the monster slammed his hand down before he was crushed by the colossus. a scream was heard across the battleground, the man in red looked to see who it was, when he saw another blonde 3 miles from the mountain. the name the man on the mountain whispered could be heard from around the world, it was naruto. the blonde boy charged at the man on the monster only to disappear in a blinding red light.

I hope you all have enjoyed this little "sneak peak" at the real story, I will be revealing two chapters later on today so be sure you don't miss it! I would like to hear your opinions on this so please by all means review!