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chapter 3: the confrontation

I'm sorry naruto but you know too much, allowing you to roam free outside of konoha would be a security risk. you can't keep me here. I am afraid you don't have a choice. Now see that's where you're wrong, in my world my father survived the nine tails attack, and trained me to use all of his most powerful techniques. naruto is engulfed in golden light and disappears.

outside of konoha

Man it's a good thing I placed this seal here before I arrived otherwise that could have gone south real fast. Well I better get out of here while I can, who knows if they've put a bounty on my head? slowly as the blonde makes his way towards the village hidden in rain, naruto is stopped by a women dressed in a black cloak, orange eyes, and a blue origami rose placed in her long blue hair. Name your business here, I will not repeat myself. take it easy konan, I want you to deliver a message to obito, or madara, or tobi, or whatever the hell he's calling himself right now…. naruto was cut off by konan as she slowly fell apart into thousands of pieces of blue paper, and almost immediately pieced her hand back together behind naruto and attempted to stab him using a paper kunai. the blonde uzumaki easily dodged and sidestepped a lunge from the blue haired women, naruto tries to talk her out of her barrage of attacks using threats and warnings. I've had enough of dodging your pitiful attacks, give me a chance to speak or ill force you to listen. the eyes of the blonde pierced konan and had a level of killing intent that made it hard to breath, whatever he was saying he could do, it sounds like hes easily able to overpower her. Fine, speak. I know what tobi is planning, although I really don't care what happens to this dimension I want to get home and I want his help. I will be sure to deliver the message, now if you cause trouble in Amegakure I will be sure to put you down. The woman's voice was plain but incredibly stern and intimidating, if looks could kill, he'd be dead with a hole in his forehead. I won't cause trouble you can be sure of that. the walk through the land of rain was quiet, as the name describes its hasn't stopped raining during his entire walk, although peaceful all good things must come to an end, naruto makes his way through a small gate leading to an open road, with houses and shops lining each side of the road leading to a tall building in the center of the village, plainly designed with a curved roof, hardly any decorations other than the fancy curtains hanging from the windows( use your imagination with the curtains it makes it much more interesting ;))

Well while im here I might as well get myself some grub. Trying to find a decent restaurant in this place is gonna be a little harder than i thought. naruto continued his search for food when he heard a loud screech coming from a girls hot spring, moments later an elderly looking man with white hair dressed in a red tunic grey burlap pants and a wild look on his face came darting from the hot spring, oddly enough being chased by a small army of half naked women covered in towels, the blonde immediately recognized the man running away, it was hard not to know the incredibly infamous, pervy sage. the outraged wails of the small army could be heard across the small village, the white haired sage was pinned to the ground by women, but before they could carry out their vengeance on the old pervert naruto stepped in with a smile that melted the hearts of every women, the crystal blue eyes sparkled and made every women faint from the look he gave them, before being able to ask the question. Could you lady's perhaps allow me to handle the pervert? At naruto's request all the women who had pinned the old pervert to the ground immediately made way for him. Jiraiya, one of the three legendary senin, calls peeping collecting "research". Finally someone who understands! Hey wait, have we met? No but you knew my father. Jiraiya just looked at naruto with a puzzled look. Can it be…..? N-Naruto? Naruto just looks at the sanine with a warm smile, and nods. AHA! Boy how you've grown, when I last saw you, you were only a couple days old. But wait, you look like you're at least fifteen, and I've only been gone a few years, and when I asked how old you were, hiruzen had sent me a picture of you during your birthday, but you look. Like a man? YES! But you were so small how did you grow so fast? Well if you stopped talking I will be able to explain it to you, but not here, it's to public. Jiraiya led naruto to a place behind the hot springs secluded from sight, after a long explanation of the situation the sanin just sat comfortably on a rock with his right hand supporting his head, his expression full of seriousness. Well that explains alot, although if you didnt look this old I would say you're lying about traveling through dimensions.

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So what are you going to do now naruto? Well right before dad went to fight Madara he had told me that if anything were to happen to him while he fought, I was to search for you and you would steer me in the right direction.

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