Everyone knows the story of the child who lived, the murder of James and Lily Potter and placement with the Dursley family of number four Privet Drive. That remains the same in pretty much every alternate throughout the multiverse. Only this time in the case of Valerian Dorea Potter one month before her sixth birthday a teacher from Salem's Academy for Witches found out what was happening in the Dursley home and managed to gain custody of the young Potter child, changing her name to Valkyrie Norn in the Mundane and Magical Worlds. This put a huge damper on the plans of one Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. The goblins never bothered to inform the magicals either.

With the help of Marie LeBeau Valkyrie was able to change the name on her vaults, all of them, though she did give instructions to inform her of anymore inheritances. She had the abilities of a Metamorph along with empathy, umbrakinesis, umbraportation, replication, and telekinesis. Thankfully Salem was able to get her enrolled in classes for control in Metroburg where she met Max Thunderman, her nearest and dearest friend. She trusted Max above all others.

Chapter One

Val Norn rolls her shoulders before she allows herself to step into the shadows and emerge at her target destination, " Val, how do you always time your appearances just right anyhow? "

Val smirks, her currently lime green eyes alight with mischief, " I have to have some secrets from you. "

" What brings you my way anyhow? "

" Part boredom and part I need you to read over my latest Potions punishment essay. " Val admits, handing over a flash drive to him.

Max winces, " What happened this time? "

Val sighs, " You know I have no damn clue as to why Potions always blow up around me. "

Max reads over what she has written so far and flinches, " Twenty pages, at least you're allowed tech. Damn, must have been bad. "

" If not for the burn cream you make specifically for me I may have lost all function in my left arm. "

Max curses under his breath, his brown eyes narrowing in concern, there had been a reason why he had been in Val's potions classes. Now that he was living in Hiddenville he just couldn't be there. Val always made sure to visit him, " Okay, we are going to figure out why you blow up every potion you attempt to make on your own. You can handle the prep work just fine. "

" I know, but they insist on me partnering with that infantile fool Mercer. "

Max pauses in his reading once more, " Mercer, that idiot couldn't make potion correctly if his life depended on it. "

" You don't need to tell me that, Max. I can safely say that theory is all that is saving my potions grade, and that's only because you tutor me in potions. "

" Potions and chemistry are very similar, dear Val. " Max responds, writing out some quick notes even as he continues to read her essay.

" Not everyone was gifted with super intelligence. " Val points out.

" Yet you can easily keep up with me when I actually apply myself. Plus, you have no problem mixing chemicals together for pranks. " Max returns with.

Val sighs, " That's because you actually know how to teach me unlike those that are paid to teach me, Maximus. "

Max barely controlled the full body shiver that came from the way she said his full first name. He had yet to tell his parents that he and Val were soul bonded together. Max wasn't planning on telling them that until after he moved out if he had his way about it. He never had to worry about them hearing anything from his room either, Val, with her knowledge of runes had warded his room to the hilt to prevent that from happening. None of his family had ever noticed and his mom didn't even know about the tattoo he had on his right bicep, then again he generally kept it disillusioned, Val had the matching one on her left bicep. They'd gone to one of the less savory alleys and gotten them. The symbol of Loki, God of Magic, Fire, and all out Mischief.

The fourteen and thirteen year olds sit in comfortable silence until Max goes over to her and starts pointing out areas in her essay that need improvement or some tweaking and what else she could add as well. Val was the only one that truly understood the eldest male Thunderman child, well, teen now. Max loved causing mayhem and Val was just as good at it as he was, if not better in some aspects. With Max's help Val gets her essay finished, Max leaning up against the table as she typed, " What I don't understand is why my parents pulled me out of Salem. I actually liked it there, I applied myself . You'd think that would have been good enough, but they think I want a normal childhood. Phoebe does, but I don't. Hell, I'm actually still attending Salem online. "

" What Phoebe and your parents don't understand is that you've accepted having powers as your normal and so has Nora. Billy has a heart of gold but cannot keep a secret to save his life. Phoebe, well, we both know I can only take your twin in small doses. Rules are meant to be broken. "

" You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. " Max says.

" You two are being so sweet right now you're giving me cavities. "

" Colosso, do you want to lose your manhood? " Val asks, her voice becoming sickly sweet.

Max smirks and Colosso pales, " Sorry, Val, I'll be good. "

" This is why I love having you around, Val. " Max says.

Val looks at him, an eyebrow arched, " Just for my ability to scare people? "

" You know better than that, Valkyrie. "

" What sort of mayhem do you have planned? "

Max grins as they begin to plot, one of the wards chimes and Max was quick to head upstairs so his family wouldn't come down to his lair. That was when he found out that he and Phoebe were babysitting Billy and Nora. Max grins, he and Val could take them out and have some actual fun. Phoebe could have her friend over and Max could go have some fun with Val and his younger sibs, " Phoebe, you call Cherry and have her come over, I'll watch Billy and Nora. "

" What's the catch? " Phoebe asks.

" No catch, just text me when the parents approach alert goes off, I added that this morning. " Max says.

With that he sends the text to Cherry and his younger siblings follows him into his lair. Val was once again ready, casting a Fidelius Charm around this information so Billy couldn't blab, " I take it we're going out? " Nora asks.

" Yep. " Max says, grabbing the special bag for Dr. Colosso. This bag was much bigger on the inside and allowed Colosso to see what was going on outside, plus it had everything the evil bunny could need aside from take over the world stuff.

Once he has his pet bunny secured Val grins and the five disappear into the shadows and re-emerge at the Magical part of Disney Land. Val was quick to pay for them all and the four humans have fun. Max winning a stuffed Stitch doll for Val and Jasmine for his little sister. If there was one thing Max loved to do it was beat crooked carnies. When the text came, Phoebe was lucky that Cherry had already left, Val was quick to bring them back, Nora left her Jasmine doll in Max's lair for the moment and Val puts Colosso back in his cage before collapsing onto Max's bed. She was too tired to even grab a Pepper Up Potion. Moving that quickly through shadows with that many people always tired her out.

She didn't regret giving three of the Thunderman siblings a normal childhood experience. She loved her Stitch doll, which was animated, making it even more fun. Her Stitch curled up on her stomach and the fourteen year old slips into sleep. Not that she'd been getting much sleep lately. While the Horcrux had been purged she still got brief visions from Voldemort. Thankfully her soul bond with Max filled the gap and Max could generally help her shore up her mental defenses when she needed it.

Max barely avoids crashing into her as he returns to his lair. He pulls out his magical cell and calls Miss LeBeau to let her know where her adoptive daughter was and why she may not make it home for a while. Marie informs him of the coming tournament the next magical school year and that Salem was a part of it. Both he and Val were in their N.E.W.T years as they'd both been prodigies and helped each other out when they needed it, Max knew damn well whom Val really was and was not going to allow her to go to Hogwarts without back up. Marie promises to talk to his parents about letting him go.

Max voices his appreciation and asks about getting Colosso registered as his familiar. Val happened to have a Crup as a familiar, one that loved Max, mostly because Max spoiled him rotten. Said Crup was like a blue roan in goats in coloring even though he happened to look more like a Jack Russell Terrier with two tails. Which was easily explained as a genetic mutation to the mundanes. Magicals, well, the European ones just didn't understand that mundanes were far more advanced than them. At least in Japan and America they had tech that would work around Magic. Good thing for Max and Val too, this meant that they could stay in touch through quicker means than owl post.

Max gets Val more comfortable and places a Nutrition potion nearby so Val could drink it without worrying about eating so much. It had almost been too late to undo the damage her maternal biological aunt and the whale she had married had done, but it had been managed. Max was the only one other than the staff of Salem and Gringotts to know what had really happened to the Savior of the British wizarding community. No way in hell was she going to Hogwarts without him there to back her up. Max made sure to have his wand and back up wand at the ready. He also made damn sure to have his personal potions book that he was creating. Max had several personal potions he had created or tweaked from existing ones. Sure, he knew he didn't need everything together until next magical school year but, it was better safe than sorry.


Headmaster Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore looks at his useless trinkets. Some other magical had gotten the Potter girl away from her Muggle relatives and had apparently changed her name in the Muggle and Magical worlds. This did not bode well for all of his plans though he had managed to get Salem to agree to join the tournament as well. They apparently had a pair of fourteen year olds that were in their N.E.W.T years which meant they had permission to enter the tournament. None of the others did however. He just needed to find the Potter heiress and everything would be good.

He'd gotten Sirius Black a trial when he'd realized that the Potter girl was missing and he'd been unable to find her as well. Remus he hadn't been able to get ahold of. Little did he know that Remus was the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Salem. Remus had informed Sirius as to where the youngest member of their pack happened to be and Sirius was keeping Dumbledore in the dark. Minerva McGonagall was furious that he had lost the Potter heiress and not even Severus Snape had been able to find the girl, not from lack of trying however.

Marie had covered their tracks very well and now that Salem had been invited to the now Quadwizard Tournament she knew she had to convince Max's parents to allow him to go to Hogwarts as well. Valkyrie needed her soul bonded mate with her. Plus, a meeting between Salem's pranksters-in-chief the Terror Twins could only be a good thing, if things worked out well maybe Salem could snatch them up.

The old goat had no way of knowing about the super community and the fact that his pawn was a cunning and devious young woman. Clear Slytherin traits yet had an intelligence that would put her in the house of the ravens. Unfortunately the Salem students would be staying with Gryffindor, which really wasn't something Max or Val would be thrilled with.


When morning hit, Val had woken long enough to drink the potion, the magically inclined teens stumbled their way to the kitchen. The Thunderman adults were well used to Valkyrie showing up at their breakfast table as Max did happen to be her go to tutor. " Val, morning. I'm just getting breakfast ready. " Barb Thunderman says.

Valkyrie snaps awake and immediately takes over the kitchen, Max not far behind her. One good thing about life with the Dursleys, you learned how to cook. With Valkyrie directing him they made good time in getting breakfast ready. Once it's all finished the fourteen and thirteen year olds take their seats with Nora, Billy, Phoebe, and Mr. Thunderman slowly filing in. Max and Val were quick to eat their food and Marie apparates in to speak with Hank and Barb about the upcoming magical school year, " Hank, Barb, this upcoming year Hogwarts is hosting the Triwizard tournament and Val is in the N.E.W.T classes along with Max, he's been attending online and sending his practicals in for Potions. I'd prefer it if Max would be going with Val for competent and trustworthy back up. Val trusts Max implicitly and I would not put it past Headmaster Dumbledore to try and keep her in the British Wizarding Society. "

" Why? " Barb asks.

" Need to know, Mom. I do know and I will be going whether you like it or not. No way is Val going to Hogwarts without me there to watch her back. " Max states.

" I wouldn't go without you anyhow. I don't trust Dumbledore, no way in hell do I trust the Ministry and my luck I'll be chosen as a champion, Mom, I'll need my lawyer and PR guy. " Val says.

Hank and Barb sigh, Max had never had a problem being a super. His problem had been leaving Salem Academy. The parents hated to admit it but Max had always applied himself at Salem and everywhere else he didn't. " When do they leave? " Hank asks.

" October, they'll arrive at Hogwarts on Halloween. "

Val winces, " Why Halloween? "

Max sighs, Val never celebrated Halloween because that was when her parents died. He couldn't blame her for not celebrating that particular holiday. " You have until next school year, Val. "

" I know, but dammit, they celebrate Halloween in the castle over there. " Val mutters.

Marie sighs, " I know, you don't exactly celebrate Halloween and I can't blame you for that. The British never stopped to think about the fact that the child who lived became an orphan on that day. They just celebrate the defeat of Voldemort. "

Hank and Barb both stare at Val, " You're her, aren't you? "

Val gives them a blank look, one that Max had helped her to master, " Her who? My name is Valkyrie Norn not Valerian Potter. "

Max has to give her credit, his parents would in fact buy that. Hell, Phoebe and Billy would too. Nora, no so much, but Nora would wait and confront them later to confirm her suspicions. Once they've eaten and gotten ready for the day, Max opting to go to Salem in person, he just didn't want to deal with non supes and non magicals at the moment, the fourteen year old super villain in training follows his girlfriend to class. She had e-mailed their potions professor her essay before they left.

Max has to smile, " Hey, Lovegood, how you doing? "

Luna Lovegood smiles at the question, Salem had talent scouted her and she was in the same year as Max and Val, a N.E.W.T student. They were all in their sixth year, well, technically seventh, they had all opted to stay in school until they hit seventeen. The blonde haired twelve year old could be herself at Salem as they had someone that could teach her how to control and utilize her unique brand of Sight. Hers allowed her visions and to see into other realms. " I am doing quite well, Maximus, thank you. "

" That's good, so are you going to be chosen to go to Hogwarts as well? " Max asks her.

" I shall endeavor to be where the need for me is greatest. " Luna answers.

Val grins, " The ravens wouldn't know what to do with you, Luna. "

" Val, the three of us would rule the snake pit. " Max states.

" True, as we have true cunning unlike some of those other fools in the snake pit. " Val admits.

" Unfortunately we'll probably end up with the Lions or the Badgers. " Max laments.

" Terror twins are Lions. " Val points out.

Max perks up, he so wanted to meet them. " Hell, we may be able to convince them to transfer if we can make sure they get a scholarship. " Val adds.

Max smirks at this, " Well, Pinky, we know what we're going to do for the rest of the year. "

" Plot the snatching of the Terror Twins. " Luna and Val say together. Max loved Pinky and the Brain. Of course, he never let Phoebe know that, she would never let him live it down. Luna and Val were his closest confidantes outside of Dr. Colosso. His parents didn't even know about Luna and he hoped he could keep it that way. Max liked having his secrets and he would do anything to keep those he truly valued safe. If that meant snapping a few necks he'd do it. His parents, well, he didn't think they'd understand that ideology. Max was a firm believer in protecting his precious people with everything he had.

" Careful, dear Maximus, the wrackspurts are becoming quite plentiful around you. " Luna warns.

Max blinks and lets thoughts of his next heist fill his thoughts instead. Of course, Val would be there helping him, as they had both mastered several wandless spells. These included notice me not, unlocking, mundane repelling, disillusionment charms, and several other useful spells for a thief. Wandless couldn't be regulated, which meant that if they could master it silently and wandlessly the better off they were. Luna was the only one allowed to call Max Maximus all the time. " Ah, you're back, Thunderman. "

Max rolls his eyes, " McKade, I thought you got kicked out. "

" Suspended, not expelled, Thunderman. What are you doing here? "

Arthur McKade happened to have blonde hair and celadon colored eyes. He was also the captain of the Quodpot team, five feet eleven inches of jock type muscle. " I happen to be a student here, McKade. "

" You going to finally watch a Quodpot match? "

" Hell no, Val's the captain of the Quidditch team and Seeker. Besides, I happen to like Quidditch more than Quodpot. " Max retorts.

Thankfully their Transfiguration teacher arrives just then and they're learning about Animagi. Thankfully in America you didn't need to register your animagus form. Max, Luna, and Val were all going to become animagi. Val had been using the meditation way and had discovered she had several forms. With Max being allergic to cats she didn't dare take panther, puma, or tabby forms. She'd been reading up on dogs since she had a black lab form as well. That would be the one she was currently working on. Max and Luna were waiting on the potion, mostly because Max knew his family wouldn't leave him alone long enough to get all the meditation he needed in. He did get enough time to get his Occulmency done.

There were rumors that Professor Snape and Professor Dumbledore both used Legilmency on their students. All of the Salem students that would be going would all be well practiced Occulmens. Max was also working on taking Snape's achievement as the youngest Potions Master from him. He was working on a cure for the Cruciatus Curse. St. Mungos and Augusta Longbottom had sent him samples of Frank and Alice Longbottom's blood in order for him to see if his cure would work. It already worked on those with light exposure. He just needed to see if it would work for heavy exposure and if it did Snape could say goodbye to his title.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or the Thundermans.

Author's note: Marie LeBeau is not Rogue from X-Men. I just liked the name. I also made Val born on July 31, 2000.