Chapter 7


Max rolls his shoulders as Val brings them back to his place, they'd been at Val's so he could learn to ride a bike away from any humiliation. What neither were expecting was the pair in Max's Lair, " Hiya, I'm Max Sloan and this is Usagi, she's still deciding what family name she's going to be using. Sailor Destiny sent us. "

Val blinks and her eyes turn orange while her hair shifts to indigo, " What's Shukumei want anyhow? "

" We need a comprehensive virus in order to help out Sailor Stratus. There's this group known as Hypnos that wants to wipe out all digimon and we need a virus that will wipe out the whole system with no hope of recovery. This also means that you get to cause mayhem in a different dimension. " Max Sloan explains and hands over the disk the Destiny had given him.

" I'm Valkyrie Norn and this is Max Thunderman. The bunny is Dr. Arthur Colosso, a supervillain that Max's dad turned into a bunny. I'm also the GWL or Girl-Who-Lived and if I were to ever reclaim the mantle Sailor Deceit. Surprised Shukumei hasn't called on me yet. "

" She may still, or one of her counterparts at any rate. Usa and I have been having fun dimension hopping and throwing monkey wrenches into the works of several individuals. " Max S. says.

" How long can you hang around? " Max T. asks.

" Destiny can drop us off when and where she needs us, or Usa can do that as well. Take as long as you need. So, what's going on currently? " Max S. asks even as he drops to the floor to pet Fenrir, " What's his name and what's his breed? "

" His name is Fenrir and he's a Krupp. " Val says.

" I have an iguana named Thor. " Max S. admits and then Val fills him and Usa in on what was currently going on, including the neighborhood watch that Max T.'s dad had started up. Thankfully Max was with Val and Marie every single time some vandalism occurred. This meant that he couldn't be blamed for what was going on.

He had been somewhat surprised when Phoebe had gone to work at Wong's Pizza Place only to get fired that very same day. Max had a job tutoring after school not to mention the fact that he was the playmaker for Val's Quidditch team. It didn't hurt that Val had more than enough money plus, he had his slush fund from all the things he had stolen and then sold on the Magical Black Market.

Val, even while talking to Max S. sets to work on her homework as she knew she needed to be prepared for the next magical school year. There was no way in hell she was going to allow herself to be ill prepared for a tournament that seventeen year olds were going to partake in.


Daphne Greengrass was watching her fellow female Purebloods in disgust as they gave in to the whims of the males in Slytherin. She hadn't been touched because she was the Queen of Slytherin and more importantly she had dirt on every male in the Slytherin House. Of course, that would only get her so far. She was already sending feelers out to the Queen to see if she'd be willing to get Daphne and her little sister Astoria out of England before everything came to a head. Daphne was actually envious that Heiress Potter had escaped this madness. Tracy was the only other female in their year that refused to give sexual favors to the males. The fact that she was under Daphne's protection meant forcing her would result in a blood feud with House Greengrass.

While Greengrass women were not nearly as vicious as Black women they were not to be crossed. This meant that Tracy and Daphne were left alone for now. Maybe Daphne could get protection from House Black as Sirius was not like his nutter of a mother had been. She starts to immediately draft the letter she would need to write to him. She had to make sure herself, her little sister, and best friend received the necessary protection.

Susan Bones sighs wearily, Hogwarts was really going downhill. Was it too late for her to transfer to Beauxbatons? The quality of education sucked, she had to receive additional Potions tutoring over the summers in order to make decent grades in Potions. Don't even get her started on Professor Binns as the History of Magic teacher, everyone had to read their books in order to learn anything about magical history. She really should have chosen to go to Beauxbatons instead. Anything was better than this mediocrity she was currently having to deal with.

Her auntie had insisted upon Hogwarts though because of Albus bloody Dumbledore. The old man was senile, he had to be to hire the fools he had. Sprout, McGonagall, Flitwick, even Hagrid were good teachers. Quirrelmort, Lockhart, Trelawney…they were examples of pathetic teachers. The Muggle Studies class was a joke. Susan actually attended Muggle Summer school in order to learn about things the proper way. This meant she also had records in the Muggle world and would be able to leave this hellhole when she hit eighteen, as Muggles came of age at eighteen.

Justin Finch-Fletchley rolls his eyes as he listens to Zacharias Smith ramble on and on about some law the Purebloods were trying to push through. While he enjoyed learning about his magic he had to wonder if he might not be better off going to one of the other magical schools as several provided port keys if you lived far enough away. He was truly considering leaving as he didn't really have many friends here. Sure, Ernie may be a friend but, he didn't understand what it was like to be told you had to leave everything you knew behind.

Hiddenville/Magi La Femme:

Val and Usa end up going to one of the Magical Alleys to shop while Max T. works on the virus Max S. and Usagi needed. Val grins as they reach their destination. This was a female only alley that catered to every type and was where Val got all her clothes. Usagi's eyes big out as she sees women walking around in leather with only their nipples and privates covered. Sure, Usagi wasn't a prude but, damn, a woman's body had never been thrown in her face quite like that. Val leads her to a Magical Tattoo parlor, one that could make it so only those you told about the tattoo could see it. These tattoos moved like all magical pictures did. Usagi happened to be fifteen and had a decently sized chest.

Feeling bold she removes her top and bra, asking for a silver eastern style dragon to be put around her breasts, the dragon was to have blue eyes. The tattoo artist's eyes widen at this and Val smirks, flashing her Peverell Heiress ring. The artist sets to work inking a silver eastern style dragon around Usagi's breasts, a dragon that would grow with her and continuously fly around said breasts. The good thing about magical tats was that they set immediately and never got infected. " Usagi, why a tat there? "

" Simple, it'll freak people out not to mention be a nice surprise for when Max finally gets to see under the hood. " Usagi says, that and she wanted the artist to play with her breasts, it was a way to have fun without cheating on Max.

Once the tat was done Usagi puts her shirt back on, stuffing her bra in subspace, " I need a new wardrobe for when I can stop being a good girl. Being the Moon Princess sucks. "

" Hey, I'm just Sailor Deceit, hime. " Val says and they go on a whirlwind shopping trip, Usagi getting new clothes and she changes into one such outfit. A Dark purple t-shirt that hugged her chest, she'd gotten new lingerie as well and what she had on barely covered what it needed to and it was silver in color. She also wore black jeans that looked like they had been painted on her, several silver bangles around each wrist, the silver crescent moon earrings her Max had given her, and black dragon hide boots that would size with her forever and were damn near indestructible.

Of course, the helpers at the stores had been very handsy with Usagi and she didn't mind. One had even gone so far as to make sure her shopping experience was truly pleasurable. Val had just watched it all though she hadn't minded the free Yuri show she had gotten. Then they hit the magical porn store and buy up their preferences. Usagi grabbed one of each yuri they had, this included Lolicon as well. Magicals had no porn laws, permission needed to be received from the parents for the Lolicon and Shotacon but, for everything else thirteen and up was allowed. This meant that magical black market salesman had a booming market in porn. This included to Loli's going at each other as well or two Shota's as well.


Both Max's look up when Val and Usagi return. The purchases hidden away in subspace, and yes, Val did use her subspace pocket. " Maximus, how long until you finish your new project? "

" Probably three days since I do need to put in an appearance with my family. Take them back to your place, including Fenrir. I'll IM you when I'm ready for you all to come back. " Max T. answers.


Max and Usagi stumble when they come out of the shadows, Val and Fenrir just calmly walk to the kitchen, " Mom, I have a couple of interdimensional guests for a little while, they needed Max to do something for them. " Val calls out.

" Hello, there, I'm Marie LeBeau, Val's adoptive mom. "

" Max Sloan. "

" Just call me Usagi, haven't figured out what family name to use yet. " Usagi says.

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