Even tough the republic enjoys a fragile truce with the sith empire the need for recruits for the army is great. One of these are a young man named Kurosaki Ichigo who as one of the top students of the republic military academy and have during just one year reached the rank of lieutenant have been chosen to join one of the special squads in the grand army, the Yawata squad. The squad is a special force commanded by commander Karro a middle aged mirialan male who fought the sith during the war. Ichigo had been initiated with the squad just a few weeks ago and had only been on a few training missions. But now he was on a drop ship in his new white yawata squad standard armor, it was an upgraded version of the standard republic armor he had gotten used to during his short time of service he was also equiped with a standard blaster rifle, a blaster pistol and a knife. The ship was closing in to the drop zone. He was going on his first real mission with his new comrades, he was looking forward for it but he did also have a bad feeling but he blamed it on the nerves. One of the veteran members had gotten intel about a small imperial base where they held some republic officials captive. The veteran was a human male named captain Reiko. The squad would break up in two groups one with five that would act as a distraction. Captain Reiko had volunteered to lead this team. The other ten would move in and infiltrate the base. They would then meet up with two jedi who was on another mission on the planet who would help the captives off planet. As they touched down a bit away from the base to avoid detection all the soldiers stood up doing a last quick weapon check. Then they moved out the groups quickly separated. Ichigo was in the bigger croup on route to the main entrance. They had landed in a clearing but would have to go through a forest to get to the base. The weather was gloomy and the sun was hidden behind clouds. They could see the entrance now but stayed in the forest for the protection it provided. They could only see two guards by the doors. Two snipers took aim and waited for the order, with a flick of commander Karros wrist they took the shot, two clean headshots. They moved quickly to the entrance and and hacked open the door. Moving through the bas they noted how empty it was Ichigo couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong but he didn't voice it. As they got further and further in he could sense something, but he blamed it on his nerves. When they reached the room they presumed the captives where held in, an alarm sounded from the other side of the base. Commander Karro received a message. "Its done." Then without a word he signaled the troops to enter. They opened the door and went inside the room was big and dark with sidewalks three meters over the floor. Suddenly the entrance closed and a ray shield covered the door and the lights activated and imperial soldiers flooded in from the sides on the sidewalks taking aim. And with them captain Reiko stood sporting a sinister smirk on his face. Besides him a dark hooded figure stood its faced covered by his hood, and a not yet ignited lightsaber hilt in his hand. Reiko spoke one word that would change Ichigos life.


The imperial soldiers opened fire. Yawata squad reacted fast and started firing against the imperials. In the middle of it he saw the man with the lightsaber jump down to them removing his hood and mantle revealing his face, he was a blue haired human with a single prosthetic jaw piece on the right side of his face. He ignited his saber and started carving up Ichigos comrades. Ichigo took aim and fired towards him but the sith deflected the bolts and moved in towards Ichigo and went for his arm. He was fast, faster then Ichigo had anticipated. He was able too jump back and avoid the saber but his blaster riffle didn't, half of it fell to the ground. In a second he dropped the other half and drew his side pistol, but sith moved in again and kicked it away from his hand with a side kick. He then went for a decapitation swipe but Ichigo anticipated it and dodged it and side stepped it and punched the sith in the throat stunning him for a few micro seconds and thanks to the strike the sith dropped his lightsaber, Ichigo kept attacking him with a series of well executed strikes to the siths face and chest driving him back a bit, the sith tried to strike back but Ichigo could anticipate them and counter thanks to his training in teras kasi but this was something more he had never felt this kind of precognition in a fight before, but he assumed it was thanks to the adrenalin. He was winning but for a single second Ichigo looked at one of his new friends getting shot, that was all the sith needed. He grabbed Ichigo by the throat lifting him from the floor enraged of his opponents streak of success. Had this been a one on one fight Ichigo might have been able to win but this wasn't a one on one, this was a slaughter. He saw how more and more of his comrades were dying and now the sith was holding him by the throat over the floor. This was the end. No he wasn't going to die here not without a fight. He saw his pistol close on the ground and a plan took shape in his head. He reached for his knife on his back, drawing it in a reversed grip across the siths face slicing the sith's right eye in the same movement. The sith shook his head back in pain, Ichigo used that to put his feet to the mans chest and pushed away creating space between and Ichigo quickly rolled to his gun taking it from the ground spinning around to a one leg kneeling position taking aim but it was to late the few seconds Ichigo had looked away from his opponent, the sith had gotten his lightsaber back and was close to him red blood dripping from his gash across his eye, and hatred on his face. Before Ichigo could fire the sith slashed a downward arc separating Ichigos lower arm just under his elbow, Ichigo screamed in pain, the burning sensation was as nothing he had experienced before. The sith sent a powerful force push to his chest sending im flying into the wall he could hear the crackling of bones but the pain from his chest could hardly be felt thanks to his burned arm. He sat with his back against the wall, he could see the the sith on the other side of the room grinning and with his free hand stretched out towards Ichigo, and then he felt a pain in his right eye, he felt it moving weirdly. Then the pain of his eye slowly being pulled out of its socket overwhelming him and before he really grasped what happened his eye was floating in front of him and was crushed with the force. He couldn't decide which pain was worst. The sith started moving towards him, probably going to finish him off, but before he could commander Karro tackled the sith starting a fight with him distracting the sith from Ichigo, the last thing Ichigo saw was Karro being impaled through his chest, and the sith moving on in his killing spree, in the thrill of battle he must have forgotten to finish Ichigo off. Then only darkness as he passed out from the pain.

Ichigo woke up in a bed, He didn't recognize the room he was in or how he got there. It took him a few seconds before he understood that he was in some sort of infirmary room, his bed was even in a upright position like most infirmary beds was. Then he remembered the slaughter of his squad. He started looking around the room in panick before he could get up to finds someone, a medical droid entered room and after him a white haired male wearing black robes and a long white robe on top and two lightsaber handles hanging from his waist, Ichigo instantly recognized the man as jedi master Ukitake Jushiro, one of the most renowed war heroes from the great war. And behind him a fairly short woman with black hair and wearing the same set of robes although brown in color and without the white one instead she wore a pair of white gauntlets going up to her elbow. And like the older master she was equipped with two lihtsaber hilts. Ichigo didnt recognize her though.

"Lieutenant im happy to see you have awoken, we feared the worst for awhile." Ukitake greeted with a smile.

"Did, did anyone else make it?" Ichigo asked with a shaky voice.

"Im sorry, but you were the only survivor." Master Ukitake said with a saddened face.

"We hoped you could tell us what happened." He added.

"We were betrayed by captain Reiko, the sith were waiting for us." Hate and anger dripping from Ichigos words.

"I see." The jedi only answered looking concerned. Before he could continue a man in a navy captain uniform entered the room not taking notice of Ichigo.

"Master Ukitake we recieved a message from the jedi temple on tython, they require your presence, sir"

"I see, well prepare a shuttle ill leave immediately. Im sorry bu i have to leave but i will leave you with my former apprentice here ." He looked at the woman and then back to Ichigo who only nodded in return. Both of the jedi disappeared with the navy captain. Ichigo started moving his new arm to get a feel for it

Rukia followed behind her former master to the shuttle.

"Master what should i do with him?"

"Go with him to Coruscant general Garza have requested his presence there, i will contact you when that is taken care of."

"Master, did you feel it too?"

"Yes i did, we will see what will be done but now i need you to stay close to him, this can be a good connection between the jedi and the military."

"Yes master." She bowed her head. He put his hand on her shoulder.

"May the force be with you, Kuchiki Rukia." He said in a warm tone, she looked up.

"And you aswell master Ukitake." The older master boarded his shuttle. After it departed she started making her way back to the infirmary. When she arrived she found the man arguing with the medical droid.

"Sir in your condition you shouldn't be standing up and moving around."

"Shut up, stupid droid im fine." Now he noticed the girl in the door looking at him with a tired look.

"Should you really argue with the doctor?" It wasn't really a question, more of a command to stop. He sat down on the bed his legs touching the floor.

"Im jedi knight Kuchiki Rukia, i will be your escort to coruscant we are on a republic star cruiser, and we will be arriving in a few ours." The woman reported with a deadpan expression.

He stood up saluting her although it hurt his ribs a bit.

"Lieutenant Kurosaki Ichigo of, previously of Yawata squad." She raised and eyebrow at his greeting and her lips formed a small smile.

"At ease." She responded in almost a comedic tone but he didnt notice sat down.

"General Garza have requested your presence so when we arrive we will meet with her."

"I see." Was his only answer. Before they could continue their conversation the intercom sparked to life.

"All personal brace for jump to hyperspace in 4, 3, 2, 1. Jumping to hyperspace." The intercom called out and both of them braced themself. And the ship jumped.