Star wars tor the trooper and the jedi

Chapter 2

The cruiser exited hyperspace just above coruscants atmosphere. They had finally arrived at coruscant, and now Ichigo was following his new jedi companion to a shuttle which would bring them to the surface. He felt a bit naked without his armor or weapons instead wearing a pair of normal black pants a plain white shirt and a black open jacket, he wore the sleeves down to his wrists and wore a black glove on his right hand covering his cybernetic arm. However he couldn't cover his eye but thankfully you could hardly see any difference since the area around it was fairly undamaged its only difference being the color of the eye, instead of his normal hazel colored eye it held a yellow iris. He had been on several warships before and this one was nothing out of the ordinary, a lot of people running around which to an outsider would just look like people randomly running around. They arrived at the shuttle bay, he inspected the shuttle which would bring them to the surface, it was like the rest of the ship nothing special just a standard shuttle, although it was nothing wrong with that he thought to himself he liked those kind of ships. He shook himself from his inner thoughts and entered the shuttle. The way down didn't take long just a few minutes it was only Rukia and him not counting the pilot in the cockpit. The shuttle was dark with only a few gloomy red lights.

"When we reach the senate building and meet with general Garza i will have to leave you for a while to take care of some business, but take this comlink so we can communicate if the need arises." She handed him said comlink. He nodded and took it putting it in his jackets inner pocket. They landed in the spaceport thankfully close to the senate building. After a fairly tedious customs check they started making their way to the towers of the senate. They walked in silence, not an awkward though at least Ichigo didn't think so, and by some weird way he could feel she didn't think so either. Maybe that was just his imagination. The sun was in the middle of the sky shinning brightly reflecting itself on the several millions glass panels in Ichigos field of vision making it a bit harder to see the tower. When they reached the entrance Rukia turned toward him.

"Well lieutenant i will see you later." She said and bowed her head.

"Yes, master jedi." Ichigo answered and bowed his head back. She smiled faintly and started walking away. He entered the building and started looking around.

"Lieutenant Kurosaki, sir." Ichigo spun around at the sound of his name and saw a twilek male in an officer attire. Ichigo approached him.

"General Garza is ready to receive you, sir." The officer saluted, Ichigo responded in kind. He followed the man into a fairly large room with a large holoprojector in the middle. In front of the projector a grey haired woman stood studying the the images provided on it with her back turned towards Ichigo. Behind the holoprojector there were several computers with what Ichigo assumed was SIS operatives analyzing the data. Before he could speak up she turned to him. General Garza was an elderly human woman far past her prime but you could tell she still had her spirit by the way she held her self. She inspected his more civilian clothes, Ichigo noticed it and felt even more naked.

"Lieutenant, welcome i hope you are feeling better."

"Thank you general." Ichigo Responded with a salute.

"At ease lieutenant, now on to the subject at hand. I received the report you sent on your way here, i cant believe we had a traitor in Yawata squad." Ichigo put his hands down his side at a more relaxed stance.

"You were the only survivor not only that but holding your own against a sith in hand to hand combat, that shows extreme skill, with this in mind i have decided to appoint you to the command of Yawata squad although you are all that remains of it. You will need to build it up again. But until then i have decided to make you one of my frontier agents. The empire is getting bold and we need more agents such as your self to stand against them."

"Im honored general." Ichigo responded but before he could continue he was cut off by the general.

"The jedi have taken an interest in you and this operation."

"In me?"

"Yes, and they have requested a representative and and aftter careful consideration i agreed. It will be a good bridge between the jedi and the military and it never hurts to have a jedi when you are up against sith."

"Who will i be working with?" Ichigo asked.

"Her name is Kuchiki Rukia i believe you have meet her." It suddenly made sense to him why she gave him the comlink.

"I already have a mission for you, one of our bases on Nar Shaddaa have been compromised, we don know by whom but we have lost contact with them, this should be a good first mission with your new companion."

"I will leave for Nar Shaddaa as soon as im done with some personal business i need to clear up.

"Of course lieutenant, but before you go i only see fit that a squad like Yawata should have its own space ship, i have already made arrangements for it to be prepped and ready, i believe Kuchiki Rukia is there overseing it."

"Thank you general, i gladly accepts." Ihicgo answered.

"Dismissed lieutenant, contact me when you have landed on Nar Shaddaa."

"Yes general." He answered and saluted and walked out of the room. Garza turning back to her holoprojector.

Ichigo exited the speeder taxi in front of the small store located in one of the smaller districts on coruscant in a small street. It had been a year since ha had been here, just before he left for his service in the field after graduating from the republic military academy. He had lived most of his life here his parents always being on the field in the war. Before entering he sent a message to Rukia informing her that he would take a little while. He received an answer telling him that she understood and would wait for him. He took a deep breath and opened the door. He stepped inside the small shop it hadn't changed much, a lot of random stuff on shelves and hardly any order.

"Ill be with you soon!" A high pitched female voice shouted from behind a few shelves, Ichigo could hear her fiddle around.

"Sure take all the time you need." He shouted back, at the sound of his voice the fiddling sounds stopped and from behind the shelves a young girl with short blond hair came running towards him tears in her eyes and embraced him.

"Ichigo!" She screamed.

"Yuzu what are you screaming about?" A cynical voiced called out as another girl with black hair entered from the other side of the store. When she saw Ichigo she ran to him in the same fashion as the other girl had. After her a man with light blond hair entered with a walking stick and wearing a set of plain clothes and a green robe with a white and green hat. He silently watched the reunion, he wasn't as surprised as the girls he had sensed Ichigo coming but was something weird he felt different. After a while he stepped in.

"Im sorry girls but could you give me some time with your brother?" He said in a more serious tone than he usually used, they nodded and after a final hug they walked in to the back of the store. Before they were out of sight Urahara added in his more light hearted tone

"You can take this time to clean up in the back!" The only answer he received was the sound of a door closing. Urahara locked the store and then they went into a small kitchen connected to the store. Ichigo sat down cross legged by a small table while Urahara prepared some tea and brought to them and sat down on the other side of the table.

"I only heard the basics of what happened." He said as he gave on of the cups to Ichigo who took a sip.

"We were betrayed and the sith knew we where coming, im the only one who made it." Ichigo looked down at his cup.

"What happened to your eye?" Urahara asked.

"A...A sith riped it out." He trembled a bit by the memory of his eye being ripped out.

"Then he did this." He removed his glove and pulled up his sleeve showing his cybernetic arm.

"I see, the sith must have been quite power full." Was all he said before he stood up.

"Wait here i have something i have wanted to give you for a while." He disappeared into another room. Ichigo wondered what it could be. Before he had time to really come up with any ideas Urahara came back holding something thin, wrapped in a piece of black cloth. He sat down and put it on the table in front of Ichigo. Ichigo looked at it and removed the cloth revealing a black sword hilt with a blade in a black sheath. He removed the blade from the sheath revealing a pitch black blade.

"The blade is custom made with cortosis, its lightsaber resistant. The sheath is made so its can be attached to your armor at the back. Its yours if you're going to keep being a soldier. Against the sith you will need it." Ichigo put it back to in the sheath.

"Thank you, Urahara." He bowed his head.

"You willl have to find someone else to train tough." He said in a lighthearted tone. Ichigo smiled at that, he could think of someone who could teach him.

"Have you been able to contact my parents?" Ichigo asked already knowing what the answer would be.

"Im sorry from what i understand they are on a mission inside of the borders of the empire."

"I understand." Ichigo responded.

For the next hour both Ichigo and Urahara catched up with each other, Ichigos sister also joined them but soon Ichigo had to leave.

"Please don't go brother!" Yuzu begged but her older sister Karin understood and in a more civilized way took farewell. Urahara had disappeared again, and when Ichigo started wondering where he had gone. The older man emerged with a small cat like animal in is hand.

"This is Kon i saved him from the streets and he has been helping me around the store, but if you are gonna have your own ship then i give him to you as a helping hand." Ichigo looked at Urahara with a deadpan expression.

"Are you serious, im going to be in the midst of combat."

"Thats why he will be on the ship, you will probably get a droid with the ship but its always good to have some extra help." After several minutes of bickering Ichigo relented and agreed to take him. After exiting the store Ichigo took a taxi back to the spaceport Kon taking a liking to sit on his shoulder. He sent a message to Rukia telling her about their new companion, she had seemed the indifferent. They arrived at the spaceport after a few minutes of riding through the city, and after a few mistakes at the port they found the ship and Rukia waiting outside it. She had changed her clothes to a pair of loser robes the sleeves ending above her elbows and her top robes ending over her lower robes but held together by her belt with both of her lighstabers hanging from her waist she had removed her gauntlets aswell .

"The ship is ready for takeoff." She explained when they boarded the fairly big ship. It had three floors the lowest being the cargo hold. The second floor was the main floor and the one you entered. The first room that appeared directly after the entrance was the comm room a fairly big room with a holocommunicator in the middle. If you took a right you came to a small corridor if you took a right in that you came to the captains quarters a middle seized room with a double seized bed and a computer and its own shower and other commodities to suit the captain of the ship. If you took a left in the same corridor you came to the crew quarters a big room with seven bunk beds and its own shower room. If you went forward in the first room you get to the bridge which was equipped with all the necessary tech for it to work properly including a star map. If you took a left in the main room. You came to a small set of stairs leading down to the cargo hold and up to the third floor with two rooms one little smaller than the other. The smaller being a relaxation room and the bigger being a training room equipped with a three by three meters sparring mat and other equipment for training. Ichigo was impressed he had never been in this kind of ship. Shaking himself out of his little trans both he and Rukia went up to the bridge while Kon jumped down from his shoulder went to find a bed to sleep on mutering something along the lines of finally being free from the hat wearing maniac and that he would take that freedom to finally sleep. Ichigo punched in the coordinates and after a few seconds they jumped to hyperspace. A monitor showed that it would take around six hours to reach their destination. Ichigo still held his sword he had gotten from Urahara

"Ichigo, there are more to it why the jedi assign me here." Ichigo turned towards her raising his left brow.

"Even though the reasons that already have been said are true there is one more thing. At the medical bay we could feel your force potential." She stated plainly.

"No this is some kind of joke, im not a force sensitive." He stated stubbornly.

"Are you sure Ichigo, didn't you say that before that mission you hade a bad feeling and during the fight with the sith you could tell when he was gonna attack." Ichigo didn't answer he only stood there in silence thinking.

"Sometimes though unusual some peoples force abilities are dormant and only expresses them self subtly like bad feeling before something happens until a traumatic experienced like when you were betrayed awakens them."

"So what now you wanna train me like a jedi? Im a soldier." He stated.

"No you are to old and we understand that is not what you desire, but we feel that it would be for the best if you at least can get some basic training with it." Ichigo turned away thinking.

"I understand if you feel reluctant to it but we will be fighting sith now and at least learning the basics will help you with that, all i ask is that you try it." Ichigo stood there thinking for several minutes when he was done he turned back towards her drawing his black blade holding it up in front of his face looking at it.

"Will this help me against him?" He asked thinking back to the sith.

"Yes and other sith, it will help you protect people from evil."

"Then i agree to learn the basics but lets be clear im not a jedi, and you most promise me." He took a pause and looked away and the back at her

"Train me in the way of saber fighting, i know you have some kinds of different forms." He stated his demands for her training.

"I will train you in the basics giving you control of your powers. Yes we jedi and the sith have the seven lightsaber forms. If that is your desire i will teach you those." Ichigo smiled.

"Good then we have a deal." He said as he sheathed his sword.

"We do have six hours and a training area. Why not start now" He said

"Okay but we wont start with combat yet." She said as they made their way up to the training ring. When they entered the room Ichigo removed his jacket and threw it on the floor and put down his sword at the same place and walked into the circle, Rukia followed and stood in front of him. She motioned him to sit down which he did. Both now siting down in a cross legged.

"Close your eyes." Rukia instructed in a soft tone. He closed his eyes.

"Can you feel the presence of the force around us?" She asked in the same voice.

"Im not sure, i can feel something."

"Just try and keep your focus and listen to the force." She added. Ichigo was a bit unused to this kind of training he had never trained in this kind of way, but he complied.

After about an hour of this training he had gotten a pretty good grasp of hit, he could sense Rukia in front of him and all the equipment in the room. If he stopped concentrating on the room he could feel Kon sleeping on his bed but if he did that he couldn't feel anything in the room he was in.

"Can you feel your sword on the floor?" She asked, during their training she had asked several times what objects he could feel.

"Yes." He answered not opening his eyes. She opened her hand and used the force to pull the sword to her. He felt the sword disappear when it started moving, he couldn't follow moving objects yet. Then he felt it in a way appear in her hand. She put it down on the floor between them.

"Lift it." She commanded. He reached his hand forward and she slapped it before he could take it.

"Ouch what was that about?" He answered half opening his left eye.

"Don´t open your eyes, and lift your sword with the force." He closed his eyes and tried to lift it. After a few minutes it started shaking a bit. After yet a few more moments it started to move more and even lift a little bit. This time he could still keep feeling his sword ut the area of which he could sense anything to only his sword and Rukia in front of him, Ichigo started to feel frustrated, if he couldn't lift a little sword how was he gonna face the sith.

"Don´t get frustrated it will not help." She comforted in a light tone. He took a deep breath concentrating again to lift it this time it moved a bit more.

After another hour he was able to lift his sword to face height. Although he had to concentrate immensely on the sword and it would take much more training until he could use it in action.

"Good Ichigo, thats enough. You have began to form a connection to the force which is the basis for our coming training, even your combat training." She said as they both stood up and bowed. He smiled at the thought about his combat training.

"There are still about three hours left, i believe it would be best to rest for the mission." He stated when they arrived at the living quarters and Rukia agreed, before she closed the door to the crew quarters she left him whit some interesting information about his future training.

"You have learned much faster than i anticipated and i believe that we will be able to start the combat training soon, and who knows if you keep training like this i might even let you craft your own lightsabers." Then with a smile she closed the door before Ichigo could answer, he raised one of his eyebrows. But then turned around and entered his quarters, seeing Kon laying on his bed. After checking his room quickly and finding a medium seized wardrobe with his armor in it. His armor was a standard one except for a few things it had red marking around the joints and other places it was also equipped with a kama at its waist, he assumed Garza had delivered it here, he also found the standard blaster riffle for the Yawata squad the same he had used on that mission, he also found two blaster pistols and noted how the armor had two holsters on either side. After inspecting his equipment he turned down the light in the room and removed his clothes to his undergarments and a shirt moving Kon and moved him to the other end of the bed he layed down in his bed his last thoughts being about what Rukia said about making his own lightsaber, even if hi wasn't a jedi a lightsaber would come in handy against the sith a flash of the blue haired sith appeared in his mind. He shook them off this time he would be prepared Rukia would teach him how to fight him then he fell asleep. Rukia left the man wondering about her last line he had seemed a bit surprised and if she was honest to herself it was a bit amusing to leave him there like that. She went over to the wardrobe making sure her equipment were ready, when Ichigo were away doing what ever he were doing on coruscant Rukia had made sure some of her equipment was properly delivered. After she made sure of that she removed her lightsabers putting them close to he bed and removed her robes down to her under robes and as Ichigo she layed down in her bed her last thought dedicated to how her training of the young man would go. Then she, like Ichigo fell asleep.

After about three hours the ship arrived at Nar Shaddaa and the ship had woken them up. Ichigo swiftly put on his armor and locked is sword on his back. When he was done and he walked out seeing Rukia exit her quarters, he was taken a bit aback by what she was wearing, she was wearing white jedi armor consisting of a chest plate gauntlets two set of leg protection on both of her legs, unlike Ichigos armor, her armor had big gaps around the joints understandable since she was a jedi and needed to be nimble. But it still protected her overall body on top of the armor she wore a brown hooded robe with the hood down the arm of the robe ended just before her elbow. She also wore a more tactical belt with her lightsabers. She bowed her head slightly and headed to the bridge and Ichigo followed after her shortly. When they arrived at the bridge Ichigo piloted the ship to land at the spaceport.

They exited the ship and went for an elevator to get them to the main floor. When they arrived at the main floor the door opened and they saw a man running past the door getting hit by a blaster bolt in his back. Then several bolts started flying from both sides. They both took a step out and looked in both directions, from the way the blaster bolt that killed the man several, what Ichigo assumed too be gangsters hiding behind a bunch of crates and other debris and from the other side Ichigo saw multiple security personal.

"You are a republic soldier right, we are republic officials" One of the men from the side with security personal screamed to Ichigo. He looked at Rukia who looked back at him and nodded. He took cover with the republic official. Rukia stayed but and grabbed one of her lightsabers from her belt and with the push of a button a sliver white blade protruded from her hilt, Ichigo was surprised he had never seen a lightsaber with a silver white blade before he didn't even know they existed. She raised it in an ataru opening guard, the hilt held with both hands at waist level and the blade extended parallel with her body. Ataru was the forth form of lightsaber combat based on jumping and spinning and using ones whole body as a weapon and could also be used with dual sabers, using the force to augment ones speed and strength the form was an all aggressive one. She placed one foot in front of the other so she stood side ways to be a smaller target, and then she jumped high in the air towards the gangsters. Ichigo could barely follow her with his eyes and in the air she raised her saber ready for a downward slash.


So this was a bit slower than the last so i hope that is ok, i will try and get into the action in the next chapter. If you have trouble understanding my description of Rukias armor i do not blame since i didn't describe it very good, i advice you to google Kao cen darach since i took my inspiration from his armor but Rukias is white. I hope it helps. If you have any questions please feel free to PM me.