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What would have happened if the rebel Attack never took place? Is Maxon going to choose Kriss or America? What happens with the other girls? Will there be a future for America and Maxon, with knowing how the King despises America? Read and see ;)

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"How long?" he asked quietly, still in control.
"Do you remember that fight-", I started.
Maxon erupted. "We've been fighting since the day we met, America! You'll have to be more specific!"
I shook where I stood. "After Kriss's party."
His eyes widened. "So basically since he got here," he said, something like sarcasm in his voice.
"Maxon, I'm so sorry. At first I was protecting him, and then I was protecting myself. And after Marlee was caned, I was afraid to tell you the truth. I couldn't lose you," I pleaded.
"Lose me? Lose me?" he asked, astonished. "You're going home with a small fortune, a new caste, and a man who is still pursuing you! I'm the one losing here today, America!"
The words took my breath away. "I'm going home?"

Maxon took a deep breath, closing his eyes while trying to calm himself down.
" I can't think right now, America." He finally whispered.
"But…" tears started streaming down my face, "I love-"
"Don't dare to say it now!" he hissed, "You have no right… I am going to leave. I can't breathe near you. I can't think near you. I want you ready tomorrow. Start packing your things, take whatever you want. I can't be near you right now." And then he left the room.

I erupted in sobs. He was going to send me home. I hurt him that much, that he was going to marry Kriss in front of my eyes. My chest tightened and I couldn't breathe.
No, no, no.
I couldn't hold myself any longer, breaking down to the floor, while sobbing my heart out.
Around an hour later, Lucy came into my rooms, wanting to ask if I needed anything when she found me curled up on the floor.
She didn't need to ask what had happened, since my state was explanation enough. My eyes were puffy and red from all the crying, my legs sore and stiff from lying on the ground for so long. She helped me get up and started to wash away my tears, helping me out of my gown.
"Do you want to take a bath, Miss?" She asked me softly and when the only acknowledgment that I heard her was a tiny nod, she left me sitting on the bed, going in the bathroom to let in the water.
"This will calm you down. Take as long as you need, I will be right here in your room."
She helped me get into the bathtub, and the soreness of my body immediately faded away into the hot water. The lavender scent of the oil Lucy had put in the bath, was soothing the soreness of my mind, and made it possible for me to relax a little bit.
Even though my body was somehow able to relax, the only sentence drifting through my head the entire time was "What have I done?"
I called for Lucy when the bath's water started to cool off and she helped me get into some comfortable night clothes.
"He is going to send me home Lucy…I did something terrible…" I whispered to my wonderful maid. She chose not to respond to my words, but to tuck me in.
Lucy reached for my blanket, pulled it up until my nose was covered and started to clean the mess that was my room. Her quiet movements and soft sounds of moving things around, drove me quickly into an uneasy slumber.

Maxon's POV

I was angry. NO I was furious! How could she have done this to me? Had everything she ever said to me, shown to me, been a lie? A storm raged inside of me. I had announced I would make the final decision on tomorrow's Report. I had a ring made, specifically made for America, I had everything played out in my head and now? What was I going to do?
I felt a rage I never had before, I wanted to punch something, hurt something the same, like I was hurt.
In that moment I was deeply scared I would turn into my father and that thought set my head straight. I swore to myself to never be anything like him. He was impulsive (although he never wanted to admit it), brutal and dishonest. He was my father, so a little part of me still loved him, but he was responsible for the huge part that hated him, and that wanted to be NOTHING like him.
I had to think rationally, and then make a decision.
I went up the stairs, past the guards in front of the doors to my chambers and straight towards the adjoining balcony.
It was a lot bigger than America's so I had room to pace up and down, and to think. The cool night air cooling off the anger that was still raging through my head.

'Think rationally, Maxon. Think about what to do next!' I told myself.
The first thing that came to my mind was, just to marry Kriss. She was the obvious second choice, better suited as princess and future Queen than America anyways, and someone I guessed I could be happy with.
But as I really thought about it: Did I really want to have 'the second choice' as my wife? Would it be fair to Kriss, if I chose her, because I could not have the woman I deeply loved? No it wouldn't, so I crossed that thought out of my mind.
The second thought was to just call off the entire selection and live as a single man for rest of my life, though to be honest that would never come into question.

The only choice that would be right was to believe America. She told me she loved me, she said she had ended it, when she knew she was my choice. Could I believe her words? Could I believe her, when she had already told lies before? I decided that I really wanted to, but couldn't and that I needed a second opinion to tell me what happened and the only choice I had to get that, was to talk to the person I probably hated more than America, in that moment.

"Your Majesty, Officer Leger is here to talk to you." The guard in front of my door announced my latest visitor.
"Let him in!"
The guard walked in, head held high, meeting my eyes the moment he walked over the threshold.
He came to a halt in front of me, bowed slightly and greeted me: "Your majesty."
I couldn't help myself, but punched him into the right side of his jaw.
He didn't react to it, just muttered something that I thought was something along the lines of "I probably deserved that."

"I want to know everything!" I told him to start to talk, start to explain his relationship to America from start to finish, and the only thing left for me to do, was to trust his words, or at least consider them and compare them to America's behaviour.

America's POV

When I opened my eyes my three maids where already up again and ready to help me change into something appropriate to wear for my finale day at the palace.
A light blue, flowing dress that accentuated the colour of my eyes, embroidered with beautiful white flowers entwining my waist. The three of them put light make-up on and clipped modest dark-blue earrings to my ears. When I was ready they all stood in front of me and I realised this was not going to be easy. Nothing was going to be easy today.

"I just wanted to thank the three of you. You were the best maids I could've asked for and I am going to miss you terribly. Thank you for making me look presentable, thank you for always being there for me, especially when I needed someone to talk to!"
Anne, Mary and Lucy tried to look somewhat reassuring but failed miserably, they reached out for me, and before I knew it, I had them all embraced in my arms. I was really going to miss them and tears started welling up in my eyes again.
"No Lady America," Anne snuffled, "You are going to ruin your make-up with all those tears!"
"What does it matter anyways? I'm going to go home." I told her, defeated and deeply sunk into my own misery.
"Well, if you are going home, you will be doing it with class!"
I smiled at them gratefully one last time and went through the door. A guard was waiting for me to escort me down to the studio and to my doom, I, myself, was responsible for.

I stopped in front of the doors to the studio, taking deep breaths, trying to calm myself.
He was going to be in there. He was going to propose to Kriss, not going to deign to look at me and then send me home without another goodbye. It hit me hard that I was never going to be able to kiss him again, but it hit me harder; knowing I would have to watch him kiss someone else, love someone else! Again my eyes ached to let out the tears I was holding back, but Anne's words kept coming up in my mind. I could be strong; I would HAVE to be strong, trying not to give the King the satisfaction to seeing me suffer.
My head held up high I walked into the studio, with the bright lights and all the cameras set.
In the middle of the room on a slightly elevated platform was a table with seats around it. Maxon and Kriss were already sitting at the table whispering excitedly to each other, giving each other intimate looks.

I gulped and let myself down on the chair on Maxon's left. Even though I predicted him to not look at me once, it hurt me and it was hard to keep my façade up. I loved him deeply, and now that I knew that I had lost him, my feelings ran even deeper. I looked across the room searching for the only one I wanted to see right now. I searched and found the green eyes I was looking for. She was raising her eyebrows, silently asking what I was worried about. It was truly amazing that after all she did to me and the other girls, after all the things that were said and done, she was the only one of the remaining girls that could read me. The only one who could (and probably the only one wanting to) tell that something wasn't right, just by the look in my eyes and my more than forced smile. Slowly I shook my head and she understood. Celeste gave a reassuring smile, showing that everything would be alright, that she would be right there to catch me, when the one person that truly mattered to me, let me fall.
The lights then dimmed down and the King and Queen sat in their chairs a little bit off centre, since Maxon and his Chosen One would be the ones in the spotlight that night.

"Welcome to the final report about the current selection", Gavril Fadaye welcomed the roaring crowd with his booming voice. Even though there only were about 100 people in the audience, there would be many, many more watching from their TV's at home.
"As I was recently told, Prince Maxon is ready to talk about his ultimate decision! Am I right?" He looked over to Maxon.

"Thank you Gavril. You are right! I made my decision. I decided who is going to follow me through my life from now on. I decided who the ONE is that is going to know me on the deepest level there is to know. I decided on my future wife and Queen to be."
The crowd roared again, applauding wildly.

Then the moment was there, as Maxon reached into his pocket and got hold of a tiny black velvet box.
Now was the time. The time where he was going to reject me. Choosing Kriss over me, living a happy life with her, marrying her and choosing her to be the mother of his children.
I could hardly swallow as he opened the box. A beautiful silver ring with a small diamond on top of it, and many smaller, light blue ones to both sides, sat on a small, black satin pillow. The future King got off his chair, swallowing hardly. For a moment he looked confused, sharing a sad look with Kriss who immediately understood what he was going to do next.
I wasn't that fast to catch and understand the look of sadness in his eyes. Why would he be so sad, if he was proposing to his future wife?
To my surprise, he slowly got on one knee turning to me.

My heart stopped for moment. Could this be happening? Why would he choose me after the events that took place the day before? He had got to be joking!
He was going to turn around any moment falling on one knee in front of Kriss, asking her to be his wife and making me look like a fool so that the kingdom had something to laugh about the next day.

But it was real. I could see beads of sweat pearling down his face when he opened his mouth, speaking with a voice weaker than normal.
"America Singer. When you first got here and I had the pleasure of meeting you, you yelled at me, kicked me and insulted me. In that moment you thought that it was impossible for you to ever have romantic feelings towards me; to ever love me."
I looked at the grim face of King Clarkson. Even he seemed to having thought of a different outcome of this evening.

"For me, my feelings for you were clear as the daylight, from the beginning. You intrigued me, with your feisty hair and mind, seemingly the only one that did not put me high above her. You still were sceptical, but slowly, I crawled into your heart. I still cannot believe feelings that deep can be possible, but you prove to me every day, that they sure can! I can't reject you anything when you look at me with that radiant smile of yours. I love how you stand up for the things that are important to you, I love that you are always telling me the truth about what you think of me, I love your overflowing temperament, even if it is hard to deal with sometimes and has got me in a lot of trouble…" smart one he was…making the audience laugh in a moment of shock, "But mostly, I love you for just being you!" Maxon took a last deep breath, trying to calm himself before the most important words of the evening tumbled out of his mouth.
"America Singer, are you going to give me the honour of becoming my wife?"

I couldn't hold back the tears any longer. His speech contained everything he always felt for me, but never had put into words and they were that I had wanted to hear, that I had needed to hear so badly.

"Yes Maxon. Yes I will!"
He took my hand, put the gorgeous ring on my left finger, reached out to me and kissed me, setting my heart on fire, and releasing thousands of butterflies into my stomach.
It was hard to me to comprehend, that it was really happening. He had finally chosen me!
The audience erupted in applause and screams. They were crying out our names and I looked at Maxon, and when I looked into his deep brown eyes I knew he had understood. I knew he had forgiven me for my mistakes or at least was willing to oversee them, and agreed to trust me again, with all his heart.

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