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I am also saddened to say, that this is my last ever chapter of this story. The Epilogue.
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America's POV

"Cas…Please!" I sighed loudly and waited for my little boy to stop moving around so much, until I lost my last bit of patience:
"Caspian Shalom Shreave!" He knew he was in trouble when I called him by his full name and looked at me with his big brown eyes which reminded me so much of his father's.
"Would you stand still for once and let me get you dressed? Your grandparents are downstairs, waiting in the family room for us, and I still have to dress your sister!"
As stern as I tried to come across, I couldn't help myself, but let a smile wander to my mouth, when I saw his eyes and pouty mouth.
"I'm sorry mommy…" He apologized and turned towards me to hug me tightly.
"I'm never going to move again in my entire life, so you won't be mad at me for moving around so much ever, ever again! I promise, mommy!"
I couldn't resist the laughter bursting out of me. 5-year-olds said the funniest things sometimes, or at least our 5-year-old did.
"Cas, you can move around all you want, AFTER I dress you. I am also not mad at you, you just have to contain the ants in your pants so we won't be late for dinner!"
"I don't have ants in my pants." He answered shocked and touched his bum with his hands, which didn't help me in holding in my laughter any further.
I then was able to finish dressing him, and put a little tie on him to finish off the look. I had never really cared for looks, when I had to dress myself properly, but since we welcomed our little boy into the world 5 years ago, I had the strangest urge to dress him up. Not to the point where he would look ridiculous, but I found a lot of fun in it, to find respectable clothes for him, or try something different.
"Max? Is Noelle awake from her nap yet? I have to get her dressed, so we can get going and walk down to the family room. It's Christmas eve after all!"
My lovely husband walked into our shared quarters and up in his tux-clad arms was a very sleepy looking toddler. Her red curls were disheveled and one of her tiny fists was rubbing her eye.
She was indeed tiny, as I had given birth to her 6 weeks too early, but she was one fierce and intelligent 2-year old.
"She is indeed awake, but oh…so very tired! Aren't you Ella?" He tickled her stomach and her high, girlish squeals and giggles were letting my heart nearly burst from luck.
My second pregnancy had been a lot harder than my first, not only because she was born too early, but because I had severe morning sickness throughout nearly the entire pregnancy. But even though it was a rough time…when she was born, every hardship drifted into the background and all I could see was this beautiful girl, who had, then already, had a full head of bright red curls.
At that time I felt like our little family was perfect. Two healthy children, one more mischievous and curious than the other and my husband who supported me in every way possible.
In the year following our coronation, it hadn't been easy, especially with a small uproar from the higher castes when we announced that the caste system would be slowly but steadily disestablished in the country of Illea. But we were able to get through that together, and the birth of the new heir to the throne had given the public hope for the land's future.

"Ok, baby girl. Which colour would you like to wear today?"
When I explained earlier that I was obsessed with dressing my children, I wasn't kidding, even though it was so out of character for me. Caspian and Noelle both had a ginormous wardrobes just for themselves for which my maids were responsible of stocking up every now and then.
And Noelle had taken a liking to search for her favourite clothing on her own.
"I think I would like a green dress, mommy." She answered, still sounding sleepy but climbing off of her father's arms towards her wardrobe, in which she disappeared.
Maxon came towards me, wrapped one arm around my waist and kissed my cheek.
"You look incredible, you know that?" He whispered in my ear and I, still somehow worked up by his words, blushed in a deep shade of red.
"I can't wait to take that dress off again, tonight, when the children are in bed…" The unspoken suggestion hanging in the air between us, until we heard a muffled 'Mommy, I need help!" From out of the closet and I hurried to get to my daughter.
When I walked in I only saw a pile of clothes on one side of the room and when it moved slightly I knew where I had to search for Noelle.
"Honey, why didn't you wait for me to help you?" I asked while pulling her out of the mess she made.
"I tried to do it alone. Didn't work…"
I smiled at her and mumbled so low, that she wouldn't be able to hear: "I can see that…"
Come on which one do you want to wear?" I asked louder then and she pointed to a very pretty dark green dress, that would go well with her hair.
"Good choice, my darling. Come on we need to get going!"
I helped her get into the dress, but didn't make the effort to put up her hair. It was prettier down anyways.
When we were finally ready to go downstairs I couldn't help but feel excited and nervous at the same time. It was gift-giving time and my gift to Maxon was something so special I was afraid of his reaction to it.
"There you are!" Amberly called out as the little red head ran towards her until she was pulled up in the arms of her grandmother.
"I thought you would never come!" She said mockingly and tickled Noelle's side, making her laugh again.

Maxon's POV

I took my father's hand and squeezed it tightly. It had been 5 years since all the events happened and I still had a hard time forgiving him wholly. He did his best though to regain my trust, and Caspian seemed to adore him. I only hoped that Cas wouldn't be too disappointed when he found out what sort of a person his grandfather was, before he was born. On the other hand…It would teach Caspian a lesson and he was a forgiving little guy. I hugged my mother with Ella in her arms, and kissed her cheek slightly.
"Merry Christmas, Mother." She smiled at me and hugged Noelle even tighter.
"PRESENTS!" Caspian then screamed behind me as he saw the small amount of packages under the lit-up Christmas tree. America and I agreed on trying to not spoil our kids even though we had the money to do so. Sometimes it was hard, especially with America's newfound love for children's clothes, but we tried our best to keep them modest and appreciative.
Caspian was already unwrapping his biggest present, which turned out to be a blue bicycle that left him giddy with excitement, while our little one took her time in unwrapping the smaller presents, which were mostly books. She was only two, but she loved books so much already that she insisted to be read to every evening before bed and she liked to have some new stories to listen to.
The squeals of excitement by the children were accompanied by 'Wow's' and 'oh's' by my parents, while America made her way towards me.
"My family is going to come soon."
I nodded, as it was tradition that we celebrated Christmas Eve with a big special dinner together. It was always a quite big affair with four children aged 2 to 7 and America's whole family around. They were all quite feisty and communicative. For Gerad's enjoyment we had also started to invite Louise's family too, since the two of them were attached by the hip and nearly spend every minute of the day together.

"So before all the hustle and bustle is going to start, I wanted to give you my present!"
I sighed.
"Ames…Come on! We said a year ago that we wouldn't get presents for each other on Christmas! I don't have anything special for you!" Meaning that I indeed had something for her.
"I know…I know. But I couldn't do anything about it. It just…I don't know…happened."
I was curious then…what did she find that she couldn't wait for to give to me on my Birthday?
She handed me a small box wrapped in white paper and grinned mischievously up at me. It was pretty light and I really had no idea what it could be.
"Open it!" My wife demanded and as well as I knew her, I wasn't going to be told twice to do so.
I opened the box and in there were socks.
Light yellow, baby sized socks.
I looked into her eyes, diving into the ocean of blue and pulled her head towards me to kiss her passionately. I grabbed her waist and lifted her up off the ground to spin her-very clichéd-around in joy.
"How far along are you? When did you find out?"
I felt four pairs of eyes burning through my back and felt the curiosity of our little family.
"Just about 14 weeks along…" My eyes grew wide as the last pregnancy had pretty distinct symptoms that even I had realised belonged to a pregnancy…but this time?
"I know! I've known for about 2 weeks, but I thought about wanting to announce this in a special way, so I waited for Christmas. Are you happy?" She asked curiously, though she had to know I didn't have anything about another child, by the amount of times the topic had come up since Noelle was born.
"Of course I am!"
And as our family, the Singer's entering through the doors then, heard about the news and our children started jumping and dancing in joy about another sibling, I knew we had overcome the first and hopefully last hardships in our life and marriage. I knew that we would be able to rule this country together with our people, and that we were raising children that were going to continue our ways.
I knew, with the wife and family I had…I had nothing to worry about, because we were there for each other. We had created an environment full of love and equality and happiness and there was nothing that could ever ruin that creation.

I can't believe this is over.
This is the biggest story I have written yet, and even though it took some time, I am extremely proud of it!
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