Hungary sat down in her chair at the world meeting table. 'Well that's quite odd,' she thought, noticing there were more seats than usual. She read all the name tags and noticed that even the smallest of nations would be attending. Some of the most predominant ones she noticed were England's brothers. Scotland, Wales, and North and South Ireland. She watched as more people filed in. First, it was Wales. She smiled at waved at the man. He tried to avoid eye contact as he awkwardly waved back, taking his seat. Next was Scotland. Well, Scotland and the Irish twins. They were complaining about... Having to wear pants? 'That's interesting,' she thought. 'Those two look like fifteen year olds.'

At the sight of Scotland, France seemed to straighten up a bit. He watched him carefully. Scotland caught his gaze and winked. France blushed. What? He is the nation of love! He doesn't just blush at anything.

Scotland sat down and just stared at France. France hid his face, embarrassed. Hungary was amazed that such a flirtatious nation could be EMBARRASSED.

"Eeeeeeeeenggglaaaaaaaaand," the twins wined in unison, "why do we haaaaave to wear pants?"

"Because you're at a world meeting, you gits!"

Suddenly, a VERY boisterous American bounced in. "Hey, Iggy~!"

England looked quite annoyed. "How many times have I told you, don't. Call. Me. Iggy! My name is England, you bloody wanker!"

"Aw, come on, dude!" He grinned.

"My name isn't 'dude' either. It's England." He glared at him.

America finally went to his seat, laughing happily.

The twins 'ooed' like five year olds. They giggled. "So THATS the guy that you're-"

They were cut off by England's hands covering their mouthes, face red. "Shut up, you gits..."

They grinned devilishly. "No promises~!"

He frowned deeply and glanced at the American. He didn't seem to have heard the twins. Which honestly wasn't that surprising. He was as thick as a brick. He was grinning like an idiot. 'A shamelessly adorable idiot...' Arthur grumbled inwardly.

Hungary walked over and gently tapped the twins on the shoulders.

"Yeeeeeeees?" They asked.

"What were you going to say? I promise I won't tell."

They grinned evilly and exchanged a glance. "England's in looooooooove~!" They sung out.

England's face turned a deep crimson, and he buried his face in his arms.

Hungary grinned. The whole room had gone silent and were now staring at England (well, except for Scotland, of course). America looked at England with that stupid grin of his. "Oooooooo~! Who is it, Iggy~?"

"Sh-shut up, wanker!"

France smirked. He knew exactly who England was in love with. He opened his mouth to say something before Germany came in.

He looked shocked to find that the majority of the room was quite. "O-oh, vell lets get started."