On Monday morning, Santana Lopez woke up to her alarm at 5:45 in the morning. Coach Sylvester's early morning practices were a bitch to deal with. After doing her morning routine, she changed into her Cheerios uniform. Grabbing a banana from the fruit basket on the counter, she walked out the door.

After a grueling cheer practice Santana took a hot shower in the locker room. She walked to her locker with Brittany in tow. Brittany was always too sweet for her own good. She was so naive and pretty, and Santana felt the need to protect her. Specifically, from smelly boys who only wanted another notch on their bed posts. They had always fooled around, but that had changed once Brittany started dating Artie. She thought about tricking Britt to continue sleeping with her. Telling her some lie about the fact that since her parts are different from Artie's it wouldn't be cheating. But, that would make her like all those boys, fooling an innocent girl for her own pleasures.

While in Spanish class doing busywork, Santana thought about her newest revelation. Last night she realized that she had finally gotten over Brittany. Sure, she would always love Brittany, but she wasn't in love with her. After not fooling around with Britt for a while, she learned something. The sex they had was good, but her feelings for her were protective and friendly. They still linked pinkies as they walked together, and they still had sleepovers. But, she also knew, from the sleepovers , that Brittany loved Artie so much. She had such a big smile when she talked about him, and when she saw them in the hallway or in glee club, she saw how much he cared about her too.

Later that day in glee, Mr. Schue was talking about the theme for songs this week, and Mercedes mentioned that the girls who were in the Troubletones did not get to do Michael Jackson songs. Everyone agreed that doing Michael again for regionals would be a great idea. The next day in the Lima Bean, some guy in a Dalton uniform sauntered over to them.

"Hello, Blaine, other people.", he said, smirking. Santana rolled her eyes, typical douchebag guy. She was uninterested in the conversation about wine stains and blazer piping until she heard the words Michael.

"I'm sorry Anderson, did I just hear Fivel over there say you told him about us doing Michael for regionals.", Santana was glaring, Michael Jackson was iconic, and the New Directions had him first. Not to mention, while she didn't admit it, she thought Blaine and Kurt were so cute together, and this guy was clearly interested in Blaine. Blaine was spluttering all over the place, flustered under the glare of Artie, Santana, and Kurt. Although, Santana knew Kurt was glaring for a different reason.

Later, at glee rehearsal, everyone was yelling about what Blaine had done.

"Clearly 'once a Warbler always a Warbler isn't just a phrase.", Puck insulted. Rachel was the only one who kept quiet. Santana assumed it was because of that problem with Jesse St. Jackass.

"We should challenge them to a duel, take it to the streets like Michael would", Artie announced. Santana found herself nodding, those private school boys wouldn't know what hit them.

A/N: Hello! So, although it may just seem like a season 3 rewrite right now, it actually will be a Sebtana story. I have always been fascinated by their chemistry, and thought I would play with Santana's story in my own way. I do not hate Brittana in any way, but I do think that the way Sanatan manipulated Brittany was wrong, so I will have Bartie as a side relationship, and Unholy Trinity friendship, mainly Brittana friendship, I always saw them closer, even in Season 1. Please leave reviews letting me know if you like it, or you have ideas. And favorite and follow if you want to hear more from me.