Okay so I recently got a review that is said, "You're erasing the same sex relationship and replacing them with straight ones, wow fuck you" and I would like to address it. Yes, I am pairing Santana and Brittany with males instead of each other. However, it has nothing to do with the fact that Brittana is a same sex relationship. I have come to really love their relationship, but at the beginning I did not appreciate the way Santana got Brittany to cheat on Artie. That is the only reason they are not together in this story. It has nothing to do with me not wanting them to be together. I could list all of my ships involving same sex couples to prove my point here, but I doubt that would change some of your minds. This ship caters to a specific person, I recognize that. I appreciate the support of some of you, and I will take the criticism with dignity. On the other hand, to the person who gave me this review in guest mode, you may just not have an account, I was that way for a while. But, if you did it on purpose, so I could not contact you personally and give my thoughts, then fuck you too. I am not erasing anything, I certainly acknowledged Brittana, even mentioned how Santana was in love with her. People catch and let go go feelings all the time. I went a certain way with it, you certainly do not have to read this story.

To those who read this story, I will hopefully have another chapter up by the end of this week, sorry for the lack of story. It will not happen again.