A/N: Another chapter! Just a heads-up: I changed back from Sheikah to Jedi. I have plans for the Sheikah tribe.


Link wakes up with a startle, his shirt drenched in sweat and his head throbbing in pain. He had been dreaming again, the same dream that had been haunting his nights for nearly two weeks: shots being fired all around him and a girl about his age with golden hairs calling him from afar while the buildings around him were blown to rubble; however, whenever he tried to run toward her, he felt like the more he ran the farther she got.

He had started his training at an early age, being five years old to be more precise, along with many other children. He soon turned out to be a fast learner and, by the age of nine, he was already adept with every skill that he had been taught so far. His mentor, Master Rusl, who also was like a father to him for he had known him since he had memory, had tutored him throughout the first part of his training and, when the Jedi council had assigned him as his Master when he turned twelve, Link felt like he had been awarded the rank of Knight already.

Master Rusl taught him all about the ways of the Force and the Jedi, as well as their code: "There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no passion, there is serenity. There is no chaos, there is harmony. There is no death, there is the Force." Link soon became the best Padawan of his generation, and Master Rusl taught him how to build his first lightsaber when he turned fifteen, less than a year ago.

The door of his room beeps and he quickly stands up as it slides open and Rusl enters the room with a broad smile.

"Good morning Link," he greets him.

"Good morning Master," replies Link with a bow.

"Get dressed and gear up," says Rusl, "we have a long day of training ahead so we must have breakfast quickly."

Link nods and Rusl exits the room. He quickly puts on his dark green Jedi robes and fits his brown leather boots to his feet, hangs his lightsaber on his waist and exits the room, finding Rusl standing right next to the door.

"Ready?" he asks.

"Ready," replies Link.

"I have something special planned for today," says Rusl, as they walk toward the dining hall of the Jedi Temple building; the city of Castell can be seen through the window, it's many speeders and ships coming and going all around. "You have your lightsaber ready, don't you?"

"I always do, Master," replies Link, placing his hand over the metallic hilt of his Jedi weapon.

They enter the dining hall and each eats a bowl of fruit before quickly going out again. While they walk, Link remains silent while toying with the golden triangle that hangs from the silver chain on his neck. He doesn't realize where they're heading or the fact that Rusl keeps looking at him all the time until they reach the combat training room.

"Tell me, what's on your mind?" asks Rusl.

"It's nothing, really," replies Link.

"Link, do you think you can lie to me?"

"No," replies Link, lowering his gaze embarrassed. "I'm sorry Master."

"Tell me," repeats Rusl, walking over to a window and leaning against it, "what's troubling you?"

Link looks away from his master and stares through the window into the city outside. The glass gets foggy with his breath until he finally manages to speak up.

"I've been having some strange dreams, master," he says.

"You're having visions, you mean?" asks Rusl peacefully.

"I'm not sure if they are visions," replies Link, "but they might as well be, for I've been having them for two weeks already and it's always the same."

"Would you like to tell me?" asks Rusl.

"Well, it's actually very confusing, I mean…" he falls silent for a few seconds and then he continues, "it's like if I'm in the middle of a war; there is nobody around me, but I can hear the screams and cries of people suffering; the city is nearly destroyed, though I can't recognize it; but there is also this girl…"

"A girl, you say?" asks Rusl raising an eyebrow. "Someone you know?"

"No, no, no," replies Link, shaking his head. "It's some blonde girl that seems to be of some sort of royalty, but she is screaming my name and, even though I run as fast as I can, I can't get to where she is."

Rusl keeps staring at Link with a peaceful expression while Link stares through the window absentmindedly. When Link turns around, he places a hand on his apprentice's shoulder to comfort him before speaking up.

"Let's go, come with me," he says and he leads Link away from the training room.

"Where are we going?" asks Link getting nervous.

"Be at ease, Link," replies Rusl with a smile. "You must be careful whenever you get a glimpse of the future, for the Force can reveal secrets to you that may be beyond your understanding."

"The… future?" asks Link afraid. "Master, where are we going?"

"To see Master Rauru," says Rusl, "I'm sure you have some questions that it may be about time that you get answered."

A couple hours later, Link finishes retelling his vision to the Jedi Council. Master Rauru looks at him while the rest of the members of the Council keep silence. Link starts getting impatient when Master Rauru finally stands up.

"How long have you been having these dreams, Padawan?" he asks.

"Nearly two weeks," replies Link.

"Isn't that when the attacks started again?" asks Master Darunia, a Goron Jedi Master from the Eldin System.

"I told you that those were not isolated incidents," intervenes Master Impa, from the Sheikah race of Kakariko System.

"The Dark Side has been spreading over the Galaxy during these past 15 years," points out Master Rutela, from the Zora people of the Lanayru System. "The war did seem to stop when Chancellor Daphnes was assassinated, but the enemy may have only been gathering strength."

Link saw the members of the Council deliberate, but Master Rauru didn't keep his eyes off him. When the rest of the Council finally ended their debate, he spoke up again.

"Young Padawan, show us the relic," he says.

"The relic? What do you mean?" asks Link, clearly confused.

"I'm sorry, Master," says Rusl, "but I never told him what it really was for I feared that it would be too much for him to bear."

"Remember, Master Rusl, that there is no ignorance…" admonishes him Master Impa.

"There is knowledge, I know and I'm sorry," he bows.

"Master, what is this all about?" asks Link, looking at Rusl.

"That pendant you carry," explains Master Rauru, "It's not a normal jewel. It is a relic that has existed since the beginning of time itself, said to have been forged by the Force when the Galaxy first came to be."

"It is a piece of a sacred object that is said to grant the bearer the power to be the true master of the Force," says Master Darunia, "it s a terrible power and a great lure of the Dark Side."

"This artifact is called The Triforce, for it is the union of the three most powerful forces that fuel the Force itselt: Power, Wisdom and Courage."

"Power, to do what must be done; Wisdom, to understand if it is right or wrong to do so; and Courage, to face the consequences and responsibility of doing what has been done," explains Master Rutela.

Link's head starts to ache, as he feels that his sight gets fuzzy. He sits on the floor on his heels and closes his eyes in meditation, trying hard to control his thoughts and feelings.

"There is no emotion, there is peace… There is no ignorance, there is knowledge…" he begins reciting in a low voice. Once he manages to control himself, he stands up and looks at the council, Master Rauru still in front of him, and he pulls out the golden triangle that hangs from his neck. He opens his eyes in shock when he sees it glowing brightly.

Master Rauru turns around and looks at Master Impa, who nods and gets out of the room in silence. He then turns back at Link and nods again.

"It has begun," he says. "The moment for the fate of the Galaxy to be decided is finally here."

Overwhelmed, Link isn't able to endure anymore and he passes out.