I haven't written anything from Thranduil's perspective yet. I think this counts, short as it is.

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Tauriel's grief is a bright and burning thing.

It leaps inside of her like candlelight and shines out through the cracks loss has left upon her. It sparkles in her blood and eyes. It is always there, dancing just beneath the surface of her skin, and on occasional he will notice his captain visibly start back from the touch of some memory.

Very different, Thranduil thinks, from what he remembers: the blank white stasis of those first few years, the imperceptible hardening of the next hundred, and finally this crystalline complacency grown into place around the heart for however many centuries might follow.

He does not believe it will happen that way for her, bright and burning and alive as she is.

He finds himself hoping it will not.

(What Thranduil does not know yet is this: she has struck a blow he did not manage to counter, and has cracked something within him open like a stone, and light is peculiar in the way it can get in as well as out.)

I find the losses these two share to be a very interesting point in their potential relationship - or even the relationship as established by the films.

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