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I'm the Witch 11

Anyone who happened to stumble into Oakhair Forest on the edge of Restwater in the Free State of Munchkinland, would have beheld an incredible and slightly terrifying sight, overwhelmingly dominated by the colour blue. Two shades of it in fact. A light powder blue seemed to collide with a powerful royal blue.

Lady Glinda the Good was quite perturbed at being accosted by the other woman, who also claimed to be a Witch, but not totally surprised. Tales of another Witch having taken up in the East had been flying around Oz for weeks and there had been numerous links between this new one and Elphaba. Nevertheless she was quite put out at being out-meddled by a stranger. Her irritation was evident in the way she bounced on her toes and fluffed her hair.

In contrast, Jayla stood quite still with the barest echo of a sneer gracing her thin lips. If this was what the famed Glinda was always like, Jayla thought it little wonder the stoic Elphaba had not been in contact with her for years. Even so, the darker witch suspected some of what she was being shown of the blonde was part of a cleverly constructed ruse. Although, she also thought Elphaba may have had a hand in constructing the illusion without Glinda's knowledge. She doubted the Witch was as daft as she seemed but figured the rest of the population probably wouldn't know that.

"Who might you be?" Glinda asked eventually, her voice at an annoying pitch

"Jayla, Witch of the East and associate of the Witch of the West." She resisted the urge to include a sardonic curtsey at the end of her words.

"Lady Glinda the Good, Witch of the North, Lady of Gillikin and long-time companion to the Witch of the West. Formerly supervisor to the previous Witch of the East." The last claim was a stretch but the blonde had indeed closely monitored the situation. Furthermore it was a way to claim a little more power than the other woman.

"A pleasure to meet a companion of Elphaba's."

"So that's what you are after, information on your…associate." Glinda stressed the last word indicating her scepticism. Indeed, Jayla thought, this woman is not to be underestimated.

"I admit it. She rescued me upon my arrival in Oz some weeks ago and took me to her holding where I met her son Liir. I also know her mother to be Melena Thropp and her grandmother to be Lady Partra. Other than that, I know nothing of her. I thought it was in my interests considering her reputation for malice." Glinda just laughed in response.

"Malice? Elphie is not malicious by any standards. Fiercely loyal and protective, not malicious. I refuse to believe even after all these years she could be that. Though, as I understand the years have been crueller to her than most. I am pleased to hear a certainty that the boy is her son. Do you know his father? I suspect it would be Fiyero, the deceased prince of the Arjiki. She only ever loved him, but that would suggest they had been together since I last saw Elphaba."

"She confessed to me the father was indeed this Fiyero, but the topic seemed painful to her."

"Indeed it would be. As I understand it, he was killed by soldiers seeking her. Knowing dear Elphie, she will feel guilt. But I have not seen her since the day her sister was killed. Not even at the funeral, though I know she was there. That would be around the time she rescued you."

"Who was her sister?"

"Nessarose Thropp, also referred to as the Witch of the East, previous governor of Munchkinland. She also has a half-brother, though where he is, nobody rightly knows."

"For two rumoured to be such close friends, it has been a long time since you have seen each other."

"The choices one makes when they are young and foolish." Glinda smiled ruefully, sadness tinging her eyes. "Years ago she made the decision to part ways and took up the cause of the Animals and many other broken people. I was too afraid to tell the carriage to turn around. She went underground in the Emerald City…"

"You went above ground in Gillikin."

"Yes. After Fiyero was apparently killed she left the city and went West. I understand she took up in his old castle. By that time she was known as the Wicked Witch of the West. Her reputation grew worse after a massacre in the castle that killed the remainder of Fiyero's family. She declared herself Wicked not long after that. When I saw her the day her sister died she was just Elphaba, but we fought over her sister and it was then I saw the Witch. But what of yourself, what is your interest?"

"You cannot deny Elphaba is an interesting character."

"You are meddling in affairs she will not want you to meddle in. I have told you this only so you might know she is not what is claimed, that there are years of hurt best left untouched."

"I have no wish to increase her pain. That is why I gave her Liir back. I believe it would be beneficial for the three of us to unite. Particularly since the death of Morrible, which Elphaba had a part to play in."

"I did not want to believe that part, otherwise I support your idea, though she won't. I need to return to Gillikin, but I feel I should warn you, the girl Dorothy has been sent by the Wizard to kill Elphaba."

Glinda left not long after, there being nothing more to say. Jayla stood for a moment, processing the information. Most of what Glinda had said was clear enough and provided ample explanation for Elphaba's character. There was just one thing that was bothering her. Even Glinda, as highly regarded in court as she was, did not know for sure what had happened to Elphaba's love. Furthermore, there was no doubt in the blue witch's mind that the green one would have done her damndest to save Fiyero. Powerful as she was, it was unlikely she would have failed.

That was a battle for another day. For now, she needed to warn Elphaba about Dorothy. They needed to stop the girl, reconcile the broken friendship and maybe stop the Wizard from mounting anymore attacks. After all, if he tried enough times, he was bound to succeed and no one wanted that.