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A hopeful Day:

I have always liked the sun! That's why in a sunny day like today, I like to just stretch my body under the sun and rest. It feels fantastic! Although in the outside, it may look like I've just fell powerlessly on the ground and cannot stand up!

Well, I don't care how it looks like, as long as I have Yun & Ik-su! That Ik-su guy has become nice friends with me. Yun was right about him. There's a charming aura around him, that can attract anyone.

I stay motionless resting under the sun. Then Yun appears out of the blue. He seems so concerned about me as usual. He steps forward, and stretches down next to me, actually behind me. I'm having sun with Yun! He puts his hand on my shoulder from behind. It's been a while since the last time that my heart raced this fast.

Then I dare to turn around & look at him in the eyes. They're so blue & so kind. He pulls me near to his body. Now I can feel his chin above my head. There's no need to watch to know that he has closed his eyes. He breathes. He's alive! And warm, & satisfied, & happy.

And it's enough. I want no more! I feel that I got what I wanted. And suddenly it doesn't matter if I'm not a human anymore. In fact I like it this way.

So I close my eyes too, & stay motionless, under the sun, enjoying my spring holiday!



The End

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