Cathy looked to Foxy once Kevin was out of sight, "Foxy? How come you don't like Kevin?"

The Pirate was sitting on his stage, with his legs hanging over the side. "Ah, I just don't like people."

Cathy sat down next to him, "Well, you love the kids, and they sure do love you." she added as she scanned the cove imagining the children running around.

"Those are just kids, Cathy, they're here during the day. They don't see us when the sun goes down."

They were silent for a while then Cathy piped up, "What happened anyway?" It was simple question, but there was so much behind the answer.

Foxy let out a sort of sigh, "That is a long and sad story, Cat." He gently placed his hooked arm around her in a hug, "Hopefully you never have to worry about it. Now rest your circuits, we only got five hours before we open."

"Okay, Foxy." She got up and went to the backroom, very curious but didn't want to push Foxy. The fox in question sighed and closed his eyes for a moment. He felt a tapping on his shoulder and opened them again. It was Bonnie, and he looked sad. Bonnie waved for him to follow, so he got up and followed the bunny tron. They were heading towards the kitchen and Foxy could hear Freddy and Chica talking. Once they stepped through the doorway the other two stopped talking and looked at them, all looking worried. Freddy motioned to the table, obviously wanting Foxy to sit. He smirked, 'Where have I seen this before?' he thought. He took a seat and crossed his arms.

Freddy was leaning against the counter across from Foxy. "Foxy, did Cathy ask you? About the…thing?" the fox nodded. "I assume you didn't tell her." he nodded again.

"Tell me what?" a voice came from behind Foxy. He moved revealing the cat.

"Cathy!" he yelled, "What are you doing here?"

"I followed you. I'm sorry, but I just want to know what the hell happened here." they all bowed their heads. She sighed, knowing she wasn't going to get an answer. "Fine, I'm going to wait for the kids to get here." With that she left. Everyone let out a collective sigh, looked at each other, and retreated back to their stages.

Everyone was gone, it was a nice Friday night, and Kevin sat at his chair shaking his bones out. The trons were much more brutal than they have been, Cathy hasn't showed up once, and he was already at 20 percent at 3 a.m. Cathy had been so nice to him he forgot how scary this job actually was. He heard someone walking down the right hall and he quickly closed it and waited for the knocking. But the only thing he heard were the same steps walking back down the hall. He checked the lights, saw no one there, and opened the door again. A minute later he heard the walking again, but this time he left the door open. Probably a bad idea, but he was prepared to close it again. The steps advanced, never quickening or slowing, pretty soon he saw a figure walk past the door not stopping. It came back and he saw it was Cathy, he thought of stopping her but that probably wasn't the best idea. Maybe with her walking up and down the hall, the trons wouldn't come down this way. He checked the clock, it was now 4. He looked back at the door and saw Cathy just looking inside, her hands behind her back, and blank stare peering in. He let out a very manly scream and jumped back. Cathy let out a small giggle and stepped in, behind her back she held up a card which had 'sorry' written on it.

"You planned to scare me?" Kevin asked picking himself up.

She nodded and sat on a pile of newspapers. Pulling out another card which had 'prank' written on it.

"Pretty cruel prank, Cathy." he sat in his chair. She held up the 'sorry card' again. Kevin just shook his head and smiled. "It's okay. Just really jumpy, think you could tell the others to tone it down?"

Cathy grabbed a pencil, ripped some newspaper, and wrote down. "I'm not talking to them."

"How come? Didn't think trons could have drama." Kevin stated after seeing the note. Cathy shook her head and laid across the papers. "Well if you're not gonna help, could you please leave. You're distracting." He turned back to his screen. Cathy was taken aback by his request. Her presence never seemed to bother him, well to an extend he would ask her to leave. She stayed but he ignored her either way.

'Probably just really busy.' Cathy reasoned. She stayed until six, Kevin got up and waved as he left the office. He didn't even look at her.


Cathy was hanging out in the office, just trying to clear her head. Everything seemed so wrong, everybody was acting so weird. So scary, even Kevin. She looked at the cameras seeing all the familiar rooms, just darker. She couldn't see anyone, perhaps they were in the kitchen or behind the curtains. She flipped back to the main stage and saw Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica staring at her. It shocked her seeing them like that, no life at all, yet they looked like they wanted to kill her. She flipped to Pirate Cove and saw Foxy was just stopped from running. Then she looked down and noticed the battery was running, it wasn't supposed to be running power on the weekends. She looked back and saw everyone was gone, she felt a pang of fear yet didn't know why. She looked all around and found most of them: Bonnie was in a storage room, Chica was in the kitchen, and Freddy was in the bathroom. She looked away and heard a running coming from the left, Foxy, she didn't know how she knew but she knew she had to close the door. She did. A bang resonated and a grunt, she thought of calling out but couldn't. She also found she couldn't move from the seat. She was so scared and just decided to close both doors and wish they were all just pranking her.

-Two Hours Later-

The power was at five percent, and Cathy was still huddled in her chair, eyes closed, and shaking. They only opened when she heard the doors open suddenly, it was dark so she turned on her night vision. She looked to her left, Freddy and Bonnie blocked her way. On her right, Chica and Foxy. She found she was able to move now so she tried to escape, but they just pushed her back into the room. The cat decided to go to the back of the office and hide in the newspapers. They never came in but she could hear their mechanical breathing. Then she heard the dark chuckle that's been plaguing her everyday. He was in the room, she could tell, his smell filled the room. She stood up slowly against her will and turned toward him in a robotically way. He kept laughing, it was slowly getting louder and she found herself being drawn to it. The closer she got the louder it got, black ooze coming out of his mouth and eyes, pooling around her feet but never touching her. She towered over him as he sat, yet they both knew who was in charge. She could see the others in the corners of her eyes, they were all burned with the same ooze coming from their eyes and mouths adding to the one around her. It started to rise, like a tank with a small air pocket for her to just watch her doom surround her. Once it had hit the ceiling it started to pour down into her bubble. Quickly filling in every crack, even inside her. It made her stand still and just watch. She could hear everyone's, once nice, laughter which made her shake. Then little words found their way into her ears: Monster, freak, bloody, scary, dead, children, hate. Other words were just incoherent garbling. Finally the ooze filled her mouth and eyes. Everything was dark and she wished it was all over. It wasn't, one last thing had to happen. Just her and a small child, she couldn't recognize them at first. No lights, but she had her night vision, the child turned in a circle calling out for someone to help her. Cathy began to step forward, first wanting to help the child, but the closer she got the more she felt an urge she hoped she would never feel again. The girl could just barely make out anything, but she saw a figure in the shadows. It was getting closer and she tried backing up, but she couldn't move now. As the figure she began to recognize it.

"Cathy!" she yelled out. That's when Cathy realized who it was. It was the girl from her first day on the job, the one who had helped her. By the time she realized this the girl was hugging her and crying. Cathy kneeled down and hugged the girl back. "Cathy what's going on?" the girl asked but Cathy couldn't answer. Suddenly laughter filled the black space, the girl backed up in horror. It didn't take long for Cathy to realize that she was the one laughing. But she didn't want to scare the girl, she tried reaching out to her only to see her claws gleaming with a red liquid. She looked down and saw a sort of illusion of herself covered in blood, the girl tried running away but couldn't move again. Cathy was forced to watch as she advanced on the girl, claws outstretched and a wicked smile forming on her lips. The girl was shaking and sat down crying.

"Cathy, why?" she asked but never got an answer as Cathy swiped her claws and only the thump of a small head was heard. Then it was Cathy's turn to break down, she began to cry despite lack of eyes. As she cried there was more thumping behind her, heavier, slower. She didn't bother turning, even when she felt a gloved hand land on her shoulder. She looked, out of reflex, expecting to see a gold hand. It wasn't gold, it was purple. She didn't move, he came round and kneeled in front of her like he was going to comfort her. What he said only made her feel worse, his voice like a crappy telephone in water.

"Cathy, stop trying to go against me. You will learn soon enough why your friends act strangely, and why that man appears as a friend." he said 'appears' with much spite, "And you will do what I wish, if you want to stay active." he pushed her back and she fell. And kept falling, until she was back in the office chair. Her head whipped around, afraid she would see her friends oozing black gunk or a purple Freddy. Empty. She got up from the chair and walked down the right hall towards Pirate Cove. Once there she peeked around the curtain and saw Foxy sitting on the wall, eyes closed, humming a tune. She ran towards him and hugged him, almost hard enough to snap him in half.

"Whoa lass, what's the matter?" he asked instinctively wrapping his arms around her as well.

"Nothing, just uh a bad dream." she said and Foxy froze.

"Cathy, we can't dream." they broke away and Cathy eyes glowed as she backed away. "We can think for ourselves, but we are literally unable to dream."

"Foxy, wh-what happened to your voice. You don't sound like yourself." her back touched the curtains.

"Probably just my voice box. Nothing to worry about." his voice got lower and raspier the closer he got to her.

"Freddy! Bonnie!" Cathy screamed, hoping someone would come.

Foxy waited for a minute then his eyes glowed gold, "But no one came."

The curtains felt goopier and when she looked she saw the same black gunk that had come from Golden. "Help me! Please!" she kept screaming, Foxy began to laugh. It wasn't his normal laugh, it sent shivers along her endoskeleton. Something caught her eye, something silver. Then she heard something, a very soft tune that resembled a jack in the box song. Foxy gave no indication that he heard it as well as he advanced. Cathy closed her eyes, waited for him to be a step or two in front of her, and leaped. He went to grab her but his arms got caught in the goop. What happened next was almost a completely blur to Cathy. She grabbed the sword, turned to face Foxy, and fought. As she fought she felt as if she was being controlled, not like in her dream but more like a helpful string guiding her where she needed to block and stab. Foxy fought back with vigor, using only his hook to block Cathy's sword. They fought until there was a pounding coming from behind the curtains. This was probably five minutes after they started fighting. Neither turned to face the sound, knowing the other would take advantage of that. Then a screech pierced the air, which did happen to cause the fighting trons to turn. Cathy was glad she did as it gave her time to move out of the way of a flying chicken. Chica broke through the inky curtain and landed on Foxy, covering them both in the stuff. Bonnie and Freddy joined too as they leaped through, each taking and arm and leg of Foxy. The fox fought against his new restraints as Chica, without any hesitation I might add, repeatedly punch Foxy's neck until it actually came off. Cathy looked away when she saw the head fly off and his eyes go dark. There was some whispering, a gush of freezing air, and something of a snake hiss. She looked up and saw Foxy's limp body, Freddy was putting his head back on. The curtains were back to normal. Cathy sat up, staring at her sword, it was the same one as her first day on the job. That seems so long ago now. She looked up and saw Freddy looking at her with a kind of sad look. He walked over to her, placing his paw on her shoulder much like her dream, and asked softly.

"Do you know the puppet?"

(A/N Long time coming huh? Consider this my Christmas gift to you all waiting patiently for this story to be updated. I tried making this a bit longer, and don't worry there will be more. I'm making it my personal New Year's Revolution to write a bit more. I hope you enjoyed and Merry Christmas.)