Chapter 3: Learning the Ropes

"So your Cathy?" asked Chica looking her up and down. She nodded and looked down at her paws.

"Sorry, about that thing on stage. I was just following the program I had." she looked at Foxy and smiled.

He scowled at her and turned away. Freddy gave a soft smile and said, "You don't sound much like a pirate."

She looked down again, "I was made in New York, I guess the accent rubbed off on me." Again she looked up. Foxy had his arms crossed and was mumbling something under his breath. Chica was trying to comfort him. Bonnie was just looking at Cathy, and Freddy was trying to get Foxy to talk.

"I ain't talkin to 'er!" he said and got up from the table. "She be here to steal my job!" and with that he went to walk the halls to clear his mind.

Cathy looked down, ashamed at what she had done. She hadn't meant to make anyone angry she was just doing her job. She sighed and sat on the edge of the stage, "I'm sorry" she said in a sigh. Freddy got up and sat next to her.

"It's fine, he'll get over it. In the mean time, want someone to show you around? If your gonna work here you need to know what to do." she nodded and Freddy got Bonnie to show her around.

"Wait, so you're a guy?" Cathy asked while she and Bonnie were in the kitchen. He nodded and pulled out some pizza. "Can you eat too?"

"No, we can't eat. This is plastic pizza, only I know about it. Makes me feel more real." He shoved a piece in his mouth and chewed the plastic snack. "So, any questions about your job?"

"Ya, why do we hunt the night guard? What did he do wrong?"

"To be honest I don't know, I guess it's an old grudge. You know Foxy doesn't like doing it either, tries to warn the guy but ends up giving him a heart attack."

"Hmm, so I try to get into the room," Bonnie nodded "then if I can, attack him when he puts the screen down," he nodded again "and stuff his body in a suit? A bit dramatic, don't ya think?"

"Like I said I don't get it. Rules are rules. There are two ways to do this." he added and Cathy sat on the counter ready to listen. "You could do what we do and wind him up before we scare him, or do what Fox does and just ran at him."

"Can I do something different?" she asked looking at the camera in the kitchen.

"Sure, but make sure you tell Fred what it is. Or your gonna get bruised real badly."

"But isn't Freddy nice?"

"Fred is, it's Golden Freddy you need to be careful of." he looked around nervously. "That's enough for the night. Tomorrow is Sunday, not many people in and closes early. Try and make some friends, ok kid?" she nodded and walked back to Pirate Cove.

When she got back she heard a humming, sort of singing, coming from behind the curtains. It went "Hum du du dum. Hum du du dum." over and over in a weird kind of cool tune. She carefully crept behind the curtains and saw Foxy sitting in a corner, with his eyes closed, humming to himself. She had heard this tune before, but she can't we remember where. She sat down opposite Foxy and closed her eyes and began to softly sing the words.

"Yo ho, Yo ho. A pirates life for me.

We pillage, we plunder, we rifle and loot.

Drink up me 'earties, Yo ho!" she heard some shuffling in the curtains but dismissed it.

"We kidnap, we ravage and don't give a hoot.

Drink up me 'earties, Yo ho!

Yo ho, Yo ho. A pirates life for me." she heard some music that sounded very familiar to the song she heard and sang more.

"We extort, we pilfer, we flitch and sack.

Drink up me 'earties, Yo ho!" she got up and danced a bit.

"Maraud and embezzle and even hijack.

Drink up me 'earties. Yo ho!

Yo ho, Yo ho! A pirates life for me!" She stopped singing when she heard a snicker. She turned and saw the four robots watching her, Bonnie, Chica, and Freddy had instruments and Foxy was smirking at her.

"Control yourself lass." he said and walked up to her. "Save it for the kids." then he chuckled. He probably didn't mean it as a joke, but Cathy hated being laughed at. She pushed him with all her strength, which was a lot for she pushed him almost to the edge of the stage.

"Never laugh at me!" she yelled and they all could see both her eyes at that moment. They were glowing bright green and bright blue. She turned away, "Never." she went into her room.