You watched in mild contentment as the familiar blue-haired magi talked animatedly with Alibaba and Morgiana. You hung back at few meters away, not wanting him to notice you just yet.

You had just returned from a three week long trip to Kou to visit your sister and her family. A few hours ago, you were admitted into Sindria from its ports. It was actually only a few minutes ago that you had arrived at the palace.

After a warm welcome from Sinbad himself, you had come to the palace courtyard to see that they were having a small just-because party with Sinbad and his Eight Generals. You happily took the chance to mingle until you spotted your companions: Alibaba, Morgiana and Aladdin.

It seems like it had been too long since you had seen the magi and his friends because you suddenly felt self-conscious announcing your arrival. You were content for the moment just watching them be happy. Especially the small magi.

However, you didn't know if it was because he could feel your stares or if he sensed your presence but the magi suddenly turned and looked directly in your direction easily catching sight of you.

You were caught off-guard but still you smiled and waved. A grin slowly spread across his face before he turned full circle to face you.

"(Y/N)!" Aladdin bounded across the courtyard grabbing you around the middle in a tight embrace. He smiled in contentment as he took the opportunity to nuzzle into your breasts. You could hear Sinbad and Alibaba's boisterous laughter at Aladdin's little habit.

You blushed fervently at his blatant display of affection. You pried him off your body and quickly hissed at him, "Aladdin, please, don't do this in front of other people at least!"

Aladdin pouted, keeping a light grip on your arm, "(Y/N), aren't you happy to see me too? I waited all day for you..."

You quickly cracked under the pressure of his pouting gaze, you looked away a slight blush still painting your cheeks a rosy red, "I-I missed you too..."

"Good!" You were caught off-guard as he swiftly pulled your arm down landing a soft kiss on your lips. He pulled away smiling cheerily at you, "I missed you a lot, (Y/N)!"

You blinked blankly for a moment until the rambunctious cheering of a drunken Sinbad and his Generals snapped you back to reality. Flustered, you futilely looked around trying to deny their cheers before turning back to Aladdin.

"Aladdin! Look what you've done!" You whined as you calmed down.

"Mmmm..." Aladdin hummed happily as he wrapped his arms around you again. "It's fine. Let me be selfish just for today, and let everyone know that I love you." Aladdin smiled softly up at you and planted another peck on your lips, "It's a special occasion since you came back."

Deciding to give up, you sighed in resignation and just let Aladdin hug and snuggle against you. Ignoring, the cheers and wolf whistles around you, you made a mental note to self to never go away that long, else Aladdin would publicly attack you again. There was just no winning against a magi after all.