And so now I leave you all with one last note: enjoy~! :D

You lay in bed, still sprawled out across the luxurious silk sheets even though it was already approaching 12 in the afternoon.

The eerie quiet of the morning didn't do anything to ease your mind which was currently working in overdrive. The same words replayed over and over in your head. They were all you could think of. Like a heavy and exhilarating weight hanging over you. Like a stereo stuck on repeat…


"Wow..." You breathed out as you turned over to stare up at the ceiling. "I can't believe this is happening."

Although you were happily married to a loving husband and a supportive kingdom looking out for you and your wellbeing, for some reason, you still felt like you were on uneven ground.

How would Sinbad react?

"Ugh..." You rubbed the sleep out of your eyes in an attempt to clear your head. "I guess I just have to tell him and see." You murmured as you swung your feet out of bed. "I mean, we're married. I have nothing to worry about." You nodded to yourself as if to assure yourself before you padded down the long palace corridor to the office where you knew Sin would be working.

It was when you approached the door that you realized how nervous you were. What if he wasn't ready for kids yet? What if he didn't ever want kids? Would he end up resenting you?

"Stop it, (Y/N). Get it together!" You slapped your cheeks firmly and took a deep breath before opening the door and stepping inside.

The all-too-familiar, handsome, purple-haired man looked up from his work to stare at you in mild surprise. "(Y/N)? You're up." Your nerves quickly calmed down a little after hearing his calm, smooth, baritone voice. He always managed to soother your nerves just when you felt that everything was out of control. You loved this man. You had nothing to be afraid of, but you still couldn't stop trembling.

"Yeah..." You spoke in a quiet voice as you slid into a chair next to him. He studied you for a minute before turning to face you.

"What is it, love? Are you feeling okay?" He leaned forward and tenderly pressed a warm hand to your cheek. His tired expression instantly morphed into a worried expression. "You're trembling."

You quickly assured him with a nod of your head. You placed your hand on top of his, firmly grasping it in your smaller one. "I'm fine...but I have something to tell you."

He frowned a little and sat up a little straighter as if to brace himself for the bad news. "I'm listening." He squeezed your hand a little.

You squeezed his hand back before taking a breath. You ruffled your (h/l) hair a little before speaking. "I'm pregnant."

You didn't dare to look up as solemn silence hung in the air. Suddenly, there was a small sound, like a muffled laugh. You didn't have time to even glance up before you were pulled into a bone-crushing hug.

"Sin, what are you doing?" You question, though you still relaxed into his embrace.

"That's amazing!" He burst into a full, happy laugh. "We're parents, (Y/N)! Well, not yet - but we're going to be! This is so great!"

You blinked a little, " do want kids?"

He chuckled a little in amusement, "Of course I want kids. But only if it's with you." He leaned in to peck you on the cheek. "I've always wanted a family."

You broke into a grin, and wrapped your arms around his neck. "That's good because I was kind of freaking out a little."

"I could see that. I knew something was bothering you the moment I laid eyes on you. You're an open book, (Y/N). You can't hide much from me." He smirked at your slightly offended expression and planted a few kisses on the corner of your mouth to appease you. "So can we name him Sinbad Jr.?"

You laughed a little. "In your dreams, it's a girl. I'm positive." Much to your amusement Sinbad pouted at that statement.

"But I need a son who will grow up to protect his wonderful, lovely mama." He whined pathetically.

"Too bad. You're just gonna have to be my knight instead." You poked his nose a soft smile on your face.

"Well, I guess it's alright. I'll just have a beautiful little mini-(Y/N) to love and spoil instead." He grinned and kissed you again before rubbing your stomach lovingly. "And I'll love it whether it's a boy or a girl anyway."

"Nice save." You chuckled and kissed him.


"I only have one condition." Sinbad crossed his arms, a determined look on his face.

"Eh? What?" You asked a puzzled look on your face.

"No boyfriends ever."

"...That's debatable."

"(Y/N), no~"