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June 11, 1997 8:27 Pm

S.H.I.E.L.D. Triskelion

The shadows. Long have they been his ally. For many years, he was one with that which ensured his known practice and skills were as sharp as ever. That was, until the one event that changed his life forever. He would always regret the death of Oroku Nagi, but he will not apologize for what the man had driven him to do. Nagi, despite knowing of Tang Shens bond with Hamato Yoshi, violated the sanctity of his home, and the bond of Brotherhood they at one time had shared, seeing that they were of the same Clan.

After a fierce battle that was followed shortly with Nagis death at Yoshis hands, the once revered Ninja was forced to make one of two choices, death or banishment. Shen was the one whom convinced him to run.

Neither one would have imagined Nagis younger brother Saki of being the one to not just track them down and find them, but do him and Shen in years later in a mad quest for revenge. Saki, under the name or alias of 'The Shredder', having taken control of the New York branch of the Foot Clan, tracked down the Yoshi family with the intent of exterminating them. His last act of vengeance, was taking the last piece of Shen that meant everything to Yoshi. Their daughter Miwa, stolen while Saki left both Shen and Yoshi to burn in the ruins of their home.

Fortunately, Yoshi would survive thanks to the timely arrival of a man whom Yoshi once spared when he saw the possibilities of a future alliance. A man whom had a target on his head that an unknown enemy wanted dead. An enemy that at one point in time, had contracted the Foot in order to remove the man before he could become an even bigger problem in the future. This same man dragged a near dead Yoshi from his burning home and had him nursed back to health while hiding him for several years.

On an adjoining building rooftop, directly across the street from the burning building, a lone figure, dressed all in black with a lithe figure and a black mask that hid all but her eyes, and the long hair she had tied behind her head. Removing the mask with one hand, Takeko Shen, the sister of Tang Shen, observed as the man known as Nick Fury carried her brother In-Law from the flaming structure.

A single tear fell from her right eye as she realized too late, that her sister was gone. She had known who had committed such a crime, and swore she would have her vengeance. Removing a medallion that had been strapped to her waist, a medallion that bore the symbol of the 'Foot Clan', she raised it to eye level, glaring at the image of the people who had taken the last of her blood kin from her. With a snarl, she drew back her arm, and threw the medallion as far as her arm would allow, watching as the piece of metal flew into the fire that spewed forth from the building before her.

As Fury rushed Hamato from the fire, vanishing with a screech of burning rubber tires as the sirens of the Fire Fighters and Police drew nearer, Takeko turned once more to the flames, and spoke an oath, "I will watch over him sister. Together, we will have our revenge. I swear it."

Several years would pass, and the man known as Yoshi, after having healed from the battle, while still carrying the scars from the fight, left in pursuit of the man whom had taken everything from him. In his quest for vengeance, he had become careless as Fate had thrown a curve-ball into his plans. In his carelessness, he allowed himself to become exposed. This in turn, placed his 'Sons' in danger. He cursed himself when word reached the Foot that he was still alive. Despite his current predicament, the once Master Assassin would not go down without a fight. He left many a body of Ninja lying in their own blood. But it wasn't without trying as he knew that the wounds he suffered in protecting his new sons, were fatal.

In the meanwhile, Takeko Shen herself would have a wrench thrown into her plans when she had come across a humanoid child in a dark, dank, Alley. The creature child was unlike any she had ever seen. Said child was merely a babe, and was exposed to some form of green, glowing, gelatinous material. Said babe also appeared to be a fox just as much as it was humanoid. The babe before her reminded her of the legends of the creatures of Myth and Lore from her homeland, a Kitsune if she was correct. Being cautious of the glowing substance, she slipped on a a pair of gloves and finding a blanket hanging over a story above her head, wrapped and gathered the young fox child/cub into her arms, making sure to not in any way, come into contact with the green material.

She would later gather a sample for study while caring for the fox cub/child as if it was any ordinary human babe, giving it the name Kimiko Shen. Takeko would be glad she practiced safe handling with the child when she did as her findings would later reveal the truth of what had altered the cubs physiology, turning it from a fox, to a humanoid or Kitsune.

Now, beneath the bowels of the Washington based facility of S.H.I.E.L.D., Hamato Yoshi dragged himself forward. His lifes blood dropping with every step he made. The walls of which he leaned against as he dragged himself forward, stained with the blood from his wounded body. The duffel bag over his shoulders moving slightly, his sons no doubt awakening from the herb based concoction he used to make them sleep as he hid them in order to remove those whom attacked their home.

Nicolas Fury, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. was staring out of his office window as construction of the very first Flying Battleship or Heli-Carrier ever was in the beginning processes of being built below S.H.I.E.L.D.'s main base of operations. He was contemplating his career and the path it was on when a noise within his office drew his attention. Drawing his service revolver upon turning to the source of the noise, he looked with his one good eye as a somewhat small unknown humanoid presence in a dark robe that covered it almost completely minus its snout as the only sign of it being anything close to human was a wet black nose. On its back was what appeared to be a huge bag-like object that appeared to be moving. He was drawn out of his curiosity when a familiar voice called out his name from underneath the dark cloak that now appeared to be leaking what looked like blood, "Fury-son!"

The humanoid being then fell forward to the floor with the bag falling to its left side. Fury knew the voice under the hood as he quickly rounded the desk and fell to his knees. "Yoshi, can you here me? Yoshi." He pulled the apparent body of Hamato Yoshi around and slightly lifted him into his arms as the hood dropped and Nicolas Fury got the biggest shock of his life as he gazed at the now unfamiliar visage of his longtime friend who seemed to now be a humanoid rat, "F..Fury-son, my f-friend. No-not much...time..."

"Yoshi, who did this to you?" Nick looked at the body of his friend as his robe's was torn with splashes of blood as it was pooling around the body.

"Mu-Mutagen. Was Mutagen. Hid under...underground for a-a time." The mutated rat form of Hamato Yoshi managed to gasp out as he then turned to the still slightly moving bag next to him, "Protect...Protect my sons...Protect them from Saki."

"Saki? Oruku Saki? Is he the one who did this to you?" Fury demanded as he looked upon his mutated friend who sported many cuts and stab marks. His friends breathing then began to become worse. Yoshi could only nod as his eyes never left the bag.

"Leonardo, Donatello,...Mi...Michelangelo, Raph...Raphael. That is their names. Raise them friend. Have them my ancestors..."

Fury shook his head no as he quickly pulled out a communications device and was calling for a medic as Yoshi was willing his sons to Fury. "You're going to train them yourself, old friend. You're their father."

With the last of his strength, Hamato Yoshi grabbed the hand that was on his chest and gave one last smile and said, "You...are their...father now...old friend." As he drew his last breath, he felt the fluids now flowing in his lungs as with a final sigh, his left hand fell, and he was gone.

Seeing the sight of his friend dead not even a second, in his arms, Fury called out, "Yoshi,...YOSHI, DAMN YOU... YOSHI!" he cried out as he gently shook his friends body helplessly, as if to will him to come back.

The medics came yet paused as they were startled upon gazing at a mutated humanoid rat in their bosses arms until Fury napped his head in their direction and demanded they do what they were called to do and try and bring Yoshi back as his eyes landed on the bag that began moving even more and held sounds like newborn babies. The mutated body of Hamato Yoshi was then quickly placed on a girder and wheeled hurriedly off to the emergency room to try and save him if they could. Nicolas then heard several cries coming from the bag as he took a chance and slowly opened it and jumped back in shock as his eyes landed on four baby, humanoid turtles, all of which were at the natural size of normal human babies.

Of the Agents that remained behind was an Agent named Phillip Coulson who gasped in shock as he too looked upon the infant humanoid baby turtles. Nick Fury came closer and saw what appeared to be flat metal wrist amulets connected to metal beads, wrapped around each childs wrists with the Turtles names, all four amulets color coded, the blue one with the name Leonardo upon it, the red one being Raphael, purple for Donatello, and orange for Michelangelo.

The four orphaned infant turtles looked at their surroundings and then upon the men who now knelt before them, if only to examine them as they too had looks of shock that was then replaced with fear, followed by crying as all four babies held onto one another in desperation. Phil took the initiative to sooth their crying as he sat before them, and gathered them into his arms while a beep came through from Furys' desk. The new Director of SHIELD took the call, patching it to the communication device on his belt. A moment later, Fury requested his senior Agent to watch over the children until his return. An hour later and Fury returned to find Phil Coulson on the floor with the baby turtles curled up together in his arms and lap, fast asleep. Coulson turned to gaze upon his boss who took one look and lowered his head to the floor and shook it. Coulson knew what that meant as he felt for the little guys.

"Boss, what are we gonna do?"

"Yoshi's last wish was they be trained in the way of his ancestors." He said as he pulled a bottle of Bourbon and a set of glasses for himself and Coulson. Pouring for both of them, he held one out as He explained what Yoshi had told him, especially about something called Mutagen and what it did to him and the baby turtles and the one who killed him. Fury then decided to personally see to the death of Oruku Saki himself, but his first order of business would be to the welfare of the babies in his Agents arms. He then explained that that meant they were trained to be Ninja's as Yoshi's family was in fact documented to have descended from an ancient warrior Clan of Ninja, who were once apart of a Noble Lineage.

"You sure that's wise boss? I mean, their just babies!" Coulson said as he quickly downed the drink in one shot after hearing the explanation.

Fury nodded solemnly as he looked at Coulson with his one good eye, "It's what he wanted."

"And Saki?"

"Saki will die when the time is right." a new voice spoke up, forcing Fury to drop his empty glass, only to quickly draw his service pistol from its holster and point it at the individual in whom interrupted their conversation.

"Who the hell are you?" Fury demanded with a glare as he leveled his weapon at the unknown persons head. The said person stepped from the shadows of the office, unwrapping what looked like a dark scarf from around her head, allowing both Fury and Coulson to gaze upon her brown eyes. She was beautiful, most likely standing at 5'5, her figure making Fury guess she was at least 115-117lbs. She had the curves that would make any man drool. Her hair was long, black, and tied off and hanging just behind her. She wore what any normal SHIELD Agent would assume was standard for a Ninja, black clothing from head to toe, the sandals, also black, split in the toes as was known to be standard for a Ninjas profession.

Upon her chest, was a black cloth sack that was wrapped from not just from her shoulders, but from her sides as well. A single red tail, partially hanging out from the left side of the cloth sack, with the woman holding the sack with one hand, while with her right, she held out a sheathed short sword or Ninjato by its said sheath, "My name is Takeko Shen."

"Shen?" Fury queried while not lowering his weapon.

"Hamato Yoshi was my brother In-Law. Tang Shen was my younger sister." she replied.

"Why are you here?" Coulson demanded from where he was, with the turtles in his lap, a single arm behind him, ready to draw his own weapon at a moments notice.

"I am here for my nephews, and to swear allegiance to SHIELD."

"Why should we believe you?" Fury asked, slightly lowering his weapon, if only.

She did not answer, merely tossed her sword to the head of SHIELD, who caught it with one hand. Both men watched as with her now free hand, she pulled some of the cloth away to reveal the child within her arms. It was a humanoid fox child/cub, with a small snout and black tipped ears. Its paws resembled human hands, despite the red fur over the back of the hands. It was curled up and clutching the cloth attached to the female Ninja, its eyes closed and appeared to be sleeping, "Like Hamato, I too came upon a miracle. When I found her, she had already been exposed to the same mutagen that no doubt transformed my brother and his sons."

"What do you mean, the same mutagen?" Coulson asked softly, so as to not awake the fox child or the young lads in his lap.

She pulled from her waist, a small vial of green liquid. Stepping closer, she placed it into Furys hand, but only after he placed the sheathed weapon upon his desk. Raising the vial over his head, he looked it over, turning the stoppered vial onto its side, and saw that like all liquids, it flowed within the vial.

"The Mutagen is radioactive, and very dangerous. Capable of turning creatures exposed to it, partially into the last thing they came into physical contact with. The same could be said for humans, as Yoshi has revealed with his appearance."

"Where did you find this?" Fury asked, lowering the vial and looking at the female Ninja.

"My daughter." she said as she brushed her fingers gently over the cubs ears. "She was covered in the substance when I found her in an alley, in downtown New York. I heard her cries and followed them. I was drawn to her the moment I saw her. Thankfully, I practiced caution when I did, otherwise, I would have shared a similar fate as Yoshi."

Looking at the girl cub who whimpered, while nuzzling herself further into her adoptive mothers arms, Fury then asked, "What's her name?"

"I have granted her the name of Kimiko Shen, Child of the Empress." she answered fondly.

"What are your intentions?" Fury asked again, but more gently this time. "Why did you not aid him when he needed you?"

"As I have said, I am here for my nephews, and to align with SHIELD, or in this case, you. I wish to...parley with you, and unlike Yoshi, to hide myself and the children until the time is right to let them join me in my quest for justice. For Yoshi, for Tang." she growled out in a low tone. "as for your last question, it was best that he did not know I existed, but when Saki found him, I could not get to him fast enough. Just as I failed in saving my sister." her eyes threatening to let loose a set of tears, "I will not fail Hamato Yoshi again by not being there for his sons. I want to make it right.

With a nod of understanding, the Director of SHIELD, holstered his weapon after looking her in the eyes, and seeing no deceit in them. Reaching behind him, he grasped the sheathed short sword and held it out before the both of them, "You raise them, you train them. For now, we observe Oruku Saki from a distance and let them think he's safe. Make him drop his guard. His time's coming, and when it does, if the Turtles and Kimiko don't kill him, I will." Fury said darkly as he began to plan and set into motion a chain of events that would change the course of world history forever.

"You'll have to get in line, Fury-son." she replied in a similar tone, as she, with one fluid motion, tucked the sheathed weapon into the lower crevice of her back in under a second.

Read and loved Leofan221 Turtle/Avenger crossover despite the time difference that didn't necessarily make any sense, but still loved it nonetheless. So, this is my version that will be corresponding with the Avengers films. I also personally own copies of both Movies as well as the original '1990s' films. So read, review, and let me know what you think. Until Next Time.