TMNT of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Ch. 2 Of shields and Ninjas

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Ch. 2 Of shields and Ninjas

Stuttgart, Germany

Several Hours after Nightfall

"Look to your elder, people. May he be an example." Came the dark, deathly toned warning, as Loki had minutes before, upon infiltrating a private Gala, attacked an unsuspecting security guard, only then to snatch the neck of his true target, an accomplished scientist who was being interviewed by a handful of reporters on his recent accomplishments within the field of science. Said accomplishment about whatever project he had been successful in, had caught the attention of the fallen Prince of Asgard, who after using him for his secret agenda, ended the poor humans pain by killing him in a most gruesome manner.

The device Loki had used upon the man, was meant to be used by placing the said device over the one of the eyes of its target in order to carve out and take the eye, scan it, and then send the scanned result back to the mentally controlled Agent Clint Barton. This would enable the Archer the access he needed in order to break into an heavily secured vault, so as to steal an important component for whatever Loki was having his mentally controlled slaves build. Before his death, as the glowing shaft was thrust over his eye, the unfortunate scientist cried out, his body uncontrollably shifting about while unsuccessfully trying to move away from Loki's vice-like hand as it held him down. The people had at this time cried out in fear and shock at this horrendous attack and began to run from the building in fear for their lives.

Loki, from what many horrified witnesses could see, wore a look of utter glee, despite the perspiration upon his brow. Freeing the man of his miserable existence, Loki then began to slowly walk out among the terrified populace after he got what he came for. His current form then began to glow, his apparent magic, summoning another suit that was a combination of armor and leather with the respective gold and green color schemes as a part of the look he preferred. Like his current state of dress, the cane he wielded also shifted into a much longer scepter with a curved blade, unto like the tail end point of a scorpions tail, the blue gem glowing brighter as it changed. The shaft of said scepter extended several inches more.

As the masses scurried about in blind panic in order to make a run for it, Loki then seemed to create solid, yet holographic copies of himself wherever the people went when they ran in the various directions, as if by magic when the cane he used to attack one of the guards inside the building had changed into its scepter form.

Sirens could be heard as German Police in a cruiser spun around the corner, fast approaching Loki, only for him to blast the car with the scepters gem, instantly killing the Law Enforcement Officers within the vehicle, and having the car flip over onto its head, skidding on the ground and stopping several feet from where it flipped over.

The people had nowhere to go as the copies of him in a golden helmet with elongated horns gave a threatening gaze as he forced them to a single spot and had them kneel before him when he ordered them to with a shout and slamming the scepters blunt end into the ground, the gems power 'humming' strongly.

He then began a lengthy monologue about weak individuals kneeling to people like him when an elderly man with a look of defiance, refusing to kneel any longer, stood tall and made sure the Asgardian saw him, the determination he wore upon his face being obvious in his conviction.

As Loki's scepter leveled out at and threw out a bolt of blue energy at the unfortunate elderly, a body bearing the colors of a red, white, and blue suit, wielding a shining circular shield, with the same motif, a white star in the center of a blue oval, dropped in front of the man and deflected the shot back at its caster where it threw Loki back several feet, only to land face first upon the stone pavement. The combination of the power of the reflected energy and him kissing the pavement, made him lose his grip upon the scepter.

Before Loki could retrieve his weapon after struggling to stand, after having taken in a lungful of air from the spears deflected energy blast due to the fact it was extremely more powerful than he'd originally thought, a giant green blur on a metal board with black wheels, and being propelled by what seemed like rockets, skated by in a blur and collected the spear.

"Not this time, bra'!" Loki and the German civilians looked and fell back in shock as they gazed at what could only be described as a giant green, walking, talking turtle with an orange bandanna/mask and a pair of 'Nunchaku's' on both sides of his waist, held only by a worn leather belt, quickly spinning the rocket powered skateboard around and up and then kicked it into his hands and placed it on the back of his shell while slamming the spears bladed end into the ground and leaned on it with one arm, giving Loki a smirk and giving him a two fingered military-esque salute.

"You know, the last I was in Germany and saw a man standing above everybody else, we ended up disagreeing." Came the voice of Captain Steven Rogers also known as Captain America as he walked through the throng of people who looked at him in awe dressed in a more modern version of his old suit complete with his helmet/mask with the white 'A' on the forehead and white wings on each side.

When the people looked back at Loki who finally began to stand, he began to speak as if to mock the Captain when a chain wrapped around his midsection and flung him backwards without allowing Loki the chance to acknowledge the chain that was wrapped around his waist, removing the air from his lungs. Before he could attempt to push himself up yet again, a large green foot with some form of brown leather covering stopped him as it rested on his chest, keeping him on the ground.

Loki quickly looked up and his eyes bugged out as he gazed upon a snarling muscularly large turtle with a red bandanna styled mask over its head and eyes, and a set of three pronged, unknown metal weapons in each hand. Its arms were leathery with what seemed like symbols he'd never seen before and tattoos of that also seemed to be of unknown origin. The creatures facial expression promising pain should he make a wrong move.

Loki then saw another creature with a long slightly curved sword in hand and another on the back of its shell, walk up from behind the Captain. This one wore a blue bandanna styled mask and had a leader-like quality about him, almost like the Captain.

"Easy Raph," it had said as the one that had its foot on his chest, he assumed to be 'Raph', tightened his hold on his weapons. "We were meant to bring him in in one piece, so chill."

"Whatever you say, Leo." Raph said roughly as he lessened the pressure his foot was applying on the Asgardians chest.

A S.H.I.E.L.D. Jet took this time to land nearby with a woman with red hair and a black skintight suit walk down an already lowered ramp a minute later. The outfit she wore showed off her curves rather well as she had a set of handcuffs in hand. Her face displaying an unreadable tone. Loki assumed this to be Natasha Romanoff, aka the Black Widow.

Clint Barton, under his mental control, told him all of what he needed to know of her in order to try and penetrate her mentally hardened defenses when they would speak, as he knew was likely to happen sooner or later. Apparently, Agent Barton either did not know of the Turtles, or didn't think that they were worth mentioning. He'd have to 'correct' Agent Barton on this train of thought when next they meet.

She opened her mouth to say something when she too was interrupted by a loud sound of music that she and the turtles realized was AC/DC's Shoot to thrill. Like a rocket coming in for a landing, in an upgraded version of his Iron-Man armor, landing on a knee and a hand, was none other than Anthony 'Tony' Stark.

"Oh, now I've done seen everything." Tony said as he rose and began to walk up to the gathered individuals, his golden metal face plate rising.

Seeing he was outnumbered, Loki raised his hands as his Asgardian armor and helmet glowed and then disappeared. Raph, taking his foot off, backed away as Natasha slipped the cuffs on Loki's wrist and made sure to tighten them extra special because of what he did to Clint.

"Dude, it's Iron-Man, Bra'. Freakin' Iron-Man. This is like, a superhero convention day, man." the orange masked turtle said in hero worship. He began moving around Tony Stark, snapping off pictures with a modified cells camera designed and created from his brother Donny, that he pulled from a pouch on his right.

Snatching the cell from his brothers hand, the red masked turtle snarked, "Now ain't the time, Mikey." Raphael then tossed his baby brother his cell back after a few moments as he then turned his attention back to the now restrained Loki, his eyes narrowing at the so-called God of mischief.

"They talk, oh wow. So this must mean their real and not guys in suits?" Tony asked, looking at Captain America.

"No, they are not, Stark. The one here in blue with the swords is the eldest and team leader of the Turtles, Leonardo. The bigger one in red is Raphael, and the one in orange with the Nunchaku's is Michelangelo."

"Named after Renaissance painters, huh? Anything else I should know?" he asked as they walked behind Agent Romanoff and the turtles as they began to enter the S.H.I.E.L.D. Quinjet.

"Yeah, there's one other, the brains of the turtles, Donatello. You and Banner will be working with him on tracking the Cube when we get to the Helicarrier." Agent Romanoff stated as she roughly shoved the Asgardian down into a seat and strapped him in. Loki tried to look into Agent Romanoff's eyes, but she refused to give him the satisfaction of seeing the warring emotions within her. She barely spared him a glance as after she finished strapping him in, looked to make sure everyone was in and settled, then squeezed into her seat in the cockpit and strapped herself in before taking the jets controls and began takeoff.

By then, Leonardo had already removed his sheathed swords from his shell and placed them at his side as did his brother Raphael, though Raph kept a tight hold on his weapons in one hand while chewing on a toothpick, resuming his glaring at Loki.

Meanwhile, Michelangelo began to strike up a conversation with Tony as the inventor began firing off his own set of questions on the orange masked turtle about their origins. Half an hour later had them flying over the mountains of Western Europe when Stark tried to strike up a conversation with and began to grate on the Captains nerves as Captain Rogers began to question why Fury didn't call him and tell him Tony Stark was on his way. Sure, the Captain knew of Tony and his inventions up to and including his alter ego better known as Iron-Man. To say he wasn't impressed was saying something. Steve may have respected and liked Howard Stark somewhat, but his son just rubbed him the wrong way.

In the middle of their short argument, a lightening storm began to strike, making the Quinjet shudder as if hit with turbulence. Steve looked to the bound prisoner who was looking up with a somewhat fearful expression, "What? Afraid of a little lightening?"

Loki barely spared him a glance as he returned his eyes to the ceiling of the jet, "I'm not overly fond of what follows." he said, not realizing the turtle in the blue bandanna picked up on the meaning as he quickly stood up and slipped his sheathed swords back on the back of his shell and waited with clenched fists as Raph stood behind his brother to act as a backup.

"Hey, wha-" Tony began only to go silent as a thump was heard overhead, forcing him and the Captain to look up. The turtles, through their training with their adopted mother figure and sister, knew when to maintain a state of suspicious alertness. Tony decided to take the lead as he put his helmet back on and pushed his way through the brothers and walked up to the Quinjets ramp release button.

"Mr. Stark, maybe we should..." Leonardo called out before the armored billionaire interrupted his train of thought by waving him off, his pride evident in his posture and actions as he hit the button to release and lower the ramp.

"I got this blue." Stark said as the ramp lowered.

As quick as it came down, an all too familiar large blond man in a leather armor-like clothing with a long red cape, came down as well with a loud 'thump' as his feet connected with the lowered ramp. In his left hand was the recognizable war hammer belonging to none other than Thor., the Thunderer, and Prince of Asgard. Stark took the direct approach by raising his hand, the sound of his weapons systems activating, Stark was going to fire on the Crown Prince.

As expected, Thor reacted offensively, perceiving the man in the red and yellow armor as a threat, as he used his hammer to disable and smash Stark in the chest, sending him back towards and onto the Quinjets other occupants. He then grabbed Loki, snapping the harnesses that held him to the seat in which he sat, lead him back to the ramp, and then twirled his hammer and quickly flew from the jet the moment the hammer was thrust outward. Leo tried to shout out to Thor before he flew off, but failed. He and his brothers quickly helped the Captain and Stark to their feet.

"I tried to warn you Stark. Attempting to attack the Prince of Asgard, son of the 'King Odin, alias the All-Father', was a bad idea." Leonardo said.

"Yeah dude. What were you thinking, man?" Mikey stated. Stark just shrugged them off and began walking back towards the ramp.

"That guy's a friendly?" Steve asked as he slipped his mask on and began to grab a parachute as the turtles were just finishing strapping on their own after quickly assessing the situation and grabbing their own chutes.

"Friendly's too strong a term, Cap'. Like Leo said, he's Thor of Asgard. It's crown Prince, and a hothead to boot. Woah, Deja Vu." Raphael stated as he paused in thought for a moment, before resuming placing the chute upon his shelled body.

Understanding the meaning to that, the Super Soldier nodded and looked to Stark who was already about to jump out of the Quinjet, "Stark, we need a plan of attack."

Barely looking back at the Captain, the armored individual answered back, "I have a plan, Attack." With that, and activating his suits flight systems, Stark blasted off into the now storm free night.

"What an idiot." Leonardo said as he stepped up to the end of the ramp. Looking back, he saw the Captain just finishing strapping on his parachute. "Captain, we'll see you down below."

"No, we go together and try to resolve this peacefully." he said. The brothers looked at each other, and then back to the Captain as Natasha's voice called out that Thor and Loki were known to be worshiped as Gods once upon a time.

"There's only one God, Ma'am, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't dress like that." Grabbing his shield, he and the three brother turtles jumped from the jet and into the nights skies.

Falling through the skies at a still high altitude, the Captain and turtles continued falling rapidly at a high rate as Michelangelo cried out in joy, "Wwwwoooooohhhhhooooo. Yeah bra', haha."

"Leonardo, when we get to the altitude of 3300 feet, the moment I pull my chute, you do the same. Alright?" The Captain called out to the sword wielding turtle.

Leo nodded once and gave a thumbs up. Almost a minute later, Steve signaled it was time as he grabbed his chutes release cord, something neither of the three brothers missed and grabbed theirs and as one, yanked.

Their chutes released as they were suddenly yanked into the the air, then slowly began to descend as they followed the Captain, urging the chutes to a soft, open clearing. When they landed, they dropped the harnesses of the chutes and began running quickly to where the sound of falling trees and weapons blasting could be heard. Suddenly, there were flashes of lightning as the sound of thunder, followed by a huge bolt of lightning, came down from the sky, causing the four to halt and watch. Worried that someone could die, all four resumened their pace. Steve looked to his side and was surprised to see the three brothers easily kept pace with his enhanced Super Soldier speed.

They stopped as they saw Iron-Man flew from the sky after knocking Thor from his feet and flying back to sucker punch the so called Thunderer. Seeing the destruction of the Forest and the battle commencing as Thor pulled his armed hand back with Tony opening parts of his armored gauntlet with the weapons about fire, Steve quickly signaled for the turtles to hold up as he then pulled his shield arm back and threw his vibranium shield, striking Thor in the head with the disk then reflecting off Iron-Man's chest, and flying back into Steves hand, to which he secured on his other arm. "That's enough."

Jumping from the destroyed tree that he had stood on, he jumped off and fell to ground level to stand before Thor and Stark, "Now, I don't know what you planning on doing here."

Not one to have to answer to mere mortal soldiers like an underling, Thor replied forcefully, "I've come here to put an end to Loki's schemes."

"Then prove it. Put that hammer down."

Leonardo saw the expression of the Thunderer and acted before Thor reacted to the Captains order. As Thors arm began to move alongside Starks remark, taking the initiative, the blue masked turtle jumped from the high ground where he stood, spinning in the air, only to land on his feet but not before he hollered out, "Enough!" While in midair and twirling his body, Leonardo unsheathed his swords all in a single spin. He landed with a loud 'thump' on both feet in a crouched position, before standing tall. Michelangelo landed beside him, his own weapons in his hands as well.

Thor's eyes widened in shock as Leonardo and his brother rose and went to stand beside the Captain, "Hello Prince Odin-son. I'm sorry. My good friend, the Captain here forgot to say please. So please, will you lower the hammer?"

Pointing the hammer at Leonardo and Michelangelo, Thor demanded, "What manner of creatures are you?"

"Were mutant turtles, Odin-son." came Leo's answer.

"Yeah, of the Teenage Ninja variety, dude." Mikey spoke out with a smile, crossing his arms crossed, his weapons once again in his hands to be used at just a moments notice.

For a moment, the Heir of Asgards throne tried to say something as he still did not understand the term 'dude', yet was left speechless at the fact that standing before him were two mutated turtles, when he could have sworn there were three of them when he landed inside the flying apparatus's compartment. But before anyone could say anything else, there was a crunch of twigs snapping, causing everyone to turn where the sound came from in a tense crouched stance, only to relax as Raphael walked over with a still bound Loki in front of him, his three fingered hand on one of Loki's shoulders. He then kicked Loki in the back of one of his legs, causing him to fall to both knees.

"While you all were talking and playing nice, this guy was looking over and hoping somebody would start fighting again just so he could amuse himself with you guys being idiots." he growled out.


"Oh, will you please shut the hell up, lightning rod." Raphael shot out and disrupted Thor's attempt to admonish him for kicking his brother into a kneeling position.

"Here on Earth, he's a murderer. His position as a Prince has no place here since he killed over 80 innocent people on Earth and American soil in less than two days. That includes several German Law Enforcement Officers and a German scientist." Leonardo then said.

"Leo's right, so shut up and let us do our jobs so you can get him out of here and get him back home to face whatever you God wannabe's call Asgardian Justice, because I tell you, if he was to be judged by Earth laws, no doubt he'd face everybody whose family members died at his hands and then be put to death for each one. Their families would undoubtedly be satisfied in watching him die."

"That's not going to happen." Thor huffed out, glaring at the red masked turtle.

"Then stop trying to stop us and start trying to help us by getting him to where we gotta go so that way we can find the cube and end this." Leo said.

Loki raised a cuffed hand, trying to get somebody's attention, "Can I get a say in this?"

In one voice, all turned to him and shouted back, "NO!"

The trickster Prince just lowered his hand and sneered. Minutes later found the entire group back in the Quinjet and in the air, though it grew relatively quiet real fast. It remained so despite the radio calls Fury made to Natasha on getting updates to the situation and how the boys handled themselves. Natasha gave as positive a report as she could, despite how Thor felt as he tried to stare down Raphael and failed as the red masked turtle returned the glare, rubbing his knuckles in the process and mentally begging Thor to do something foolish. Thor just tightened his hold on Mjolnir, the sound of his own knuckles popping was only slightly heard as Leo and Steve only sighed and shook their heads in resignation, while Michelangelo and Stark looked on in amusement. Even Natasha had an amused smirk as she kept her mind on one thing and her eyes and ears on the others.

Once they were back on the Helicarrier, Director Fury was waiting with an entire squad of heavily armored and heavily armed men to act as an escort for Loki while Coulson would lead the turtles, Captain, Stark, Natasha, and Thor inside the bridge area where the rest of the Hamato Clan awaited them anxiously. Once both Takeko and Kimiko looked over the brothers with Donatello now breathing easy at seeing them alright, everyone, minus Thor, Banner, and Donatello. The violet masked turtle was standing beside Maria Hill with a see-through tablet in hand and was currently overlooking some computer tech stuff only he and a handful of others could only understand. Banner in the meanwhile, was keeping his eyes glued to the turtles as mother and sister fussed over their boys, his eyes showing amusement at the scene before him.

Thor looked bewildered at the idea of a fourth humanoid turtle, and a humanoid fox creature, let alone a woman who had the aura of a skilled, yet deadly warrior, acting like a mother to the five creatures.

Hill in the meantime, kept watch over Banner. She trusted Donny implicitly, so she didn't have to watch him much.

All of the bridges occupants then observed from several live feeds upon the table, as the Director of SHIELD interrogated Loki, unfortunately, not being at all successful a he left a minute later when he let the fallen Prince know just how serious he has made the situation.

"Oh, wow. So there are four of them." Stark muttered upon his entering the bridge area, as Coulson showed him where to stash his armor just minutes ago. Leonardo took this moment to bring Donatello over to the Billionaire.

Thor stumbled as his eyes took on the appearance of the fourth turtle with odd instrumentation on parts of his body.

"You must be Donny?" Starks asks with a metal covered hand out that Donny grasps and begins to blush somewhat.

"Ye-Yes sir. I must say,'s an honor Mr. Stark."

Tony looked the purple masked turtle up and down, taking note of some of the material hanging from his shell such as the holographic wrist device, the camera, the computer on the upper half of his shell, the upgraded night goggles on his head, and the tech based bo-staff that was also on his shell. He was starting to see a pattern here where the turtles were concerned. But other than that, he liked that the Turtle was in fact, a genius much like himself and tech savvy at that.

"I got a bad feeling. If Donny is anything like Stark, it's going to mean seeing Iron-Turtle suits in our foreseeable future." Raph scoffed.

Leo nodded with a groan with Steve, Natasha, and Maria were feeling dread at that thought as Mikey chuckled.


In Japan

Tatsu was walking to his masters lair as he learned a very dangerous bit of information. In his hand was a hard drive that had evidence of Hamato Yoshi's mutant sons and freaks still alive. Quickening his approach, he entered the dark room that was the Shredders lair, and saw the dark outline of his master, sitting on his throne. Approaching before and kneeling with his head bowed, he waited to be recognized.

"Rise Tatsu. What do you have to report to me that is so important?" he spoke in Japanese.

Keeping to the same language, he answered as he rose and looked towards his master, "Master Shredder, the sons of Yoshi, live."

"Do they?"

"Yes, My Lord. In Stuttgart, Germany, an Asgardian calling himself Loki, attacked happened upon a gala, where he attacked a scientist who was experimenting with Irridium, as he was being interviewed for his achievement. S.H.I.E.L.D. sent the recently returned Captain America and the sons of Yoshi to apprehend the Norse God." Holding out the hard drive, a thin feminine Ninja walked from beside the shadowed warlord and took it and returned to her masters side. The dark warrior then took the drive and placed in a drive device on the arm rest of his chair. A holographic screen appeared that showed the events as Tatsu had explained.

"Finally, the House of Yoshi has resurfaced and can now be extinguished once and for all. You have done well, Tatsu." Prepare yourselves my my friend and daughter, for in four days time, we attack and finish off the sons of Yoshi, once and for all."He then began to chuckle that turned into a full blown loud yet dark laugh that showed exactly how evil he really was.

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