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It's time, folks! It's time to start up my new Total Drama story, Geeks Vs. Populars!

Um, nothing to say, currently.

On a beach on a tropical island, a certain someone was sitting down in a beach chair. It was none other than Chris McLean. And being he got involved, that could mean only one thing... A new Total Drama season was about to start. After taking a sip of a frosty-cold fruit drink, he looked at the camera, and grinned.

"Welcome back, all! I knew you miss me!" Chris said, grinning. "After Pawkitew, I wasn't sure on how we could top off that awesome season. But after some brainstorming, it finally hit me!"

He then got up and walked to a whiteboard.

"I've been informed that some of my viewers are of school age. And what does every school contain? Well, besides crappy lunch food and strict math teachers... Cliques!" Chris shouted out with glee. "And what are the two most famous ones?"

Chris then drew what appeared to be a crappy drawing of what appeared to be a tough guy.

"The Populars..." Chris said, as he continued drawing. This time, of a shrimpy, geeky looking person. "And the Geeks!"

Chris then looked at the camera. "Those two are usually at odds with each other. The social anarchy states that Populars hang with Populars, and Geeks hang with Geeks! Unless you're some sort of Super-Geek, then by that way, you're pretty much screwed. And why am I here talking about this? I'm gonna exploit it just for laughs!"

Chris then walked over to where the ocean was behind his back.

"At this moment, our teams are arriving via boat on this island. What kinda brawls may happen on this isle? Will any friendships occur? Or any romances? Find out, right now! On... Total Drama!"




(Cue I Wanna Be Famous...)

On the dock of a boat, a tanned girl was starring down, looking at nothing. She seemed to be decked out in clothes more suited for football, with her red helmet being the soul exception. Her dyed blue hair was sticking out in pigtails. After 'assessing' the situation, she grinned.

"Okay, Heidi. It's fourth down, you're near the endzone, it's the fourth quarter, and you're down by four points." The girl named Heidi commented to herself. "Time to fish or cut bait..."

Unknown to the football playing girl, a blonde girl was walking behind her, holding a tray of cookies. From the look of her green and orange wardrobe, she looked to be a cheerleader. One thing that was noticeable was a tattoo of a cookie on her stomach.

"Um, blue-haired girl?" The cheerleader called out. However, she was met head to head with Heidi, knocking her down in an instant.

"Crap!" Heidi shouted, as she got up, and held a hand out to the downed cheerleader. "I'm so very sorry! I got bored, and my imagination took over."

The cheerleader smiled as she took Heidi's hand, getting up.

"Eh, it's fine. You've got a really active imagination!" The cheerleader commented as she smiled. "At least the cookies are still intact. By the way, my name's Twiggy!"

Heidi was confused. "Twiggy? Like that famous model from the Gary Stu 50's era? Am I kinda accurate on that front?"

Twiggy shrugged. "Eh, beats me. I may be a cheerleader, but I'm not no model. But if I was into fashion, I can tell you're really into football!"

Heidi grinned, as she did a pose. "You BET I am! I felt I was almost destined to play the sport, what with my name being Heidi, and my middle name being Bowl!"

Twiggy smiled. "Sounds cute! I bet you'll make a good impression on girls that are sporty. Sporty girls RULE!"

"And you rule for being a cheerleader that isn't all in-your-face snooty and mean!" Heidi replied, smiling warmly as the two shook hands.

They then noticed what appeared to be a tall male leaning on the railing of the ship, looking out at sea. He was decked out in some dark clothes. What set him out from the rest was a pair of sandals he was wearing.

"Wow... He's tall..." Twiggy commented.

"Yeah..." Heidi also said to her new friend. "He also seems kinda scary to boot..."

Twiggy and Heidi looked at the tall person looking at sea, as they eyed what appeared to be a book, labeled 'Drake' on the cover, on a table next to him. Shrugging, Heidi looked at the book.

"Er, Heidi? I don't think we should be looking at his journal." Twiggy advised. "With a name like Drake..."

"Eh, I wanna know what his story is!" Heidi replied, as she looked at the book. She was then greeted by what really appeared in the book.

It was drawings of cute, cartoon-like characters. They all seemed to be having a good time. Above them appeared to be a logo of what could belong in an actual cartoon.

"Wow... This looks very well done, and professionally made..." Heidi whispered to herself, as Twiggy looked over Heidi's shoulder.

"Yeah... Whoever this Drake is, he's really talented." Twiggy replied, as they continued to look at the journal with awe.

Back with the tall guy, he overheard Heidi and Twiggy's conversation, continuing to look out at sea.

"They looked at my book..." The tall guy thought. "Those two liked it, but what about the others?"

In the interior of the ship, a male with short, curly hair, a red sweater, black pants, black shoes, and wearing a diamond stud earring in his ear was doing a bit of acting.

"And with this blade, I shall stab at thee..." The male shouted to himself, as he looked at his audience, or just the only member, who was pre-occupied. "I said, with this blade, I shall stab at thee!"

The audience member was still pre-occupied.

"Are you even paying attention?" The male shouted out loud.

"Ooh, awesome! Another level up!" The audience member replied.

"Whatever, I, Lance, shall be the first off this rotten boat! You'll see! I may also be the first to appear on-screen, thanks to my darling preformance!" Lance commented. "Now, I shall part away elsewhere, so I can actually BE the first off the boat. Ciao!"

Lance then took his leave, as the audience member saw him leave.

"Finally! Thought he would never shut up!" The audience member said, as she went back to her activity, when...

"Hi!" A new voice perked up. "Is he gone?"

"Yeah, and good thing, too." The audience member commented. "Why bother being a Romeo without a Juilet?"

"I would have volunteered, but he looks... Kinda standoff-ish." The girl commented, as she appeared on-screen. Her blonde and pink streaked hair was in a ponytail, and she was in a pink shirt, a purple star-themed skirt, purple shoes, and they were all star-themed. She even had 2 star markings on her face, underneath her eyes. I'm Stella! And..."

The girl scanned the audience member. She appeared to look gothic, what with her dressing style including a skull tee with the words Game Over on it, black and pink-striped pants with rips on the knees, black hair with blue streaks, and spiked bracelets. What really set the wardrobe off was a pair of brown sandals, a necklace with a charm that looked like the furniture leaf from Animal Crossing, and a pair of Triforce earrings. She also had a nose piercing on the right side of her nose.

"Aren't you Yoselin Lobster, the daughter of Lobster Enterprises?" Stella asked.

"Actually, I like to be called ScoreKorpse... Or Korpse, if you prefer." The goth named Korpse replied. "Yoselin's too plain, and only my parents and officials call me that."

"Right, and the name Korpse?" Stella asked.

"Just a nickname people call me." Korpse answered, smiling. "I find it more cooler than Yoselin. How cool can you be with a name like Yoselin, anyway?"

"Yeah, you may be right. People used to call me Streetcar Stella when that play, which did NOT involve streetcars at ALL, was in town." Stella commented. "Talk about false advertising..."

"Yeah, like that super-overhyped game I dare not mention." Korpse replied, shaking her head.

"By the way, I really LOOOOOVVVVEEE your earrings!" Stella sung out.

Korpse smiled warmly as she tapped her Triforce earrings. "And you have a good singing voice as well."

"Thank you!" Stella commented, as the two talked about various stuff. Little did they know, Lance was overhearing them.

"The two girls are befriending each other quickly... I best try to get them separated. Cause I shall be coming in first!" Lance said to himself.

In the kitchen area of the ship, some oranges was tossed into a blender, with some ice. After a quick blending, it was ready for consumption. The drinker of the fruity beverage appeared to be Albino, wearing a pink sun hat with a peach on the front, a black shirt with a smiling banana, blue shorts, and long white hair with purple streaks, and a dyed green fringe.

"Just one more frosty smoothie for the road! Besides, I highly doubt I'll find any ice on the isle, so gotta make it count!" The albino said, smiling. Just then, a voice was shouting out loud.

"Yo, yo, yo! We shall get this pre-party started!"

The owner of the voice had bright green hair in pigtails, a black shirt with her belly exposed, blue shorts with music notes decorating it, green and blue sneakers, and a belly button piercing, a nose piercing, and a couple of ear piercings. She also had a tattoo of a record on her left leg. She zipped near the Albino.

"Hey, wanna party before we hit the isle?" The green-haired girl said with glee.

The Albino was concerned. "Um, what's the catch?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to give a party out to all the Populars on-board!" The green-haired girl commented. "By the name, my name's Ada!"

"Grace here." The albino named Grace replied. "By the way, nice hair!"

Ada smiled. "Thanks!"

The two went to where the party was being held. In one of the chairs, appeared to be an African-American girl with purple dyed hair. She too had a shirt exposing her belly, but the rest of herself was covered with a blanket.

"She seems awesome..." Ada said, grinning, as the two walked over to her. "Hey, Plumette! Ready to party?"

The Plumette looked at Ada, and grinned as she threw off the blanket and hopped off.

"Always ready to party!" The Plumette shouted in happiness, as Ada and Grace looked at the new girl in front of them...

She had prosthetics on, where her legs were. Grace and Ada wanted to say something, but stopped themselves.

"And before you ask, I've been wearing prosthetics since I was very young!" The Plumette with prosthetics said out loud. "But enough about that. My name's Kade! But enough about that, let's PARTY! YEAH!"

"That's the spirit! Let's go!" Ada shouted out as she grabbed both Kade and Grace's hands and ran for the party place.

"Can I finish my orange smoothie, first?" Grace asked out loud.

Far away from the group, a brunette girl was leering at the trio, She had a blue t-shirt with the words Twilight You on it, a pink skirt, light pink shoes, and two piercings in her ears. She grinned.

"So, the purple haired girl has prosthetics... Interesting... I wonder when would be the perfect time to humiliate her? Either way, I... Steph, shall keep an eye on her." The girl named Steph said to herself.

The party was in full swing, with Heidi and Kade having a belching contest. At the corner of the party, Drake was drawing in his book.

"Hmm... Maybe a giant bow will do for her... Or maybe a hat..." Drake said, sitting on the sofa, as what appeared to be a blonde male sat down next to him. He, like Heidi, was also in a football jersey, only grey and red. However, he had a bored expression on his face.

"You don't mind if I sit here?" The football player asked, as Drake nodded. "Thanks... I don't do parties."

"Me too... I rather be drawing and thinking up ideas." Drake replied, continuing to draw.

"Yeah, besides, one party I heard of... alcohol got involved, and the lead star of the team got injured bad. Had not been for two girls saving them... I shudder to think what could happen." The football player said out loud.

"Alcohol ain't your Palocohol..." Drake commented, as he was interrupted by a loud belch from Heidi.

"Anyway... I looked at the beverages, and I can say that there's no alcohol involved, anyway." The football player replied. "By the name, my name's Thunder. You heard of Lightning?"

"That Sha... No, I rather not say it." Drake commented. "I won't subject myself to that low."

"Well... He's on the team... And he's ANNOYING as -BLEEP-, pardon my language." Thunder replied. "Even when we win, he whines about how he doesn't do the game-winning touchdown!"

"Overdramatic, much?" Drake asked, continuing to draw.

"Yeah, that could be a word." Thunder replied, as he looked at Drake drawing. By the way, nice drawing."

Drake smiled slightly. "Thanks... It's nothing special, just an OC."

"Original Character, Do Not Steal?" Thunder asked, as Drake nodded.

"Or, if you know some of my online friends, Donut Steel." Drake said out loud.

"Somehow, a steel donut would be kinda hard to consume." Thunder replied, as the two continued to talk to each other.

Walking to the bathroom, appeared to be an African-Canadian male, wearing a blue dress shirt, beige shorts, and black dress shoes.

"These guys seem all-right..." The male said, as someone was coming out of the girl's side of the bathroom. She had blonde hair, with a gold and silver bow on the side, a dark pink shirt, a pink skirt, blue shoes, and had a LOT of jewelry on. She looked down at the male.

"What are you doing HERE?" The girl asked.

"Er, nothing? Just going to the bathroom..." The male said, feeling a bit fearful. "I didn't see you at the party. What was going on?"

"I was just saying so long to my friends." The girl replied. "Not that it matters because you aren't MY material..."

"Er, okay?" The male asked.

"Plus, not that it matters... The name's Verna. Remember that name, because I shall send you packing soon enough." Verna leered at the male. "What's your name, not that I care?"

"Nicholas, ma'am..." The male named Nicholas replied. "Anyways, I gotta go to the bathroom now..."

Nicholas ran for the bathroom, as Verna sighed.

"Why is he on the Popular team, again?" Verna asked. "Whatever, that loser will be gone shortly, anyway."

On the boat of another ship, what appeared to be a blue-haired girl with white streaks in the hair, and beach wear was starring at the water with awe. She smiled at some of the sealife swimming next to the boat.

"Wow, what a nice view of the local sealife swimming next to the boat." The blue-haired girl said to herself. "Maybe I outta take notes."

"Did you know that you can stay in the water to heal jellyfish stings?" A voice perked up from behind Moana, spooking her a little. He appeared to be a brown-haired male with a blue fringe, wearing a black NTDO shirt, blue jeans, brown sandals... And pink mittens.

"Um, I think you got that all wrong." The blue haired girl replied. "Completely all wrong... Who are you, anyway?"

"I'm Ellis, and I shall be the loser of the show! I mean winner! I mean runner-up!" Ellis shouted out loud, which caused the blue-haired girl to giggle a bit.

"Hey, no need to be so nervous; we ALL are!" The blue-haired girl replied. "My name's Moana, by the way!"

"So... What you looking at?" Ellis asked.

"Nothing special; just admiring the sealife. It's such a beautiful world under the sea..." Moana replied. "Its almost like stepping into a completely different world altogether..."

"Cool..." Ellis said, as some fish was jumping out of the water.

"Indeed, friend..." Moana replied, as the two looked at the sealife hopping out of the water.

In the interior of the ship, a male wearing a striped Christmas-like hat over his black hair, a blue shirt with the letter B on it, green pants, and red shoes was walking, holding a sandwich.

"Its such a nice ride..." The male said, smiling gently, as he took a bite of his sandwich, when he saw something... A bug. In an instant, he froze in terror, as he dropped his sandwich.

"No... Not... THAT..." The male replied, as he reached behind his back and grabbed a sword. Unsheating it, he aimed at the bug, as he took a serious expression.

"Mr. Bug? Or Mrs. Bug? Time to split!" The male yelled out loud, getting into a battle pose, as...


A new voice shouted out, as it dashed towards the bug, caught it with a bug net, and put it in a container.

"Sorry for the outburst, but I can't stand bugs dying like that!" The voice commented, as she put up her bug net, set the container containing the bug, and took the male's hand. "Now, listen, man... Deep breaths... Deep breaths..."

The male took some deep breaths to compose himself as instructed. After a while, he was calmed down.

"Thanks for that. I wasn't sure what to do... I was thinking unrationally." The male said, as he scanned his savior.

She was decked out in a purple spiderweb shirt, blue jeans with tears at the kneeline, black boots, and pink streaks in her hair. Her ears were also heavily pierced, and she had a few body piercings on her as well.

"It's fine. I was just at the right place at the right time." The punk-looking girl said, smiling. "By the way, name's Cherri!"

"And I'm Benny!" Benny replied, as he looked uneasily at the bug in the container. "So, what kinda bug's that?"

"From the looks of it... It's a Miyama Stag beetle. Its a real nice specimen to boot!" Cherri commented, as the two looked at the bug. "Although how it got on the boat, for starters..."

"Beats me..." Benny replied, as Cherri put a hand on his shoulder.

"But from now on, if a bug... Well, bugs you, you can call me, okay?" Cherri commented.

Benny nodded, as he smiled.

"So, what kinda sword's that?" Cherri asked.

"Well..." Benny replied, as he began to talk about his sword.

In another part of the ship, a male was sitting by himself, glaring at nothing in paticilar. He was wearing a green hoodie, blue jeans, and red shoes. His head was covered by the hood from his hoodie. He sighed.

"Sign up 'fer Total Drama, they say..." The hooded person said, as a pair of legs in the air walked by him. "And ah don't know what 'ya deal is, but walk like ya human!"

"Oh, sorry!" The pair of legs said, as it flipped over, revealing the owner of the legs to be a teenage girl. She was wearing a pink robe, blue bell-bottoms, brown sandals, and a pink headband. She was also had a LOT of jewelry on her. "If I freaked you out by any way, I'm truly sorry.."

"Sorry doesn't cut it..." The hooded person glared at the girl.

"But, it seems you're in a really sour mood..." The girl replied, trying to put a hand on his shoulder, but...

"Keep ya jeweled hands off me!" The hooded person replied, as the girl quickly took it back.

"Sorry, I just wanted to cheer you up..." The girl said. "My name's Xantara. What's yours?"

"Ron. Now will ya get off my case?!" Ron shouted at Xantara.

But Xantara wouldn't let up.

"Hey, how about some tea, which I call some Blissey Blossom? Drinking this will eliminate all your-" Xantara said, pouring some tea for Ron as he interrupted her.

"Ah don't need any of ya childish tea!" Ron yelled out loud.

A frown hit Xantara's face. "I see..."

Xantara then picked up the tea, and started to take her leave, as she looked at Ron glaring at the wall one last time, before walking away.

Xantara was walking down the halls, looking sad. "Strange, nobody ever declined my Blissey Blossom batch before..."

But at the corner of her eye, appeared to be a girl, playing on her 3DS. Her back was turned away from Xantara, but Xantara could see that the video gaming girl was wearing a pink shirt, white shorts with green spots, and a yellow hat with some fake blade sticking out on top. Xantara smiled, as she walked over to the girl. "Um, miss? Want some tea?"

The gaming girl looked at Xantara. "Er, sure! But... I gotta say right now... I'm a boy."

"Really?" Xantara asked, as the gaming girl exposed to be a boy nodded. He was really wearing a pink Kirby shirt, and his hat looked like the Cutter Ability hat from the Kirby series. His hair was in a bob, and he appeared to have blush stickers on his face. "Wow, sorry... I didn't know."

"Its fine, you didn't know!" The boy replied, smiling. "Name's Nelson!"

"And I'm Xantara!" Xantara said, as she sat next to Nelson. "So, I'm not an expert of games, but... What you playing?"

"Just some Kirby Triple Deluxe!" Nelson replied. "You can tell I'm a huge fan of Kirby!"

Xantara giggled. "Yes. Yes. I can! But, what brings someone young like you into the contest?"

"I'm actually 14, to start with." Nelson replied with a smile.

"Eh, legit enough!" Xantara said, shrugging. "Still, enjoying that tea?"

Nelson took a sip and smiled. "Wow, this is really good stuff! You've done a good job blending it together!"

Xantara also smiled back. "Awww, thank you!"

The two continued to talk, as two people looked at Xantara and Nelson chatting amongst themselves.

"Hmm... The young girly-boy and the walking jewelry store are getting along well..." The male said to himself. He had red hair, was wearing a blue sweater vest over a red dress shirt, beige pants, and black shoes. He also had thick eyeglasses on his head. "Both idiots in my opinion..."

"That sounds mean, Master Yentoulis..." A robotic voice behind the boy named Yentoulis called out. It was dressed in a purple version of a Japanese school uniform, had dotted eyes and also had pink hair. "They seem to be befriending each other rather quickly."

"GENKI, make a note." Yentoulis said, as a small keyboard came out of GENKI's stomach. "Please note that I, Yentoulis Prometious The Third, shall beat these losers to the ground.

"Already noted, Mr. Yentoulis." GENKI replied.

In yet another part of the ship, a male decked out in a purple shirt with a mushroom on it, and blue jeans was doing some impressive moves with his Bo, or a wooden stick weapon. On his shoulders, appeared to be a brown rat.

"Pretty gnarly, if I say so myself..." The male said as he rubbed his rat with his finger. "What do you think, Woodstock?"

"SQUEAK!" Woodstock, the pet rat, squeaked back, as someone was watching from afar.

She had red hear in a braid with a purple headband topping it off, a black shirt with a skull on top of a flower, brown pants with rips in them, and purple shoes. She also had fingerless gloves, and a scar underneath her eye. She then walked over to the two.

"Hey, rat-boy, excuse me?" The girl shouted out loud, as the boy martial artist looked at the girl.

"Yeah, ma'am?" The boy asked.

"You seem rather tougtotally h... But I, like, call dibs on leadership of, like, this team. Okay?" The tough-looking girl commented, glaring at the boy. "By the way, I totally answer to Yolei."

The boy was puzzled. "Yolei, that cute computer chick from that old anime? Eh, whatever totally keeps you afloat. Anyways, people call me Mozart."

"Whatever..." Yolei shrugged. "Still, people, like, need a leader, and I shall totally deliver on my promise. Whenever they want to or not."

"Okay, but... Try not to completely piss us off and get booted at elimination, okay? That wouldn't be cool... At all." Mozart replied, as he was feeding Woodstock, who was hanging on his shoulder.

"No promises." Yolei said, shrugging, as she eyed a punching bag, and started to punch at it.

In the halls of the ship, an African-Canadian female was walking down the halls. She had a blue beret over her frizzy, black hair, a lime green shirt with the words Dungeon Queen on it, blue pants with a dark blue stripe going up it, red shoes, and a pink sweater around her waist. She soon eyed a cola machine, as she shuffled her glasses a bit.

"How did a cola machine get here? Chris must have installed it." The girl said, as she walked over and started to get a cola. But when she inserted a dollar into it and choose her selection, it wouldn't give her the cola.

"Awww, come on!" The girl complained, as she started to tap on the machine. At that time, a male came walking down the hall. He was dressed in a grey hoodie, black pants, black shoes and had some black hair covering part of his face, with some blue streaks. He also had piercings on his face, including in his ears, though not to the extent of Cherri. He also seemed to be wearing eyeliner. In short, he looked emo. He spotted the girl having difficulties, and walked up to her.

"Hey, having trouble?" The emo-looking boy asked.

"You bet I am!" The girl complained. "This mysterious machine took my dollar!"

The emo-looking boy looked at the machine, cracked his knuckles, and grinned.

"Say no more; I shall deal with this!" The emo-looking boy said, as he pressed some buttons on the machine. Soon after, the cola machine opened up.

"Cool..." The girl said, as she started to reach for the bottom cola, but...

"Nope!" The emo replied. "Go for the top; they're extra cold!"

"Whatever you say..." The girl commented, as she grabbed one of the top colas, grabbed an extra one for the emo, and quietly shut the cola machine. "For you!"

"Thanks!" The emo replied, as they continued to look at the cola machine. "Still, doesn't make sense as to how a cola machine suddenly would be out here in the open. Maybe Chris installed it?"

"Makes sense." The girl said. "By the way, my name's Marissa! So... What thou be your name?"

"Eh, my monkier's Sting." Sting said to Marissa.

"So, what's with the get-up?" Marissa asked. "Did you lose a bet? Did someone do this to you in your sleep?"

"Well, Marissa... I just like the fashion, that's all." Sting replied, as a blonde girl whose hair was in twintails walked in front of Sting, knocking them both down. The currently downed blonde girl was wearing a pink shirt which read "I'm With Baka", a pink skirt, and brown shoes.

"Oww! Watch where you're going, you idiot!" The downed girl shouted out loud.

"Crap! Sorry, I didn't know!" Sting said, having gotten up, as he held out his hand.

But the downed girl rejected the offer as she got up on her own. "I don't need your help, idiot!"

"Er, Sting was only asking if you needed help, ma'am." Marissa replied.

"Whatever... So..." The twin-tailed girl said, as she looked at Sting. "So... Hot stuff? You seem to be bad with that soda stunt you pulled earlier. How about you and I... Go someplace private?"

Sting was shocked. "Someplace private? We barely know each other! Heck, I don't even know your name to start with."

"It's Olivia. Now that we know each other, how about we go someplace in the back?" Olivia asked.

"S-S-Still, we just met and you were mean earlier..." Sting commented. "Why are you acting so... Um, what's the word for it? Um... Sunny D?"

"Don't you mean Tsundere, Sting?" Marissa asked.

"Yeah, that's it!" Sting replied. "Yeah, why you acting like a Tsundere, Olivia?"

"First off, I hate anime." Olivia said, looking at Sting, and glaring at Marissa. "Second... Do I have a second answer?"

"Second, if you hate anime, why are you wearing a I'm With Baka shirt?" Marissa asked. "I usually see those at cons and the like."

"Yeah, I even got an Osaka doll at home." Sting commented. "I... got it online."

From that comment, Olivia got angry at the two. "Erruugghh, I don't have time to talk anime at you two... Later..."

Olivia walked away from the two, as Sting looked at Marissa.

"So... That happened." Sting commented.

"Yeah. Anyways, what kinda anime do you like?" Marissa asked, as the two walked down the hall.

Little did they know, Olivia was watching the two.

"Just wait, you bad boy... You'll soon be in my arms... Just wait..." Olivia said to herself.

Soon enough, both boats arrived at shore, as the teams started to disembark. They were standing on special mats, as the teams looked at each other from afar.

"So, these are our competition?" Noted Ellis. "They don't seem that bad. I thought they all be snooty know-it-alls!"

"Those loser geeks are more easier than I once thought..." Verna commented. "The only ones I gotta worry about is that tough-looking girl, and that guy holding a stick..."

But not everyone was hostile, as two of them were looking at each other with a smile on their faces.

"Wow... She's... cute... No. She's... Beautiful..." Nelson said to himself, as Moana came up to him.

"Whos beautiful, shortie?" Moana teased, as Nelson was alarmed by Moana's sudden appearance.

"Err, Um..." Nelson stammered, as he pointed at a random female Popular... "Her!"

"The Twilight loving girl?" Moana replied, as she put a hand on Nelson's shoulder. "Err... I dunno... She seems kinda mean... Mean with a pirhana-like attitude. Personally, I see you more with..."

Moana pointed at Korpse.

"Her, the Gothic Girl." Moana replied, with a gentle smile.

"Err, okay..." Nelson said, with a blush on his face. "But I was starring at the gothic girl, too..."

With the Populars, Korpse looked at Nelson, and smiled to herself.

"What a cutie..." Korpse said to herself.

Soon enough, Chris came into the scene.

"Campers! Welcome to the Island, I would like to call.. Nowhere Island!" Chris shouted out loud, as...

"Chris? Mother 3 took it!" Korpse shouted out loud.

"Er, really?" Chris asked, as Korpse nodded. "Okay... Welcome to... Chris isl-"

"Er, Chris? That name's taken as well!" Sting shouted out loud. "Don't ask how, but someone took it."

"Really? I thought it would have a nice ring to it." Chris replied. "Um... Let's just call it... Er..."

Chris looked at a list.

"Yoshi... no. Can't name it that. Cinnabar Island would also be bad... Especially if one of the campers runs into Missingno..." Chris whispered, as he got an idea. "A-HA!"

"Yeah, Chris? Because Yoshi's Island is also taken." Nelson replied.

"We shall name this island... Amherst Island! It totally fits with the theme, so HA!" Chris said out loud. "Now, you'll see that there's no cabins around here this time around. So you'll be roughing it out in the wilderness. Also... there are special places to hold confessionals! So anything you gotta let something off your chest, feel free to!"

Confessional: The First One of the Season!

Steph: I heard before I got here, that Jackson from the Football team had to move, and I spread the rumor that he dumped his girlfriend all because of her looks! HA! I love this thing!

Lance: I was supposed to get the first Confession! Me! This shall not stand!

Olivia: So, that hottie Sting... Nothing shall be getting in my way... Nobody!

Xantara: Peas and Carrots... Somehow, I don't think they mix.

"Now, once you're done, your task now, is to find your campsite. You'll know where it is, once you spot it." Chris commented.

"Er, what are the team names?" Steph asked.

"Oh, right... For the Populars, you are now known as the... Powerhungry Polar Bears!" Chris shouted out loud.

"Eh, whatever floats our boats." Korpse nodded.

"Jammin' name!" Ada shouted out loud, fist-pumping the air.

"So, how about the Geeks?" Stella asked. "We can't leave them out in the cold..."

"Oh, right. As for the Geeks, they are called... the Giggling Gryphons!" Chris shouted out loud.

"Love it! I played as one once!" Marissa replied.

"Now, go set forth for your camp! But be warned... There may be a few ancient traps or two, that may still be active..."

Powerhungry Polar Bears

The team was walking amongst themselves, as something struck their minds.

"Er, what did Chris mean by ancient traps?" Twiggy asked. "You don't think he may be... serious?"

"Its Chris... He would be serious about anything." Nicholas replied. "Still, I wish I could have gotten the leader spot, had not Lance claimed dibs."

"Because I'm the first at everything in school!" Lance said in a snooty tone.

"Still, you could have been nice..." Nicholas replied.

At the rear, Grace was busy gathering up fruit for the team, as she noticed one that was above her. She tried to reach for it, but was just too short. She even tried jumping up at it, but to no avail.

"Ugh, curse these short legs!" Grace pouted, as she continued jumping. All of a sudden, the branch lowered a tad bit, letting Grace jump up, and grab the fruit. After grabbing the fruit, she smiled. "Thanks, Mr. Tree!"

She then picked up her fruit, and started back to following her team. But behind Grace was Drake, who was also doing a bit of gathering up of his own.

Back with the team themselves...

"So, I wonder what camp may be like?" Verna asked. "Maybe golden statues of us surrounding the campsite!"

"Er, I highly doubt it, Verna..." Kade replied. "Chris did say we were roughing it... Which sounds awesome! But I don't think statues would get involved."

"Shame, really..." Ada said, as they continued walking. A few moments later...

"So, Ada... Was it?" Kade asked, as Ada turned towards Kade. "How did you get into DJing and Parties?"

"Well, after my intinal career path went bust, my friends took me to a party. The local DJ saw me and got me to do a bit of Djing Afterwards... Well, that story pretty much writes itself!" Ada replied, grinning.

"Very nice!" Kade said, impressed.

"So, I'm just wondering..." Ada commented, as she looked at Ada's prosthetics. "What exactly happened that caused you to... You know, be minus two legs?"

Kade's grin suddenly dropped. "I... I don't wanna talk about it."

"I respect that." Ada replied.

"Maybe one day, I'll tell my story to you?" Kade said, as Ada nodded.

Meanwhile, Stella and Korpse were talking amongst each other.

"So, I really think the nose stud fits you, Korpse." Stella commented.

Korpse smiled. "Thank you! My friends got it for me for my 15th birthday!"

She then showed off some pics of her friends.

"Here, we got VirusSkanner. One of the bestest computer experts I know. Don't let those looks fool you; she can repair your computer with ease! Then, we got DarkNovel, who's a really talented novelist!" Korpse explained.

"Neat-o!" Stella replied in interest.

"And finally, Doomtaku! His anime knowledge is top notch, and so is his cosplaying!" Korpse said with a smile. "And finally, there's me, ScoreKorpse, the local gamer of the group."

"You know, come to think of it, you feel more at home with the Geeks. I'm guessing being the daughter of a rich family gave you a spot on this team." Stella replied. "So, where did you get those earrings?"

"The Internet holds some wonderful things, if you know where to look." Korpse said, with a smile. "I got some Super Star ones that you can have, if you want."

Stella shook her head. "No thanks, but thanks for the offer!"

Confessional: Bonding Time!

Stella: I'm not that big of a gamer, to be honest. It just doesn't interest me.

Korpse: What other earrings do I got? Well, some Mario mushrooms, some Boo ones, some Metroids...

Kade: I'm not up for telling my true story... Yet. Maybe one day?

Korpse: Animal Crossing leafs, Pokeballs, Fastballs, Masterballs...

Lance: And all this time, I led the team... I wanted first dibs on seeing the camp, but...

Soon enough, they were stopped by a wall jetting from the ground.

"Chris, what gives?! We thought this island WASN'T artificial!" Heidi complained.

"HALT, POPULARS. IN ORDER TO PASS HERE, ONE OF YOU MUST ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS." A voice boomed out, as a computer turned on, displaying a math problem.

1. Find the derivative of 18x * x * x + 12x + 11

"Er, what the hell is this?" Ada asked. "Did we go down the Geek path, instead."

Confessional: Yes, Ada. You ended up with a Math Quiz.

Ada: They never thought us that at school! I'm... pretty much at a loss, here!

Verna: Wow, Calculus? You are TRULY evil, Chris... Though not as evil as someone I humiliated at one point.

Lance did some thinking, and came up with what he thought was the right answer.

"I got it!" Lance shouted out loud. "Step aside, Courtney clone! Let ME handle this!"

Lance pressed the button that read on the side, '4x + 11 '


Lance was then met with a slightly painful shock.

"First to get injured this season, huh?" Korpse smirked at the downed Lance.

"Aw, shut up..." Lance pouted.

"Ooh, do I get a turn?" Kade asked, as Ada stopped her.

"Ada, what if that shock... Well, affects your prosthetics? Ada replied, concerned about her friend. "I don't wanna see you get hurt..."

Kade then sighed, as she walked back with the group.

"So, who's brave... Or fool-hearty to do that?" Grace asked the group.

"Beats me, I never even took Calculus." Steph commented.

"Yeah, if this was cake-baking, we would already be inside!" Twiggy complained.

Heidi walked over to the panel. "Calm your butts down. Let me do this."

Heidi then did some thinking, as she started to do the quiz. Ignoring any shocks that came along the way, she finished the quiz with relative ease.

"Touchdown!" Heidi shouted out loud, with sparks emmiting off her a bit. "The Quarterback... Is Toast... Ow."

"Quite literally, too..." Twiggy replied, walking up to Heidi.

"You done quite a deed, Heidi." Nicholas nodded in approval, as the wall began to lower, as the team started to see what their camp looked like...

It was a rather large clearing, with some trees, a small stream nearby, and some shelter that was constructed rather quickly... And poorly. A flag displaying their symbol was flapping in the breeze.

Some of them were pretty impressed.

"Nice house..." Twiggy commented. "Wonder if it's haunted."

Verna glared at Twiggy. "Don't EVER joke about that..."

"Still... Chris did say that there were no cabins nearby." Ada inquired.

"This cabin reminds me of the time I was the lead in a play about Dr. Frankenstein." Lance stated. "It was one of my most powerful performances! I played the most fearful monster around."

Nicholas sighed. "Lance, we don't wanna hear about that... And I think Frankenstein was the Scientist."

"Who asked you, Second Best?!" Lance glared at Nicholas.

"Er, I did?" Nicholas glared back, as Stella ran up to the two.

"Okay, you two... I don't want any fighting happening on the first day..." Stella replied, hoping to make peace with the two.

Confessional: Nice Hut

Lance: HE started it!

Heidi: So, guess that's our home away from home... Seems nice, though.

Steph: I did NOT sign up for this! Urgh!

Grace: Well... At least we're dry from the rain, though. Plus, I saw some Lychee trees a few clicks South-East. So far, as food is concerned... We'll be alright.

Giggling Gryphons

At the same time, the Geeks were walking down their path. Benny and Cherri were talking amongst themselves.

"And that's how I freed that colony of Silverfish!" Cherri said, finishing up a story.

"Silverfish? Is that kinda a BAD thing?" Benny asked.

Cherri chuckled. "You've be a good big brother figure to my Uzi..."

"Uzi?" Benny asked. "You've got an Uzi?"

"You bet I do! My Uzi's the bestest at retro games!" Cherri replied, as she took out a photo, and showed it to Benny. It was a photo of a black haired male around 11 years old, with a dyed blue fringe in his hair.

"Cool..." Benny said, as he returned the photo back to Cherri.

"So, what kinda games do you play?" Cherri asked.

"Eh, just the standard stuff... Zelda, Final Fantasy, and all that doo-dah." Benny answered.

"My Uzi? He's more of a fan of the retro stuff... Stuff like Super Mario RPG, Kirby's Adventure, Super Mario World... Boy, those games NEVER get old!" Cherri said, smiling.

"Retro classics for the win!" Benny replied, also with a smile on his face.

Following the two was Xantara and Nelson, who was also talking.

"So, what is it like, being a New Age Girl?" Nelson asked.

"Well, I'm an expert at natural cures, I can brew some good teas that can heal what ails you..." Xantara replied. "I'm also good at Yoga. If you want me to, I can teach you!"

Nelson smiled. "That be cool!"

"But, I gotta ask..." Xantara said. "You said you were a liker of cute game characters. For someone your age, that's impressive... Usually, kids your age... They're into this game involving Calling for Duty, I think?"

Nelson smiled. "Actually, someone close to me got me into the more cute game characters, and... Well, you can guess I became a fan!"

"Awww..." Xantara cooed. "Also, I couldn't help but notice you were looking at one of the girls on the other team... You've developing a crush?" She teased.

Nelson blushed. "What, no! That's just silly!"

Xantara giggled. "Sure, it is."

Meanwhile, Sting was walking, with Moana by his side.

"...And that's how I learned to trust spicy foods! Tilly's teachings taught me well!" Moana replied, with a smile on her face. "So, what's your story as to why you became emo?"

She then got a glare in her eyes. "If its uncaring parents, I can always shove a jellyfish up their-"

"Actually, I have really caring parents, that fully understood my reasoning for becoming like this." Sting commented.

"Bullies at school?" Moana asked.

"Eh, I barely get bullied for starters. I just dress like this so I can be more close to my friends, who turned emo as well." Sting answered.

Moana warmly smiled. "Aww, that's really sweet of you!"

"Eh, the black fingernail polish helped curb my nail-biting habit, so I had that working for me." Sting said, chuckling. "So, what's your story?"

Moana smiled. "Well, ever since a trip to the aquarium when I was 5 years old, I've always enjoyed the life of the ocean, and all that jazz. I even have some colleges scouting me for marine work! My parents, and my little bro Wiley are fully supporting me! It's a major reason as to why I have my current hairstyle."

"Very cool..." Sting replied, smiling. "So... Did you ever smile at a crocodile?"

"Just once... I think it smiled back at me." Moana said, as the two laughed.

Following them from not-so far off was Olivia, who was glaring at Moana.

"Stupid, blue-haired bitch... You're attempting to steal away MY bad boy hottie!" Olivia commented to herself. "I can't allow that to happen, nope..."

Confessional: Stranger Couples have happened before...

Sting: You know, I gotta wonder... Are there any sea-faring crocodiles to smile at? I outta ask Moana about that, later.

Nelson: Why do people think I'm in love with that goth girl? She may be cute, but I don't think she would want me; its only a crush that'll go away in a day! ...Or two...Or ten.

Yentoulis: (GENKI is nearby) GENKI, take a note. Make sure the team is voted off one by one.

GENKI: It shall be done, sir. Although, is that the name of the game to start with?

Moana: It felt so nice to talk to Sting about the sea. Nearly nobody besides my friends and family likes to hear my rambling on...

Olivia: Okay, I just gotta bide my time for now... If I try to get rid of any girl trying to get their claws on my hot emo now... It won't end well for me...

As they were walking, they too were stopped by a wall, jetting from the ground.

"Er, what now? Is this some kinda trap that Chris talked about?" Ellis asked.

"Okay, let's see what this here challenge is..." Ron replied.

Soon enough, a loud voice boomed from nowhere.

"HALT, GEEKS! IN ORDER TO PASS, ONE OF THE FEMALES MUST BE GIVEN A MAKEOVER!" The voice shouted out loud, as a chest full of girly clothes appeared from the ground.

"Count ME out." Cherri said, looking at the wall. "I don't do makeovers."

"Yeah, and I think Yolei may get mad if we try to doll her up." Olivia commented.

"You totally bet I would." Yolei glared at her group.

"Well, what do we do?" Benny asked. "Guess Marissa's our only shot at getting past this..."

"What, me?" Marissa nervously commented.

"Marissa, we wouldn't ask you otherwise, but... Please, do it, for us?" Moana asked.

"Okay... Well, let's get this annoyance over with..." Marissa replied, as...

"CONGRUATIONS, GEEKS. YOU PASSED THE TEST." The voice boomed out loud, and lowered back into the ground.

"What, but I barely got TO the chest... How?" Marissa asked, as they looked at how they managed to pass.

Nelson was dressed, almost identical to Ribbon from Kirby 64. Xantara was giggling a little at the sight.

"Er, Nelson..." Sting commented. "Why?"

"Er, you guys were busy, and I look close TO a girl, so... I took a bullet for the team." Nelson explained himself.

Sting chuckled. "Way to trick the system, man!"

Both Sting and Nelson shared a high-five at that feat.

Confessional: Hey, when in Rome...

Nelson: Sis, hope you won't tease me for this later...

Xantara: Nelson looked SO cute in that get-up! Reminds me of my little sister!

The Geeks soon looked at what awaited them at their campsite...

It was an open field, with some trees by the side, and a small path leading to the ocean to the left. A cabin, which was also built in a rushed manner was also awaiting them.

"Nice touch..." Mozart commented, as Woodstock squeaked in approval in his cage.

"Whatever, it doesn't amount to a hill of beans to what the Populars have." Ron replied. "Knowing THOSE asshats, they have a giant swimming pool, and a personal chef."

"Who cares, we're next to an ocean! Awesomesauce!" Moana shouted out in glee.

"Plus, I can set free any bugs that have set up shop in the cabin." Cherri replied. "It shouldn't take more than 20 minutes."

"So, did we get here first, or what?" Ellis asked, as he started to do a kinda itching motion all over. "We're kinda anxious! Did we win?"

"Close, but... Nope! In fact, this challenge, is a fake-out!" Chris shouted out loud over the intercom. "We still have a challenge to do, so get back to where we started this thing!"

"Wait, Nelson dressed up in a cute dress... For NOTHING?" Olivia asked.

"Well, guess we're headed back to start, guys." Moana replied. "Don't pass Go, don't collect 200 dollars?"

Chris appeared on screen, watching as the campers were headed back to the beach.

"And so, our Campers are headed back to the beach, to find out what their first REAL challenge is. What will it be? Stay tuned and find out!" Chris shouted out loud.

WOOOO! And the first part of the episode is COMPLETE! But what kinda challenge will they have to face? You'll have to find out! Or rather, they will.

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NEXT TIME: It's a relay race around the Island. Hope they got their running kicks on!