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Let's A-Go! Okey-Dokey!

Mozart and Cherri continued to observe their scalping, waiting on Freight to say the word go.

"So… You think blasting through the barrels with your bo is allowed?" Cherri asked. "Or should we go in, kicking and screaming?"

Mozart sported a grin. "You read me like an open book, buggy babe..."

"Are you sure your feet are up to it?" Cherri questioned. "You're kinda barefoot, and I don't think splinters could be your forte."

"Eh, I dealt with worse before. A couple of barrels should be a piece of cake for me, brah." Mozart replied back.

Cherri looked up at the barrels, and back towards Mozart. "Ummm… I think those barrels may be more harder than we thought. Whoever thought it was a good idea to make barrels outta petrified wood of all things?"

Mozart looked down at his feet. "Well… That blows our plan outta the water…"

He then thought up another idea.

"Have any termites that eat petrified wood on ya?" Mozart asked.

"Nope. Looks like we're going through this the old way." Cherri responded back. "But hey, it was worth a shot."

Over at the Popular's scalping, Heidi and Twiggy were summarizing their strategy at each other.

"Okay, so all we gotta do is hop over barrels, huh?" Heidi pondered. "Sounds like my kinda game plan!"

"Oh, yeah." Twiggy agreed. "Think we can double team this? I do the hopping, you do the hammering?"

"Yeah. I think you're skilled enough at hopping for this challenge." Heidi said. "And I can always punch any of the barrels skyward."

"How can you even do that?" Twiggy asked.

"Hey, someone's gotta protect their dads, and my GF from some irate people out there. And who better than me?" Heidi winked.

"But they may be made of petrified wood!" Twiggy relented.

Heidi said nothing as she pulled out a pair of boxing gloves.

"And when did you get those?!" Twiggy questioned.

"They had a sale on boxing gloves at a sporting goods store downtown." Heidi answered back. "How could I not resist?"

Both pairs were at the starting line, awaiting for their part of the challenge to start, as Freight floated down to the four using her hovercraft.

"Okay, teams ready?" Freight said out loud, as the two teams nodded back. "Then… Here we GO!"

The two duos went into their scaplings, as the two Truant officers tossed a barrel downwards. It started to roll towards the duos, as they knew it was coming. They managed to dodge it in time.

Over at the Popular's side, Heidi and Twiggy were going through their challenge with ease.

"Hey, this ain't that difficult!" Heidi grinned.

"We may wanna be careful; we'll be dealing with a low ceiling soon, so jumping may be outta the question." Twiggy warned.

"Maybe for you, but I've got this." Heidi reassured, as she knocked on her football helmet. "I never leave home without it. At least between the months of August to February."

"Technically, you broke that rule when you signed up for the show." Twiggy teased.

"The football fan in me never flickers out between those months." Heidi grinned back as she punched another barrel rolling down. "I'm quite surprised you didn't know that by now."

"In either case, we ready to climb?" Twiggy asked.

"Always." Heidi responded back with a grin.

Meanwhile, with Mozart and Cherri, the two quickly sidled against the wall whenever a barrel came past them.

"Yikes, that one nearly nicked our feet..." Mozart stated.

"Eh, not like it would really matter to me; I'm sporting some pretty tough boots!" Cherri said out loud.

"Tough, how tough?" Mozart questioned.

"Oh, about steel toed tough." Cherri answered back. "I got them when we had that shopping spree after the hospital challenge."

"It does bring out the punk in ya, huh?" Mozart questioned, as he was steamrolled by a barrel. "Ow, my septum..."

"Yeeeaaahhh, we should focus on the challenge, huh?" Cherri asked back, picking Mozart back up.

"Agreed, dudette..." Mozart answered back.

Confessional: Lock, Stock, and Barrel!

Mozart: Yep, I may need a chiropractor, dudes… Who knew barrels could squish you like that?

Cherri: Ya know, I thought of something just now. If we were allowed to bring weapons to take care of those barrels… Then you think I could have brought in a sword of some kind?

Back with Twiggy and Heidi, the two continued to climb, as Heidi noticed something hanging from the ceiling…

A rather large hammer. She instantly took it, and looked over at Twiggy.

"Say, you often help out your dad, right? Then how are you at home improvement?" Heidi asked.

"Oh, I know lots!" Twiggy replied back. "I've even helped out my granddad at-"

Twiggy didn't finish as she was handed over the hammer.

"Perfect, those barrels are falling quicker and quicker. Jumping over them won't work out, we need to start taking them out by force!" Heidi said, punching a barrel that very nearly nicked the both of them.

"Heidi, this hammer you gave me may contain a lot more hammer than you thought." Twiggy replied back.

"Nothin' ain't too much for us! Now, let's go! While Mozart and Cherri are down!" Heidi said, as the two ran through the obstacle. And eventually, they reached the top, where Heidi climbed up the final ladder…

Confessional: Be lucky there isn't a chute at the top…

Heidi: And all I gotta say is… Chris is one naughty boy… -She winks-

At the top, Heidi gave off a smirk, as she laid her eyes on what appeared to be a blow-up doll.

"Wow, Chris… You must be edging for a rather different audience this season." Heidi joked.

The Truant Officer raised an eyebrow. "Heidi… Man, you're quite a tough sport, aren't ya? My barrels didn't even ding ya!"

"Oh, thank you!" Heidi responded back with a smile.

"But you gotta catch me to the top!"

The Truant Officer then grabbed up the blow-up doll and climbed up even higher.

"Hmm… You think that blow-up doll would be a perfect roomate for Steph?" Heidi said to herself, as Twiggy reached the top.

"Heidi, quick! We can think up kinky fantasys later!" Twiggy announced. "After that blow-up doll!"

Heidi blinked in response. "Dude… You're practically the second to last person I expect those words from."

"Then who was the first, hm?" Twiggy gave off a smirk, as she started to climb up the ladder.

Heidi did some thinking, and then shrugged. "Eh, nevermind."

Confessional: Who was it?

Heidi: SPOILER WARNING! It's Drake.

Over on the Geek's side, a battered Mozart reached the top, and saw the blow-up doll on his team. He chuckled a bit.

"Huh… Never thought I would see one of those again..." Mozart pondered. "Not since I saw mommy swimming with one of those bad girls in the pool."

"Man… Gross. Backstories like that shouldn't be allowed in a reality TV environment..." The Truant Officer shivered.

"Er, isn't this the part where you snatch my princess, brah?" Mozart asked.

"Yeah, thanks for reminding me..." The Truant Officer begrudgingly said, as he grabbed up the doll and climbed even further up.

"Ya know, I know someone who can whip up a batch of tea to erase that imagery!" Mozart yelled up as Cherri climbed up.

"Okay, Moz. We gotta continue climbing. The Populars just reached the second floor of this building." Cherri said out loud. "If only we could web-crawl our way up there..."

"Yeah, but I think we be disqualified for that one, dudette." Mozart responded back.

"Crap..." Cherri grumbled.

Both Twiggy and Heidi looked up at the second portion of the scapeling that awaited them.

"Count me wrong, but did we skip two levels in between?" Heidi questioned.

"Ya know… I think so, too." Twiggy replied back. "In either case, we gotta undo whatever's keeping the scapeling together and bring DK down for the count."

"...Annnnnnddd now we should have used Korpse. She may have played Punch Out at some point." Heidi said.

Twiggy raised an eyebrow. "How did you even know..."

"Hey, dad's gotta do something between seasons." Heidi answered back. "In either case, let's bring down a giant ape before he talks about the good ol' days!"

The two started to climb up to the second portion of their obstacle, as Heidi saw what was starting to approach them.

"We may wanna be quick about it, though. Snakes are coming in!" Heidi said out loud.

"Hm? What kinda snakes?" Twiggy asked, undoing one of the scapelings, causing it to start coming loose.

She soon got her answer as what appeared to be animatronic snakes started to inch close to the cheerleader.

"Ooooohhh, right. Those..." Twiggy chuckled to herself, as both she and Heidi climbed up a floor.

The two fought off against the snakes, as they noticed that the Geeks were making some progress at their scapeling.

"We may wanna wrap this up quick; the Geeks are catching up!" Twiggy said out loud.

Heidi looked up at the Truant Officer in the gorilla suit, as a smirk grew on her face.

"Say, Twigz… How hard is one of those suits?" Heidi asked.

"Well, your standard suit is like wearing a-" Twiggy started to say, as she realized what Heidi planned to do. "Oh, no-no-no. You aren't that serious to engage in fisticuffs with someone more bulkier than we are."

"Unless you've got a better game plan in store, it's our best option." Heidi stated.

Twiggy sighed. "Well… Try not to get hurt. Someone like him? I think he can rough someone up real bad if he tried."

"No promises." Heidi grinned, as she started to climb up to the top, to where the Truant Officer dressed in the gorilla outfit was awaiting.

"Heh… Why you've decided to climb up to the top already, I've no clue." The Truant Officer chuckled. "But… I'm afraid you gotta go down now."

"Bring it on, boy." Heidi taunted back, as she got into a fighting pose.

The Truant Officer then got into a fighting pose of his own.

Heidi then got into another fighting pose.

The Truant Officer did the same.

Heidi did another pose.

"Er, are we gonna do this thing?" The Truant Officer questioned.

Heidi looked down slightly to see that Twiggy has undone almost all of the scapelings keeping the structure together.

"I'm just posing like a moron just to distract ya." Heidi grinned.

Twiggy done the final scapeling, as the entire building started to collapse underneath the three.

"Whoa… Good game..." The Truant Officer complimented, as he fell, and landed on some soft padding below.

"And that's game!" Freight announced out loud. "The winners of this portion of the challenge are… The Populars!"

Twiggy joyfully jumped into the air, as she climbed down what remained of the scapeling, and held her hand towards the Truant Officer.

"Hey… No hard feelings, right?" Twiggy asked.

"Nah… That was a real power play you've done. Nicely done!" The Officer responded back.

"So… What's gonna happen to this thing?" Heidi asked, having climbed down while holding the blow-up doll. "I totally don't need it, and I don't think Grace would be too happy seeing me cart around another girl, even if she was inflated and rubbery."

"Hmm… Do we know anyone who's very kinky?" Twiggy asked.

"Not on this show, no." Heidi shook her head. "And I highly doubt we can toss this thing into another Total Drama going on in an alternate universe..."

"Okay, things are totally going all meta." The Officer replied back, walking away. "Good luck with the rest of the challenge, you two!"

Both Heidi and Twiggy looked at each other as Heidi shrugged.

"Hey, don't ask how these kinda things work out. I betchya that in another universe, we're as tall as LEGO figurines living in a rather big world..." Heidi stated.

"You been watching Drake's cartoons… Were ya?" Twiggy asked.

"Errr… Kinda-Sorta..." Heidi admitted.

Confessional: Bigger is better!

Heidi: You think someone out there is using our likeliness for their show? ...Eh, I'll give it a probably.

At the other scapeling, Cherri helped a banged up Mozart out of the challenge and sat him down.

"He fought off a snake…" Cherri explained. "Don't ask."

"Wasn't going to..." Nelson commented.

"And using petrified wood? That is totally unfair." Verna shook her head. "Even my little bro couldn't use that stuff for his projects even if he tried!"

"Okay, at least we can tie the score up with Marissa's knowledge." Xantara said, looking at both Marissa and Verna. "Cause I can sense that Steph isn't a gamer, and she's only dragging along Drake for the ride."

"You think he'll be okay with her?" Verna asked out loud. "Cause I'm starting to think he's being blackmailed the same way I was..."

"Man, that's downright nasty!" Nelson exclaimed. "Someone outta put her in her place!"

"Yeah, we need someone tough… Someone brave… Someone… Sneaky." Moana said.

Cherri grinned, as she elbowed Olivia. "And you're the right person for the job! How about it? You be our sneaky-sneak, and your first piercing is on me, 'kay?"

But Olivia sighed. "Why bother…"

"Because she's using what could be excused for a bad boy to her advantage?" Cherri added. "It's all I've got."

"He ain't no bad boy..." Olivia grumbled. "He's too wimpy to be a bad boy..."

"Marissa! Verna! Drake! Steph!" Chris said out loud. "Please report over to the bus that'll take you to the next destination of this challenge!"

"Welp, here's our cue." Verna grinned. "Hope you guys get everything sorted out!"

Both Verna and Marissa left, as Cherri looked back at Olivia and sighed.

Confessional: Gettin' bugged yet? ...Sorry.

Cherri: Olivia's starting to truly test my patience… I want to help her, but not if she starts to refuse it.

A TV was rolled in for the campers on both teams to watch their respective teammates while they were back at the cottage.

With the Populars team, Heidi walked back to her team with some bowls of popcorn. She passed each bowl of popcorn to her respective teammates, as they thanked the Linebacker, and she sat down.

"Nice, movie night!" Heidi grinned, munching on some popcorn.

"It's still daylight out..." Thunder stated. "That, and we're watching Drake and Steph answer quiz questions."

"But the question is… Why her and Drake?" Twiggy asked. "It doesn't make any sense at all. Would it had been more wise to send Korpse in? She's the gamer of our group."

"True..." Thunder nodded. "But she did apply for the third portion almost instantly, while Steph volunteered to take Drake into the woods..."

"Yeah, something seems awfully fishy here." Heidi stated. "More fishy than those baked lobsters Twiggy made a few days ago. Which I remind everyone is some good eating."

Twiggy smiled back at Heidi. "Thanks, Heidi. But Thunder did his fair share of the work as well."

Thunder blushed in response.

"So, what do we expect to even see for this portion? Steph failing?" Heidi asked. "Cause that's more or less the foregone conclusion."

"Also, by the way… Where's Stella?" Korpse questioned.

Heidi looked around and saw that Stella did indeed wasn't in their group.

"Perhaps she went to get more butter oil for her popcorn." Heidi answered back. "Or something, I dunno."

Meanwhile, Stella was looking around the cottage.

"Okay, where is one of those idol thingies..." Stella pondered to herself. "They're hidden rather well, though."

She continued to look through the cottage, in the hopes of finding one…

With the Geeks, they too were watching the challenge on their TV.

"Marissa and Verna has this in the bag..." Nelson gave off a smile.

Near a large TV monitor, Chris appeared with a grin.

"It's time for Round Two, as 4 of our contestants are heading to a forest outside town!" Chris announced, as on the monitor, a 16 bit version of Drake and Steph, as well as Marissa and Verna were being directed on the map to said location…

"Now, let's check in on our four contestants, as well as Freight..."

Outside the forest, Drake, Steph, Marissa, and Verna exited the bus, as Marissa jumped excitedly.

"A quest in a forest with a quiz inside involving Super Mario RPG… I just can't wait!" Marissa squeed in pure delight.

"Or course you wouldn't, you frizzy haired weird-o..." Steph spoke, sneering at her. "Too bad you won't be sharing the experience with your just as weird boyfriend."

Marissa ignored that insult, as she continued to view the forest in pure awe.

"Good on ignoring that jerk, Marissa." Verna smiled back at her friend. "Honestly, I thought you would go all Meteo on her."

"What, and have her ruin one of my favorite RPGs? This is what I've dreamed of doing since I was a little girl!" Marissa squeed.

"You're equally dumb now than you were as a kid." Steph scoffed.

Marissa did a little thinking, and smirked.

"Did Edward take Bella out into the woods at least once?" Marissa asked, with a smirk.

Steph growled. "Lucky guess..."

Drake looked over at Marissa, and gave off a warm smile.

"Why try to ruin her fun?" Drake asked Steph.

"Dweebs like her? She's such a weirdo like that Leonard retard from Pawkitew." Steph answered back.

"...Did she surpassed Leonard's stay in the game by several episodes?" Drake questioned.

Steph growled. "Marissa just got lucky, that's all."

It didn't take long as Freight soon approached the four.

"Okay, here's the dealio! Drake and Steph go into the left entrance, all while Marissa and Verna go through the right. Now, are there any questions?" Freight asked out loud, as Steph raised her hand. "Yeah, Steph?"

"How do we even answer these questions? You didn't even give us any papers or pencils!" Steph responded back.

"Oh, you won't be needing any pencils for this quiz… At least, that's what Chris told me." Freight admitted. "Now, onwards! Into the forest!"

The two duos ran into their portion of the forest, in the hopes of coming out there with a victory.

With Marissa and Verna, they were running in the forest, as they soon noticed a TV monitor on top of some rocks. Some mushrooms were at the bottom of the monitor.

"Who leaves some kinda TV in the middle of the forest?" Verna asked.

"Maybe it's to do with how we answer the questions..." Marissa pondered.

"Also, how did you know that Edward took Bella out into the forest? The only forced Twilight exposure I've done was watching a Best Of Rifftrax of the first flick." Verna stated, seemingly curious.

"Eh, Steph was right, for once. It was a lucky guess." Marissa shrugged, as she turned on the monitor, and Chris' head appeared on-screen.

"Residents! It's time for the first question of the Super Mario RPG quiz!" Chris announced on screen. "But first… You can see the mushrooms below this monitor. The method of answering these questions is to bite into the mushroom with the answer you think is correct. And you may wanna get the question right, cause eating these mushrooms… They can really mess you up."

"Question!" Verna quickly raised her hand. "I took a mushroom identity course back when I was young. And need I remind everyone that eating wild mushrooms is dangerous, and stupid, and can lead to your death if you don't know what's poisonous or not?"

"I knew someone would bring this up… We homegrew these mushrooms over at McLean Labs, so any adverse effects are just that; minimal." The onscreen Chris continued. "But now, the question! What's the equal HP of both Grate Guy and Knife Guy, the bosses fought at the end of Booster's Tower?"

Marissa did some thinking…

"Hmm… If I remember, Knife Guy had 700 HP, while Grate Guy had 900…" Marissa said, as she counted on her fingers.

"1,600." Verna answered back. "The two together has around 1600 HP. Elementary school stuff, at that."

"Then, let's munch on the shroom with those numbers on it!" Marissa grinned.

Verna then plucked the mushroom that had the number 1600, and took a bite out of it.

"Hmm… Spicy." Verna complimented, as a dinging sound was heard.

"Congrats, you two! You may move on to the next portion of the forest!" Chris said, as the monitor turned off.

"Whoa, you solved that problem like a pro, Verna!" Marissa complimented.

"Like I said, standard Elementary school fare." Verna replied back. "I be expecting a challenge for the first question, not a simple math problem."

"Sounds fair." Marissa nodded back, as the two continued through their portion of the woods.

Meanwhile, with Drake and Steph, they were stopped by their question.

"What's the spells that Axem Pink of the Axem Rangers uses?" Chris said from the monitor.

"Ugh, this is complete bulls***!" Steph yelled out loud. "I don't know who this Axem Pink is, nor do I wanna know!"

"Um… She buys the wrong kind of make-up?" Drake shrugged.

"Ugh, forget that!" Steph yelled out as she plucked a random mushroom, and handed it to Drake. "Now… bottoms up! Or..."

Drake gulped, as he bit into his mushroom…


"Hey… What happened to me?!" Drake yelled out loud, as he at Steph… Who appeared to be larger than usual. "And when did you get that big, Steph?"

Steph looked down to see that Drake has shrunk down to almost 5 inches tall.

"So that's what those mushrooms do..." Steph gave off a smirk. "This'll be fun."

"Fun for you, but not until you realize that you gotta wait until the effect disappears before you can continue on." Chris stated on-screen. "The correct answer was Petal Blast, Recover, and Mega Recover! And it's recommended to take her out first."

"What, you think I care?" Steph scoffed, as she looked down at Drake. "Hmm… You think I be disqualified if I squash you?"

Drake gulped as he ran off, and ducked behind a rather large log.

"Gee, grow a backbone, you dummy. You think I would stoop so low as to commit murder?" Steph continued. "I only destroy lives, not outright take them."

Drake peeked from the log, as…


His body was back to his normal size, as he breathed a sigh of relief.

"There you go. Now you may continue on." Chris said, allowing for the two to move on.

Both Steph and Drake looked at each other, as they ran deeper into the forest.

Confessional: Shrink-Wrapped, much?

Drake: That… Was scary. Very much so! But on the bright side… It did give me some inspiration for a new cartoon idea.

Marissa and Verna ran in the forest, as they reached the second monitor. Marissa turned it on, as Chris appeared on-screen.

"This is your second question! But first, how about a cheer?" Chris offered. "Stick for a body, head full of straw..."

Marissa gave off a grin.

"Give me a scarecrow, rah-rah-rah!" Both Marissa and the on-screen Chris cheered, the both of them brandishing pom-poms.

"Marissa, where did you get those pom-poms?" Verna asked.

"I was doing laundry after our fake swordfight and was about to deliver Twiggy's uniform to her room when Chris announced the challenge." Marissa answered back with a grin. "Hope she doesn't mind me borrowing them, I just couldn't resist after Chris started that cheer!"

"Anyway, what spell is done after Belome does that cheer?" The onscreen Chris questioned.

Verna shrugged, as she took a mushroom and bit into it.

"No two guesses as to what this translates to." Verna stated, as a ding was heard. "Hmm, lemon flavored."

"Correct! S'crow Funk is the right spell name!" Chris announced. "Continue on!"

With the two allowed to move on, they ran even deeper into the forest.

Drake and Steph reached their second monitor, as Steph turned it on.

"Okay, to the duo that turns on this monitor… Answer this question!" Chris announced on-screen. "How much damage does a Star Egg does?"

Drake started to think, as he was pushed aside by Steph.

"Star Egg? Something like that HAS to be powerful." Steph spoke out, as she bit into a mushroom…


Steph blinked as she opened her mouth.

"Oh, what a ripppppp~! 300 HP was the mooooosssstttt~!" Steph sung out loud, almost like an opera singer. "Drake, you idiot, why didn't you tell meeeeeee~?!"

"How am I supposed to know this stuff?" Drake asked, as Steph shoved a mushroom into Drake's mouth…


Drake looked at his body, to see what appeared to be felt.

"Wait, that effect changed me into a Muppet?" Drake asked.

"Yep! And just for the record, the correct answer was 100. You know the drill." Chris answered back.

Steph gave off a glare at Drake. "Nice going, idiotttttt~! Look what you've doneeeee~!"

Drake only walked off, annoyed at Steph's attitude.

Confessional: The Muppets take Total Drama?

Steph: -She is in song- Is this a bad time to say that Martha Bex, cheated on every single math quiz by buying answers off studentssssss~?

Drake: -He is still looking like a Muppet- This has turned into one weird day. First shrinking, then Steph is singing, and I ended up turned into a Muppet… What's next?

Marissa and Verna ran through the forest, reaching the third monitor. Verna turned it on.

"Okay, you know the deal by now. I ask a quiz question, you answer it with the best of your ability." The on-screen Chris said out loud.

"Bring it on..." Verna smirked back, pushing in her glasses. "We answered two of these questions correctly, give us your best shot."

"Who do you defeat first in order to face off against Mad Adder in the Factory?" The monitor blurted out.

Verna did some thinking, as she took one of the mushrooms, and bit into it…

"Verna, wait!" Marissa cried out as...


Verna blinked, as she looked over at Marissa.

"Vern, you gotta defeat Cloaker first in order to face off against Mad Adder..." Marissa stated, as she could see that Verna was looking at her, and blushing. "Verna?"

"You… are so hot!" Verna grinned. "What with that beret, and your large knockers."

Marissa looked down at her chest. "Er, I'm only a C-Cup. No big deal, really."

"And your glasses..." Verna continued to blush, as she looked at Marissa lovingly.

"Verna… I… This is an effect of the mushroom, is it?" Marissa asked.

"Mushroom, Shushroom, let's make out!" Verna said, as she took Marissa by the shirt.

"Whoa, Vern-" Marissa tried to say, as she was brought into a kiss by Verna. It lasted for a while, as the mushroom effect started to wear off…

Verna immediately opened her eyes.

"Whoa, God!" Verna shouted out loud, stepping away from Marissa. "I am so VERY sorry! I didn't know what came over me!"

"I can only assume it was due to that mushroom. It apparently made you Bi for a minute." Marissa replied back. "At least, I think. These are some pretty odd mushrooms, to be honest."

"Still, I am very sorry… You don't think Ellis will kill me for kissing you, do you?" Verna asked.

But Marissa shook her head. "Naaaahhh… Besides, my heart's set on him."

She then smirked at her friend.

"You are a good kisser, though." Marissa teased.

"Eh, bite me." Verna smirked back.

Confessional: This may get the fanartists hearts racing…

Verna: You know… Perhaps I am. -Grins- And for the record, that tainted mushroom tasted like cherries, for some odd reason.

Marissa: To borrow from her book… That was such a sweet kiss! Though it didn't make her confused or anything.

With Drake, back to a human, and Steph, they approached another monitor, as Drake switched it on.

"Okay, you duo! Here's your third question! What Nintendo character was in Booster's Tower and in what form?"

Steph scoffed, as she went to a mushroom, and plucked it.

"That's too easy. Apparently the answer is Tard-achu." Steph answered back, as she bit into the mushroom…

"Um, Steph?" Drake tried to warn her, but...


Drake facepalmed himself. "There's more than Pikachu in Nintendo… Even I knew that before the show."

Steph blinked, as she looked around the forest, and eyed a nearby camera.

"Whoa… Did you dorks know that Freight has a tattoo of a pinecone on her butt?" Steph said out loud. "And that Chris got food poisoning at Amy's Baking Company?"

"Um, Steph? I highly doubt any of that ever happened..." Drake replied back. "At least, not the food poisoning one."

"And that my younger sister who was given up for adoption is blind? She was useless to us..." Steph continued.

"Steph, your family is… Look, you better stop." Drake warned. "You'll make certain people upset."

"One of my clique's members, Chelsea? We were only using her for all of these years..." Steph continued, ignoring Drake in her mushroom-enduced state. "She's nothing but a rat lovin' moron! And I would LOVE to see her get humiliated..."

"Steph… Stop. You've already ticked off so many rat fans… Or one in particular." Drake said out loud as Steph pointed at him.

"And you, Drake… You're an autistic moron!" Steph continued still. "And maybe Olivia, I dunno..."

Drake shook off that taunt, as he looked over at the monitor.

"Chris, what do I do? She's blabbing out all sorts of secrets." Drake said out loud.

"While I would be happy to help, I'm back at the cottage, while you're in the woods." The Chris on-screen replied back. "And the answer is Samus Aran in toy form."

The monitor switched off, as Steph blinked again, seemingly coming to her senses.

"Okay, what the hell was that?!" Steph questioned angerly, pointing at Drake. "Did I say anything incriminating? Tell me..."

Drake did some thinking. If his secret was exposed by pure accident… That means she has nothing to blackmail him over anymore…

"No, nothing too bad..." Drake lied. "Just stuff about butt tattoos, and cake. That's all..."

"Hm, I see..." Steph said, doing some thinking.

Confessional: Welp, there goes Steph's plan.

Drake: If my secret got exposed… Then I am of no use to Steph now. That means I'm free of her alliance… -He smiles- I'm free of her control… And Chelsea? If you're hearing this… Get outta Steph's clique... You deserve a lot better.

Freight: For the record, that tat of a pinecone? I totally got that thanks to a dare. -She winks-

Chris: I would have hired her for the show, but after tasting her cooking… Yeah, I may be a sadist, but that's just beyond levels of cruelty that even I can't stomach… Literally!

Marissa and Verna ran in the woods, as they reached yet another monitor, to which Marissa turned on.

"Okay, Chris… Give it to us..." Marissa grinned.

Soon enough, Chris appeared on the monitor with a wide grin.

"Greetings, you two! Here's the fifth question!" The on-screen Chris announced. "How much does an Ultra Hammer increase Mario's Attack stat?"

Both Marissa and Verna did some thinking.

"Hmm… You know, Marissa?" Verna asked.

"Hell if I knew; I always went for the Lazy Shell after Nimbus Land." Marissa answered back. "And that's the strongest weapon in the game."

"So, guess we're taking a shot in the dark for this one." Verna nodded, as she looked at the mushrooms presented in front of them. "Hmm… Part of me wants to go for 100, but I think that's what Chris wants us to think."

"Hmm… How about we go for 90?" Marissa asked.

"You're a smart girl, Marissa." Verna agreed. "Okay, going for the shroom labeled 90."

She plucked it, and bit into it.

"Hm, vanilla." Verna said, swallowing the mushroom as a dinging sound was heard.

"Correct! I'm quite surprised you knew that." Chris said from the monitor.

"Hey, just one question… How do you know if we get these questions right or wrong?" Marissa asked.

The on-screen Chris blinked, as the monitor turned off. Marissa then turned towards Verna.

"Should we try to figure out anything on this show?" Marissa questioned Verna.

"Eh, this show had a non-lethal bear mauling, a homeschooled kid rockin' the Gollum look, a rich girl suddenly becoming mutated, people in gas bubbles..." Verna listed off. "Whatever the hell Sugar's on..."

"Yeah, not worth our time." Marissa shrugged slightly as the duo continued on their way.

With Drake and Steph, they reached the fourth monitor, as Steph turned it on.

"Hey, you two! Here's your fourth question!" The on-screen Chris announced.

"Pfft, not like it matters anyway." Steph scoffed. "This entire deal was stupid."

"How much does a Muku Cookie heal?" The on-screen Chris questioned.

The two of them looked at their options, as the two plucked what they thought was the right answer. Drake held a mushroom marked '69' and Steph held a mushroom marked '30'.

"Or course someone like you would pick 69." Steph smirked. "Well, bottoms up!"

Drake simply shrugged, and bit into the mushroom…

"...Nothing." Drake blinked. "I thought I be seeing visions of cartoons nearby..."

"Wait, seriously?" Steph questioned.

"Annnnnnddd Drake is correct! The correct answer IS 69! You may move on." Chris announced, as the monitor switched off.

"You gotta be kidding..." Steph muttered as she bit into her mushroom…

"Steph, don't!" Drake yelled out.


Drake looked down at Steph to see that the mushroom turned her into a plush doll.

"Don't you DARE laugh, Drake!" Steph tried to yell out. "Can you even hear me yell at you?!"

Drake started to walk towards the Steph plushie, as what appeared to be a white marsupial started to approach the Steph plushie. It got close to it, and sniffed the plushie.

"Steph? Don't move..." Drake started to say, as he remembered her current situation. "Okay, bad choice of words..."

"Yeah, real smooth, genius. Now get this rodent away from me!" Steph ordered. "Right, can't hear me right now..."

"But… There may be a cuscus near you." Drake warned.

"I don't care if it's a fukfuk, rid of this vile beast!" Steph ordered.

The cuscus continued to observe Steph, as it hopped on top of Steph's head…

"Get OFF me!" Steph tried to yell out, as she felt that she was now… wet. "Did… Did that thing just… EEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW!"


Steph was back to normal, as the cuscus lept off Steph's head and ran off.

"Why didn't you prevent that from happening?!" Steph yelled at Drake.

"Hey, it's a wild animal; you treat them and their homes with respect!" Drake responded back as he started to do some think. "Though why one is around here is beyond me… They are not indigenous around here, like at all."

"Ugh, let's get this challenge over with." Steph growled, as the two continued on.

Confessional: Be free to pee!

Drake: You may be wondering how I know about such an obscure animal… Well, I've done some research on some animal-based cartoons, and they often use the more common types. I want to be unique, so I did some research… And the cuscus is obscure enough to have some confused eyebrows raising.

Marissa and Verna were running in the forest, as they reached the fifth monitor. Marissa turned it on.

"Greetings! This is the final monitor with the question you've gotta answer!" Chris said on-screen.

"To be honest, these questions were kinda easy." Marissa shrugged.

"Now… What's the combined HP of Culex and all of his crystals?" Chris questioned.

Marissa and Verna looked at each other.

"Okay, you're the math expert here. Can you count some numbers for me?" Marissa asked.

"Certainly." Verna smiled back.

"Okay, so the big honcho itself has 4,096 HP. The Earth Crystal has 3,200 HP, the Fire Crystal has 2,500 HP, the Water Crystal has 1,800 HP, and the Wind Crystal has 800 HP." Marissa explained.

"Wow, you weren't kidding when you said you know this game frontwards and back." Verna complimented. "And the combined HP together would be 12,396 HP."

Marissa nodded, and grabbed up a mushroom with those numbers on it, and bit into it.

"Mmm, chocolate." Marissa smiled.

"Annnnnddd correct!" Chris sported a grin onscreen, as the screen went off.

"Now, quick! Onwards to victory!" Verna said, as the two started to run towards the exit of the forest.

Drake and Steph reached their final monitor, as Drake turned it on.

"Hey, you two! It's time for your final question for this portion of the challenge!" Chris announced on-screen.

"And thank God for that! I smell like rodent pee!" Steph pointed at the screen.

"What do you get if you try to have Yoshi swallow a boss?" Chris asked.

Drake looked at the mushrooms, shrugged, and plucked one, biting into it. A dinging sound was heard.

"And the correct answer is indeed Yoshi Candy!" Chris announced. "You gotta fight it out in boss battles."

The montior switched off, as the two started to run through the forest. It appeared that the exit from the forest was getting close.

"Why did I think this was a good idea?" Steph asked. "I should have brought Korpse instead..."

"Don't sweat it, Steph. Soon, we'll be back at the cottage, and you can shower that pee off you." Drake reassured.

The two soon exited the forest, as they saw Freight standing there. But both Marissa and Verna were awaiting the two of them.

"Annnnnddd there they are; the latecomers!" Freight announced. "Yeah, you two stood no chance against all of those penalties."

She then sniffed the air.

"Also, whoa… What the hell happened that caused you to smell like pee?" Freight continued.

"A zoo escapee peed on my hair while I was in a mushroomed state..." Steph growled.

"Eh, a friend taught me some tricks that'll knock that off. Maybe I can give Naki-" Freight suggested, but…

"Nope! I don't want no amateur touching my hair." Steph responded back.

"Welp, it's your locks." Freight shrugged. "In either case, Marissa and Verna won this portion with gusto!"

Both Verna and Marissa gave off a high-five.

"And now, we make haste back to the cottage, and we pick up the final four for this challenge." Freight finished.

The five boarded the bus, as a certain cuscus approached the bus, and hopped under the bus… Unknown to the five onboard, there was a furry stowaway underneath…

Back at the cottage, everyone was either cheering, groaning, or giggling at what happened to their teams.

With the Populars, they knew they lost that portion of the challenge. But it didn't matter to them.

"Heh, it's nice to see that white rodent take a piss on Steph's head..." Heidi giggled.

"Marsupial, actually." Korpse corrected.

"Ah, that." Heidi replied back.

"I gotta admit, Marissa's cheer was rather cute." Twiggy complimented.

"Yeah, gotta give her credit; she's passionate about her hobbies." Thunder nodded back.

Soon enough, Stella was back, as she sat back down.

"Hey, Stella? Where you run off to? You missed the show!" Korpse said out loud.

"Yeeeaahh, I was kinda busy." Stella quickly replied back.

"Busy ain't half the word for it." Heidi interrupted. "Steph… Well, she admitted that your man's autistic."

Stella gulped. "Oh, dear… How did Drake take it?"

"Surprising well." Thunder answered back. "Hell, even I didn't know that he was autistic…"

"Yeah, he hid his secret rather well." Stella replied back.

"Steph also admitted to saying that they used some girl named Chelsea. Think that name could fit well for someone in a clique of catty girls?" Thunder continued on.

"Beats me..." Twiggy replied back.

Stella did some thinking, and smiled to herself.

Confessional: Stella has a plan! This could be huge…

Stella: I'm starting to think Steph has no ammo left. Now may be the time to take her down… Gee, is this how the game's truly played?

Over on the Geek's side, the team cheered out loud, seeing that Verna and Marissa won their portion of the challenge.

"Whoa, that was wicked!" Mozart grinned visibly. "Both Verna and Marissa nailed it!"

"Ellis must be grinning from ear to ear, proud of his girl..." Moana agreed.

"Just one more round, and we win!" Cherri cheered out loud. "With both Nelson and Xantara behind the wheel, this'll be a piece of cake!"

"I'm hoping we both lose..." Olivia grumbled.

Cherri looked at Olivia, her head shaking.

"Why bother with victory, when you know you're gonna lose at the end..." Olivia muttered.

"Okay, that does it!" Cherri yelled out, as she glared at Olivia. "Olivia, you can drop with the woe-is-me attitude!"

"Who's moping around? I'm just stating the obvious." Olivia responded back.

"Ever since yesterday's challenge, all you did was mope around, moaning about your loss love. I tried to help you, Drake and Stella tried to help you, but you just pushed them away. Well, I have to tell you this. Not all bad boys will come crawling to your lap. You may have loved Sting, but get the hint; Sting DOESN'T LIKE YOU-LIKE YOU BACK. You have to face those facts and move on! And you can also quit it with the bitching and the whining. Cause if you don't… I'm afraid I'll have to drop you from my life. Meaning… You'll never escape from your dead-end town, you'll never have that funky hair color, you'll never get that nose ring you desire, and you'll never get inked from ankle to your neck. Do you understand me?" Cherri scolded, trying not to raise her voice.

But Olivia rolled her eyes. "Who asked for your input?"

"Ugh!" Cherri yelled, throwing her arms in the air.

Xantara, looking at the two, started to say something, but Olivia gave off a hard glare at the New Age girl.

"Nelson! Xantara! Stella! And Korpse!" Chris announced over the intercom. "Please report over to the bus for your portion of the challenge!"

Xantara and Nelson got up, but not before Xantara looked at Cherri.

"Cherri, please try to help Olivia out. Her aura's beyond expelling anger and sorrow." Xantara said out loud.

"I'll see what I can do, but she's seriously testing my patience..." Cherri replied back.

On the way to the bus, both Drake and Stella passed by each other.

"Psst, if we end up at the Garden… I've got a plan." Stella quickly whispered.

Drake nodded, almost understanding, as Stella boarded the bus with Korpse.

The bus drove in town, and stopped at what appeared to be a go-kart track in the town. The four exited to see two go-karts, almost designed like the kind from Double Dash.

"Whoa, racing for realsies!" Korpse sported a grin.

"Yeah, indeedly so!" Nelson added.

"By the way, you gonna be able to keep your back unharmed?" Korpse asked Stella.

"I'm sure I can keep my back safe." Stella smiled back.

"Good, cause I don't wanna accidentally harm ya, what with your skinart recovering and all." Korpse responded.

Xantara blinked. "Um, explain to me what's going on? I am all sorts of confused."

"Grace had to give Stella here a tattoo for her anti-talent the other day." Korpse explained. "Naturally for someone without any artistic talent, it came out rather messy. Then Cherri stepped in and done a rather nifty touch-up job."

"I am rather surprised I managed to hang in there." Stella admitted.

"Yeah, Cherri knows her stuff!" Nelson chuckled, as Freight walked off the bus.

"Okay, you four! It's time for Temp Host Freight to explain this thing. First off, it's already a given that you will be racing on go-karts." Freight said out loud. "But here's a bit of a twist!"

"Why are we not surprised?" Korpse snarked back.

"Hey, we been on this show for a couple weeks. We're used to this stuff by now." Nelson replied back.

"The driver of this challenge will be racing… Blindfolded!" Freight continued. "All while your teammate on the back sends out directions and warning you about any obstacles in the way. But be forewarned, that taking your blindfold off automatically disqualifies you… Or it does when you cross the finish line."

"That's a given, but what kind of obstacles?" Xantara asked.

"Oh, the usual. Banana peels, oil slicks, spike strips… The usual." Freight shrugged.

"Aren't these karts rentals?" Nelson spoke up. "Cause it says Poutine Rentals on the back of those karts."

"Oh, in either case, scratch the spike strips." Freight replied back. "Now, choose who shall drive, and who shall belt out the directions."

Nelson looked over at Xantara. "Xan, you wanna give out directions?"

"Sure, but are you gonna be okay? It's a vehicle based challenge, and being that your sister-" Xantara started to say, as Nelson held his hand up.

"I gotta face my fear head-on..." Nelson replied back.

"But aren't you gonna be blindfolded?" Xantara asked.

"Well, I'm gonna have the wind being blasted on my face. So it still counts… Right?" Nelson shrugged back.

With Stella and Korpse, the two looked at each other with a grin.

"Since there's gonna be no shells being lobbed at each other, you wanna dish out your inner GPS while I slam down on the pedal?" Korpse offered.

"You got it, Korpse!" Stella replied back with a smile.

"Also, in the off chance we do lose, I'm thinking we should vote for Steph." Korpse suggested. "Think you can rope your boy into voting for us?"

"Well, being that he's free from Steph's control now, it shouldn't be no problem." Stella responded back with a warm smile.

"Looks like we got a plan." Korpse gave off a grin. "But first, let's give my boy the race of his life."

The two duos were now at the starting line, both Nelson and Korpse were behind the wheel, blindfolded, while Xantara and Stella were on the back, ready to give out directions as Freight used her hovercraft and floated above them, holding onto a fishing pole with a traffic light at the end.

"Okay, you four ready?" Freight announced. "Here we go! 3! 2! 1! GO!"

Nelson and Korpse stepped on the gas, as they started to ride their karts through the track.

"Left! Right!" Xantara shouted out loud.

"Keep hanging a right, Korpse!" Stella also said to her partner.

The two soon ended up encountering their first obstacle.

"Okay, we got some banana peels coming our way, Nelson. One on the left! Hang a right!" Xantara instructed, as Nelson banked to the right. "Now one to the right! Go left!"

"Take it easy, Korpse. Go right!" Stella instructed Korpse. "Left! Keep in this lane! Now go right!"

It didn't take long, but the four were now past the banana peel obstacle.

"Okay, heading to the next obstacle now..." Xantara said out loud. "Keep it steady, Nel!"

The two drivers nodded, as they continued to drive, as the next obstacle presented itself…

"Um, why is that black ball and chain… barking?" Stella asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Methinks our next obstacle is a Chain Chomp." Korpse answered back.

"Oooooohhhh..." Stella said, at Korpse's answer.

Confessional: Insert Dogsong here…

Stella: Not to mention that thing was kinda huge, for starters…

Xantara looked over at the Chain Chomp, and shivered.

"Um, Nel? You may wanna coast left..." Xantara suggested.

Nelson, in return, listened to Xantara's instructions, and went left.

"Okay, we're past those guys, probs. What's next?" Nelson asked out loud, keeping on driving.

Xantara looked further and saw some black puddles on the track.

"Next up? Oil slicks. Just keep on following my directions, 'kay?" Xantara answered back. "Okay, go to the right..."

Nelson obliged as he done so.

"We got puddles of oil coming up." Stella warned. "Go right, left, then keep hanging left."

Korpse nodded in response as she done so, but sliding a bit when she accidentally ran over the side of a puddle.

"Okay, we're past the puddles! Now it's just a straight-shot to the finish line." Stella said out loud. "Stomp on the gas, Korpse!"

Korpse grinned. "Oh, I can provide some speed for ya."

Xantara could see that Stella and Korpse were catching up fast.

"Step on it, Nel! Your GF and her friend's catching up on us!" Xantara said out loud.

Nelson nodded, as he started to drive, as Korpse and Stella started to catch up.

"Okay, Korpse! We're inching close to the finish line! Just manage to get the lead, and we should be steady." Stella suggested.

The two karts went back and forth, exchanging the lead, as the two karts seemingly crossed the finish line first…

"And there we have it!" Freight announced. "We're gonna have to slow things down, to see who did cross first..."

The two duos parked their karts, as they hopped off. Nelson and Korpse removed their blindfolds, as they gave off a look at each other, then started to laugh.

"I'm not sure who came in first, but that was some race, huh?" Nelson said out loud.

"Yeah, your turning skills were on the dot!" Korpse complimented.

"And the way you handled that Chain Chomp… So very cool..." Nelson continued, as Korpse grabbed Nelson's hand, and gave him a peck on the cheek, with Stella and Xantara letting out a chuckle.

"Okay, guys. I slowed down the footage." Freight said out loud, interrupting the two lovebirds. "And the winner by a mere nose-hair is..."

"Nelson and Xantara!" Freight finished with a wide grin. "And with them nailing this victory, alongside Marissa and Verna earlier, that makes them today's big winners!"

Both Xantara and Nelson cheered and hugged each other, with Stella and Korpse smiling at the two friends.

"Um… Maybe I should have Chris done the official stuff." Freight admitted. "Either case, Stella? Korpse? Your teammates may already know this, but you've got until night to pick who to send home."

Stella nodded. "We completely understand..."

Confessional: It's time to send someone packing.

Stella: Okay, I've planned for this, in the off-chance something like this would happen. But maybe this is our chance to take out Steph. If only to prevent her from causing anymore damage. Maybe it's time for a meeting in the basement. Hopefully I can convince Heidi to come.

Giggling Gryphons, about an hour later...

In the living room of the cottage, the team was celebrating their victory with their prize…

A cake.

"Okay, I am all sorts of lost." Xantara said out loud. "What does a cake have to do with today?"

"It's simple, dudette. Our main man Mario keeps on getting invited over to Peach's wicked digs for cake, only for Bowser to show up." Mozart explained, feeding some bits of cake to Woodstock, who was perched on his shoulder.

"Yeah, and our parents most likely whipped his butt several times, and passed their skills down to us." Nelson added. "Or older sibling, what have you."

"Almost like Egg Moves… Or not." Verna said, giving off a shrug. "I would explain, but you would be all sorts of confused."

"Not me." Marissa stated, fiddling with her glasses. "I get what you're saying, Vern."

"You can add me in that equation, babe." Mozart joined in. "I'm willing to know everything about Egg Moves."

Nelson silently raised his hand. "Hey, sis is also a gamer. So I maaaaayy have picked up some skill from her."

Verna sighed playfully. "You make me so proud, you dummies…"

With Olivia, she gave off a glance at Sting and Moana, sharing cake with each other. With a growl, she got up and grabbed up her cake.

"If you want me for something, don't bother, cause I ain't listening..." Olivia stated, as she left the room.

Cherri shook her head, in shame.

"Man, you've been such a sauerkraut today..." Cherri said to herself. "When are you gonna learn that Sting is totally out of your league?"

She then looked over at Sting and Moana.

"Hmm… Maybe that one friend of Sting's can be Olivia's bad boy? He does fit the bad boy type in more ways than one." Cherri pondered. "Or maybe Moana knows someone who's a true punk dude?"

Confessional: You're bad!

Cherri: Then again, I'm thinking too deep. That, or I think Olivia isn't mature enough for a bad boy right now. Or any boy for now.

The Cottage's Basement

In the dank basement, Drake, Stella, and Korpse were in there, having a bit of a meeting.

"So, what's going on?" Korpse asked, as Stella poured the goth girl a glass of lemonade.

"Well, we wanna arrange a plan. And we're waiting for Heidi to arrive." Stella explained. "I hope this works, considering the last meeting we had together… Well, it didn't pan out so well."

"What happened?" Korpse asked.

"Things kinda got complicated after that one night we voted off Grace." Stella answered back.

"Oh… OH!" Korpse gave off a grin. "I get what you're saying."

"Speaking of which..." Stella said, as the door opened, and Heidi stepped in.

"Okay, I'm all for meetings and all, but dragging us down to a creepy basement?" Heidi questioned.

"It was the only place which Steph couldn't expect to look." Stella admitted.

"What if she pulls some kinda HAL-9000 crap on us?" Heidi asked. "Or what if she bugged Stella's lemonade?"

The three of them blinked at the Linebacker.

"Oh, I got my ways." Korpse gave off a smirk. "Think I would be ejected if I hacked the cellar's camera footage and played a continuous loop of Freight dancing in the basement?"

Drake shook his head. "Steph's busy with Thunder and Twiggy… That won't be necessary. And Stella checked the lemonade before she gave it to us… It's clean as clean could be."

"Yeah, and besides, wouldn't Freight kill ya if you pulled that security cam stuff off? Knowing her luck, she probs has a Black Belt Freight persona within her." Heidi added.

Korpse sighed. "Good point."

"Well, gotta give ya brownie points for trying." Stella said, as she looked at her fellow three teammates. "Now, then. We all know what we're here for."

"Eh, not really. You had Drake pass me a message, saying to meet us in the basement." Heidi stated.

"Well, I should tell you why. We wanna rid ourselves of Steph." Stella continued, as she looked at Drake. "Drake, I already know your history with her."

Drake nodded. "Correct. She had blackmail on me for my autism, which got spread out accidentally earlier during the challenge..."

Both Heidi and Korpse were wide-eyed at that response.

"Wait… She blackmailed you due to your autism?" Heidi asked, as Drake nodded. "What a bitch! Well, she was already a bitch before… But she's a Kame-Hame-Ha kinda bitch!"

"Stella already knew before Steph admitted it." Drake continued.

"Hey, how long were you blackmailed, anyway?" Korpse asked.

"Ever since before the baby challenge. I tried to stand up to her after she forced Verna to demean autistics like me, but she turned the tables back at me." Drake admitted. "Then she tried to show me her… boobs."

The three of them went wide-eyed.

"Well, almost. Chris interrupted her before she had a chance to take her top off." Drake stated.

Heidi gave off a sigh, as she crossed her arms and pouted. "Lucky… I never got a chance to see Grace's bewbs in the flesh yet."

"Heidi, Steph never took her top off." Korpse corrected.

"Oh… Yeah." Heidi chuckled.

"Drake… Why didn't you tell me this sooner?" Stella asked, gently.

"I… Didn't want you mad at me..." Drake answered. "I like you more than her..."

Stella nodded. "Drake, I know you were trying to stand up for her, and you got caught under her fire, so I perfectly understand."

Drake gave off a sweet smile at his friend.

"Since we're also talking about that bitch, I should admit that she wrote that note, which then drove my boyfriend to finding a non-existent flower during the mage challenge, which nearly had him horribly injured." Korpse interrupted. "I am thankful I stepped in in time."

"Yikes..." Drake muttered.

"Yikes, indeed. First Verna, then Drake, and then Nelson…" Heidi muttered. "Is that how she gets her jollies?! How many more people have to suffer at her hands until she's fully satisfied?!"

"Well, the cool Asians, the burnouts, the jocks, the coolest peeps you'll ever meet..." Korpse listed off. "And possibly the worst. I… am quite surprised I remembered all of that."

"Which is… Us four." Heidi stated. "Well, we're not exactly burnouts, Korpse is the lone Asian among us, I'm a jock... But the point still stands."

"And none of us are cool enough to fit in the cool category?" Korpse teased.

"In either case, we know what we must do." Stella continued. "This is our chance. If we take out Steph, then the rest of the game is more or less peaceful! Now, I know Drake and Korpse is with me on this one. But how about it, Heidi? You wanna join our alliance?"

Heidi gave off a look at the three, and smiled.

"You got yourself a squad member." Heidi said. "Besides, I now have a hunch that Steph voted off my girlfriend. I'm willing to go mano-a-mano against her."

She then looked over at Drake.

"And Drake? Sorry that I've ever doubted ya." Heidi apologized. "I admit that my emotions weren't there that night. But that's all in the past. But for now... Let's take out that mean girl."

Drake smiled back at Heidi. "Yeah… Lets."

Confessional: I wonder how this would fit in a certain movie…

Heidi: Ya know, if this was the animal world, I could pounce on our team's resident Regina George and do the kinda wolverine stuff National Geographic wouldn't be allowed to show on camera. But being this is stupid reality, which also counts as Girl World… I'll have to do things the normal way. -She pouts- Reality can be such a killjoy sometimes...

Elsewhere, in the Garden…

Steph gathered both her, Thunder, and Twiggy to the garden, in order to discuss their plan.

"So, you all know why we're here… Right?" Steph asked.

"Yeah, we gotta take out one of those four." Thunder answered back.

"Correct. And now, we gotta discuss on who." Steph continued on.

"Well, if we go by the Brain, Brawn, and Beauty demographic… Korpse is a bit of a smartie. Heck, she mentions her streams every now and then. Heidi is one heck of a powerhouse, and Stella? Well, she does know how to rock the star look." Twiggy gave off a smile.

"Which is why we take out Drake. He's gaining more and more confidence, which will spell doom for us if he decides to take any of us on." Steph stated.

"That, and he is pals with Stella..." Thunder pondered. "Okay, we'll vote for him."

"Good. And besides, I remember that you are fighting for what you believe in. Thunder, you're proving to everyone that doubted you. Twiggy, you're playing for your deceased mom. What does Drake have, besides being tall, and handsome?"

"You kinda left out the dark bit." Twiggy interrupted, giggling a little.

"In either case, just vote for Drake, and we'll see to it that our time in the game is still in the works." Steph instructed, as she took her leave., as both Thunder and Twiggy looked at each other.

"Are we sure about this?" Twiggy asked.

"Well, we're in an alliance..." Thunder replied back. "Yeah, I'm sure."

"In either case, I'm 100% with you every step of the way..." Twiggy said, giving off a smile.

"Thank you." Thunder nodded back.

Confessional: Would Drake's clothes count as being "dark"? I dunno…

Steph: Little did they know… I've got a secret weapon at my disposal…

The Garden

The Populars were hanging in the Garden, awaiting for Chris to arrive. Currently, they were busy with their own devices. Korpse was gaming, Drake was drawing, Heidi was balancing a football, and both Thunder and Twiggy looked over at Drake…

"Residents! Welcome back to the Garden!" Chris announced, suddenly appearing out of nowhere.

Nearly everyone was spooked by Chris' appearance.

"Ugh, you made me mess up..." Drake sighed, as he began to erase part of his sketch.

"As you can tell, you ended up taking the wrong Warp Pipe… And you're back here, again. You know the deal, I ask questions, you vote, the works." Chris continued on. "First… Drake! How does it feel, now that your secret's out in the open?"

Thunder blinked. "Um, when that happen? I went to the bathroom during that part of the challenge..."

Drake sighed. "I am scared, or course… But that isn't the point. I'm more worried about this Chelsea girl Steph mentioned during her stupor."

"Chelsea? Who's this Chelsea?" Twiggy asked.

"Oh, just a friend." Steph shrugged.

"Right… Okay, second off, Steph! You suffered a lot during your portion of the challenge. How will you play better next time?" Chris asked.

"Well, first off… Not jump into a challenge which I don't have any experience in." Steph answered back.

"And finally… Heidi! Think you've got a good feeling about tonight?" Chris asked the Linebacker.

Heidi gave off a grin. "I'm practically at the End-Zone. All I can do is hope that tonight, all goes well, and we take out the one holding our team back!"

"Right. In either case, you're free to vote now." Chris gave off a final nod.

Confessional: Vote Time! Make yours count!

Stella: Voting for Steph. Now with most of her power gone, we can take her out, and try to make a dent in the other team.

Drake: Steph… Your reign of terror is at an end. Once you're finished, I'm finding this Chelsea, and I'll try to get her to accept her into my group...

Thunder: Drake… Sorry to do this, bud. But this is how the alliance goes.

Steph: Who am I voting for? Well, that's a huge secret!

Once the last voter (Heidi) returned, Chris arrived with a plate of seven bags of chips.

"Okay, you know the deal. Name gets called, you get a bag of chips-" Chris started to say.

"Chris? I hate to interrupt, but I wanna play this right here." Stella said out loud, holding up a Chris Idol. "But I wish to play it on Drake, instead."

Drake looked over at Stella, to which she gave off a wink.

"Trust me, pal." Stella whispered back to Drake.

Chris inspected the idol closely.

"The rules of Geeks VS Popluars state that if this idol is real, any votes played against that person is null. This..."

"...Is the real Chris Idol. Therefore, any votes used on Drake do not count!" Chris announced.

Stella smiled, as she sat next to Drake.

"Stella? That was your plan?" Drake whispered.

"Yeah… Found it in a rather out-of-place mound of clothes." Stella answered back truthfully.

"Now, if there aren't-" Chris tried to continue on, but…


Steph snapped her fingers.

"I believe I want to play THIS right here." Steph said out loud, as she pulled out another Chris Idol.

Korpse gave off a growl at the Chris Idol being exposed as the host inspected it.

"I needn't explain the rules of the Chris Idol after one's been played." Chris said out loud. "But… This is a genuine article. Therefore, any votes played on Steph are now void!"

"Ugh!" Korpse moaned in frustration, as Steph sat back down.

"How? Where?" Heidi asked out loud.

"Not that it matters now, but I found it in Freight's drawers, while she was taking a shower..." Steph admitted.

"Well, that explains how you knew about the pinecone tattooed on her butt..." Heidi muttered.

"Now, if there aren't anymore idols being played..." Chris started to say, as Heidi raised her hand.

"Can we play Stella as an Idol?" Heidi asked.

"Heidi..." Stella replied back.

"Well, we be wasting our time, being she isn't made of wood, and she isn't as hot as me. But in either case, the first chip bags go to Drake and Steph." Chris said out loud, giving the bags of chips to the tall sweetie and the cold hearted jerk.

"Heidi… You're safe too."

"Stella, you live to sing another day."

"Korpse, you can keep playing on."

Soon, it was down to Thunder and Twiggy. The two of them were nervous, as they held each other's hands…

"Thunder… Twiggy… This is the final bag of chips for the night… This determines your safety. And the one who's safe is gonna be..."


Thunder went wide-eyed as he heard his name.

"What?! Why vote for Twiggy?" Thunder asked, knowing his crush was already out.

"I'm afraid that's how it goes sometimes, Thunder." Chris answered back.

"Yeah, and besides… You're a tough guy. I'll be fine at the Playa, I promise." Twiggy reassured.

"You promise?" Thunder asked.

"I swear to it." Twiggy raised her hand.

"In either case, if anyone wants to see Twiggy off, feel free to do so." Chris instructed. "As for everyone else, you're all safe… For now."

At the Dock, Thunder, Drake, and Heidi were seeing the cheerleader off.

"I'm… Not sure what to say." Drake said out loud.

"Yeah, I gotta agree with him. Who knew that this vote would go off the rails?" Heidi questioned. "But man, this royally sucks! I wanted to know how to make the perfect lobster quiche!"

Twiggy chuckled. "I'm afraid that'll have to wait a bit, Heidi. But before I teach ya, you keep on fighting for your girl."

Heidi nodded. "Always. I ain't sent to the showers yet!"

Twiggy then looked over at Drake.

"Drake, you're tougher than you think you are. Remember that, okay?" Twiggy advised with a smile.

Drake gave off a nod. "I will..."

"And Thunder… I guess I should leave you with this..."

Thunder raised an eyebrow. "Leave me with what?"

He was soon taken in for a quick kiss from Twiggy, to which the two blushing teens soon separated.

"Okay, it's time for me to go." Twiggy said out loud, as she boarded the boat. But not before looking over at Heidi and Drake. "Also, you two! Protect Thunder; make sure he doesn't do anything that may harm his ribs any more than they are, okay?"

"You can count on me, Twigz!" Heidi saluted.

Drake nodded in response, as the boat started to set off, removing Twiggy from the game officially. Thunder stood there, doing a bit of thinking.

"I don't quite understand it… I know I voted for..." Thunder pondered, as he looked at the two Populars standing there. "You two, who did you vote for?"

"Us? We voted for Steph. Who knew she had that Idol?" Heidi asked.

"I see..." Thunder replied back. "And I voted for..."

"You got backstabbed by Steph, right?" Heidi questioned, interrupting Thunder.

"I gotta agree with Heidi..." Drake added.

Thunder did some thinking, and suddenly came to the conclusion…

"Ugh, some Gossip Girl's going down next time..." Thunder growled. "Drake? You got any permanent markers in your art bag?"

"I do, but I don't think drawing a mustache on her would solve our problems…" Drake answered back.

"Damn..." Thunder cursed. "Well, looks like we're doing things the ol' fashioned way."

Confessional: This is some real heavy stuff…

Thunder: Now that I know who I'm up against, it's my duty to avenge Twigz. Plus, that kiss… -He blushes-

Heidi: Something's going on, and I ain't talking about deflated footballs here. It's time for me to work in my inner Nancy Drew! -She suddenly realizes what she said. Hey, she's an awesome and rather cute detective, don't deny it.

Steph: I've got this game in the bag...

With Olivia, she was just writing on a piece of paper, as someone knocked on her door.

"Olivia?" Moana asked.

Olivia grumbled, as she opened the door and saw Moana standing there.

"Fuuuuuuccccckkkk yyyyyyooooooouuuuuu!" Olivia sung out as she slammed the door in front of Moana's face.

"Yikes… She's that upset..." Moana noted. "I still think this is all my fault..."

Chris was standing on the Dock, ready to give out the outro.

"And thus, Twiggy's cheer has ended, leaving us with a huge numbers disadvantage on the Populars. But anything can happen! Will the Populars survive without Twiggy's cooking? Will the fantastic dynamic of Verna and Marissa continue on? Now out of Steph's control, will Drake manage to take down his nemesis? And will Sting and Moana just… Kiss already? No need to drag this along! Anyway, find out the answers maybe, next time! On..."




The Playa

The Boat of Losers docked at the Playa, where Twiggy departed. Behind the rudder was Freight, munching on what appeared to be some shrimp.

"It surprises me on how quickly you've cleaned them and then pan-fried them..." Freight complimented.

"Hey, you should know my work by now, Freight." Twiggy winked, as she looked at the Playa, which was flashing all sorts of colors. "Looks like Ada and Nick's having another party."

"Maybe you should sneak into the kitchen; cook them a well deserved meal." Freight suggested.

"You know? Maybe I will!" Twiggy declared, as she looked at the Playa. "I'm gonna be feeding for Lance first again, am I?"

"Probs, I'm still catching up on who half these contestants are..." Freight shrugged. "What the heck a Yentousis, is beyond me."


Drake: Steph (Doesn't count)

Stella: Steph (Doesn't count)

Heidi: Steph (Doesn't count)

Korpse: Steph (Doesn't count)

Steph: Twiggy

Thunder: Drake (Doesn't count)

Twiggy: Drake (Doesn't count)

Eliminated: Lance, Yolei, Yentoulis, Kade, Benny, Ron, Ada, Nick, Grace, Ellis, Twiggy

Elimination Notes: Twiggy

Oh, yes… When creating Geeks VS Populars, I knew that I needed at least one cheerleader in the game. But while most of the TD cheerleader contestants I know of are kinda… catty, Twiggy didn't fit any of that criteria, with a kind personality and her heart involving the culinary field. Which also leads to her love of cooking. Again, some of the cheerleaders were that; cheerleaders. I wanted to add something to Twiggy which had her stand out. I wish I used her actual cheers more, but I couldn't think of any. And finally, her relationship with Thunder. Yes, it's your stereotypical cheerleader and jock pairing. But unlike most, Thunder didn't want to be a part of the football squad, and do what he wanted to do. And Twiggy helped heartily with that, in more ways than one! Like her for her charm, or just dislike her for not being like cheerleaders in media, this pep rally has ended for her…

NEXT TIME: The camper's gotta cook for a crowd… In tight corners at that!

Twiggy: Rah-Rah, GOOOOO READER!

BaconBaka OUT!