Hey guys! Now that Meeting Grojband has gotten so popular, I thought it was time for a new fanfic. However, this one is going to be a bit different from the other ones I've written. Mostly because, I can't take credit for writing it. This fic was actually written by my friend Fiction Power and I have to say: IT IS THE BEST! Unfortunately, he couldn't upload it to his own account because of technology reasons which is why I'm putting it up for him. He was even awesome enough to include my character Jackie in the story! UBER COOL! So make sure you give Fiction Power all the attention he deserves for this story. Hope all of you enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: I own (almost) nothing! Grojband belongs to Teletoon Studios and fanfic and Tyler belong to Fiction Power. The only things I own are Jackie and Tracy (who is mentioned).

Tyler Matthews peaked his head out of his room and grinned happily as he could hear the sound of the front door opening and closing and a brief goodbye from his parents. His parents and the meaner of his 2 sisters, Tracy, had just left the house and were going to be gone for the whole day. This left just him and his one year younger sister, Jackie, alone and today could not have been better for them to be left home alone for an important reason to him and his sister Jackie. The 15 year old brother quickly got dressed and ran to the room of his 14 year old sister Jackie.

He started to knock on the door for a minute, then said "Jackie? It's me Tyler, I'm coming in, speak up if I should not." he smiled and walked in once he heard the approval from his sister. She tugged her long sleeved t-shirt down as if it had just seemed she had just finished getting ready for today. He was not surprised at this as he knew neither of them would miss this for anything.

"You all set and ready for the marathon?" Tyler asked his sister and started to walk back out the door he came in.

Jackie nodded and smiled at her brother as she was ready to rock out all day. "I am as we have been waiting so long for this! The day Tracy is gone and the same day as a full Grojband marathon. It's totes awesome!"

Tyler could only smile at how happy his sister was. He loved to see her happy since their other sister treated her so badly. Tyler never got into a big argument with Tracy because he knew it would end badly. So he mostly never listened to Tracy or just ignored her. The only sibling he would listen to or trust was Jackie as they knew they could trust each other way more then they could Tracy.

"Jackie why don't I get us some drinks and you go turn the TV on and find the channel the marathon is on?" Tyler asked looking back at his younger sister as they came down the stairs.

"Sure thing Tyler" Jackie said heading into the living room as Tyler walked into the kitchen.

Jackie walked into the living room and started to look for the remote. She searched high and low for it but it didn't seem to be anywhere. Then she saw a note taped to the satellite receiver. She opened it and started to read in in her head. She started to growl and screamed at the top of her lungs in what Tyler could assume was a 'Tracy just happened' moment. Tyler set the full glasses down on the kitchen table and ran to see what was wrong with his sister and what had happened to make her scream like that.

Once he arrived he looked around to see his sister sitting on the couch curled up like a ball and he wasn't able to see her face. The TV wasn't on and there was a note sitting on the coffee table next to the couch. Tyler sat down next to his sister and rubbed her back slowly in an attempt to calm and relax her.

"What is wrong Jackie?" Tyler asked as he continued to rub his sister's back.

Jackie pointed to the note and growled. "This is what's wrong and prepare to be really angry."

Tyler did not want to read it after he heard what Jackie said about it but he knew he had no choice as Jackie did not look like she would want to talk about it. He picked up the note and started to read it to himself in his head.

"Dear losers,

I heard that you were going to watch a marathon of that ultra-lame TV show that only losers like you two would watch. While I know I should not care since I am not there, I took all the TV remotes so you won't be able to watch your lame show and so you'll miss the marathon that I know you want to watch so much! I hope you don't enjoy your day.

Sincerely, the always going to be cooler than you, Tracy."

Tyler tore it up into many tiny little pieces and screamed in anger. He felt like the time Laney discovered that Candy Jams was fake or the time Trina dissed the band hard during the Pollination Nation Pageant.

Jackie got up and looked at him still angry about what their sister had done. "I can't believe she would do this to us! She knew how much we wanted to watch this and she still did this to us! I just want to scream and shout at her so much!"

Tyler nodded as he completely agreed with what Jackie was saying. "Yes I can't believe she would do this to us. She deserves to get shouted at."

"Well what are we going to do now? Unless a TV remote magically appears in the next 5 minutes, we can't watch the marathon." Jackie said and soon after there was a knock on the front door.

Jackie got up to answer it as she was closer to the front door. She opened it to see a rather tall man standing there with a stainless steel tool box and was wearing a pair of overalls.

"Can I help you?" Jackie asked a little annoyed but tried to make sure the man would not be offended by her current mood.

"Did someone order a TV repairman?" The man asked as Jackie started to smile as she thought maybe this man could fix and solve there TV needs.

"No sir but could you please help us? Our mean sister took our TV remote and now we can't watch the marathon of our favorite show, so will you help us?"

The repairman smiled and nodded. "I think I could if I can get a good look at your TV."

Jackie nodded and invited him in. She lead them into the living room and showed him the TV. Tyler just looked at the strange repairman, really confused about why he was in their home until Jackie explained it to him. Tyler smiled and watched the repairman as he continued his work, hoping he could fix their TV.

"So what marathon are you two trying to watch?" The strange repairman asked as he pretended to look around in his tool box.

"Grojband." Tyler said smiling as he waited on the edge of the couch.

"Oh I know that show. A rather nice one, but no one seems to take into account of all details of the actual show. Just the songs."

Tyler laughed. "Well, yes that is true but me and my sister Jackie are true fans. Ask anything and we can answer it."

The repairman smiled a little oddly. "What is the name of Blade Stabbington's pet and what did he used to do 24 hours a day?"

"Bite Face and he used to be on fire 24 hours a day." Tyler said as Jackie nodded as she also knew that was the answer.

The repairman smiled a bit. "Ok, what is Mayor Mellow's secret identity?"

"Melodious Monk or The Lord of Lounging." Jackie said as she knew that episode as well.

"Correct again and here is your prize." he gives Jackie a new TV remote but it only had 6 buttons on it. These buttons were the four arrow buttons, enter, and power.

Jackie was about to ask what was up with this remote but the man left right before she could ask. She took the remote over to Tyler and put it in her brother's hand and sat down next to him. Tyler took the remote and turned the TV on. It went right to the guide. Tyler and Jackie found the channel that the marathon was on and he was about to press enter.

"Turn it on already! It will start any second!" Jackie said shaking her brother's arm as it was a minute to 10am and the marathon was about to start.

Tyler pressed the enter button but nothing happened. The TV screen just suddenly went blank. Tyler and Jackie screamed in fear as they thought the TV was broken now. Then an odd sound filled the room. The siblings were sure they had heard it before but just could not seem to put their fingers on it. There was then a bright flash of light that blinded the two siblings for a few minutes. Once they could see again, they started to look around. The location they were in had changed but seemed familiar to the two of them but once again, they could not put their fingers on it. Then it suddenly came to Jackie and she screamed happily like Grojband's groupies whenever they heard the band playing.

"I can't believe where we are! It's not possible but we are actually here! I don't know how this happened but we are in the garage of Grojband!" Jackie said as she got up and started to rush around the garage.

She then heard the voice of the band's naturally blue haired front man, Corey Riffin, as it seemed they were returning from a gig. "Great gig guys, we did great out there, I bet... who are they?" Corey asked as he had just entered the garage, pointing to Tyler and his sister. "How did you two get in here?" Corey asked confused.

"This is totally awesome!" Tyler said smiling. "We are big fans of you guys from another dimension I presume since Peaceville is not on any map where we are from."

Corey smiled and turned to the rest of his band "See guys? We're even popular in other dimensions!"

The girl with red hair, also known as Laney, smiled. "That is cool Core."

Kin and Kon the supposedly twins that did not seem to look alike were in awe. "This makes me want to Kon-go Bongo!" Kon jumped to his drum set and started to play his drum set with his hands and smiled. Kin just stood there with his eyes on Jackie. Something was up with him as his eyes seemed to be in the shape of hearts.

Tyler noticed this but decided not to say anything as this was a bit of an awkward moment. "Well that is something I will never unsee..." He then went to talk with Laney. "So Laney, what is it like to be a girl in a band of 3 other boys?"

Laney looked at him a little surprised "You can actually tell I am a girl? The rest of the guys can't seem to tell no matter how hard I try to tell them."

"I know and I can't seem to understand it either, you look like a girl and sound like one. Maybe they just think of you like a brother since they are all boys?" Tyler said and shrugged a little.

"Maybe." Laney said smiling a little "That does make me feel better about them calling me a boy if they see me like a brother to them."

Kin ran up to Jackie and smiled. "Hi, I'm Kin. Who are you? he asked with hearts still in his eyes.

Jackie looked to the nerdy keyboardist and smiled, completely oblivious about the hearts in his eyes. "I'm Jackie. Nice to finally meet you in person Kin."

Kin gasped in a high pitched tone and passed out on the floor with hearts floating right above him. He was in love at first sight. Jackie however, still was oblivious to it. She just walked away to her brother as something came to her mind that she was a little worried about.

She found him and pulled him away from the group and into a corner "Um... Tyler... we no longer have a place to stay if we want to stay in this world..."

Tyler realized this now as well and had no idea what to do or say until Corey popped up out of nowhere with a smile. He seemed to have an idea of sorts by the look on his face and left the siblings wondering if it was one that would help them with their predicament.

"I could not help but overhear that you two needed a place to stay." Corey said as he walked over to his friends "Well if you want Kin and Kon got a spare room, Laney has got one and I got one spare room. You guys can chose whereever you want to stay for how ever long you are in our world."

Tyler and Jackie smiled at their new friends' generosity. They were so happy to know that the friends they just met were offering up their homes to them just like that. Tyler and Jackie did not know how they could ever repay their friends but they knew that with time they could return the kindness they were giving them.

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