Manchester Re-United

Chapter 23

Two days later...

It is now Tuesday and David will be getting out of the hospital in three days. He's been doing everything he can to be able to get out when he's supposed to. He's done everything the doctors and nurses have asked of him. He always looks forward to Michelle's daily visits, it helps the time go by faster. He will be glad when he gets out of the hospital because that means that Michelle can visit him at home. Once he gets out, he is going to work very hard on his physical therapy so he can get the feeling back in his legs so he can walk again; the sooner, the better. There is only one week of school left and David wants to be there to say goodbye to everyone before summer vacation and to make sure he is all caught up with his school work. He's been working on his schoolwork while in the hospital but he doesn't want to get behind.

Michelle shows up and interrupts David from his thoughts.

"Hi, David." Michelle says.

David looks up at the sound of her voice and smiles before replying.

"Hi, Michelle, am I ever happy to see you."

Michelle smiles at him as she approaches his bed.

"I'm always happy to see you." she says as she climbs up on the bed next to him.

David wraps his arm around her as she leans in and gives him a sweet kiss. He feels his insides turn to mush and his heart beats faster as she deepens the kiss. He can't get enough of her and it will be hard to be away from her while he's in England. He's going to make the most of what time he has with her. Michelle pulls out of the kiss as she lays her head on his chest. They just lie there together and watch television and talk.


Emily and Ashling are both still at school, Niles is at work, Daphne is at home getting the house ready for when David comes home and taking care of Sunny since Ashling has dance class after school, she won't be home to take care of her right away. She is so looking forward to her son coming home from the hospital, it will be nice having him home again. It hasn't been the same without him there. She's especially looking forward to spending more time with David with his physical therapy. Most parents are happy when their kids are out of the house but Daphne loves having her kids home especially now that they are older and aren't home as much. Emily has her cheer-leading and her boyfriend Jordan, Ashling has her dance class and before David got hurt he had his after school practice and games on the weekends. Daphne is proud of all three of her kids for different reasons. They are smart, determined, responsible, happy human beings and that's all she can ask for. Daphne is one with her thoughts as she continues rearranging the house before Niles and the kids come home.

A few hours later...

Everyone is finally home as Daphne puts the finishing touches on dinner. Ashling got a ride home from her dance teacher, and Jordan's dad dropped Emily off. Niles was doing some work in his office after offering his help with dinner, and when Daphne told him she had everything well at hand, he excused himself and went into his office to catch up on some paperwork until dinner was ready.

Daphne decided to make something that she hadn't made in awhile and it's Niles' favorite dish. She can't wait to see his reaction when he realizes what they are having, and thankfully the kids like it as well.

Dinner is finally ready as she fetches the girls to set the table and Niles to help bring the food to the table and to get the drinks.

Daphne knocks on Emily's door first.

"Emily, dinner is ready and I need you to help lay the table." she says through the closed door.

There is no response from the other side, and she is about to knock again when she sees the doorknob turn and the door open. Emily stands there smiling.

"Okay, mum." she replies as she steps around her mom and heads towards the kitchen.

Daphne then knocks on Ashling's door.

"Ashling, dinner is ready and I need you to help your sister lay the table okay?"

"Okay, mummy, I'll be right there!" Ashling yells from inside her room.

Daphne then makes her way to Niles' office and knocks but before she can say anything Niles speaks.

"Come in!"

Daphne opens the door and sees Niles sitting at his desk as he types away on his computer. She approaches his desk.

"Niles, darling I just wanted to let you know dinner is ready, and if you would like to help me take the food to the table and get the drinks."

Niles looks up from what he is doing, his hands stop moving across the computer keyboard as he answers.

"Yes, my love. I just need to finish this report on one of my patients for my file. I'm almost done and I hate to stop when it's almost finished."

Daphne nods.

"I understand. I have the girls laying the table as we speak so I will go out to see how they're coming along and see you out there in a bit."

Niles has resumed typing as his fingers move across the keys on the keyboard, his eyes focused on the computer screen.

He nods.

'Yes, dear. I will be right out as soon as I finish this."

Daphne just nods as she watches Niles for another minute before closing the door behind her. She makes her way back to the kitchen to see how the girls are doing.

Once she gets to the kitchen, she sees the girls have worked together to get the table all set. The place mats are on the table, the plates are on top, the napkins are next to the plates, and the silverware is on top. The girls are talking and laughing as they make sure the table is set properly.

Daphne interrupts them.

"The table looks wonderful, girls. Thank you for doing such a good job." she says with a smile.

The girls smile back as Emily responds.

"No problem, mum. Is daddy joining us for dinner?"

Daphne nods.

"Yes, he is but he is finishing up a patient report for work."

Emily nods.

"Oh okay. Do you want me to get the glasses for our drinks?" she asks.

"No, I'm going to have Ashling do that, because you're going to help me bring the food to the table."

Emily nods as she helps her mom with the food and Ashling grabs the glasses for their drinks. Just as they are sitting down to eat, Niles finally joins them at the table.

He voices his apology.

"I'm sorry I'm late, all. I had an important patient report to finish but I'm here now."

Daphne smiles at her husband.
"It's all right, dear. I'm just glad you're here."

Niles smiles back at his wife as he sits down next to her and gives her a kiss on the cheek.

"I made your favorite for dinner tonight, Niles. I hope you like it."

Niles looks at the food in the middle of the table and smiles. He looks over at Daphne.

"Chicken Parmesan, potatoes, salad, cheesy broccoli and sweet rolls?"

Daphne nods as she smiles back.

Niles sits down as he wraps his arm around Daphne.

"Thank you for making my favorite dish but what's the occasion?"

Daphne shrugs.

"No occasion, Niles. I haven't made it in awhile and I know how much you enjoy it and the kids and I like it too. I was just wanting to have something we haven't had in a long time."

"You are an amazing woman, Daphne Crane. I don't know what I did to deserve you."

"I feel the same way, Niles. I just want to make you and the kids happy and I will do anything to make sure you are."

Niles smiles.

"I know you will and you have made me so very happy, and our kids are happy too."

The girls agree.

"Yes, we are very happy, mummy! Thank you for all you do, but I'm hungry so can we eat now?" Ashling asks.

Everyone laughs as the food gets passed around and served and the drinks are poured. Niles and Daphne are having a glass of white wine as the girls are having lemonade. They all begin eating and talking until they can't eat anymore. Niles excuses the girls to their rooms as he helps Daphne clear the table and load the dishwasher. Once they have done that, Niles takes Daphne's hand in his as they head to their bedroom. They are both exhausted after a long day and are looking forward to David coming home in a few days. Once they reach their bedroom, they each take turns taking a shower and getting ready for bed. When Niles has finished his shower and has put his pajamas on, Daphne is already asleep. Niles smiles as he crawls in besides her, gently kisses her cheek, reaches over and turns off the lamp, grabs the covers and pulls them up, lays down as he puts one arm around Daphne and falls asleep.

To be continued...