I don't own Naruto or Fairy Tail.a friend of mine told me this idea of naruto being reborn as Happy, so being the awesome friend i am writing this fic .all thankes to my friend aj.



'Where am I "the little blue cat with fluttery white wings spoke as he open his eyes he watch as the surrouding was content with a heavenly glow white clouded shaped like fish floating around a orb of golden licrima reflecting his face .happy stretched his paw and touches the ball of light.

The world vanish in a swirl of whirlpool .he saw a blond boy carying his heart out in the chilly night when he was kicked out of the orphanage ,the scene change and he saw the boy having his own apartment ,hokage jiji smiling at saw himself failing the shadow clone jutsu test,mizuki getting pummeled by hunred of shadow clones ,sasuke kiss,yuck,wave mission ,"when you have a priesious one to save you become truly strong" ""I am a boy"haku smiling,the battle on the bridge,Chunin exam,pervy sage,Gara ,monseter ,two year training pain,obi to ten tail,Madara,kaguya ,sage of six path,kurama,hinata.

"that was me" ,the blue feline has only dreamed of becoming a hero like Natsu and Erza, bit he was.a hero in his previous life the winged cat puffed his chest in pride".I will become a hero again believed it"" the cat punched the air and the air of pride knocked out of him when a nervous Lucy sqweez him between her bossomes .

"Where am I "the cat opened his eyes and found him in between two smooth hold ,"in heaven".


you pervert the,"Lucy smarked him in the head .

this is a normal day in the fairy taI'll guild ,natsu and Lucy has just arrived back from harengio town after natsu deciding the fake salamander and destroying the port in the process. and the usual brawl erupted among them as flying sandal knocked happy out cold.

Hey guy's I m not a great author but a fun did appear in my mind after reading some of fairy tail naruto cover .I am trying to make a exeed king happy.