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Ch. 1- Immortals

Humanity was one of the greatest enigmas of this universe. Many species not from the green and blue jewel of the Sol system would argue their own was more special in their own ways. But Humanity, they had a tendency to cling to their ways even on the brink of destruction. They had clearly shown the capability of doing it to themselves throughout history and the few brief moments of piece didn't do much to amend the destruction they had caused.

That was until an entity called the Traveler arrived. Humanity, who was struggling to find a foothold amongst the other planets in their immediate area were now conquering the stars. Expanding at an exponential rate and developing their technology that many had only theorized would happen several generations from now. If ever.

This mystical entity decided to one day depart the now thriving beings and allow them to flourish and expand on their own. It didn't take long for the people to start applying the gifts the Traveler had given to them to the tools of war. In the need to defend themselves in the now much bigger galaxy, or against themselves. Because no matter how many times it was argued against by people, war would always occur, and Humanity was good at war.

This did little as the enemies of the Traveler started to appear in the wake of the departed globe. The Fallen appeared first as ruthless vagabonds, followed by the decrepit Hive which instilled fear into even the hardiest of warriors, the militaristic Cabal soon joined the assault on the system, and now the mysterious Vex. Humanity's enemies seem to be growing at an exponential rate, and no allies were in sight. Planets that Humanity worked hard to colonize had fallen quickly and at a high cost when these separate groups began their crusades against our people. But humanity had gotten one more lucky bone and the mysterious sphere had shown up again to go before the Darkness, the Traveler had returned, and helped pull humanity out of it's rapid decline. That was years ago, the death toll was still climbing, and some blamed the Traveler's first appearance for this destruction.

All these thoughts were interrupted as a series of artillery shells crashed into the instacrete ceiling above the heads and the area around the bunker of the Mars 114th Heavy Armor Infantry detachment. Several eyes rose from watching the ground or at the wall to give worried looks at the fragile protection the structure was giving them. The ceiling groaned loudly for a moment and thankfully held steady despite the recent and past bombardments. Silence returned as the Cabal artillery could be heard firing on other positions. The Cabal had been pushing at the borders of the fortifications for months. Testing the defenses, probing for any weakness in the Human war machine.

Men Scrambled towards the viewport and raised their rifles hastily. They knew this calling card well. Artillery would fall and soon the Legionnaires followed with Centurion command. Human artillery could be heard screaming through the sky and in the background the barks of several high powered sniper rifles echoed across the Red Waste. The soldiers had lined up with their Staff Sergeant at the viewport and with their weapons aimed down range awaited the coming march of Cabal.

"Prepare to fire on those sons o' bitches when they come over that dune!" The burly man called out, and not even a second later the first Cabal appeared.

It had been the first to appear and was dropped in less than a heartbeat after cresting the dune. The other Cabal behind the first Legionnaire didn't take the hint and a large wave of heavily armored behemoths stomped over their dead brother and closer towards the Human line of resistance. Auto rifle fire filled the air and the defenders took turns reloading and calling out targets. This had been the daily routine on mars since the Cabal put boots on the ground, and it always ended the same.

The last Cabal finally hit the sand and let off a few residual twitches as it's dark blood mixed into the red Martian surface. Another small victory for humanity, and another day in Hell as the Red Waste now had more bodies to fill it. Turning the expansive dune sea into a massive graveyard of Cabal troops and armor.

Silence had returned, it was generally thought to be a good sign for soldiers. A sign that all was well in the world, a notion that you had survived and your foe did not. But it wasn't great, or even good at all, at times it could be deafening and it gave them too much time to think. To imagine what awaited them outside the several feet of instacrete, what other horrors their numerous enemies had for them. This new silence was occasionally broken by a woman's cursing as she fiddled with a now sputtering radio.

"Damnit…" The radio began to produce static as the woman struck it with a socket wrench. "Well this piece of shit is busted!" She called over her shoulder while tossing the tool away. She heaved a sigh before an idea struck her.

"Petty Officer, you're a technician aren't you? You got any ideas on how to fix this?" She called out as her helmeted head swiveled over to a large man by the viewport. His response was a silent shrug as he pushed himself off the barrier.

"I still am and I could take a look, Corporal."

The dust of Mars was slowly making it's way up the walls of the bunker line and the trenches, but Petty Officer Smit was more interested in fixing the now broken radio than the blowing sand that was adamant on burying them. He was an augmentee to this army detachment as a technician, and he was starting to regret it. The sand was super fine on Mars and it was mainly up to him to keep the combat suits in order.

Stifling back a yawn he realized that his adrenaline was finally wearing off and with a slight grimace, Smit grabbed the thrown screwdriver and placed it in a pouch on his belt. He'd need it since all the work the Corporal did in here was moot. He needed to go outside.

"Staff Sergeant, I need to go outside and check the antenna and the load units. See if they have been damaged." The Petty Officer called out, not really expecting a response in the negative. The gruff older man had pretty much given everyone free reign in the bunker. Seeing as they could die at any moment.

Checking the seals on his combat armor he approached the door and punched the release button. Pulling out his side arm he checked the chamber and magazine. He didn't want to be caught unprepared or with a jammed weapon. Seeing as his weapon wouldn't spontaneously combust on him he pushed the door open. As he set foot on the deckplate of the airlock he felt a hand on his shoulder hold him back slightly, and his head swiveled back to see the Corporal from before. With the last operating Exo unit in the bunker.

"You aren't going out there alone, the Staff Sergeant has authorized that Romeo-101 and I follow you out there and give you cover." The Exo behind her nodded in agreement as it checked the sniper rifle in it's hands. The cold of the blue optics sent chills down the Petty Officer's spine.

Those machines were strange. Not because it seemed to mimic humans, but because of the rumors surrounding how they are made. He shivered inside the armor again as he tried to collect his thoughts.

Smit nodded to the pair and the airlock let off a hiss as the air depressurized around them. There was a small dinging sound followed by the latch moving aside and they took this as their cue to exit into the bright light of Mars.

The visor on his and the Corporal's helmets polarized to compensate for the change in light and their heads swung around looking for any residual Cabal troops. Seeing nothing that was even remotely breathing they turned around and climbed up to the top of the bunker. It offered them a better view of the surrounding area and it gave Smit access to the antenna. The far off crashes of the conflict echoed across the waste as Smit looked at the remains of what was the radio antenna.

"Well shit." Smit grumbled, kneeling by the scorched stump. "I'll see what I can do."

"If you require assistance, I can view things at a much closer proximity than your eyes are capable of." Romeo commented. This comment caused Smit to look up from the remains of the antenna and give the machine a sideways glare. His hands however never stopped their work.

"Are you even rated to fix these things?" He asked Romeo skeptically. The Exo shook his head and they both turned away from each other. Returning to what they were doing before and creating a small pocket of silence. The Corporal fidgeted slightly as she cradled her rifle and glanced between the two of them. The awkward silence that formed around her was nearly suffocating.

"So Petty Officer-"

"Call me Brian." He cut her off while he reached for a small wire and attempted to clip some of the frayed end off. "It's easier than calling me by my rank all the time.

"Alright, Brian, you can call me Kara." She paused to take a breath. "Is that thing even salvageable?"

"Yeah, well only a little bit. The majority is toasted, no joy on most of this. So I am just rigging a short range radio to bounce off of the other bunkers." Pulling out the screwdriver he tightened down a wire bundle and began stuffing it into the husk of the radio antenna. "We got lucky that this wasn't a direct hit, or we would be going silent."

Smit dusted himself off as he looked at Romeo, the machine never even turned around to face him. It's attention was pulled to something far off, sniper raised and aimed down range.

"We should return to the inside. Cabal armor and heavy infantry are inbound." Romeo informed as he turned finally to face them and walk towards the ladder. "We must warn the Staff Sergeant, and radio the other bunkers." Romeo ignored the sarcastic salute given by Smit and waited for the two to enter the airlock on the bunker.

The two Human troops shared a look between them before Smit gestured for Kara to go first. When he did finally climb down and let his boots sink slightly into the sand there was a buzz of motion from the trenches. He could spot artillery and armor forming up, along with the heavier infantry piling up against the wall. His gaze drifted up towards the horizon, and he could see it, what many would call a sandstorm. But he knew better, the Cabal were done fucking around.


He didn't wait anymore to enter the somewhat protected confines of the bunker and was not ready for what was inside.

Silence was not something that the trio expected from the bunker as the airlock pressurized behind them. No one was in the spots they had left them in and the weapons locker had been opened. Everyone had loaded the heavy machine guns and rocket launchers. Having placed them by the viewport. The opening of the hatch had drawn everyone's attention and had answered the question of if they knew about the incoming forces.

"Orbital is down, last evac for the civvies, wounded, and VIPs just left." One of the soldiers, a private, informed them. "The Cabal are pushing on all fronts, Freehold just fell, and they are pressing all the fronts." The private continued before the first artillery shell crashed into the bunker. "All fronts…" The man repeated himself as he made his way back to the viewport. The air tense with what they knew was coming.

That was when the screeching of shells filled the air, and the first one struck.

Another shell crashed into the roof of the bunker and it was followed by another and another. The lights flickered a few times and then died as the ceiling began to crack. The panicked yells of the soldiers filled the air as the few who had remained at the viewport began to open fire. Their shell casings bouncing off the floor and calling the others into action. Several of them grabbed the heavy machine guns and the deep thrumming sound of HE rounds filled the air.

With all the rounds and rockets flying down at the advancing Cabal, it seemed nothing was going to slow their advance. They continued to push ahead, the Phalanx shields deflecting several rounds and explosions. Bullets did find their marks, our own artillery smashed in the midst of their formations. But the Cabal kept moving forward, climbing over or shoving aside their dead. Those shields were effective, leaving many of the smaller Cabal unharmed and bringing them even closer to the Human defenders.

The Phalanx's broke rank to allow many of their hovertanks to glide out and close in on the bunker line. The main guns of all the tanks rotated, positioning themselves on one of the few anti-air emplacements and quickly destroyed it allowing the first wave of Harvesters to fly in close. This opened a new type of panic with the troops as the Cabal were now heard pounding on the bunker's reinforced door. Troops scattered as they tried to realign themselves to take on the new threat from behind.

"We're so screwed, man!" One of the soldiers cried out as his helmet swiveled from one side to another. "There is no way we are getting out of this alive!" The man continued before tossing his rifle aside and running for the armor lockers to shut himself in.

The rest of the troops hesitated, watching their comrade panic and abandon them before one of them slammed the emergency shutter closed. The metal barrier slid over the viewport and the soldiers were now able to focus on the new threat. They didn't get much reprieve as the Cabal started to really beat down the door. The massive clangs nearly deafened the people who awaited their foe. None of them spoke, solely watching the door bend slightly with each crash, and listen to it creak ominously.

The door didn't last long until it was ripped off it's hinges and flew into the opposite wall. It crashed to the floor with a series of resounding clanks but was quickly drowned out by the return fire of the remaining 11 Human's and Exo's auto rifles. The darkness off the bunker was illuminated by the sporadic fire and the clattering of the shots against metal only pointed out one thing to these men and women. They were shooting the hardened shield of a Phalanx. With this realization they halted their fire and a few reloaded what little they could. The Phalanx didn't wait long for the defenders as it quickly slid back the shield almost as soon as the weapons ceased firing.

As the Phalanx backed off the troops were assaulted briefly by the light of the early evening before the smaller Psions started to stream in single file. Initially this made the work of defending the bunker easy as the auto rifles and the larger machine guns made short work of the scrawny aliens. Unfortunately the stream turned out to be a massive wave and a few of the smarter ones started to vault Void energy across the room as they entered. The first one to realize this tactical advantage managed to send a pair of men into a wall with a sickening crunch, their armor doing little to cushion the impact.

The Psion died soon after but more came, and they seemed more determined to lance their energy in any direction that seemed like something might be living there. The Human's scattered to find new cover, and many were caught in transition and never made it safely. The mini rockets the Cabal troops employed in their rifles blowing chunks of armor and man off of any body.

Brian's head was forced down by Kara as she saw a stray shot coming their way. Taking this moment not to reload, he primed a pair of grenades and lobbed them both towards the door, the first one bounced into the airlock and the second remained in the bunker. Trapping a few in the shrapnel and shredding them. The reprieve was short as the next Psion poked it's head through the door, quickly retracting as the last four defenders opened fire.

"I don't want to fucking die like this!" Kara cried out over the sounds of the combined gunfire.

Before she could continue Brian felt something crash into his armored shoulder followed by the sound of what he later would realize was the bunker collapsing and he shoved Kara with his free hand before realizing she was not far enough away from him to escape. They were being buried by rubble and one of the others screamed briefly before being crushed by a rather large chunk, cutting him off quickly. He quickly tried to asses the situation, but his brain seemed muddied, slow. He could still tell that he was unable to move, but she was on the edge of the pile barely hindered by the debris, whereas he was more towards the middle of the pile.

"Out! You have to go! Hide before they get in here!" He grunted, he hoped that came out right since he could barely hear himself. The whine of the shell shock was causing more pain in his head and throughout him as he tried to force some of the rubble off of him. It wouldn't budge, he was stuck for sure, but he wouldn't let her be condemned to the same fate.

Twisting his body in an even more painful position he reached as far as he could and grabbed a piece of instacrete and pulled back as hard as he could in his awkward position. Kara managed to snake her leg out before crawling over to him and looking him over quickly to asses the damage. The shellshock on her was almost as obvious as it was on him, she hadn't heard him telling her to go, even if he tried now it would sound dim and unintelligible. Thinking as quickly as he could in his situation he roughly shoved her away. She seemed to bounce back and her hands grasped at him but he pushed again, sending her tumbling further away from him this time.

"Go on! Hide-!" He began coughing and the biosigns on his HUD began to blind him as more warnings began to appear and blend together in a sick mess of flashing colors. He didn't take too long on each one as he blinked to swipe them all away. He knew what they were all telling him, and he didn't want to read it.

His mind was starting to come out of it's daze as he looked back up at the fading light in the sky, and realized that it wasn't the sky, it was the underbelly of a tank that had apparently rammed the bunker. He shook his head as he realized that the little fuzzy lights were sadly not stars in the distance but engine status lights. If he was going to die on this red dust ball he would at least do some more damage to his enemy, but first he needed a weapon. His hands soon found purchase on a weapon grip and he attempted to pull it closer to him, and after a brief tug of war with what he hoped was his stuck rifle. It turned into a discarded rocket launcher.

"Well, why not?" He slurred with a dark chuckle, Petty Officer Brian Smit tilted it up and at the closest exhaust port. The launcher leaning awkwardly at an angle, like him, and heavy causing a strain on his already tired arm. He closed his eyes for a moment and opened them for one last time as he pulled the trigger and released the rocket. He watched with a sort of grim satisfaction as the rocket seemed to glide out of the tube in slow motion toward the hovering engine not two feet in front of him. The rocket impacted and time seemed to stop. That was when it detonated and he felt his body being pushed by the force of the launcher, and as his body twisted in different directions as he felt the concussive force of the explosion wash over him from the other direction. Fortunately he never felt the searing flames from the explosion.

Kara screamed in horror as she watched the explosion under the tank from her place between a table and the wall. The fireball spat out of all sides before a chain explosion caused the tank to careen to the side and crash into the ground before the other engines sputtered and died. She didn't wait long to rush out and try to find his body, but the area was scorched and she couldn't distinguish any of the now scattered parts.

Dropping to her knees and sobbing she ignored any warnings her HUD had brought up. She barely registered the fact that she felt a jerking motion in her abdomen. A morbid curiosity took over and she looked down to see the barrel of a Legionnaire's weapon stuck against her chest. She idly reached up as she felt the Cabal suddenly pull back. Giving her a full glance at the bayonet it had rammed through her body. The fading sun gleamed off the blood coated blade and she collapsed on the dusty floor of the bunker.

She watched the Cabal stomp it's way back up the rubble pile before her vision faded and she let out a low death rattle.

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