Epilogue: From the Grave

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Silence seemed to be a constant in the Titan Raz's life. He remembered the silence he was subjected to when he went to space the first time. The silence he had to bear when his wife had left him and his daughters on Mars to hide away on Earth after the Traveler had left them. He even bore the silence of watching his impending doom as the Cabal marched over his home world and had shattered cities.

This silence he felt was too much, not even what he remembered from his resurrection at the desire of his Ghost, Twinkles didn't compare to this. In his memory, his death was as if but a blink of an eye. He had been sitting in the silence and unable to hear anything for the past… He wasn't sure how long and he knew he had kept count at one point. He knew though that it was useless where he was though, and it would only drive him into madness with the counting.

On the positive side though he had regained his memories of who he was and his life beforehand, no more holes. He unfortunately gained a few other memories that didn't seem to belong to him, he had plenty of time to sort those thoughts out though. Things that conflicted with his past and present, things that lead him to start questioning his purpose. He hoped it was just the long days or years he was spending in the Void prison allowing him to think of strange conspiracies.

His thoughts were interrupted by something that seemed completely alien to him. So foreign he jerked his head to the side to look at the translucent walls of his cell. He could see the other prisoners who paced in their prisons, or sat silently rocking back and forth. Even being able to see one another and not hear each other was terrible. But none of them seemed to be able to hear the sound. Sound? Why was he hearing anything at all?

He raised his hands in a semi defensive stance, something was happening to him, and he didn't know what to do. But if he was attacked he would be ready. The sound of what he identified as hissing continued to grow louder as everything seemed to slow down and dim. He knew the lights in the area were turned low to allow them some form of privacy, but things were getting darker. His eyelids felt droopy and heavy, he was getting tired.

With short panicky breaths he slapped at his face to force his mind to stay awake and conscious. It did little to alleviate the growing exhaustion and he could tell his heart was pumping on overdrive in flight mode. He did not understand why they were gassing him now, wouldn't they have just killed him when they ordered his imprisonment? He fought off the drowsiness with his whole being, willing himself to stay awake in the relative and very arguable safety of his prison. The irony was clearly not lost on him as he fought to stay incarcerated.

His eyes finally forced their way closed and refused to open, allowing him to sway unsteadily on his feet before he tipped back and felt himself start to fall into the depths of sleep. He never even felt his body make contact with any surface before his mind shut down and let him sleep for the first time in what would be many years.

It felt like an eternity later, but Raz could feel his limbs slightly as he battled into consciousness. He couldn't move any of them as they felt like they were being weighed down. With enough motor control as an infant he forced his eyes open and instantly regretted it when he slammed his eyelids closed again. He hissed in pain as he screwed his face in on itself trying to nurse his burning eyes. He cursed at himself, he was drugged and moved and now he was blinded with no power to move.

Raz could hear it now, he wasn't sure what it was as it was trying to force itself through the haze in his mind. He could hear the sound more and he realized, it was a voice! Someone was speaking to him! He wanted to understand who was talking and speak back. He hadn't had a real conversation with another person in God knows how long! He felt his lips move and worked his jaw into motion. He could feel the air pass his lips as he tried to form words. Sounds came out, he wasn't sure if he said anything or just made some garbled noises. A memory surfaced to compare his situation, an underwater escape simulation. He felt as if he was in the depths trying to communicate with someone on the shore. Things were clearing and the voice he could hear was decidedly feminine.

He finally could hear enough where he could form his own words, trying again his voice was nothing more than a hoarse whisper.

"Who.. Who's there?" Raz's voice cracked from years of being unused. "Jo? Jo is that you?"

With the pain in his eyes having subsided by quite a bit he decided to open them more carefully this time. His cautious opening was far more rewarding as he could see two very blurry people. They were close to him and were speaking to one another or at him, it changed intermittently. When he had spoken they had gone silent and one of them approached where he was laid down and leaned in to better understand what the Human was saying.

"Steady, buddy." The voice said slowly and clearly. "The numbness will fade soon enough and you'll be right as rain. Just please rest for now, Raz." The voice was hauntingly familiar, and had the electrical twang of what he identified as an Exo. As his vision cleared Raz had noted that the man, Exo, was a Hunter based on the armor scheme and the cloak.

"Entity? Is that you?" Raz asked in a slightly less dazed manner. His voice was coming in stronger as he could feel his strength returning. Disregarding his fellow Guardian's advice he tried to force himself into a sitting position, which the Exo grunted as he helped the massive Titan shift his frame.

"The one and only. I also got some other great news for you." Entity paused as he watched Raz refocus on the Exo's face. The sharpness returning to the man's blue eyes. "You've been released early! Congratulations!" He clapped the Human on the shoulder and he caught him in one swift motion as the man started to teeter off the table.

Entity's unusually chipper tone had caught Raz off guard and he could now see clearly that they were definitely in the company of another Hunter, a female Exo by the looks of her build and armor. He didn't know her and the situation was odd. He immediately went on the defensive.

"Wha-? Wait why?" He looked back at Entity even more confused than before.

The female Exo finally spoke, making her presence known again to the Human.

"Hello Raz. My name is Starr, Entity's told me a lot about you." Starr brought herself closer to him, so she could get a better look at his face. "You've been in this Void prison for 16 years, 2 months,10 days and 13 hours. I had you released early because I need your help."

Starr looked at him expectantly for a response, apparently waiting for some form of recognition of what she wanted from the Titan. He stared at her for a moment and blinked a few times before turning to Entity for an explanation.

"Something has come up and we need your, ahem, skillset for this to work." Entity held out one hand for Raz to take.

Raz looked at Entity and at Starr before looking down at the Exo's extended hand. Considering his options wasn't too hard, if he turned them down he would most likely be knocked back out and put back in his cell to serve out the rest of his sentence. He didn't know what exactly what they needed to do, but since they were Guardians it was most likely something along the lines of saving the world or galaxy as they knew it.

Clasping Entity's hand tightly Raz nodded.

"When do we start?"

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