Hi Guys...I really just wanted to make this about my favorite PJO character that I love with all my heart...but not in a romantic sense. More like...sisterly love. Younger sisterly love. So I hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson.


Maybe it was just him. But Leo always felt like and outsider...the seventh wheel. He wasn't needed, outside of everyone's happy lives together with each other. Annabeth and Percy. Hazel and Frank. Jason and Piper. He was alone.

He might have a few friends, but that was all. They were just friends. Caring about each other more, leaving him alone in his own messed up thoughts. Leaving him alone in whatever he did. No one understood him, or what he felt. He was alone, in more ways than one.

Nobody understood the pain he felt. Frank almost came close-almost. He never truly understood the pain of leading your own family to their deaths. Leo was alone. Forever alone.

Jason, the superhero. The regal praetor, the leader, the one everyone looked up to.

Piper, the beautiful charmspeaker. The important one, who could control the enemy with a simple command.

Annabeth, the strategist. The one who made the plans, mulled over what would work and strategized. The super-smart girl. A girl that had saved their butts countless times, a real daughter of wisdom.

Percy, the hero, thousands of times over. People looked up to him, too. People saw him as a hero. People bowed down to him, spoke to him with friendly voices. Percy was a real hero.

Hazel, the mist-controller. Without her, they never would have made it. With her mist abilities, they'd become something they were not. She'd saved them from the sorceresses labyrinth by the doors of death. They'd have died without her.

Frank, the shape-shifter. He could change form. People depended on him to help them with their stuff. He'd saved them, too, in the doors of death, fighting with the blessing of Mars.

And Leo, the clown. Leo the joker. They'd come to him for lightening the mood, for lightening their moods. He'd comfort them, but in the end, they went back to their soul mates. That was him.

Hide the pain with humor. Hide the sorrow with jokes. That was his life, his way of living. Hide and run. That was what he did most of all, what he'd been doing since he was eight, since he killed his mother.

"Leo?" Jason's voice startled him out of his daze. He quickly wiped the crystal tears off his face, wishing he did not look like crap right now.

"Yeah?" answered Leo, plastering his usual, fake, Leo-grin on.

"Can I talk to you?" asked Jason from the other side of the engine room door.

"Yeah sure," said Leo, waving his hand. "Um...come in!" The door opened, and there stood Jason, looking dejected. "Welcome to my castle," said Leo with a grin, sweeping his arms around to indicate the engine room. The pangs of loss gnawed inside him as he remembered his mother saying that to him when he went into the shop for the first time.

"Yeah, um, okay," said Jason awkwardly, and stood over by Leo. "Well, I can't really find someone to talk to. I mean, Piper's great and all, but you're my best friend, bro. I share things with YOU that I'd never dare to tell Piper. Like the fact that I wear Rainbow Dash undies."

"You WHAT?" said Leo, a real grin spreading across his features. I'm never gonna make him forget THIS. Jason seemed to recognize his mistake.

"Never mind," he said quickly. "I just wanna talk."

"About what?"

"About my feelings?"