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Chapter 1: Preparations

Jedi Master Mycroft Holmes stood outside the entrance of an appointed starship, calmly surveying his surroundings while he waited for his companions to arrive. Aside from the usual back and forth that was the norm for Coruscant's ship bay, it was relatively quiet. The chatter and noise reduced to a muted hum interrupted only by the quiet swish of robes behind him. A faint smile curved his lips, disappearing just as he turned to face the new arrival. "Naomi."

"Mycroft." Jedi Master Naomi Angelus' usual neutral mask of an expression broke into a soft smile as she approached. Her auburn hair was pulled back into it's usual bun, a dark cream cloak over her off-white Jedi robes. She had nothing but a small pack of supplies and her silver-hilted lightsaber, yet she was fully ready to go. Apparently a bit early, but as usual, Mycroft had beat her there. She maintained her well-practiced professional mask easily, considering they were still out in the open. "Good to see you. I assume our companions should be here shortly."

"Very shortly," Mycroft confirmed, turning to join her as they entered the ship. He'd only been waiting for her, after all. "But we do still have a bit of time to talk before they arrive," he glanced at her, "and it is good to see you as well."

She waited until they were aboard the ship, confident they were completely alone, and then moved in for an embrace. She held him close for a second and then shifted so she could kiss him. Hands moved over his shoulders as she familiarized herself again with how he felt and tasted. Having been on separate missions over the last few months, there hadn't been much overlap, nor time to do their usual conversation and meditation together, as well this. She'd missed it.

Mycroft's own supplies dropped to the floor and he pulled her in close to return the eager kiss she'd pressed to his lips. He's missed her, and it was only a good long while later, after he'd recommitted every detail about her to memory, that he finally found the strength to pull back. He drew in a deep breath. "Hello."

"Hello, love." She smiled at him and then stepped away fully, regretfully, but they'd have company soon. "I assume everything went well on Vitros?" She took the turn and headed for the cockpit to make preparations.

"Very well," Mycroft replied after clearing his throat and straightening his gray robes. "Naturally, peace talks were strained, considering the current state of things. There are influences at work from all sides, as you know." He stopped and waited for her to put her things away, momentarily fixing his eyes on her face. "Still, I'm confident we ensured their alliance to our cause." He paused. "And yourself? Mission to Delaya went well?"

"Yes, it did. I found Metatron rather quickly." Naomi said with a nod, stowing the small pack of supplies where she needed them and then moving to the pilot seat. She put her hand on the back of it, turning to face him again, the smallest amount of regret on her face. "You know how these interrogations go. But it was a success in the end. He won't be causing them pain any longer."

Mycroft's expression softened as it did only with her and he reached out to place a hand on her shoulder. "That is excellent news," he said, giving her shoulder a slight squeeze. "I am sorry for the circumstances surrounding it, as usual. Sometimes it is the only way."

"Yes I know." Naomi said with a nod of agreement. "And when it is my life or his, I'm going to choose mine. As selfish as that is, my work is not done. Regretful still." She paused for a thoughtful second, as if debating whether to continue. "It was...very close, as they say."

"No, your work is not done and wanting to continue it is not selfish in the slightest," Mycroft insisted, looking her over for a moment before he continued. "Were you alone?"

"Naturally." Naomi said impassively, slipping past him to check the controls behind them. "You were away, and I should have been able to handle it alone. I did handle it alone. It's hardly the first close call we've had."

Mycroft turned with her, following her movements with his eyes as she spoke. "Naturally," he said finally. He bowed his head for a moment. "Forgive me, I did not mean to imply that you couldn't handle it on your own. I have great respect for your skills, as you well know."

"I do know." Naomi said, softening slightly as she leaned over the dash. She pressed the touch screen to activate it and then straightened, pulling off her cloak as she turned back to face him. "I only just returned, and I got a bit of a...lecture about my methods from the Council, I suppose I'm a bit on edge still. Twenty-seven hours trapped in here with you should do the trick. It's just unfortunate we have company."

A low chuckle escaped Mycroft's lips. "I'm not sure my brother would agree, but I will endeavor to make the journey as pleasant as possible for you in spite of it." He removed his own cloak and settled into his seat as co-pilot. "The Council may protest your methods," he continued, "but they do not argue with your results. Such is the nature of politics." He went over the controls before turning his eyes her way. "I'm not surprised it puts you on edge."

"Politics is not my area of expertise. That's why I keep you around." Naomi said, flashing him a smile as she leaned against her chair. "Speaking of your brother, they are nearly late and... oh they're on their way up the ramp right now. About time." Sensitive hearing picked up the sounds of Padawan John Watson and Jedi Knight Sherlock Holmes on their way in. "Once in hyperspace, I think I'm going to need some quiet meditation. One can only imagine the noise level..."

"We're here." Sherlock was first, followed closely by John, walking into the front cockpit area with his usual impassive expression. He wore his usual black and dark grey attire, his black curls laying messily over his pale forehead. As he was preparing to speak again, his brother beat him to it.

"You're very nearly late." Mycroft announced with his usual disapproving air after swiveling around to face him. "And where is..."

"Here." Jedi Knight Natasha Romanoff was a blur of red hair and black robes as she turned to pull Padawan Molly Hooper through the door behind her.

"It was me." Molly admitted with a bit of a blush. "We're late because of me, but there was this book about this plague on Tatooine and—"

"Molly." Natasha said sternly, earning herself a small nod from her padawan.

"It was't just Molly, we're sorry, Master Mycroft." John squeezed his way from behind Sherlock, an apologetic look on his face. The short blond sixteen year old gave Mycroft and Naomi a polite bow.

"It's alright, just get settled, we've been cleared for take off." Naomi said, moving to sit in her seat and turn towards the controls, finishing preparations.

Sherlock put his hand on John's shoulder to gently push him towards the sleeping quarters. "Supplies go back there, hurry up." John's brow pinched but he did as told, moving to put their packs in the back. Sherlock straightened, narrowing clear blue eyes at his brother. "Mycroft."

"Sherlock." Mycroft greeted, giving his brother the usual quick once over. "I trust everything is well with you and your padawan?"

"Fine." Sherlock said, his tone clipped. "Got pulled out of my undercover operation for this. I assume you have a reasons for wanting me specifically. Aside from your constant need to torment me with your presence."

"Rogers was taking over your operation anyways, Sherlock." Naomi countered lightly, keeping her focus on the controls as she made preparations to take off. "You were going to be available whether you wanted to or not. Our intel suggests your skills will be needed, you as well, Natasha. This is of the utmost importance."

Natasha whispered a few words to Molly, prompting the girl to trot off to their sleeping quarters with their own supplies in tow. Her robes swished quietly when she turned towards the rest of her companions, revealing red accents in the otherwise black fabric. Green eyes flitted briefly over Sherlock before settling on Mycroft and Naomi.

"I assumed." She replied. "It's not every day I get pulled away from such a delicate operation on short notice. Is there any chance we will be told what it is any time soon?"

Mycroft, who'd fixed his eyes on his brother for the duration of their exchange, finally looked away to focus on the controls. "As Naomi said, both your skill sets are required for this mission. You'll be briefed on the particulars in due time." He paused. "It is a twenty-seven hour journey, so I suggest you make yourselves comfortable." He turned his head slightly to the side. "That is if you can manage it with my presence here to torment you."

Natasha reached out and lightly touched a hand to Sherlock's arm at Mycroft's provocation. "A challenge, but I'm sure we can manage."

Sherlock simply rolled his eyes, thinking better of a retort. Twenty-seven hours wasn't exactly a long travel time by their standards, but it wasn't the biggest of spaceships. "Come on Nat, one can only imagine what our padawans are rambling to each other about. It's going to be a long day." A short huff and he turned, black cloak flaring out behind him as he turned and headed for the back. John and Molly were good friends, that could talk more in an half hour than their masters would say in a whole day. But at least Natasha was in the same boat, sharing stories about their padawans was always entertaining, despite their three year hiatus as mission partners.

"Perhaps I'm not the only one on edge?" Naomi suggested lightly, after the two other Jedi left the cockpit. She put her hands on the steering column, lifting the modest cruiser off from the docking station. She pointed the nose for the sky.

Mycroft let out a slow breath, concentrating on the task at hand rather than the snarky brother now making his way towards the sleeping quarters. "Are you talking about me or my brother?" He asked Naomi. "Either way, I'm sure you're right."

"Both. And yes, I usually am right." Naomi said with a smile, leaning in to give one more comm transmission before they broke through Coruscant's atmosphere. She straightened up, leaning back in her seat as she flew them out into the darkness of space. "You did request him, and Natasha."

"I trust them as I trust you. Both their judgement and their skills." Mycroft explained with only minor reluctance. "Such trust doesn't come easily for me, as you know, and for what lies ahead..." He trailed off thoughtfully before continuing in a lighter tone. "Your company is infinitely more agreeable, however."

Naomi gave a light laugh, melodious and soft, relaxing into the pilot seat as the city planet got smaller and smaller behind them. "As is yours. Like said, twenty seven hours of meditation and conversation, and I should be ready for what is to come as well." She paused, glancing over at him. "I'm sure if our intel is correct and everyone does as they are instructed, this should proceed without a problem."

"As am I." Mycroft agreed with a small smile brought on by her laughter. It was a rare thing, and he'd missed it. "The truth is, whether or not our intel is correct does not trouble me. Whether or not it is complete, does." His smile dimmed. "We'll know when we get there and see the situation ourselves."

Naomi was quiet as the computer finished the calculations and she made the jump into hyperspace, stars streaming by the front window. "And I'm sure we'll handle it with our usual fortitude, skills, and patience. We have quite the team assembled," she paused, dropping her hands to her lap, "although I'm still not sure the padawans should have come along."

"We'll take precautions to ensure their safety." Mycroft assured. "Their trials are not that far in the future, and soon after they'll be sent out on dangerous missions of their own. They need to learn." He paused. "No harm will come to them on this mission, Naomi. We'll make certain of it."

"Yes, we will." Naomi said, glancing over at him. Her hands went up to pull her hair out of it's usual bun, her fingers just briefly playing with the twin gray feathers she wore in her hair, her homeworld tradition. "When were we going to brief them?"

Mycroft eyed her once she'd loosened her hair, quickly clearing his throat and averting his eyes. "As soon as possible." He answered. "I'd like to hear any input they might have sooner, rather than later."

"That will do." Naomi said, letting out a short sigh and keeping her eyes on the window in front of them. "You haven't told Sherlock or Natasha whom they suspect it is."

"No." Mycroft confirmed quietly, following Naomi's eyes to the window. "I thought it best not to tell them until we could give them the whole picture, as they way." He paused. "You think I should have?"

"No, I trust your judgement." Naomi said immediately. "Knowing beforehand may have distracted them. Emotions...are distracting. They will accept and move on."

"I'm sure they will." Mycroft said, newly confident. "But... I do trust your judgement as well, Naomi. I trust you'll let me know when something I do or say is... ill-advised?"

"Politics are not my area, there is very little I can help you with in that area. You know what I prefer to do." Naomi said with a small smile. "Your brother, on the other hand, I will always attempt to help you with. Just like in the past."

"I meant only with my brother." Mycroft assured her. "I can handle politics just fine, it's family I have trouble with." He mirrored her smile and straightened in his chair. "Now, shall we debrief them?"

"Let's do that now." Naomi agreed, pressing one more button on the dash and then standing from her seat. "Before everyone gets too comfortable."

"If I know our companions, they won't be comfortable until they're fully informed of the situation." Mycroft unfolded himself from his chair, taking the lead as they crossed the short distance to the sleeping quarters towards the back, gray robes swishing quietly around his legs.