"Hey, Hazel!" Leo called, running to catch up with the Roman demigod, as she walked to her cabin after dinner.

"Hi Leo!" She replied, stopping in the hallway.

"Hazel, if you'd stayed in New Orleans, would you have married Sammy?"

"Probably, why?" She replied, sounding confused.

"Well, then you could have been my great-grandmother! So-"

"Gods, that's weird."

"So, from now on I'm calling you Great-Grandma Hazel!" Leo continued as if he'd never been interrupted.

"Leo, you'd better not!" Hazel warned.

"Night Great-Grandma Hazel!" Leo said, ignoring her.

The next morning, Hazel didn't come up for breakfast, choosing instead to stay in her cabin with Frank and they ate in there, but she could only avoid Leo for so long, the next morning a flock of harpies attacked the ship, badly damaging the hull, Hazel sensed that the nearest sheet of celestial bronze big enough for repairs was on a nearby island, it was decided that Percy, Hazel and Leo (much to Hazel's dismay) were to collect the bronze.

There were no problems on their quest, until they found the bronze.

"Leo, is this enough bronze for the repairs?" Hazel asked.

"Of course it is," Leo paused "Great-Grandma Hazel."

"Leo, call me that one more time..." Hazel threatened.

"Great-Grandma Hazel?" Percy questioned, casting confused looks at the two demigods.

"Leo's calling me Great-Grandma Hazel because I used to like his Great-Grandfather, as in more than friends." Hazel explained, throwing Leo a dirty look.

"Well, that's weird." Percy remarked.

Once they got back Hazel went straight to Frank's room, she spent half an hour talking to Frank about how annoying Leo's new nickname for her was, "It's not like I find it offensive or anything, it's just ... really annoying." She said.

"I'll talk to him for you." Frank offered.

"Thanks Frank.'

Frank checked the entire ship, he couldn't find the crew's resident fire-user anyway. After half an hour of searching, he thought to check the hull of the ship, it was here he found Leo repairing the damage from the harpy attack.

"Hi Frank!" Leo greeted him.

"Hey Leo, listen, we need to talk."

"Sure," Leo replied "What do we need to talk about?"

"It's about your nickname for Hazel, it's starting to get really annoying." Frank explained.

It was then Leo had a genius idea,

"Frank, you're dating Hazel, right?"

"Yeah." Frank replied, with no idea where this was going.

"You're probably going to get married someday, right?"

"Probably, why?"

"And Hazel is Great-Grandma," Leo continued "That makes you Great-Grandpa Frank!"

"What!? No!"

Leo tested out the new nickname for his Roman friend, "Hi Great-Grandpa Frank!"

"Oh, merciful Fates," Frank whimpered "What did I do to deserve this?"

Meanwhile, down in the Underworld, three old crones laughed as they measured their thread.