A.N~ I have had this sitting on my drive for the longest time, and I've decided to finally let it see the light! I have to warn you, contains descriptions of death, multiple character death, and FEELS. I hope you guys enjoy, I almost started crying writing it... I do not own Bonnie and Clyde, and I do not own the first 2 memories, those are from the musical. This is inspired by a story I read called "Game Over." by KnightNight7203

Bonnie POV

I lean my head on Clyde's shoulder, smiling contently as we drive. Suddenly, I hear bullet fire in the distance and I feel a bullet hit my shoulder, making me cry out. "Get down!" Clyde yells, throwing himself over me, protecting my head as bullets rip through the car.

"I...love...you, Sug-" Clyde struggles to say as he bleeds out, his blood staining his hands and face. He smiles lopsided at me, his face looking drained. He reaches up to cup my face and suddenly gasps, going limp.

I stare, unable to breathe, his head laying on my chest. No. No you can't be gone, I need you! My mind screams, unable to take this. I scream, a loud shriek escaping my mouth as the bullets stop. His blood is all over the car, on the windows, on the dashboard, on my face, on my clothes, on my hair.

I try to move but I can't, he's too heavy for me to move, and I've been shot in my legs and torso. I wiggle my arms free and grab his face, trying to get him to open his eyes, look at me, talk to me. Before I can stop them, memories flood my mind, bringing him to the front of my consciousness.

"Clyde, Clyde Barrow." He said, sticking his hand out to me.

"Bonnie Parker." I say back, taking his hand in mine.

"You wrote a poem about me! You are so in love, Sugar!"

"Are you gonna interrupt me every line? There is a flow, a rhythm to these things!"

"My lips, are sealed." He says, kissing me and then laying down, letting me continue.

"Bonnie Parker, I love you with all of my heart. Will you marry me?"

"Yes! Yes!" I cry, slipping the ring onto my finger and kiss him hard.

As the memory fades, I sob, cradling his body to mine. Suddenly the door is thrown open and a burly police officer is standing there, holding a pistol. He glares at me, and yanks Clyde off of me, throwing him onto the grass.

"You leave him alone, Damnit!" I yell, as he grabs my arm, yanking me out of the car and throws me at his feet. He picks up his pistol, points it at my head. I reach over and grab Clyde's hand and pulls it to my chest.

We'll be together soon, baby. I think as the cop cocks the gun and presses it against my forehead. Without any warning, he pulls the trigger, sending me to my Clyde.