Violet Night

By Ace Warbringer

AN: all characters property of Pixar/Disney. If this isn't in some form in the next movie…. They are missing out on one hell of a joke.

The door was loud in her ears when Violet Parr opened it. She slipped inside her house. Her breathing was as quiet as she could make it. Though her heart was pumping like mad. She was sixteen. She was dating.

She was late…

No one was up though. No lights. But in this house? That was never a guarantee.

She listened for any movement as she stood in the foyer for a moment. Nothing. She stepped as quietly into the living room as she could. And faced her first obstacle.

Baby brother toys.

The entire room was a minefield of noise waiting to happen. J.J. had obviously not reprimanded on picking up his junk again. But Vi had a little trick. Ever since the Syndrome incident she had been working out in the most logical way for her frame. Gymnastics.

Tying her hair back with a Scrunchie, she got a few breaths ready. Her mother had trained her for this sort of thing, quietly getting from point A to point B. She plotted her course and now….

She started with a cartwheel , using her flip to her advantage she laid up in a twist. Two more flips later she was at the corridor to the bedrooms. A bright smile came across her face as she dusted her hands. No noise. Ha!

*Click* lights on. A massive hand laid itself on her shoulder.

Vi didn't have to look to know who that was. And just to add to the issue, her mother smoothly descended from where she was hiding on the ceiling. Her face probably had a wonderful 'deer in the headlights' look.

"uh… Mom. Dad… I can explain…"

Mr. Bob Parr, AKA "Mr. Incredible", spoke first, "That's okay honey. But your still grounded."

Mrs. Helen Parr, AKA "Elastigirl" "Ohhhh yes. No Tv. No phone. No….."

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Ace W