From hate to love a special love story

Oly staied in his room alone whit the latop reading the news

-Only stupid things and close let se the modethis .Andy Sixx movet in sunset streat `` what ? Oly get down of bad .No can t be here ?No no mext to me

-Hy bro can I in

-Yes Tomy

-Do you know how stay next to us


-Is Andy is preathy nice

-I don t believe to him can talke you and act bui I don t he don't foll me

-How you whis by the way Cryss call she say youmust be in 5 munt on repletion 4 the x mass show

-O fuck i foget he dress up car ,yu frizz

-I can help you say Andy smailing

-I don t nead your help , how you whis I go to the thatr to , I can take you

-You will get late

-Ok just because is a emergeny

-You get late say Cryss

-I have some problems with the car Andy bring me

-Hy Cryss

-Hey Andy

A big hug

-I don't see for long thime say Andy happy

-Me to

-You don't chacet to much

-Even you

-Yes yes nice o see you come we get late say Ashley taking bouth of the hand

-Auch say Cryss

-Sorry but we are realy late say Ashley

-Ok are all here say the director


Good I have a eeriance 4 you I make theme of 2 to suvive , Andy and Oly you go to the sea

-No say Oly I refuse

-You cant

So they stay alone in the island

-What we do say Andy

-I don't care just to no stay whoy you

-Actaly you must is on the contract we nust suvide 7 days here look the good part sun seea

-You have right i go make a bath

But Oly don know sowim and scream help , Andy seeand save him

-Brethe m he make respiration lips on lips how he see on a documentary.

Oly open the eyes

-What the fuck you do

-Save you

-You kiss me

-No I make a how I see in a docunary m this is a kiss and kiss him fast

Oly get realy surprise He never kiss a boy .

-You are ok

-Yes Andy

-You call my name

-Yes why

-You never call me

-I do now and kiss him soft , and afther put hin slowey in the send