The Multivers Z-Fighters. Part 2.

Chapter 8: New powers! Seeing ghost and reapers!



Power or attack.

"Other worldly being."

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Vegito had some time to spar before Elisa needed him. So to try and waste time Vegito was on his way to the digital training simulator. Elisa told him the simulator brought any memory of past enemies to life at the same level of power they were at when he met them.

"Hmmm… why not Freeza, Cell, Broly, and Majin Buu. Yeah I'll do that." Reaching the sim room Vegito took notice to the size of it. You could fit about 4 football fields in there. The color was just like the rest of the building pure white with baby blue lines covering it. Walking toward the small control pad with a helmet connected. Vegito grabbed the helmet and slowly put it on. It shoved his hair in his eyes but that didn't bother Vegito. The pad brought up multiple screens showing the many different villains Vegito faced as Goku and Vegeta. Scrolling to the four he wanted Vegito swiped them to a different screen which said fight.

"Kakarot!" Broly the legendary super saiyan appeared in blue light.

"Dirty no good monkey!" Freeza the killer of most the saiyan race appeared in the same fashion.

"I'm perfection it's self!" Cell the killer android who's only purpose in life was to become perfect.

"I'm unstoppable!" Majin Buu the ultimate evil and killer of Vegito's family and friends.

"This will be fun. Come at me" screamed Vegito as the villains flew at top speeds towards him.

…..9:00 am outside HQ…

"What the hell happened to you?" asked the blond ninja. Vegito came into the room with many cuts and scrapes on his outfit.

"I had time to kill. So I hit the training simulator to get some practice in." the response was short and simply.

"Wait this place has a training area! How come no one told me?" Before Vegito could reply Elisa decided to cut in.

"We have more important things to discuss Mr. Uzumaki. I have some things to tell all of you before you depart for the next world. You will each be given the power to see the dead… but for only two reasons. The first is that you'll be unable to see the most promising candidates. Two is that you won't be able to help at all." The Multiverse Goddess explained. Her tone was playful and kind. As both Naruto and Hinata learned that she took almost nothing to seriously the first night.

"S-so wait… you… want… m-me to see… GHOST!" little known fact is that Naruto here is absolutely terrified of ghost. If you're very confused with why then look it up on YouTube!

"Yes ghost… is there a problem with that?" The ninja's face said it all so the goddess needed no more information.

"Don't worry Naruto they aren't the type of ghost your thinking of but instead well souls… you need more info? Well you see the next universe is… special. That's because instead of one dimension in this world there are three different worlds that split the universe into equal parts. The first is what's referred to as the Land of the Living, next is the Soul Society, and last is Heuco Mundo. So basically the Land of the Living is where you spend your lives before death. The Soul Society is… heaven of sorts. Heuco Mundo is the hell. The Soul Society holds the protectors of the souls of the people who die in the world of the Living and it's these protectors' jobs to escort souls to the Soul Society. The reason souls need protection and to be escorted is because if one stays in the world of the Living to long they become these demons type monsters called Hollows. When you become a Hollow you eat other souls until you go to Heuco Mundo. That's the basic information but in your adventure you'll most likely only run into the protectors called shinigami." This calmed the blond Ninja because… well I have no idea. Vegito had one more question for the goddess before they left.

"Anything else you want to tell us before you ship us off?"

She raised a hand to her chin thinking then quickly she snapped her fingers. "Yes but not for you. Naruto, Hinata your ability to walk on water and up hard surface will be changed to the ability to walk and run on air all you have to do is the same thing as walking on water. Just… on air." Naruto was a bit confused evident by his blank expression. Seeing this Hinata took the chance to talk to him.

"She means t-that we will b-be able to stand on air instead o-of water a-and trees." She said it in a quite voices but loud enough for Naruto and Vegito to understand.

"Yeah I know that!" he quickly shot back a bit louder than he wanted. Also he now had his face little more than seven inches away from her brightly red face… then she fell to the floor unconscious.

"Hinata! What happened? Wake up!" he shouted shaking her wildly. Vegito got a devious smirk.

"I think you broke your little girlfriend whiskers." Then Naruto's face lit up like a Christmas tree.

"Shut up porcupine!" the blond shot back.

"Toad lover!"

"Fake blond!"


"Shut up both of you! I have one more thing to tell you Vegito. You know how I said you goy the heart and the will of your team yesterday?" the Saiyan warrior gave a short nod. "Well in this world you will need to find the Protector and I can't believe he has to be one of them but the Crazy."

"Now is that all or is there something more?" asked the Saiyan. She gave a short nod implying she was done.

"Ok so Naruto, Hinata, and I will be on our way now if don't mind. See ya." The super Saiyan grabbed Naruto who was grabbing Hinata and walked toward the ship's entrance. Reaching the door he opened it and tossed both passengers in while waving his hand at the Goddess. Closing the door Vegito walked to the pilot seat and pushed the big red button that activated the ship. Then he hit the green one which opened the portal, lastly pushing the blue one the ship rocketed off for the new world.

… and a half hour later….

"I'm so hungry!" screamed the blond ninja. Rocking back and forth in fake pain.

"Shut up! There's a kitchen in there and you know it so stop annoying me!" the Saiyan shouted at whining blond.

"The food is good and all but there's nothing good! At least no good ramen." He complained almost to the point of fake tears.

"Did I not say shut up… because If I'm not mistaken I did and very loudly! Also there is ramen! I had some before I went to your universe!" now the Saiyan's head was humongous with razor sharp teeth.

"There is? Hell yeah! Don't go anywhere ramen I'm on my way!"

….one more hour and a half…...

"Yo Naruto and Hinata it's almost time to get off the ship." The warrior knocked on the kitchen door.

"Ok just a moment let me wake Hinata up." Shouts back.

"She's still asleep? I thought she would have woken up by now!" the door opens and Naruto walks out with the Hyuga on toe.

"She did wake up… but she fell asleep again after I asked if she wanted a 'hot dog'. Don't know what it is but it sounds great." Vegito fell to his knees laughing his gut out.

"HA… oh my sides… so much pain in my sides." As he said the words the red lights and loud ring that gave the sign of landing. Well good news they don't have to wake up Hinata anymore.

"Wait… what happened. Oh Naruto-kun!" Vegito took notice of the 'kun' part and smirked.

"Good your awake well time to go Hinata." Naruto told the young Hyuga.

"Now that we are all awake let's get going this place won't be…" then all three started to glow bright white light. Now standing where they use to stand the three now wore new clothing.

Hinata was in a pitch black kimono with white lines much like the other two; they all also wore wooden shoes, and the ninjas head bands turned into strange stone necklace with their village symbol while one just appeared on Vegito.

"Well this is new." Said the toad sage. Looking himself over Naruto decided he looked very cool.

"Yeah yeah lets get going already." Said Vegito walking towards the door of the huge plane. Opening the door Vegito saw a large city which reminded him of the city he as Vegeta use to live in. Only less flying cars and round buildings.

"Well let's do this!" shouted the blond Ninja!

Chapter end.

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