Z-Fighters of the Multiverse.

Chapter 14: Untrustworthy. Shock among Reapers.



Power or attack

"Cosmic entity"

Just a quick side note. Last chapter, when I was saying how Ichigo was as strong as some Ginyu Force members. Some people had trouble figuring it out. Ask yourselves why Vegito didn't change in any physical way? And since that happened to him, the exact opposite happened to Naruto and Hinata.

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"... WHAT THE HELL!" To say that Vegito was a bit confused was an understatement. While he knew that Ichigo would turn back to normal, Vegito didn't expect that chip to do the job. He didn't have time to ponder as he reached out to grab the falling Ichigo.

"That's my line." Vegito looked over to see all the Shinigami and Visords. He could see a mix of emotions on their faces. Some hold curiosity, others held distrust, and some even had the nerve to outright glare at him.. He could understand that.

"Identify yourself, or we will use force!" Stated the White haired Shinigami.

"As I have said before, I'm Vegito. My two buddies are Naruto, and Hinata." Vegito Gestured to his comrades.

"Sup." Said the blond with a smirk.

"He-Hello." Hinata shyly greeted.

"Welp… Bye!" In that moment, Vegito and his comrades,(With Ichigo in his arms.) flew away. The suddenness of the action caught the Captains, Visords and Lieutenants off guard, but Toshiro regained his composure the quickest. In a burst of speed, Toshiro appeared right in front of the getaways.

"Not until you answer our questions!" He said rather loudly. Vegito smirked, and disappeared from the captain's sight. Looking around for the Saiyan, Toshiro, didn't even see the fist coming into contact with his stomach.

While Toshiro was gasping for air, Vegito disappeared and landed on one of the buildings. Placing the substitue down on the building, Vegito looked back to the child captain. Vegito didn't expect the kid to be right there, and in mid swipe. With a smirk, Vegito caught the blade with a single, ki filled finger.

"HA!" Vegito spun in the air and delivered a axe kick to the white haired Shinigami's head. The fussed warrior didn't want to kill him, but to just get him out of the way. Toshiro, having slowly gotten over the assault, waved his zanpakuto in front of himself.


Vegito looked on in mild shock, as a Dragon made entirely of ice, raced towards himself. With quick thinking, Vegito simply spun around, and kicked the Dragon on the side of it's head.

"Damn!" Shouted the kid like Captain. with another wave of his sword, the Dragon returned to its original course. He quickly swung the zanpakuto once more, creating two more Dragons made of ice.

"Uh-oh." Said the Saiyan as he was put on the defensive. Flying, waving, and ducking around the four Dragon.

"HIYA!" With a shout, a yellow energy burst from the Saiyan, destroying, two of the incoming Dragons. Vegito then ducked under the closest one, and then shot right through it.

"No… way." Commented Toshiro in complete shock. It was then that Vegito appeared right behind the captain, ready to ends this quick. Yet Toshiro attempted to block with his sword, only for the fussed warrior to push both the captain and his sword back like nothing.

"Come on kid. Surely you realize that you can't win here." Vegito mocked/helped the kid captain. Taking it as a taunt, Toshiro charged Vegito while screaming-


In an explosion of spiritual energy, ice started to cover Toshiro's right arm, with the hand being replaced by an ice dragon. With two giant wings of ice forming behind the captain. A huge tail made of ice, and draconic like feet made of ice also appeared.


Vegito whistled at the sight in slight interest. Vegito believed that he found his next recruit. He'd have to do further testing.

"Come on then." He said while using the 'bring it' gesture. Toshiro immediately rocketed straight to Vegito with killing intent.

"HA!" With a quick swipe Toshiro created a huge ice dragon, that made all the other look like toothpicks in comparison.

"Are you related to Shenron?" Asked Vegito as he hovers to the side. Toshiro appears right behind the Saiyan with his blade held high.

"Take this!" Shouted the kid captain as he swipes Daiguren Hyorinmaru to cut Vegito right in two. Yet before he could, Vegito held up his index and middle finger. Vegito caught the blade right between both his fingers.

"What?" Screamed a panic stricken Toshiro. With a smirk, Vegito twisted the blade out of the shinigamis hands, before 'lightly' ramming his foot in to Toshiro's gut. Blood and other fluids escaped Toshiro's mouth in a gasp.

"Give up kid." Said Vegito while letting the captain fall. Before he fell to the ground, Toshiro stopped himself mid air. Anger on his face, Toshiro raced back in, to fight Vegito. Yet before he could get to cut the Saiyan, a hand sat itself on his shoulder.

"Don't bother. He's stronger than you'll be in hundred years." Said a voice from behind Toshiro. Looking back, he sees Captain Kyoraku. Giving a small nod to his elder Captain, Toshiro took a step back.

"Hello there stanger. My name is Shunsui Kyoraku. I'm the Captain of squad 8. My friend here is Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya. Captain of squad 10, and the youngest captain by far." Introduced the lazy captain. Vegito could tell that he would like this guy FAR more than Toshiro.

"You already know me, and my friends." Vegito replied with a very rare hint of politeness. Kyoraku gave a small nod in confirmation.

"If you wouldn't mind, we would like to ask you a couple of questions. Concerning recent events." Vegito could see that it wasn't as much as a request, as it was a command. But given the circumstances… he'd play along.

"Sure. Just keep an open mind." This caused the multiple soul Reapers to raise their eyebrows. Yet another nod from Kyoraku was all Vegito needed. He was about to open his mouth, when the pink kimono wearing captain put his hand up as a sign to wait.

"Oh. I'm not doing the questioning. My friend Jushiro Ukitake, Captain of squad 13, is going to ask you about what we want to know." In that second, a man with long white hair, brown eyes, the captain's uniform appeared beside the two.

"This him?" In Vegito's opinion this man seemed to… frail, to be one of these powerful captains. Grinning at the look on Vegito's face, Ukitake gave a small laugh.

"I may not look it, but I can take care of myself in a fight just fine." Ukitake joked with a small chuckle. Vegito would just have to take his word for it.

"So… what do you want to know?" Asked the fused Saiyan.

"We would like to know, what you are, where you came from, and why you are here. If it wouldn't be too much trouble." Vegito smiled in response.

"This may take a while. So you may want to sit down."


I'M SO SORRY! I PROBABLY SAID IT BEFORE, BUT I AM! This took way to0 long for me to start… And I give you all so… little. I feel bad. Next chapter WILL be longer, and it WILL skip the explanation. Why? Well I am not going to write the same thing in each universe. From now on, all explanations will be skipped.

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