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Summary: Seth Rollins has decided he has had enough of the Authority and he misses his old friends in the Shield and the cheers and the support of the crowd so with help from a Diva they reform the Shield and take out the Authority.

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The new Hounds of Justice

Chapter 2

The next morning at the hotel Seth had woke up early and went to the gym to get in a work out before heading off to where Smack Down was being hosted as he entered the Gym he saw that Paige was in there on one of the Tread mills.

"Hey Paige" said Seth.

"Hey did the plan work is Triple H on Team Authority?" asked Paige.

"Yeah he is but there is something else"

"What is it?"

"Hunter said they have a member of Team Cena under their control"

"Who is it?"

"I don't know but I think he has something else planed as well after all he is called The Game"

"Do you think he will have Nikki at ringside?"

"Maybe and use her to distract John"

"Well I might just have to offer my services to Cena if Nikki does show up"

"Also Hunter is planning to attack Rowan on Smack down"

"Well that helps our plan and it also means we can keep Roman a surprise until the match"

The two of them finished their work outs on the Tread mills and went to the weight room.

"Can you spot for me and I'll do the same for you?" asked Seth.

"Sure Seth what are friends for" said Paige as she smiled at him.

Seth began his weight work out as Paige just watched to make sure everything was right and after half an hour they swapped over and took some of the weights off so that Paige could use it.

While Seth was helping Paige set the weights up for her session they both noticed Triple H had come into the Gym to do a morning workout.

"You two are up early" said Triple H.

"Yeah by the time I got here Paige was already on one of the Tread mills so I joined her then she spotted for me while I was using the weights and I'm going to do the same for her"

"Hey Seth after I've done with the weights do you fancy a bit of sparing?" asked Paige, ever since FCW they had spared with each other.

"Sure it's been a while and I want to see if you can get that Submission hold on me" said Seth making Triple H spit out the swig of water he had just taken.

"Remember Rollins I have been trained to do this since I was 13" said Paige.

"Yeah I know but it has never helped before" said Seth.

The new Hounds of Justice

Half an hour later Paige's weight workout was over and she and Seth had got in the ring and were stretching ready to spar.

Triple H was at ringside side and just watched them as Paige would always find a way to counter what Seth tried and he would do the same and it became obvious that they both knew the others moves and soon called a tie so they could move on Seth wanted to try a new Submission move out and asked Paige if she would mind, and the reply was a yes as long as he would willingly let her put him in her submission hold.

By now the Gym had got busy and the ring was surrounded by half the roster watching and Triple H had got in the ring to act as a Ref in case Paige or Seth submitted when they were in the holds as Seth went first and hooked in the Dragon Sleeper and then pulled Paige down before locking his legs around her stomach so there was no escape. The First thing Paige tried was to roll Seth on to his back and pin his shoulders but even though she could get close the way Seth had the Dragon Sleeper locked in made it impossible to pin his shoulders, Paige could feel the hold starting to take effect and she was running out of ideas on how to get out of it when she realised she only had one chance Seth was still on his back which meant Paige didn't have to exert the effort getting back to this position she got to her feet and made it look like she was going for the pin attempt again but instead used all her strength and to everyone's surprise managed to lift Seth off the mat and make it to the ropes causing Triple H to get Seth to break the hold.

Nikki had saw the strength in Paige and turned to her sister.

"Oh Shit what have I gotten myself into with a diva that can do that to a male superstar" said Nikki.

"No idea sis but let's see if we can learn a counter to the PTO from Seth" said Brie.

"Right then I can use it if I get locked in it at Survivor Series" said Nikki.

The new Hounds of Justice

A few minutes had passed to allow Paige to recover Seth laid on his back in the ring as Paige set up the PTO and then once she had grabbed his arms she pulled him back holding Seth in the air. Seth soon realised that he was in trouble and started to try a free an arm to try and escape but that didn't work and now Seth was starting to realise why this was a dangerous submission move and now with everyone looking on he realised for the first time he might have to tap out, there was one more idea in Seth's head for how to escape and he decided to try it, using all the power he could muster through his legs he tried to move the standing foot that Paige had his legs rapped in front of. He could feel the leg starting to move then he noticed Nikki was taking notes on what Seth did to try and escape and he knew that if he could get out that Nikki would then have a defence to the move so just as he felt Paige's leg close to giving out he tapped. Nikki turned away in frustration knowing that if she was locked in the move on Sunday she would lose as did AJ who had been much less obvious with her scouting the move had spotted Seth had worked out a counter which was good news for her since Paige had found a counter for her Black Widow submission hold straight away.

Seth got to his feet and raised Paige's hand and lead the cheers as Paige left the ring and the gym to head back to her room then everyone else joined in with a 'You Tapped Out' chant as Seth left the gym as well heading back to his room.

The new Hounds of Justice

A few minutes later Paige and Seth stood beside each other waiting for the elevator and both got in and headed to the floor that their rooms were on.

"Why did you tap out?" asked Paige.

"Nikki was taking notes and I know AJ was there watching as well" said Seth.

"So you tapped so nobody found a counter to my move?"

"Yeah only you and I know there was a counter and I found it"

"Aren't you worried what the rest of the roster will say?"

"No I can put up with their taunting plus I know they will forget about it in time"

"Thanks Seth" said Paige as she hugged him the two of them were comfortable enough with each other to hug and not be embarrassed by it.

When the elevator stopped and the doors opened they were met at the elevator doors by Roman and Dean.

"We need to talk?" said Seth.

"Let's go to my room" said Paige as she led the way.

"Right so what's going on?" said Dean.

"Triple H is on Team Authority and they plan on attacking Rowan on Smack down but Hunter also said he had a member of Team Cena in his control" said Seth.

"Any idea who?" asked Roman.

"No but I would guess it's either Show or Ryback, since Cena wouldn't turn on the fans and Dolph has been having trouble with the Authority for a while" said Seth.

"Right so what do we do on Smack down?" said Paige.

"Seth when is the attack on Rowan going to happen?" asked Dean.

"In the Ring at the start of the night, they're going to call him out thinking he attacked Luke Harper" said Seth.

"So who will be out there?" asked Roman.

"Hunter, Kane, Russev and J & J security"

"Why not you?" asked Dean.

"I have a match not long after the attack against Dolph"

"Good that means you can help in the counter attack"

The four of them continued making their plans for another ten minutes before realising the Roman and Dean would need to get away from Paige's room without being seen.

"What room are you guy's in?" asked Seth.

"Across the hall" said Dean.

"Right the coast is clear" said Paige as she opened her door and checked up and down the hallway as Dean and Roman left.

"Who are you traveling to the next show with?" asked Seth now he and Paige were alone.

"I don't know probably with Summer, Emma and AJ why do you ask?"

"I wondered whether you would mind traveling with me to the next show we could properly catch up we haven't done that since Wrestlemania when you confided to me you were going to be on Raw the next night"

"I would love to Emma and Summer can take the car since the three of us bought it together when we were in NXT"

"Ok I'll see you tomorrow Raven" said Seth.

"I can't believe you remembered that name" said Paige laughing.

"Well come on then I remembered yours let's see if you remember mine" said Seth.

I'll see you in the morning two-tone" said Paige laughing as Seth nodded back and closed the door behind him and went next door to his room.