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Summary: Seth Rollins has decided he has had enough of the Authority and he misses his old friends in the Shield and the cheers and the support of the crowd so with help from a Diva they reform the Shield and

take out the Authority.

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The new Hounds of Justice

Chapter 28

The Shields tour bus pulled up outside the arena for Smack Down and as they got off the bus there were surprised to see no security guards waiting for them instead Shane McMahon was waiting outside the arena for them.

"Wow what have we done to have the privilege of Shane McMahon greeting us" said Roman.

"It is very simple Shield tonight the security guards that usually keep you from causing trouble are watching the Wyatt family to insure that no more Wrestlers get taken by them after the Ascension on Raw and the disappearance of AJ Lee" said Shane.

"How about we propose a little business arrangement from now until Elimination Chamber" said Seth.

"What's the proposal?" asked Shane.

"We get a rematch for the tag titles tonight against the Lucha Dragons and in return we will do whatever we can to stop the Wyatt Family" said Ambrose.

"Ok deal and at elimination Chamber the Shield will take on the Wyatt's in a Elimination Chamber match which if you win tonight will be for the tag titles" said Shane.

"Done, you have a deal Believe that" said Roman.

And with that said the Shield entered the arena and headed for their locker room to prepare for tonight and to talk in private.

The new Hounds of Justice

"So what's the Plan for the Wyatt's, and why did we agree to a deal with Shane?" asked Paige.

"Well if you look at it like this the Wyatt's are the only force in the WWE at the moment that are united enough to try and do anything to us and also if they have taken AJ Lee that is an injustice and it must be dealt with" said Roman.

"So what do we do tonight if they come after anyone?" asked Paige.

"We go to save them" said Seth.

"Ok so which two of you three will be taking on the Lucha Dragons for the tag titles?" asked Paige.

"Easy Rollins and Ambrose, then you and I will be at ringside to insure the Wyatt's don't fuck us over" said Reigns.

"Do we defend them under the Freebird rule?" asked Paige.

"Yeah and if the team is suitable we may even let you defend the belts" said Seth, as he came and stood beside Paige and unconsciously put his hand round her waist.

"Something you two ain't telling us?" asked Dean.

"What do you mean?" asked Paige.

"Seth's arm on your waist like you two are a couple"

"I guess you will just have to keep wondering Ambrose" said Seth as the four Shield members touched fists and headed for their entrance points.

The new Hounds of Justice

"The following contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall and is for the WWE tag team titles introducing first they are the tag team champions at a combined weight of 370 LBS the Lucha Dragons" said Lillian.

'Lucha, Lucha' played out as the Lucha Dragons made their way to the ring.

"King do you have any idea how the Shield got their rematch here tonight since I thought the McMahons would have refused to give them their rematch?" asked Cole.

"I have no idea Michael how about you John?" asked King.

"No clue but it must be something big" said JBL.

'Special Op' plays out

And their opponents being accompanied by fellow Shield members Roman Reigns and Paige at a combined weight of 442 Lbs. Dean Ambrose and Mr Money in the Bank Seth Rollins" said Lillian.

The bell then rung to signify the start of the match.

The match started with Dean and Kalisto in the ring and locking up with Dean using his size and strength advantage from the start to overpower Kalisto as Dean Suplex's Kalisto and then goes to follow it up with an Elbow Drop only for Kalisto to roll away and avoid the attack. Ambrose got back to his feet and tried to get hold of Kalisto but he couldn't as Kalisto kept moving out the way so he never got caught and eventually dean grew so frustrated that he tagged in Seth to allow Rollins a chance to try and catch Kalisto. Rollins managed to grab Kalisto and force him into the Shields Corner before he grabbed Kalisto and went for the Turnbuckle Powerbomb but Kalisto was again able to counter this time by leaping from Seth's shoulders and landing on the mat before going over and tagging in Sin Cara. Seth Rollins was quickly able to get in control of Sin Cara and delivered a Suplex and then followed that up with an Elbow Drop before dragging Sin Cara over to the Shields corner and tagging in Ambrose, Seth then hit Sin Cara with the Turnbuckle Powerbomb and exited the ring as Ambrose followed that up with Dirty Deeds.

"That's it Dirty Deeds from Ambrose this is over we have new tag team Champions" said Cole.

"Cover him Dean" said King.

"The McMahons are not going to like this turn of events" said JBL.

Dean covered Sin Cara but Kalisto was able to break the pin fall up just in time.

"Kalisto their saving the match for his team" said King.

"You have to wonder though is that a good idea for him to do as it means the Shield can do more damage to Sin Cara and then later possibly isolate him" said JBL.

"That would be classic tag team strategy John" said Cole.

Dean pulled Sin Cara to his feet and hit a Suplex and followed that up by delivering a second Suplex before dragging Sin Cara towards a corner and climbing to the top rope and hit a Diving Elbow drop to Sin Cara, then Dean tags in Seth Rollins and they deliver a double DDT to Sin Cara and then Ambrose leaves the ring as Seth heads to the top rope and connects with a Phoenix Splash and follows that up with a cover on Sin Cara only for Kalisto to break the pin up.

"And Kalisto once again saving the match for his team" said King.

"Yeah and again he may come to regret it" said JBL.

Just than back in the ring Dean grabbed hold of Kalisto and as Seth got back to his feet the two Shield members delivered a double DDT to Kalisto. The ref went to check on Kalisto which gave Rollins and Ambrose the chance to hit Sin Cara with more offence, Rollins picked Sin Cara up and Powerbombed him in to the Turn Buckle before tagging Ambrose in who hit Dirty Deeds and then went for the Cover and the Ref counted to 3 and called for the bell

"Here are your winners and the New Tag Team Champions Representing the Shield Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose" said Lillian as Paige and Roman entered the ring to celebrate with their team mates.

Then instead of the Shields Music playing the lights in the arena dropped and 'Live in Fear' played out as on the Titantron were Luke Harper, Eric Rowan and a big man who no one had ever seen before with a black sheep mask covering his face, then behind them the bodies of the Ascension could just be seen as Harper and Rowan were beating them with chairs and kendo sticks under the careful watch of the big man and also a third person was chained up in the background but was covered by a black sheet. Then the voice of Bray Wyatt could be heard "You see what happens to those who do not follow the buzzards, and also to those who need our guidance. Now Shield rest assured that your day will come, when the Buzzards come for you there will be nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and you know why?" asked Bray cryptically before answering the question himself. "Because Sister Abigail has spoken and her time to return will spell doom for you and the WWE Abigail will change everything" then the lights went out again.

As the lights came back on the Shield were surrounded by black cut outs of seven people all wearing Sheep masks.

"What in the world is going on?" asked JBL.

"It looks like the Wyatt Family are about to try and go up against the Shield now they have the numbers advantage" said Cole.

"Yeah but that has never done any good before the Shield always find a way to win" said King.

The new Hounds of Justice

Meanwhile somewhere else in the arena in an Office Vince McMahon was talking to an unknown person.

"So this Shield crap has gone on too long can you and your friends get the job done and take them out?" asked Vince.

"I guarantee that the night after Wrestlemania my friends and I will make our presence known to the Shield" said the other Man.

"Excellent I want them to pay for everything they have done since they reformed" said Vince.

"You won't be disappointed the night after Wrestlemania the Shield will be demolished that is if they survive Wrestlemania" said the mystery man.

"You keep your promise and you and your friends will be given title matches at the PPV after Wrestlemania" said Vince.

"Well I intend to become Champ at Mania" said the man.

Vince and the mystery man shock hands and went their separate ways.

The new Hounds of Justice

Later on that night the commentators where giving a rundown of the action seen so far tonight to any one tuning in late to Smack Down when 'Here Comes the Money' Played out and Shane McMahon made his way down to the ring and grabbed a Mic.

"Ok so I am out here due to concern's raised by the locker room about the disappearances of AJ Lee and the Wyatt Family taking the Ascension Monday night, and despite having zero evidence I believe the Wyatt's have AJ Lee as well and are playing a sick and twisted game by keeping her prisoner"

Shane was cut off by 'Live in Fear' playing out as Bray Wyatt appeared on the Entrance ramp.

"Now Shane what makes you think we have any idea where AJ Lee is maybe she has gone off with her husband somewhere" said Bray.

"Well I know that isn't true for one big reason, I was actually in contact with Mr Punk earlier today and he told me that AJ hasn't rung or texted him back since she vanished" said Shane.

Bray entered the ring causing Shane to back into a corner and look around the audience in fear.

"What is wrong Shane you seemed so confident when I was up on the Entrance ramp but now you are just like everyone else scared of Bray Wyatt" said Bray as he grabbed Shane and got him in position for Sister Abigail

"Someone needs to get out here and help Shane now before Bray makes him the latest victim" said JBL.

"John who in their right mind would come out and face up to Bray Wyatt" said Cole

'Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta' played out and the Shield ran to the ring

"Well here's someone brave enough to do it" said King.

"But this makes no sense the Shield hate the McMahons. The McMahons have made the Shields life a living hell since the Shield reformed a few months ago at the Survivor Series" said Cole.

"It might make no sense on that side of things but remember earlier tonight the Wyatt's tried to intimidate the Shield this is about payback for the Shield and has nothing to do with Shane McMahon" said JBL.

The Shield soon beat down Bray and with a Howl and a Banshee scream the plan for what to do with Bray was complete Roman and Dean lift Bray up and position him on Paige's shoulders and held him their while Seth stands by the ropes and as Reigns, Ambrose and Paige go for the Electric Chair Drop Rollins is on the move and when in position adds a Curb Stomp to the move and they leave Bray laying in the ring before turning to Shane who is sitting in the corner trying to catch his breath as he sees the Shield look at him and the four Shield members touch fists before attacking Shane and hitting him with a Triple Powerbomb.

'Special Op' plays out at the end of the night with the Shield standing tall in the ring.

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Andrea the giant battle royal

Brawn Strowman

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Alexa Bliss

Neville VS. Austin Aries

Austin Aries

Club VS. Enzo and Cass VS. Sheamus and Cesaro (Ladder match)

The Club

Charlotte VS. Bayley VS. Sasha Banks VS. Nia Jax


Dean Ambrose VS. Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin

Orton VS. Bray

Bray Wyatt

Cena/Nikki VS. Miz/Maryse


Shane VS. AJ Styles

AJ Styles

Roman VS. Undertaker


Seth Rollins VS. HHH

Seth Rollins

Kevin Owens VS.Y2J

Kevin Owens

Goldberg vs. Brock Lesner

Brock Lesner