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Summary: Seth Rollins has decided he has had enough of the Authority and he misses his old friends in the Shield and the cheers and the support of the crowd so with help from a Diva they reform the Shield and take out the Authority.

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The new Hounds of Justice

Chapter 3

"Welcome ladies and Gentlemen to Friday night Smack down" said Michael Cole.

"And Tonight Michael the Authority will call out the person they believe attacked Luke Harper last Monday night on Raw" said JBL.

'King of Kings' plays out as Team Authority plus J & J security minus the injured Luke Harper and Seth Rollins.

"The Authority have conducted a thorough investigation into the attack on Luke Harper and have come to the conclusion that Erick Rowan is responsible, so Erick come to the Ring" said Triple H.

"John do you really think Erick Rowan would have attacked his former friend and team mate?" asked Michael Cole.

"I don't know Cole nobody ever accused Erick Rowan of playing with a full deck" said JBL.

'Swamp Gas' played out as Erick Rowan made his way to the ring still wearing his sheep mask.

"You took out Luke Harper because you were jealous of singles success he has already achieved" accused Triple H

Rowan shook his head.

"I never saw Erick Rowan as being a coward afraid of his former friend Luke Harper" said Kane.

Rowan removed the sheep mask and again just shook his head.

Erick Rowan is now being surrounded by Team Authority and they attack him but as soon as the attack begins John Cena leads the charge to the ring followed by Ryback and Big Show that slightly helped as it took Russev, Kane and Mark Henry away from the beat down on Rowan leaving just J & J security and Triple H how pulled Rowan up and Pedigreed him on a chair slid in by Stephanie. Then Dean Ambrose and a masked man came running out the masked man hit a double cross body on J & J Security and Ambrose tackled Triple H. Finally the Authority escaped the ring and it became clear that Erick Rowan was not going to be able to compete at Survivor Series, Dean and the masked man also left the ring.

Triple H now with a mic in hand said "I guess you have a few days to find a 5th member of your team or else you will one man down"

"Don't worry about us we will find a 5th member" said Cena.

Triple H dropped the mic and the rest of the Authority followed Triple H through the curtain into the back.

The new Hounds of Justice

20 minutes later.

'The Second Coming' plays out as Seth Rollins makes his way out with J & J security to boo's from the WWE Universe. 'If only they knew what we are going to do' he thought to himself.

"The following contest is scheduled for one fall introducing first from Davenport Iowa weighing in at 217 lbs. Seth Rollins" said Lillian Garcia.

"Well John any clue as to who Team Cena will be getting as their 5th team member?" asked Michael Cole.

"No Clue since the obvious choice Dean Ambrose is already in a match with Bray" said JBL.

'Here to Show the World' plays out as Dolph Ziggler comes to the ring.

"And his opponent from Hollywood Florida weighing in at 214 lbs. he is the Show off Dolph Ziggler" said Lillian.

The ref called for the bell and the match began.

Dolph and Seth locked up and Seth got behind Dolph and hit a dropkick sending Dolph flying into the corner, Ziggler came back at Seth with a running forearm knocking Seth to the mat Ziggler tried to follow that up with a knee drop but Seth managed to roll away just in time. Seth got back up and pulled Dolph to his feet and hit a snap Suplex to him before going for a cover and Dolph got the shoulder up before the 1 count. Dolph got back up and he and Seth locked up once again this time Seth Irish Whipped Dolph over the top rope and distracted the Ref so J & J security could attack Dolph.

"Come on Referee there is a mugging going on outside the ring" said Michael Cole.

"The Ref can't see it Michael Seth is distracting him" said JBL.

"Come on this is getting ridiculous" said Cole as J & J security tossed Ziggler into the ring steps.

The Ref finally hearing the sound of someone hit the ring steps turns away from Seth and sees Dolph down and J & J security are round the other side of the ring.

"It's a little bit late Ref Dolph got mugged while you were dealing with Seth Rollins" said Cole.

"Calm down Michael its only cheating if you get caught and they didn't" said JBL.

"I guess I should expect the Sell out to cheat as well"

"Michael you don't get it do you, Seth saw an opportunity to take his career to the next level and he took it. I did the same thing I got rid of the dead wait that had been my tag partner and became the top dog and Seth is doing the same"

Seth pulled Ziggler up and hit him with a Running Power Bomb in to the top turnbuckle then Seth backed into a corner and as Dolph started to get up Seth went for the Curb Stomp, but Ziggler was able to avoid it and pulled himself up with the ropes and as Seth ran at him in frustration at missing his finisher Ziggler caught him with a Super kick and fell into the cover only for J & J security to once again interfere in the match this time by putting Seth's foot on the bottom rope.

Dolph got up and looked at J & J security before spring boarding over the top rope and connecting with the a Cross body on both members of J & J, Ziggler got back in the ring and waited as Seth was starting to get back to his feet facing away from Dolph who went for and connected with the Zig Zag.

"That's it Dolph hit the Zig Zag he just needs to get the cover" said Cole.

Seth by now had rolled out the ring and hit the floor.

"First he needs to get Seth back in the ring" said JBL.

Dolph hit the mat in frustration that Seth had rolled out the ring and then he rolled out after him and struggled to get him back in the ring but finally made it. Seth was ready as soon as Dolph had got him back in the ring he was ready and as Ziggler rolled in Seth got up and ran at the ropes and rebounded off them and hit Dolph with the Curb Stomp and got the 3 count.

The new Hounds of Justice

Half an hour later back stage Dean Ambrose and John Cena were talking and Cena followed Dean into Dean's locker room.

"So what do you want to talk about?" asked Cena.

"That's simple who is replacing Erick Rowan" said Dean.

"I have no idea since everyone I would pick is already in a match that night"

"Not everyone" said a voice behind Cena who turned and saw Roman Reigns behind him.

"Roman when did you get cleared?"

"Last week and now I'm offering my services to take out the Authority as part of your team"

"Uhm Roman my team is supposed to lose and then get wrote of screen until the Rumble" said Cena.

"Well that's just not going to happen" said another voice Cena turned towards it and their stood Seth Rollins.

"What the hell is going on?" asked Cena, before adding "Is there anyone else waiting to get involved in this?"

"Yeah there's me" said a feminine voice as Paige revealed herself.

"John I guess we should tell you what we have been planning since Monday" said Seth as they explained there plan to John.

"Ok so you want to take out the Authority I get that every one of us does so Roman you're in, also I know that no matter what the outcome of the Divas title match Nikki will be at ringside for the Authority" said John.

"Good then I will be ringside for Team Cena" said Paige.

"Ok final thing Triple H wants me to reveal Luke's replacement tonight are you ok with that?"

"I'd much rather leave it as a surprise"

"Ok then I'll deal with that but I still want Paige to come out with us so we can show them that J & J and Nikki will have company out their"

Everyone agreed with the plan and Seth left to head back to the Authorities locker room Cena went back to his locker room and Paige finished getting ready for her handicap match next.

The new Hounds of Justice

'You Can Look (But You Can't Touch)' plays out as the Bella twins make their way to the ring.

"The following contest is a 2 on 1 handicap match where both Bella's can be in the ring at the same time introducing 1st from Scottsdale Arizona Brie and the WWE Divas Champion Nikki the Bella twins" said Lillian

"This is just punishment for Paige after she saved AJ on Raw and then took out both Bella's again in the back of the arena on Raw when they attacked her and she defended herself" said Michael Cole.

"Well maybe it will teach Paige not to stick her nose in other people's business" said JBL.

"But John 2 on 1 under any conditions are wrong"

"You're right the Bella's might need more Diva's we have seen how powerful Paige is in the past"

"Quit joking around JBL you know that the Bella's are going to try and take Paige out tonight so she will not be a factor at Survivor Series"

"I guess we'll find out" said JBL.

'Stars in the Night' plays out as Paige makes her way to the ring and lets out a trademark scream.

"And there opponent from Norwich England, Paige" said Lillian.

"Well JBL Paige doesn't look like she's worried about this match" said Michael.

"I wouldn't expect her to she knows she can beat both these Divas, after all she has done in previous matches" said JBL.

"But John those were singles matches, this isn't"

"Michael sometimes the numbers game doesn't matter, if Paige has psyched herself up enough in the back before coming out here she will do fine" said JBL as the Bell rung to begin the match.

Nikki and Brie both ran straight at Paige and as the Jumped about to try a double Drop Kick, Paige ducked avoiding it and then before both Bella's could get back up Paige had jumped on the back of a downed Nikki and delivered several shots to the back of Nikki until Brie pulled Paige off of her sister but now Paige was able to go after Brie until Nikki got back up so Paige was determined to make it count she delivered a Snap Suplex to Brie and then crawled up Brie's body and grabbed her head and delivered repeated Head-butt's to Brie until Nikki had got back up and pulled Paige away from Brie. Nikki Whipped Paige at the ropes and caught her with a Thez Press and banged Paige's head against the mat, Brie came over and whispered something in her sisters which made her smile and nod. Nikki got up and standing beside Brie they both delivered a Twin Scream as Paige was having to use the ropes to get up. Nikki pulled Paige away from the ropes and hit Paige with 1 of Paige's own finishing moves the Paige Turner, then Brie went for the PTO but found she couldn't lock it in Paige was fighting her as she was trying to grab Paige's arms. Nikki deciding it wasn't working ran to the ropes and rebounded off and delivered a Leg Drop to the back of Paige's head.

"That's got to be it" said Michael Cole.

"I hate to agree but you may be right" said JBL.

Brie went for the cover and Paige somehow got a shoulder up at 2 and a half.

Both Bella's screamed in frustration that Paige was able to kick out, Nikki pulled Paige up and went for the Rack Attack and hit it then Brie came over and applied the Yes Lock and to stop Paige countering Nikki came behind Paige and grabbed one of her legs and ended up with Paige in a Single Leg Boston Crab as well.

"There is no way Paige can get out of this move is there?" asked Cole.

"I don't know Michael Paige does like her Submission moves so maybe she knows some sort of counter" said JBL.

Paige was struggling to find a way out thinking about tapping when she realised Nikki only had one of her legs in the Submission which meant she could use the free leg to try and escape, that's when Paige remembered that Nikki had needed time off to recover from a Fractured Tibia, so Paige used her free leg and kicked at Nikki's shin's trying hit the spot that Nikki had hurt and after a few kicks she got it as Nikki let go and held her shin. This now allowed Paige to move both her legs and eventually roll through and got her feet to the ropes causing the Yes Lock to be broke, Brie went to check on her sister which gave Paige some much needed time to try and recover. Nikki nodded at Brie letting her know she was ok her shin was just a little saw and to get back on the attack of Paige, Brie turned to see Paige was back on her feet but using the ropes to stay up so she went to grab Paige who countered Brie's attack and delivered her Triple Clothesline's to Brie and then followed it up with the Paige Turner and just as she was about to go for the cover Nikki stopped her and set her up for the Rack Attack and hit it before going for the cover and getting the victory. After the bell both Bella's once again attacked Paige and wouldn't listen to the Ref who Nikki Slapped and pushed him from the Ring before returning to helping Brie beat down Paige before the triple threat match at Survivor Series.

The ref the reverses the decision and declares Paige the winner which causes Nikki to go mad and increase the punishment she is delivering to Paige even Brie was surprised at how vicious her sister had become after hearing the decision getting reversed.

'Let's Light it Up' plays out as AJ Lee runs down to the ring with a Kendo Stick in hand and lays out Brie and Nikki with it before helping Paige to her feet and the two of them make their way back Stage and AJ helps Paige to the trainer's room.

"Thank you AJ for coming out and saving me" said Paige.

"Hey just repaying the favour since you came out on Monday to save me" said AJ.

The two girls hugged before going their separate ways, they had got over their whole rivalry and had become good friends since Summer Slam.

The new Hounds of Justice

An hour later and 'King of Kings' played out as the Authority and their Survivor Series team make their way to the ring.

"So it's the end of the night and Team Cena haven't revealed their final team member I guess that means they don't have anyone and gives us a one man advantage for the match" said Triple H.

'The Time is now' plays out as John Cena leads his other three team mates out on to the stage,

"Oh don't worry Hunter we have a fifth Member but he will not be revealed until Sunday" said Cena.

"Why is he afraid to come out here and reveal himself to us or are you just bluffing and going to spend the next few days looking for someone?

"No he just wants it to be a surprise when he comes out and helps tare your team apart"

"I doubt whoever it is will pose much of a threat anyway and after you lose they will be fired as well"

"Well I do have someone else back stage who said she will stand with us since I know you will have the Current Champ Nikki in your corner among others, so to slightly even the odds at ringside Team Cena welcomes the future 3 time Diva's Champion after Sunday Paige"

"John you are still outnumbered and if you think she will make a difference you are mistaken but if Paige wants to join your team she is welcome to that is of course if she survives Nikki and AJ in their Triple threat match" said Stephanie.

"Oh I will Survive and then do away with your lap dog over there, believe that" said Paige.

Suddenly the Titantron dimmed and on the screen appeared four sets of Glowing Eyes and underneath it were the words 'See You Sunday'