Reid hesitated at the closed door wondering if he was doing the right thing. He had a question in regards to the case he was consulting on but he'd never seen the door to Hotch's office closed for a whole day and he wasn't sure what he was walking into.

He wasn't necessarily good with people in general and just because his team understood him most of the time, didn't mean that he understood them. Running his hand through his hair he could feel Morgan's eyes burning his back. It had after all, been him who'd sent Reid up here when he'd finally spotted an in. Even though Morgan had his own office, he still had a finely tuned Reid radar that told him when was the perfect time to mess with Reid. In this case he'd decided to up his ante and send his 'pretty boy' into the lions den.

Placing his hand on the handle, Reid opened the door somewhat surprised to find it was actually unlocked. It appeared that while Hotch was dissuading people from entering he wasn't refusing them.

Stepping into the room with more confidence given that revelation, Reid felt his eyebrows pull together in confusion when he spotted Hotch's empty chair.

Turning around the room he finally caught sight of his boss, his head the only part of him visible underneath a brightly coloured blanket likely courtesy of Garcia. Kneeling next to Hotch, Reid hesitantly reached a hand out and placed it on his forehead, sighing at the hot, clammy skin.

Rocking back on his heels, Reid desperately ran through the medical texts he'd read trying to determine how serious Hotch's apparent ailment is. For everything that he had to do to take care of his mother, she was very rarely stricken with a physical illness.


Seeing the lack of clarity in Hotch's gaze, Reid moved in closer. "Yeah?"

"I think I'm dying."

Seeing the pain in Hotch's eyes, Reid grabbed the older man's hand. Using the other to desperately fumble through his pockets for his phone, pressing his speed dial and waiting anxiously for Rossi to answer.

"Reid? Didn't you just go into Hotch's office?"

"Uh-huh." Wetting his lips as he watched Hotch blink owlishly at him, Reid tried not to panic. "Can you… can you come here."

Hearing the door open in time with the end tone, Reid closed his phone and refocused on Hotch. Feeling Rossi come to a stop behind him as he peered at Hotch, he answered the question Rossi didn't need to ask. "He said he's dying."

"Oh Reid, he's not actually dying."

"But he said-"

"Yes, well… he certainly feels like he is. But it's just the man-flu."

Reid paused, considering the information Rossi just gave him. "That doesn't make any sense, no medical book I've read denotes a flu that differentiates based on gender."

Hearing Rossi laugh as he headed back out the door, he frowned as he heard the chuckles sounding once Rossi announced to the rest of the team that it was just the man-flu. It appeared everyone but him understood it.

Pulling his phone out, he silently thanked Garcia for insisting he had access to the internet on the damned thing. Quickly typing in man-flu, he felt his eyes widen at the results. Squeezing Hotch's hand in his own, Reid silently promised he'd stay by Hotch until he got better. This might not be a medically recognised ailment but it was an ailment nonetheless and no one deserved to be alone with the flu. Pulling his files closer to him, Reid grabbed his pencil and moved onto his next case, the other consultation could wait until Hotch was better.

And a week later when he was the one napping on Hotch's couch, wondering if this really was the end, he stood by the belief that it was all worth it.

A/N Just a little weird one-shot that popped into my mind after dealing with another bout of my dad with the flu. No offence intended to anyone, I kind of convinced my dad uses it as an excuse to complain about things he can't otherwise. Hope you liked it ~ Gabz