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-Grovyle: Between Time and Darkness-


Hey-oh! Galvantula here, and I was just dropping by to tell you two things. One, Grovyle is busy studying the mainland Time Gear thing with Connor. That's why he's not doing the whole 'I... am Grovyle' thing for the prologue. Two, if you don't know me or even recognize my name as an important friend of Grovyle's, then you should probably to go back and read the first part of this thing. I'm like super important! If you're wanting to read this one first, without reading the other one, you're going to be in for a bad time that is full of confusion! Just sayin'! I mean it! You can go on, but be warned. There's some strange things happenin' in G's world. (That's short for Grovyle, in case you didn't know.) That can only be explained with the power of Arceus… Just kidding! The most interesting thing right now is if he'll finally stop being so vacuous about the whole Celebi situation. I'll let you guys move on, but be warned again! Galvantula out!

-Chapter 1: The Time Gears-

-Grovyle's POV-

I kept looking at my arms and legs, having trouble believing that it was me. I mean, I knew it was, and I knew that I'd undergo some drastic changes, but this was crazy… I felt so much more powerful, like my old body had been quashing my strength, and I finally broken the bonds.

I couldn't help it; I was amazed. I felt so free… The rage I had felt towards Connor a few moments earlier for sneaking an everstone into my bag, which postponed my evolution, was dispersed by the sheer joy of reaching my second stage in achieving the maximum potential that I was capable of. Connor and I were discussing the whole thing about how to get to the mainland, and where the time gears were… From the information I had gathered, neither of us had a clue as to where the Time Gears were, so this could theoretically take forever before we can go to the past to get them for real.

"Say, Connor, why can't we just get the time gears from this world?"
He was studying his map, and as he looked up, his low, masculine voice replied, "Because the time gears' energy is useless now that time's frozen. Without time flowing, the Time Gears don't do anything. That's why we need to go to the past to get them."
"Then why don't we go to the past right away, if we need to get them from there anyways?"
I always found myself questioning the things that had to do with time travelling or dimension hopping. They just didn't make a lot of sense to me. Connor helped with that a lot, putting it into a perspective that I could understand.

"Because, Grovyle, once we get to the past, we're on the clock. We can find them here, without the pressure of finding them in time to stop the collapse of Temporal Tower, or go to the past and be under pressure because of the planet's impending doom. What do you think?"

A smirk crossed my face as I replied, "Point proven. Have you figured out where they might be?"

He was studying the map rather intently while floating the maps of all of the regions from Concordia, the world where humans and pokemon lived in harmony for the most part, around him. He seemed particularly interested in the Sinnohan map. He set the others aside, and began examining the one remaining; "You see, Grovyle… The three lake guardians were the embodiment of free will in Sinnohan mythology. Supposedly they are called the lake guardians because they each protect something at their respective lake. I am presuming that it is a Time Gear, and there are three lake guardians, and if each one is guarding an individual Time Gear, then that would make me presume that there are two more left that shouldn't have guardians…"

"Why can't we just walk around until we find five of them? There are hundreds around the mainland, right?"

He shook his head at me, and explained further, "No, we have to find the five major ones. They are the hardest to locate, and naturally, because that's always how this sort of thing plays out, they are the five that we need. The hundreds of time gears scattered around are in turn powered by the main five."

After a long pause, Connor stood up abruptly and beckoned me over. I walked over, and he smiled, "Alright, so I retraced the locations of the three lakes in the Sinnoh region onto the map here…"

He pointed to the little squares that he drew in aura on the map, but we were both interrupted by a small portal appearing in the middle of his room, coughing up random items that I hadn't seen before… There was a red white and blue circular shield with a white star on it, and Connor glanced at it, then at a huge pile of scrap metal that looked like random pieces of junk was thrown up by the portal, then the mysterious portal vanished.

I turned to him, "What the heck was that?"

He smiled, "A transdimensional portal… Items from all over all the dimensions get thrown through it, including digital dimensions, like movies, games, things of that sort. No living things come through, but there's always junk coming to and fro. When it appears, I throw any of my unneeded stuff into it for some other person to use."

He quickly refocused, "I'll mess with that stuff later…" He pointed to the map again, "Anywho, I retraced the map of the Kanto region over them, then lined up the Unova Region with the edges of that, and I looked for the corresponding points on the map. There are three big lakes that are rumored to exist on the Mainland: The Underground Lake, Crystal Lake, and Fogbound Lake. If each one is guarded by a lake guardian, then we can presume that there was a time gear there, if there isn't one already."

"Alright… Say, why did you call me Grovyle as soon as I evolve?"

He smiled again, but continued to study the maps that were spread out in front of him, "When pokemon evolve, their name becomes whatever they evolve into, unless they are given a nickname by others. It's weird how all that stuff works. I would still call you Treecko, but when I do that, your mind says that you're Grovyle. That's probably why Dusknoir got agitated when you called him Dusclops way back when he first evolved."

The thought of Dusclops hurt me more than Connor realized… The ghostly mummy pokemon had rescued my mother and I while we were on the run from some Sableye, and Primal Dialga, the Lord of Time, convinced him to join him. He was like family to me, and Dialga took him away… He is still alive, but he's Dialga's right-hand pokemon, I'd imagine. I'd rather be dead than work for Dialga. He thinks that I'm dead, because he killed me, but Giratina let me find my body again, which was really painful… Anywho, I'm not dead anymore, and Dusclops was still a touchy subject. Case closed.

Connor apologized, "Sorry… I didn't realize how much he still meant to you."

I wiped a tear from the edge of my eye, "No, you're fine… I need to get ahold of myself."

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