There just aren't enough Young Justice apocalypse stories out there and this is my attempt to provide at least one story that puts together YJ and a post-apocalyptic AU. Enjoy and review! (In that order :D)


Dick Grayson had been on the bus from school when it happened. Bruce had a League meeting and Alfred was volunteering at Doctor Leslie's clinic leaving no one to pick him up from school, and leaving Dick to a long and boring ride with annoying classmates yelling across the bus and a driver doing nothing about it.

A large force banging into the side of the bus suddenly shook all the students out of their seats and onto the floor. The driver was unconscious at one hit, and three or four students were out as well after the second. The bus screeched out of control and crashed into the rail. Caught on the highway, it was a wonder that cars hadn't smashed into it, but that was only because the other vehicles were already being overtaken as it did. The remaining students barely had seconds to look anxiously through the windows where dark masses of rotting zombies were pouring out of the woods on either side.

Dick watched as the front door and the back emergency exit were ripped off their hinges and, with deep regret and dread, agilely hopped onto the seat and began to open the emergency roof hatch. He pulled himself through with just enough space to narrowly miss the rotting hand reaching for his feet.

He risked a look back, but what he saw left a permanent stain in his memory. There was only one person on the bus who hadn't been overtaken and bitten, a small girl who stood on her tiptoes on the seat, reaching her small hand toward him with tears streaming down her face. Richard leaned back in and reached out to her, just inches away when a shrill scream escaped her lips and down she fell to the ground, with a bleeding bite in her leg and a frozen expression of shock on her face.

Dick cried out in horror but knew he could do nothing for her. He swallowed his fear and flipped off the top of the bus, fighting against the tide of rushing monsters. The fastest he'd ever run, he dashed into the woods and scaled the nearest tree.


It was dinnertime in Central City for the West family, when there was a scratching sound at the front door. Rudy and Mary exchanged curious glances and Wally sped to the door, looking out of the peephole. He was speechless at what he saw. He turned around, completely pale, with his back to the door when his parents walked in. "What is it sweetie?" his mother asked him, concerned. "Zombies..." he whispered under his breath. "Wally, speak up," Rudy told him. Wally shut his eyes.

There's no way they're gonna believe me! He panicked. "Zombies, Dad! There's, like, five of them just outside behind the door. You can't open it, 'kay? I'll just run to the nearest-"

And just as he predicted, Mary and Rudy rolled their eyes at each other and pushed their son away from the door. "NO!" he yelled. "You can't open it! You can't-" As the door flew open, the zombies flew in and immediately pounced on the West parents.

Wally watched, horrified, along with the three zombies currently standing on his doorstep as the bite marks on his parents emitted a black blood. From the area of the infection, the skin turned black and rotting until two zombies lay before him. His parents stood up, a hungry, mindless fire in their eyes, and moved to infect their son.

Wally sped into his room and threw open the window, praying with every step that this was all a dream. Praying- because he knew it wasn't. Uncle Barry's house, gotta get to Uncle Barry's house...he'll know what to do... He took all the backroads, repeating the mantra in his head until an occurring thought brought him to a sudden stop. His eyes widened with realization. There's a League meeting-they're all on the Watchtower!

Seeing no point in continuing to his uncle's house, assuming Aunt Iris was at the news station working or reporting on this disaster or- dare he think it?- even a zombie herself, he changed his course for Happy Harbor, Rhode Island. From the mountain he would be able to zeta to the Watchtower and there he would be safe- hopefully.


Artemis was lucky to have just arrived home from school when the attack came, and she had seen it coming, more or less. The bus had just dropped her off at the end of her street and she was walking up the block to her apartment, eager to recount to her mother the look on that bully's face when she shoved him into a trashcan and gave him a taste of his own medicine.

A strange pounding noise discreetly entered her ears and she looked up to see a dark mob moving down the street. Their feet pounding on the ground as they ran, crazed, and their loud moans and haunting screeches echoing off apartments and storefronts, they moved at a terrifying speed in her direction. The second their rotting stench hit her nose she knew exactly what they were and what they were there for.

Several other civilians on the street realized this as well and ran, screaming and panicking, into the nearest stores and buildings. Artemis stood, glued to the sidewalk, and watched, frozen in horror, while the living dead tore into buildings and homes and came out with new additions to their pack. Chaos was all around her and in a single second, when the desperation kicked in, she suddenly raced up the steps and slammed the door behind her. Her mother wheeled in to see Artemis frantically bolting the door and placing a table in front of it, brushing off a vase and picture frame which shattered loudly on the floor, and then lunging for the coat rack, throwing the coats and jackets to the ground and setting it securely in front of the door as well.

"Artemis!" Paula shrieked. "What is the meaning of this?!" Whipping around to see her mother, Artemis breathed a sigh of relief and brushed past her and into the living room. Her mother followed, part angry and part concerned while her daughter grabbed the television remote and switched to the nearest news station where The Zombie Apocalypse: It's Really Here was blasting all over the news and station after station showed footage of masses hunting through the streets.

Paula didn't have a chance to say anything before Artemis was relaying instructions. "Mom, you need to get out of here, you need to get to the Watchtower, you'll be safe there. Pack everything you'll need for now, and we can go out the back, get to the zeta tube, get to the Watchtower," her thoughts began to trail off and she spoke them aloud. "I wonder, is anywhere else having a zombie attack? This could be unique to Gotham..." "Artemis! The more time we waste, the less of a chance at escaping we have!" her mother broke her thought and brought her back to reality. Minutes later, a zombie pack broke into the apartment, only an empty house waiting for them.


The remaining three Team members didn't even see the zombies initially. Megan had the excuse of making cookies in the kitchen for an after-school snack to watch Conner in the living area adoringly, who, himself, was staring at static as usual. Kaldur had been training in the gym and was taking a break to re-hydrate. Megan decided to ask Conner if he wanted her to turn on the TV.

Turning around to look at the Martian, Conner thought for a moment before answering, "If you know how." Megan hadn't thought about that particular issue and, not wanting to disappoint, looked to Kaldur for help. With two sets of eyes on him, the leader sighed and went over to the large television, scanning the room for the TV remote. "Do you know how?" Conner asked, skeptical. "Seeing as none of us are humans, I have been on the surface the longest of the three of us, so I probably have the best chance of turning on this-" Aqualad searched for the word. "-television."

Five minutes later, the television finally switched to the proper setting and a frantic news lady spoke excitedly to her audience about what the headlines said was The Zombie Apocalypse: It's Really Here. M'gann's cookie tray clattered to the floor and Kaldur dropped the remote. Conner stood up so quickly the coffee table fell over and then he ran to the mission room, Aqualad and Miss M hot on his heels.

"Come in, Red Tornado!" Aqualad said into the comm system. After a minute, the android's voice came over the sound system. "Is there a problem, Aqualad?" "You are at the League meeting, correct?" Aqualad wasted no time in asking questions. "Yes." "Please put me on speaker," the Atlantean requested, despite the confused looks his two comrades were giving him. "You are on speaker, Aqualad," Tornado announced a moment later. "Speak."

"Tune in to the news channel. You need to see what's happening. It's very urgent." "Which station?" Aquaman asked his apprentice, putting the embarrassment of having his apprentice interrupt a meeting into the back of his mind.

"Any station. You won't believe this..."


It probably could have been predicted that Gotham City would be the cause of the end of the world. Without the new addition of infected corpses wandering the world and picking off Earth's population one by one, everyone already hated the city. As long as anyone could remember it was filled with vile criminals and sickening miscreants. It was still filled with these monsters, but now it was also filled with brainless, rotting, virus-carrying monsters that had roamed all over the country and had somehow gotten onto ships and crossed oceans, taking the rest of the planet completely by surprise.

So when the masses had a need to blame, they blamed Gotham. The more enlightened people didn't blame Gotham itself, however. They blamed Scarecrow. That criminal had always been enthusiastic about brewing chemicals and potions to mess with the mind, but even he hadn't wanted his newest concoction to raise the dead. And with the abundance of dead people in Gotham cemeteries, raising enough dead to infect almost the entire city had not been a problem. The world could do nothing but stand by helplessly as one by one people joined the massive hunting party involuntarily. It didn't take long for the Justice League to figure that one out. The zeta tube announced the now- authorized arrival of Paula Crock, who turned, relieved, to wait for Artemis to materialize. Except that she didn't. Everyone turned to each other with terror on their faces at the announcement of the computerized voice, "Error. Zeta tubes are now offline."

Now the Team was trapped.

More will be on it's way. Please tell me your thoughts. And to clear up any confusion, Robin and Artemis weren't riding the same bus, as they live in very different parts of town, so her bus just dropped her off before his dropped him off. Until next time :)