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Name: William "Will" Berrie Bakshi

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Dull blue

Age: 14

Birthday: May 14th

IQ: 205

School attending: Winter Academy; the school for the state's best, whether it be academics, sport, or art. Winter Academy offers financial support to those who cannot keep up with the fees and is generally filled with friendly staff. Winter Academy regularly takes on teaching interns, and the students have gotten used to being friendly to them. As you may have already guessed, Winter Academy does not shy away from it's name; it specialises in taking the students on exciting winter sport trips, and during Christmas when services are held, the school is lit up like NYC.

School year level: 12

Alive family: Sunil Bakshi (father), Berrie Quinn-Bakshi (mother), Ivory Bakshi (3 year old sister), Raymond Bakshi (3 year old brother), Ian Quinn (uncle)

Friends: Lauren Whitehall (BFF's since forever), Kirsten Bale (girl who owns the farm next door), Trisha Halle (a depressed yet gentle study friend), Darrel Simmons (girl who owns the farm across the road), and Penelope Hill (her martial arts buddy)

Likes: Horse-riding, discovering new things, acting, cricket (A/N for those of you who don't know what cricket is, check my journal entry/s), football, swimming, martial arts, texting on her double-king bed, family, thunderstorms

Dislikes: School 'popular girls', shoe-shopping, school assemblies, netball, dancing, alcohol (I 'accidently' tried some), paedophiles, snakes

William is aware of the job that her father holds but keeps her mouth shut due to the fact that she loves him too much. In his home, Willam's father is a different man; someone who is kind, gentle and patient. Sunil loves to listen to his oldest daughter's achievements and shows to be a very protective father when he is near his younger twin children; Ivory and Raymond. Sunil is aware of the smarts that his oldest daughter possess's but does not wish her to get involved with Hydra, in fact, he uterly forbids it.
William lives in a mansion with her little brother, little sister (twins) and her mother. Her father does not show up home until late most evenings, leaving a lot of the house work to William and her mother. However, William does not dispair, she enjoys helping her family and would rather clean than have to look after her little siblings every day. William also takes charge of 30 acres of their land (out of 50) where she has six horses (she let Lauren name one; Bolt) and enjoys riding them with Lauren, Kirsten, Trisha, Penny and Darrel. She also has a small alotment for 10 free range pigs and 2 sows (they breed the needed stock), which provided beautiful end-of-month-Sunday-roasts!