Success, Lauren and I were roommates! (though apparently most people have their own room) Agent Weaver gave us our timetable, maps, and instructions to what we were allowed to access and then left us to ourselves.

Sadly for me, Lauren had called dibs on the bed by nearest the window, meaning I had less of a chance of relaxing on the window seat with a nice book. The room was nicely sized though, and made up for the fact that we had to share.

Dumping my luggage and boxes on my bed I grabbed the timetable I had been given and studied it.

"What science field are you studying?"

I looked up at Lauren and raised my eyebrows. She sighed, exasperated and repeated her question

"What science field are you studying?"

I glanced back down at my timetable and smiled

"Engineering. You?"

She glanced at her timetable and let out a squeal of excitement

"Bio-chemistry! They say that the youngest recruit to study Bio-Chem was Jemma Simmons – she was sixteen. Oh! And by the way, the youngest recruit – before you – was Leo Fitz, he was sixteen."

I smiled lightly and raised my eyebrows at her

"And you know this, how?"

She motioned for me to start unpacking and I did, placing my timetable on my desk.

"After you told me that my grandmother was practically the founder of SHIELD I decided to do some digging and find a little about her. Along the way I decided to look at the SHIELD Academy's and Bio-Chem is what I would've picked anyway."

I smirked at I dumped my suitcases on the carpeted floor

"Since when did you become such a SHIELD nerd?"

She looked at me with amused attitude written over her face

"Since I learnt that my best friend could possibly study that same course as me with an IQ 35 marks higher!"

I laughed at that and took my bed sheets out to make my bed with. As I was doing that, I continued our conversation

"Well, now we'll be able to teach each other about both courses. Right?!"

She nodded and puffed slightly as she jumped down from her now made bed.

Her doona had a floral pattern on it while mine had a black and white 3D block cover. I dragged one of my suitcases over to the drawers at the end of my bed and started sorting through my clothes.

"Do you think we'll see Penny again?"

Lauren looked up at me and must have seen the sadness on my face. She walked over to my bed and sat there looking at me

"I'm sure we'll see them again." Lauren smiled "And if we're not allowed to, I'm sure we can sneak out!"

I smiled widely

"And then get caught by our original captors again!"

Lauren jumped up and went back to sorting through her clothes. She replied in a posh (and sarcastic) accent

"What a positive attitude you have!"