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Come, take me by the hand
Wanna cross the line, baby go ahead
Till the morning light, watch my silhouette
'Cause you know tonight, we're gonna wake the dead

Supernatural - Ke$ha

Penny sat across from me on a couch in one of Tony's sitting rooms. We could hear the adults talking in the kitchen not far from us. Every time that I looked at Penny she looked at her lap and I sighed, every single time! Finally I spoke

"Listen Penny, I just want to know why you didn't tell us, me especially."

She looked up at me slowly

"I wasn't allowed to."

I tilted my head in confusion and she blinked

"Director Fury told me not to, and as we don't really know this world, I figured it would be better to have him on our side."

I nodded and switched topics

"Have you told them?"

She glanced at me with confusion

"Told them what?"

I rolled my eyebrows and sighed loudly

"Oh! Is that what you mean? No, I haven't and I don't intend to."

I smiled and switched couches so I was sitting next to her. Wrapping an arm around Penny I hoped she wouldn't get angry

"I almost killed Grant."

She face palmed "Again?"

I nodded, seeing the funny side "Again."

I glanced at her and smiles grew on our faces, tears forming in our eyes. Soon we were laughing about it, like almost killing your brother is normal. I wiped my eyes and Penny looked at me seriously

"What did happen though?"

I scowled "We were talking about you, while being watched by SHIELD. Grant told me he liked you and that none of this would have happened if I had been more careful. I said that we should be focusing on the future, not the past and that we should be following our jobs not our hearts."

I took a breath and continued "He said that SHIELD couldn't stop him when he's 'like that' and I told him that, no, they couldn't."

By now my eyes had found an interest in a certain spot in the carpet "That's when I almost killed him."

Silence. I looked up and Penny had a smirk on her face. My eyes widened in confusion and she snorted, then started shaking from laughter. Why was she laughing? It wasn't even funny.

Penny finally looked back up at my confused face and continued to chuckle

"What? What are you laughing at?"

Penny looked me in the eyes with a smirk on her face "Sorry, it's just how you could have been fighting over something so petty beats me!"

I shook my head and face palmed, some things I don't understand about Penny.