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And I'm breaking, I'm breaking away,
I'm aiming power-power shots
And I'm giving all I got.
I'm fearless, I'm fearless today,
I paint my face with teardrip-drops
And I'm kissing underdogs.

Geronimo - Aura Dione

We smirked at each other as we sat down to take off our running shoes – wouldn't want a broken nose now would we? Penny has been studying martial arts for 13 years (in case you were wondering, I've studied for five years) – ever since she was 3 years old –, she studies boxing, judo, karate, taekwondo, wrestling and happens to have had some experience in street fighting which she so kindly shares with me.

"Are you gonna sit there all day, daydreaming about some guy's dick or are you gonna come and fight?"

I poked out my tongue at Penny and made my way into the boxing ring that we regularly used for sparring. Penny raised her eyebrows and said

"Wow, what are you going to do with that tongue? Actually, I really don't want to know."

And that is Penny for you! Completely blunt with the truth and says whatever will offend someone the most. I rolled my eyes and shot back at her "The only way for you to know what I would do with it is if you've already done it."

Her eyebrows shot up "Oh! Is that how we're gonna play it today?"

"You started it!"

Me and my big mouth got me thumped onto the mat, winded. She smiled at me "You're right, I did start it didn't I."

I scowled and kicked up towards her face as I launched myself into the air. She skilfully dodged my feet while grabbing one, twisting me as I came back down. I flipped and Penny landed on the mat, with me not far behind, landing in a frog position, holding her shoulders down. She head-butted me and I growled – she is so going to pay for that. Rolling to my left, we both sprang up and launched a series of punches towards each other's stomachs and soon I brought up my knee to her gut as she brought down an elbow to the nerve between my neck and shoulder.

Now, I'm not sure which one of us gasped first but we both ended up on the mat holding either our shoulder or gasping for breath. I shook my head and got up, pain spreading through my fatigued muscles. I offered a hand to Penny and then wiped the sweat off my brow.

Penny held her sides and smiled at me "You know Alberta, if not for that cocky comment at the start, you could've won."

I just nodded "Maybe I was saving that victory for a larger audience."

Penny smirked "You know, I vaguely remember what happened last time we were in front of a larger audience. You got beat up so bad that you were blubbing like a baby and it turned out you had only rolled an ankle. Are you sure you're ready to try that again?"


And so she sent a fist flying towards my nose. Thankfully, she restricted the amount of power she put into it so that I only had a blood nose and expected a mighty bruise in the morning – the morning we go to America. I gritted my teeth and held the bridge of my nose, "Want to tell me what that was for? It was only one swear word after all."

She smiled but did give me a small amount of sympathy, "You know, if you had been concentrating, you wouldn't have a bloody nose right now."

"Fuck you."

The amount of cuss words that comes of out my mouth daily is enough to make a fair living on. Penny launched a kick to my stomach but I glared at her and flipped her onto the ground, splattering blood onto the mat. I smiled "We should probably go before Master Fuji tells us to scrub the mats again."

She nodded in agreement, too tired to try and start another mock argument with me. What, with all the excitement of going (back) to America and exercising harder than usual AND the fact that we are changing schools – it's enough to make anyone exhausted!

~Crash, Boom, Bang! Time Skip~

Sitting on the comfiest king bed in the world, I visited my usual fanfiction site and uploaded the next chapter. It's a fanfiction on the Avengers, where they find a cold-blooded assassin who was brought up exactly like Natasha Romanoff was, the only problem was, they were also brought up in exactly the same place – the Red Room.

Anyway, in this chapter, I decided to make Natasha and my character – Anastasia – go on a shopping trip at the nearest mall, they were currently in the food court (A/N that's what we call the restaurant area/place in Australia) and were arguing over whether to get meat lovers pizza or vegie supreme pizza.

Now, I don't know why I decided that they couldn't just buy their own pizza, but maybe I thought neither of them would've wanted the health benefits (or not) of one pizza each. Moving forward; it ends up that neither of them get pizza and instead –

My mum has just entered – alert – my mum has just entered – warning, evacuate! "Alberta, lights out 5 minutes ago. That doesn't mean you can continue to –"she looked over my shoulder "Read or write fanfiction."

I rolled my eyes and sighed "Yes mum."

Sadly, I actually was tired and knew that getting some sleep before going on an airplane would be smart – I can't sleep on airplanes. She lightly closed the door behind her as I shut my laptop and blindly plugged it in to charge in the dark. I grabbed my IPod Nano Generation 7 and opened my videos. In there were downloaded videos from YouTube, all tributes to the Avengers or Agents of SHIELD.

I mentally laughed. Wouldn't it be funny if I were in the Avengers world and they found my IPod? They would be amazed at how much people love them, for sure! My mouth opened into a yawn and I put my IPod back onto my bedside table; hmm, maybe I should get some sleep.