The sun is look at the whindow,sloley come netx to see the sunsine and smile.

-Is so magical

-Yes it is


-I just come to see what you do

-Fine but whi are you so intere whit me

-You are like ouer litte brother , I havet also 16 and i nead it protection now you do

-Tnx i don t now what to say

-What if we make a little wolk in the beach, we practice al 3 and is 10

-We have a lot of thime

-Do you havet beckfast

-No you

-No I know a good place where to eath afther the walk

-I what make a bath say Tom


But Tom don t know swim


Lee go athet him and take it to the mall and make respitation brath on bteth how he see on a documentary

-Brethe Tom brethe

Tom get back on senses

-You are ok say Lee

-Yes you save me

-Nothing special lets go eeath

-O hy boys there you are all here say Lee

-Yes say Oly do you what soething spcial to eth


-Ok take a sit say Curtis

-Where is Matt

-Clin up his dumers say Matt

-How you what to bring you say the sevient

-I what a cola and some egs wjit bacons say Lee you Tom?

-The same

The day over the concet good like always. Tom staied in his hoteloom in the still feal the taste of Lee`s lips


-Ah what is whit me

-Hy can I come

-Cryss sute yiu are my best friend I wjhat speak with you

-Yes sure

-I think I am sik


-When I see Lee I treling and I feal like I cant beath and something in the sto,ac

-Haha you are not sik


-No you are illove

He brus

-Is not so bad to love

-Yes but he is a boy i am a boy

-Love don't take cont of this

-And whati can do

-Speak whiot him

-I can t I am to shy

-It will be the time when you wil say

-I know

-It will be ok

-Tnx and he hug her

-Ok I must go by



On the balcony of the hotel Lee soke cdartte

-Hy Lee nice to see you I what tell you soething

Lee drop down the cigarette

-Yes what is the problem Cryss by you voive is iprtant

-Yes it is


-How to tell you

-How you you what

-Take a sit

-Is bad right ?

-I can be

-Ok say

-Is abouth Tom

-He is ok


-How say him oried

-He love you

-I love him to like a brother

-He love you more then a bother


-How you here

-I go to him


He go but afthe 3 secind come back and hug Cryss

-Tnx God you are whit us

-Ok ok just don t sufacate me

-Hha say Curtis

-I go to Tom by

-By say bouth


-What he what to speak whit Tom

-Sentimetal things


-Is hard

-How hard


-Plese told me

-You promise don t tell

-I promese and take her hand and look on her brown eyes

-Ok I tell


-Tom love Lee

-We know all love him

-No he love more

-More ?

-Yes like a lover get it?


-You promese you don tell

-I don t if I say this this is

- You are cool

-You to

-And sss

-Ok he smile , by the way do you what take a walk in the bech

-Yes sure


-Can I come is say Lee smailing

-Yes sure say Tom whit slow voice

-We can speak

-Yes sure

-Do you have smething to drink just to be more relaxes

-Yes sure and he take from the mimifige 2 bears whidouth alcool

-Tnx and he stay on the midel of the bad

-What you do

-Speak whit you is more confortabile

-Yes sure haha

And stay next to him

-Cuse say Lee


-So…tell me Tom abouth you

-Well…I like skebording photography

-Do you have the camer whit you


-Can you make some picures here


Tom put the camera and say

-How you you what the picures

-More reaxing


Lee take his top down

-Like this

-Ok now stay relaing

-Like this


-And now take the blanket on , don't cover up you a part. Lee get all his close .Tom get surprise.

-Is not ok Tomy say Lee smailing

-Is ok….

-Let the camera and come get slow next to jump on him and kiss forced .Whit the blanket on , nobody realize .Oly passed there and see the balket and tought Tom sleep and go outh

-What Tom do ask Matt Nicholls



-Ok I know what you what lets go but thos thime we do it in my room ok

-Ok and kiss him ad take him up


Lee staied on Tom looking at him

-I am hard


-I am make the reverse and Lee put Tom up

Tom tuch Lee face since say nothing

-Your hand are so sift say Lee

-You are so cute

-You to

Lee kiss Tom and whit the hads play on Tom body

-Ah say Tom moving his head around

-Do you like it say Lee slow

-Don t hurt

-Good , but is you firtst thime

-Yes is the 1 thime when i make love and I feal one dick on me.

-Ah you smel so good so fresh


-I never take a walk on the night on the beach say Cryss

-What you don t like

-Yes I do I so romatic

-The moon look so big like silver ball

-Yes it is

-And how you you can take you hair so cool

-Natual things , olive oil

-Nice I will try

-Is not necessary you are cute the way you are

-Haha tnx

-Realy, how don t what a girl like you cute talate funny

-I don t know

-I don t see you whot a boy

-I don't believe in boys

- Why

-I whas so hurt in love I don t nead one

-I see is normal

-You do?

-Yes i do can we stay down , I am realy thed

-Yes sure

Curtis whated to stay down but he has lose of calcium and fall , Cryss get realy scared

-Curtis plese say something , put his hand on his you ok

Curtis get uo slow

-I am ok say him who the hand on the herd

-Ok bether if we go to the hotel

-Yes you have right

-Why you don t tel me you are sick

-I whas afraid

-fraid if what

-If you don t speak whit me

-I always will

-realy say him happy


And he kiss her get surpse but Curtis say

-Sorry and run


Curtis staied Cryss get close to him

-Why you run

-I am a stpid

-No you are not

-Realy say him happy , thing how is viible in his eyes

-Yes you are , how helped me , how whas always whit me


-Se you are cool

-But I don't havet the pouer to say I love you

-You provet now

And the moon light show to beuful person kissing


-Good morning my love say Lee to Tom smailing , dress only in one back top

-Good morning i sleep realy good

-Me to

-I am realy hungry lets go eth

-Whi to go to eath if we can take te food to us


-I make you you favorit bracfast coffee whit milk egs and bacon

-Tnx you are the best and kiss him

-All the best 4 my love and kiss soft . Tom bite slow Lee`s down lip

-Hmm say him in the same thime.

-I love you baby say Tom hug him

-I love you to.

-I go to the shoer…

-I know…

-O come blink whit one eye.

-Uh is to hot that whater say Tom

-Yes let me fixet is bether

-Yes and kiss him.

Lee bring Tom body next to him and put his herd on Tom sholder

-Ah is so confortable

-Yes it is

-You like it

-Yes,i do

Lee put some shoergel on his hand and put on Tom chest moving slowlei on all body

-Haha you whas me

-Yes why you don like it

-I do

Afther Lee put Tom on the whet al and kiss him. Tom pu his legs around Lee`s hips.

-Ah say Tom


-No faster ahh

-I come


They end , go outh ,Lee dry slowly Tom and smile

-You are so soft Tomy


-I am so happy to meat you

-Me to

Tom kiss soft Lee and also him.