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have fun reading the story about Lucy Heart a famous artist and her friends.

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"I am tired." I said while I let myself fall on the sofa that was behind me.

"That was a great performance Lucy." My stylist and friend Wendy told me.

"Yeah you really gave a big show out there." My manager Mirajane said.

"Man your fans get more aggressive every time Lucy." My bodyguard Erza said.

The four of us were currently sitting in my changing room. On the door was a pink star with my name in gold on it.

I really love singing and stuff but I don't like it to go undercover if I just want to shop. Luckily my friends are here to help me. I am Lucy Heart the famous singer who has fans all over the world, I have just finished an performance and I can just hear my fans scream out my name.

"Lucy, tomorrow we have to be in Magnolia the next town of your tour." Mira said.

Great my childhood friend lives there, Levy McGarden is her name.

My live is really hysterical and chaotic and I have never a day off, except one of those rare occasions what happen to be tomorrow.

The next day we stood before Levy's door and I knocked. Levy opened the door and we hugged each other tight.

We decided that we would go shopping and Wendy had done a brilliant job by giving me some good disguises, my blonde hair was covered by an brown wig and I am wearing an set of jogging pants a big hoody and sunglasses.

We were shopping for fun and walking inside and outside shops and ended up by the concert hall, there was a big line and it was to buy tickets for my concert when someone that didn't watched where he was going bumped right into me, he had dark blue hair a darker color as Wendy, and was only wearing pants. But unfortunately my disguise was ruined and a girl noticed me.


I started to run while Erza hold them off, I left behind an surprised boy the one who ruined my disguises and Wendy who was running to my caravan followed by the boy.

O god I thought by myself this can turn out really worse.

Then an arm appeared and pulled me away from the road, I looked up and saw a brunette who was holding an bottle of booze.

"What a fan girls do you have." She said.

I thanked her for saving me and together we walked back to the caravan careful not to get noticed.

Inside the caravan the others were there already and I saw the boy who had caused all this trouble sitting in here to.

"I am so sorry I caused you so much trouble, what can I do to make it up to you?" he asked me.

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