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Chapter One: Origins

Hi. I know that you don't know me but my name is Trinity Clairborn. Well, I guess if you want my full name it's Trinity Ava Clairborn. I've read that it's good to introduce yourself with your name and a firm handshake…but I guess I can't really shake your hand. Okay 1…2…3…and breathe. My apologies, if you haven't notice I'm a little…different. I guess I should start at the beginning, well the very beginning. I can't just start where I really want to and expect you to know what I'm talking about. Unless whoever's reading this actually knows me and if that's the case; you are invading my privacy. I order you to stop reading; if you want to know anything than just ask me. This is for future eyes only. They're the ones that I want to know my story. I'm losing myself again. I gotta get a hang of that.

Okay, so here's what I meant to say; my name is Trinity Clairborn and I'm a fairy. Yes, I said it; I'm a fairy. We're not myth. In fact, there are a lot of things in this world that people don't know about. Fairies, dragons, mermaids, vampires, werewolves, basically anything that has been dismissed as myths or stories have a truth at the root of them. I'm a water fairy or sprite as some of us like to be called. It's not very often that we leave our territory which happens to be underwater in the middle of a lake undetected by any and all that have not been welcome or is not a water sprite themselves.

Hardly anyone ever leaves now, especially since the surface world continues to advance. Though we are peaceful, my people have developed a loathing for Grounders; that's what we call people who live on the surface. I've heard that we used to roam freely from place to place, meeting other creatures and learning from them, sharing our cultures with each other. I guess that's how the myths got started. But it's not like that anymore. As time went on, Grounders found themselves in constant conflict with each other and soon their tensions seeped into our world. Soon my people and those like us retreated into our homes, having no wish to take part in or witness the chaos that began. But we were not spared. As time went on, the Grounders came up with new ways to harm each other and though unknowingly, harm us as well.

Luckily for my village, we were unaffected by the danger, for we were not close to it. But many others suffered. Those of us that live in the vast oceans of the world felt the consequences of the Grounders wars. First they would hear booms before what I learned is called a ship would sink, destroying pieces or sometimes entire villages. Fortunately, they were able to find use of the dreaded things and used them for shelter until they could find new homes. But things got worse. Before, all we had to worry about was something sinking, but then the Grounders found a way to survive under water, bringing their weapons with them as well. They had these huge…machines and things that make the ocean tremble when they release them.

Water creatures had to retreat further and further into the depths of the sea which is also a problem. At the very depth and core of the blue waters lie the Beings of the Old World. These creatures prefer to be left alone, living at peace in their solitude. The deeper we're force to move, the more unrest these creatures become. No one knows what will happen if one or any of the creatures begin to rise to the surface and no one is in a hurry to find out.

Not everyone took things lying down though. Not every creature is a peaceful of a race as we are. There were retaliations from fellow beings of the sea. Some lured Grounders with their beauty before dragging them to a watery grave, some fed them to the very creatures that they loved to hunt. These attacks were put to a stop in order to keep our kind a secret. But there were other techniques the creatures of the blue could use. Some creatures, my kind included have special abilities...gifts. These gifts were used to attack the Grounders and their strange machines. Some in the name of protection…others in vengeance. Some sea vessels encountered one might say…accidents. Accidents that the Grounders couldn't understand, that they couldn't explain. I remember a story that some creatures conspired together when another Grounder war was on the rise. Several groups conspired to use their powers to place glaciers around the borders their territories to keep the Grounders away. One ship traveled too close and met its end. It was called…what is it again? Titornia? Tantitic? The Titanic! Yes, I believe that is what it was called. Anyway, this made the Grounders wary to venture into certain parts of the sea.

But of course some could not help their curiosity. These Grounders are either very brave or very stupid. Either way, venturing anywhere near this territory is a death sentence. The Royal houses, which hold some of the oldest of our kind stay near each other. They have powerful guards who are trained from birth to use their abilities to protect their homes. There are three families, the Cypher's, the Rayne's, and the Clairborn's; they are The Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle to be exact.

Now before you say anything, yes technically I'm a part of a royal family, but no I do not stay with them. Here's the rundown; my mother Vivian Clairborn is the firstborn child of Thesuesius Clairborn. I know what you're thinking; 'why does your mother have such a normal name compared to her father?' Well, grandma Clairborn thought the name was pretty after hearing it screamed by one of the victims who dared tread into their territory. Morbid? Of course it is, but I never claimed to be the only strange one in our family.

Anyway, my mother was in line to be Queen if or when her father decided to step down. But…things didn't really go as planned. You see, every hundred years, the fae gather together for a meeting…a Council of sorts. They call it the Centennial Conclave. We aren't the only fairies out there. Each fairy belongs to an element. Just as we belong to water, there are other fae who belong to earth, fire, and air. There are a lot of others but really they're just branches of the main elements.

Once every century, the King or Queen of a fae holds celebration/meeting, each time being hosted by a different elemental fae. The last meeting was held by Xanulous Tosin, the King of the Earth Fairies. That's where things got difficult. Every fairy has a mate, someone who is meant solely for them, a perfect match. Someone who can care for them, yet challenge them, to learn things from as well as teach, someone who makes you wonder how you survived life without them. For my mother, that person way Alec Waverly. He wasn't someone any of the families found suitable, but who can argue with fate?

My grandfather was hoping that my mother would find her match among someone from home or another Royal. Don't judge, my grandfather isn't some pompous jerk who thinks himself above others, he just knows that my mother would be safe amongst a royal family due to the protection they have. To see his daughter find her mate in an errand boy with no standing whatsoever was basically the equivalent to seeing an iron blade to her heart. He knew that my mother never held any interest in being Queen and if the time came, she would probably pass the right to her younger sister Lucia the first chance she got. He knew in that moment that my mother would not return to their kingdom. That's not to say that she doesn't visit every now and then, but what parent wants to let their child go?

Pairings between fairies of different elements are rare but their children usually hold the power of only one of the elements with the slightest incline to their other parent's element. Like me; my powers are water based but let me tell you, I know my way around a forest. So my mom stayed with dad, leaving all the luxury she was raised with to live in the sparkling crystal blue lake that is my home. Give it several decades or so and soon I'm born! Yay me!

Like my mother held little interest in being a Queen, I held just as little in spending my whole life in our village. I don't hate my home. It's actually quite beautiful, and calm, and peaceful. It's the perfect place for a getaway. The thing is…I've always been interested in the Grounders. Yes I've heard all the horror stories about them but no one seems to think about how before all this tragedy happened, we used to be peaceful with one another. How were tiny little fairies friends with Grounders you ask? Well, we have the ability to change shape. Nothing major, it just allows us to grow a little taller, change the points of our ears, and makes our wings disappear. Not a lot of our kind still use the ability to shift though they are able. To most fae; Grounders=bad news. You get the gist of it.

As a little girl, my favorite thing to do was flying as close I could to the town just outside our territory and watch the humans. There's so many things that they have and do. One day my curiosity got the best of me and I shifted into my 'human' form and walked into one of the buildings. There were shelves full of books, and boxes with shiny screens on it, and strange helmets that only cover your ears. It was called a 'library'. I remember looking at my first Grounder book. I didn't know the language, but the pictures were very interesting. I stayed there for hours, flipping through book after book. That became my new passion; to learn as much as I could about humans. The first thing I had to learn though was their language. The librarian, a nice elderly woman names Mrs. Logan, helped me work the computer and let me use their language CD's. This is when I found my true passion; computers. The thought of so much information available at the tips of my fingers was amazing. I began to leave home earlier and staying at the library as late as I could.

My parents soon began to wonder where I would go during my days. If I wasn't in the lake or the forest, then where could I be? One day, they followed me as I began to head into town. The second I shifted into my human form, I was plucked from the ground and into air before being dragged back into the forest. To describe my parents as furious is an understatement when we got back home. Hours of them lecturing how dangerous going into town is, how hurt they are that I lied about my whereabouts, and constantly checking me for any injuries or deformities or whatever they think the humans could've give me. They banned me from leaving home. I was told that if I could not be trusted to stay safe, then they would make sure of it themselves.

That was the worst month of my life. All I did was eat, sleep, and make notes of what I learned from my time in the library. Dad did what he could to console me, but mom was sure that this decision was for the best. Soon my mother; seeing how unhappy I was, realized that she was being just like her father. She was so desperate to keep me safe that she kept me locked away from anything that may hurt me. It was then that she had a talk with me. She wanted to know what it was about the Grounders that I loved so much, why I felt the need to lie to them and risk danger by leaving the village. I explained that we shouldn't judge them for the actions of a few. Some Grounders are dangerous but not all of them are. Isn't it the same with us? While we are a peaceful race, there are others who do not share the same view. Fire fae are the perfect example. While most find them brash and temperamental, that doesn't define them as a whole.

My mother left my room without saying a word that night, leaving me thinking that I had failed in convincing her to let me go back into town. The next day, she and my father told me that they wished to go to town with me so they could see it with their own eyes. I was so happy that I didn't have the patience to teach them enough to mingle too well. I gave them the quickest crash course I could before dragging them to the library.

When we got there, I could see relief in the librarian's eyes. I don't know if it was so relieved because I was back or seeing that I actually had parents. I guess she thought that I was an orphan, either that or homeless. Though she did look at my dad strangely when he smiled at her and waved his hands in the air. I guess he misunderstood what I meant by 'shake hands'. Since then my parents and I have spent our time in the library learning as much as we could about human history and their culture.

As the years passed I was…I guess you could say 'homeschooled'. With as much as I knew about computers now, it was easy to create identities for myself and my family. My mother took an interest in cooking, going as far as to even find work in a small restaurant. My father became a mechanic. Though he is used to nature, something about the human's automobiles interested him. He began working make the machines healthier for the enviroment. I stayed at the library, working for Mrs. Logan. It was my job to organize and catalogue the books onto the computer. The other fairy's in our village kinda pulled away from us, viewing my family as outcast for freely traveling to the Grounders and back. Though it isn't illegal, it's an unspoken rule that it shouldn't be done. Only real friends stayed by my family's side.

But we got over that a long time ago. This is what I really want you to know. This is my story. The story about how everything changed when I was accepted to Silas University.