Chapter Eighteen: Flee

Mia and I barged into Laura and Carmilla's room only to see the two sharing a look of dread.

"What's happening?" Mia asks.

Just then, LaFontaine and Perry come in. Perry begins to quickly gather up things in the room, laying them out on the bed. "It's still alive!" LaFontaine says. "The light Carmilla stabbed, it wasn't a light. That was just the tip of it."

"The tip of what?" I ask.

"The anglerfish!"

"Oh my god!" Laura says. "We've got to get out of here."

"And go where?" Mia asks.

"Anywhere is better than here!"

Perry hurriedly moves around the room. "You all have to gather up as much as you can; essentials only, and any food you have. We don't know how long it will be before we find a safe place." She looks at our horror-filled faces. "Well, don't just stand there and dilly dally, get packing! We have to go!"

Perry's words snap us into action. Laura and Carmilla begin to race around the room while Mia drags me out of the door.

"I'll get my stuff, you get yours." She says.

I shake my head emphatically, not wanting to be separated from my mate for even a second if that thing is still alive. "No. I'll help you."

"It'll be faster if we split up." She takes my face in her hands when I open my mouth to argue. "Trinity, I'll be fine."

I look into the chocolate pools and nod. "Be careful. We need to leave quickly. We'll meet near the entrance."

Mia nods her head before quickly retreating to her dorm room. I run into my room and immediately grab a bag, cramming most valuables in first. I make sure to take more care with the book grandmother gave me, wrapping it up in a shirt for extra protection.

In the middle of my packing, a thought runs through my head, sending a jolt up my spine. "The brownies!" I race out the door and to the kitchen. The last thing anyone needs is to find those brownies, especially the alchemy club. I'd rather not be experimented on should they find out who made them. I stumble a bit as I enter the kitchen, the momentum proving to be a little too much from my sudden stop. A sigh of relief escapes my lungs at the sight of the full plate. Grabbing a large Ziploc bag from the cabinet, I hurriedly scoop the brownies into it.

Once I have all the brownies collected, I run back to my room to finish packing. With all of my necessities and valuables packed I leave the room in search of my mate, sparing one last glance at the place I've come to call home for the past several months.

I've got to get to Mia. With that thought in mind, I make my way towards the entrance of the dorms to be greeted by the sight of Mia standing near Perry and LaFontaine. I immediately take her hand in mine. "Where's Laura and Carmilla?" I ask.

Just as the words leave my lips, I see the tiny blonde stumble around the corner. Carmilla steadies her, easily keeping hold of a large duffle bag in her vampire raises an eyebrow at the group. "What are you doing just standing there? Let's get a move on."

With that, we make our departure from the dorms, across the quad and through the gates of Silas University.

We continue our trek down the empty road away from Silas.

"Does anyone have any idea where we're heading?" Mia asks. "Is there anywhere to go?"

"To be honest, the only thought in my mind was to get as far away from the giant monster as possible," Laura says. "An actual destination kinda fell wayside of that. So, did anyone think to bring a map?"

Mia nods in agreement. "Yeah, there's a lot of woodland around here and my phone has no signal."

Bless Perry and LaFontaine for always being prepared for just about anything. One pulls a map out of one of the many pockets of her waist bag while the other pulls out a compass. After a bit of fumbling the two manage to navigate the map.

"Okay," Perry perks up. "Since Silas is in a bit of a dead zone; we have quite a bit of walking to do before reaching a less supernaturally inclined civilization."

"There's one town around here. If we follow this road and cut through the mountains this is the quickest route." LaFontaine says.

"A town means an available transportation vehicle, which means getting the hell away from here as fast and as far as possible." Laura marches ahead.

Carmilla effortlessly sidles up to the tiny blond. "Any plans on where we go after cutie?"

"The plan is finding a bus, or a plane, or a boat," She shakes her head. "Hell, I'd take a hot air balloon if it meant getting away from here."

"So just winging it then?" Carmilla shrugs carelessly. "Works for me."

Perry wrinkles her nose. "Walking countless hours to a town; only to hop directly onto a dirty, germ-infested bus doesn't sound like the most appealing plan. Maybe we can find someplace to spend the night?"

"We should have enough money for that, right?" Mia asks.

"Oh!" I stop and adjust my backpack to dig around in a side pocket, pulling out a large roll of cash. "Will this be enough?" I ask but am only met with the sight of wide eyes. "What?"

"Didn't you say you grew up in the middle of a forest?" Laura asks.

I nod. "Yes. Why?"

"Trinity, where did you get this much money?" Mia asks me.

"Oh!" I smile. "My parents were worried I wouldn't have enough money when I left and my mom just took some of the jewels she had lying around and exchanged it at the bank." I tilt my head. "The people who worked there were very happy."

"Your mother has jewels just lying around?" Perry asks.

"Yes!" I nod happily. "She's-"

"Older than me and has seen a lot more," Carmilla says, cutting me off. "Yeah, I'm remembering that." She raises an eyebrow at me and I realized what I almost revealed to the others. "Well, since we need a place to stay, isn't there some village we can crash at until we can find a way off this continent? I'm sure being friends of a fae has to give us some points right?"

I blanch. "Outsiders aren't really…welcome. Anyone who's not Fae really. Not anymore." I explain, not mentioning the enchantments for visiting guests. Anyone who attempted to enter uninvited or without the power to access the portal is sure to meet an unpleasant end. Be that freezing, or drowning, or being dealt with personally by the guards. As mischievous as the Fae are infamously known for being, offense is something not to make light of. Intruding our homes is certainly a way to earn you a quick yet painful death.

The hopeful looks drop from their faces. "Well, looks like that's a bust." The vampire turns around and continues walking, the rest of us following after her.

We spend the next few hours walking before eventually having to stop for a bathroom break. Mia shakes her head as she emerges from the trees. "I never was a fan of camping, thank god LaFontaine and Perry are always prepared for anything." She says, dropping to the ground next to me with a sigh. "We're definitely going to have to find a motel. I can't wait to find a shower and a bed."

I look down at the ground. "I lied," I tell her, making a small daisy sprout beneath my fingers.

Mia looks at me with confusion on her face. "What?"

"I lied," I tell her again. "When I said we couldn't go to stay with my people."

"Then why did you say we couldn't? I thought the Fae didn't accept outsiders on their lands."

"They don't," I play with the petals of the flower. "But as my mate, you're not an outsider. Even though you're human they can't reject you, our laws won't allow it. They'll be resistant and it'll definitely be a scandal, but our bond is sacred. If push comes to shove we can stay with them." I look back towards the forest. "But they can't." I look at Mia. "I can't use the power I was born with to force them to accept three humans who are not bound to me, much less a vampire. I would be inviting danger into our borders and my people will question my grandmother's rule." I shake my head. "I can't do that. Even if every single bone in my body is screaming at me to get you to safety." I release a shaky breath. "They're my friends and I do not want to abandon them, but the decision is ultimately up to you. If you truly do not feel safe, then I will leave them if you ask it of me."

Mia smiles at me and tucks my hair behind my ear. "I always feel safe as long as I'm with you. We're not leaving. I know you wouldn't be able to live with yourself if you abandoned your friends when they needed you. We'll stay with them and figure things out," She grabs my hand, intertwining our fingers. "Together."

I smile. "Together."

Our lips come together in a sweet kiss.

It seems the farther we get into our trek, the worse the weather gets. We're forced to stop when the chilly winds become a frozen blizzard. Using my abilities with the help of LaFontaine I was able to construct an igloo large enough to fit us all and secure enough to last out the blizzard.

LaFontaine stokes the fire as the humans curl up for warmth. Carmilla and I, however, are just fine in the weather. I -while not an ice fairy, like the water fae of the northern and southern kingdoms- am still resistant to the cold by my water sprite half and Carmilla not needing the circulation.

"You should all eat," I advise.

"What about you?" Mia asks.

"I can go longer without eating than humans. You need all the strength you can get. I'll be fine."

"You should still eat something." She argues.

Perry begins handing out granola bars and water bottles, which I take reluctantly, knowing that Mia wouldn't give up.

"I have a question," LaFontaine speaks up while fiddling with their water bottle. "If you grew up in a lake in the middle of a forest, what did you do if the lake froze over?"

I take a moment to answer. "Living in a lake was a poor explanation. With enough enchantments, my people are able to build homes almost anywhere. The lake serves as a type of portal- if that makes sense. We're in the lake but also…not." Seeing the confused faces around me, I look to Laura. "I think the closest example would be that it's like those books you showed me. The one with the school for wizards."

"Harry Potter," Laura says.

"Yes." I nod. "We share the same world as you do, we just hide ourselves. We're just outside of your peripheral vision like most of the supernatural community, only we hide from everyone; not just humans. So even if it's frozen, the ice of the lake is still a portal access."

LaFontaine nods eagerly. "I actually had a theory about that." They begin to explain their thoughts on pocket dimensions and the multiverse, but finally noticing the glazed look in everyone's eyes.

Mia reaches into my bag and rifles through it for a moment before pulling the bag of brownies out. "Since we're going to be here for a while, I can finally try one of these."

Laura perks up at the sight of the treats. "Are those some of Perry's brownies?"

"Nope." Mia says, popping the 'p' at the end. "Trinity decided to make some special brownies. A homemade recipe."

"Well, I didn't see that coming," Carmilla smirks. "An herbal earth fairy recipe?"

I roll my eyes. "It's not cannabis. It's not an herb either."

"Then what makes so special?" Carmilla asks.

"Fairy dust."

Laura's eyes widen with surprise. "Run that by me again?"

"Fairy dust."

"So, like-"

Mia interrupts her, already knowing what's on the tip of her tongue. "Not like Peter Pan. She really doesn't like that comparison." She looks at Carmilla. "It's kinda like asking you about vampire lore with all the research being based on Twilight."

The vampire's face curls in disgust. "Do not mention that whiny, sparkling, monstrosity in my presence again."

"Are they safe for humans?" Perry asks worriedly.

LaFontaine raises an eyebrow, their eyes light with curiosity. "Does it have any kind of effects? Is there an intake restriction?"

I shake my head. "I put in less than I usually would, given I'm not sure if your human constitution can fair with likes of a fae. I would recommend trying one and wait to see how you feel. The only thing you should experience is a burst of confidence and creativity. We're sitting around a fire and it looks like we'll be stuck here for quite some time." I shrug. "Maybe this can help us entertain ourselves. We can tell stories."

LaFontaine shrugs. "I'm game." After a moment, the rest agree to try some as well.

Mia takes one out of the bag and passes it along. I take out two and pass it, Carmilla follows my lead. After a moment everyone locked eyes before biting into the treat.

Soon after we all laugh around the fire as the Laura tells stories using the sock puppets that she managed to pack, Carmilla regales us with tales of the past centuries, I tell them some of the stories from my childhood, we all share bits and pieces of ourselves. For a night, even if spent in an igloo in the middle of a storm after fleeing from our school, we're able to have fun. We're able to breathe.

Later on, we're all cuddled together for warmth as sleep claims us one by one. Well, the humans are cuddling for warmth, Carmilla and I stay on the outer sides of the pile but are being weighed down by each of our loves.

"So you're really staying huh?" Carmilla whispers.

I tilt my head a little, making sure not to jostle Mia too much to disturb her. "What?" I breathe out.

"You have the chance to get her out of here, but you're staying."

My stomach drops at the realization that Carmilla must've heard our conversation from earlier. "Yes, I am."

"You know none of us would blame you, right?" She says. "The situation sucks. That's why we all left in the first place. We would understand if you split."

"I wouldn't be able to forgive myself. I love Mia but she isn't the only one I care about." I tell her. "There's a reason why I decided to help Laura with the missing girls, to follow you off that cliff. You are my friend. All of you are. I will not abandon those I care about."

It is quite for a moment before Carmilla speaks again. "You're quite sappy when you get to talking about friendship."

I hold in the laughter bubbling in my chest. "Is that your way of saying that you consider me to be a friend as well?"

Carmilla sighs in annoyance. "Go to sleep Tinkerbell."

I smile and tighten my hold on Mia. "Goodnight Carmilla."